How can it be?


Written By: ScrewU

I looked at the stats on Pink Truth 2 days ago and it said there was 3101 members and that the latest member was kiss my ash.  I laughed to myself because I thought it was funny.  But today when I looked at the stats, here’s what I saw:

Total Users: 3103   Latest Member: kiss my ash
Total Messages: 1979   Total Subjects: 440   Total Sections: 8   Total Categories: 45
Today Open: 1   Yesterday Open: 1   Today Total Answer: 14   Yesterday Total Answer: 45
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So for the readers on the blog that are retarded, please explain how she has 2 more ‘users’ (and I use that term loosely) while the lastest member is still kiss my ash.  Anyone?


  1. Mercedes said

    Such BS
    It’s pretty obvious that if there are 3103 users-shouldn’t there be more than 1979 messages? I guess most of the users’ computers are down…lol!

    What about the User List-does it list all “users”?

  2. Mercedes said

    Never mind-I looked at the Users List and it says “There are no published users lists”.

    Because she probably only has 100 users total.

  3. Me said

    Maybe it is because “users” and “members” are different. She probably accounts for 2000 “users” because she posts as different people. But the “members” are actual people that number about 25.

    She really is a “user” isn’t she? 🙂

  4. Dana said

    In Tracy’s defense, it’s quite obvious that many of her users have mental problems. She probably updated the number to reflect a new multiple personality emerging in one of her most loyal participants. However, she didn’t have a new log-in for them. Therefore, she left kiss my ash (yeah, Tracy, way to keep it classy unlike us trashy hos over here) as the most recent sign-on.

    I know multiple personality disorder is mild compared to some of the mental health cases over there on PT!

  5. SheerBlushing said

    It must be that “new” math that everyone is talking about!

  6. ScrewU said

    You wouldn’t be referring to ‘Craisinberry’, would you? She does seem to have a few too many. She’s my favorite insane person.

    And Sheerblushing, can I just add that it was delightful to not fish you out of spam. So glad you found you’re way out of the gutter.

  7. FreeFromPT said

    Dana, tell us how you really feel. ROFL

    SB, oh yes, new math, so instead of MK math, it’s now PT math….hmmmm….who can keep up.

    ScrewU – your eloquence is always something to be desired. hee hee!

  8. Mercedes said


    Everone’s invited for virtual hot cocoa beside the virtual fireplace while it virtually snows at my place…

  9. pppj said

    Yeah, well I think we got about 4 inches of snow today here…thank goodness husband is home to snowblow.

  10. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Tracy is still fucking retarded

  11. SheerBlushing said

    ScrewU: It is nice to not have to fish me out of Spam, ‘eh?

  12. Mercedes said

    *waving to SheerBlushing*

  13. gothchiq said

    I don’t even look at that any more. I do still read the articles on the main page, but of late, they have become very repetitious. *yawn* New dirt please!!!

    The MK suits are always going to be fugly. That’s not much in the way of news.

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