America’s Most Smartest Blogger


Written By: ScrewU

One of my favorite shows the last couple of months has been America’s Most Smartest Model.  Mindless?  Yes, but entertaining.  While watching it, it reminded me that one of the smartest things a person can do is surround themselves with those that excel in the qualities that they lack. 

 In Tracy’s case, that would be a sense of humor.  Her Caption that Photo feature is clearly needing some help but instead of utilizing the goldmine that is the Scribbler, Tracy tries to come up with her own pictures.  Thus creating some of the lame artwork that we have showcased.

It really is a waste because I’m sure Scribbler would love to make a picture every week for the ladies but Tracy is too much of an attention whore, that she can’t share the limelight with anyone for anything.  So if Tracy won’t acknowledge Scrib’s pics, I will.  Don’t you guys think these are better than a picture of a pink toilet?





  1. Mercedes said

    Much Better!

  2. daisygirl19 said

    I do have to give it to Scrib… she came up with some really, REALLY funny pictures.

    I especially loved the one with Rena as a vampire…

  3. pppj said

    Oh Scrib – I hope you’re reading this. I loved the Pink Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile with the Hello Kitty Credit Cards floating in the air.

    Man, she was funny.

  4. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    I liked the Mystery Dream Date Game, even though some delightfully bent people I know who post here *waving hi, you know who you are you saucy wenches!* decided that it was me having the dream date with Darrell O… I don’t recall why and BTW and for the record…bleck, but the MDDG was hysterical!

    Seriously, Scribs truly has a gift! And I had missed the BBQ one somehow… seeing it makes me want to go and watch bad sci-fi movies this evening instead of a ball dropping on Times Square for some reason.

    Happy New Year!
    (…humming the theme from Attack of the Killer Tomatoes)

  5. Mercedes said

    daisygirl19~when you gonna come visit me?

    Happy New Year Everyone!

  6. Capricorn One said

    I wish Scribbler would see the light and get her ass over here. She’s like a thoroughbred racehorse running with a bunch of mules at PT.


  7. HH said

    I always lurved Scribs pics. We had a hoot bouncing things off each other. Thanks for the Bot-b-que 8000, I miss roasting me some pink chickens.

  8. Busty said

    Scribbler was funny. Very talented, if her talents were to go to something worthwhile she’d be incredibly effective!

  9. Blessed said

    I still get a kick out of the address of this blog, “somecallmeduh.” Duh, you have a great sense of humor.

    I was hoping ya’ll here could give me your opinion. Your passion about Tracy C. and the Pink Truth aside, tell me, would you recommend to a woman she should get involved in Mary Kay Cosmetics as an IBC?


  10. Duh said

    Probably not, Blessed. I like Merle Norman make up myself. I would recommend that they get into Pampered Chef, and then I would recommend that they share their discount with me.

  11. HH said

    Blessed – some of us had good experiences with MKC, a lot of others have not. I think you can find some wonderful cosmetics and not buy into multi-level marketting/direct sales. They are really no cheaper. I have switched to Mac and love the products and they are well priced and good quality. My personal feelings are don’t be bothered, to stay active/get your discount you have to order $200 every 3 months just to get your 50% discount. So is it worth it nope IMHO. Also if you plan to work the business it is a lot of work and you are constantly ‘on duty’ always looking for potential customers or recruits. I hate schlepping the showcase and product around. I also found you never really had a full stock because someone would always want something you didn’t have. You have to factor in all of your business expenses, gas, insurance for the car, credit card debt – yup you heard me credit card debt – you are generally purchasing your product on a credit card with 19 to 28% interest, then there is shipping, time spent calling your customers each night in the form of booking, coaching, product follow-up or new product calls. Don’t forget office expenses, clothing for your nylons and closed toed shoes. It takes a special person to be disciplined enough to make it work and many have tried to no avail. Usually when you start you are excited about career conference or seminar and these both cost you big time bucks hotel/airfare, etc. Meeting fees for your success meetings, the cost of section 2 stuff. When it is all said and done there is a lot to consider. You may want to check out some of the pro-MK blogs and get their opinions because there are some very helpful women who will share their experiences. Just remember there are two sides to every coin.

  12. Me said

    HH, you may not be aware that Blessed is a man whose wife used to be a director and he hates MK. He often baits people with loaded questions.

  13. gothchiq said

    If you are on a budget and want quality cosmetics, don’t overlook the house brands of Sephora and Ulta! MUCH cheaper and better quality than MK. Also, Revlon makes good powder, blush, lipstick, and foundation, and Walgreens tends to have BOGO sales on that brand. Their eyeshadows aren’t always very exciting, though. L’Oreal does better with that, and their other makeup is pretty good, too. Heck, you no longer have to shell out for Stila Smudgepots. L’Oreal HIP makes the same product now. The only difference is the L’Oreal one is water soluble, but Stila barely comes off even with makeup remover, so if your eyes water a lot or you sweat heavily on the dance floor, that may be a factor.

    Got makeup questions and don’t want to deal with a sales person who has an agenda? Ask me! I’ve tried just about everything out there, and I learned my techniques from a *real* professional makeup artist who has worked for both MAC and Chanel.

  14. Blessed said

    No make-up questions. Thanks though.

    I’m a husband of a former MK Sales Director. We’re just one of many families burned big time by the dream. I was just wondering if any of you with any MK experience (anyone not currently sipping the MK Kool-Aid) would actually recommend a woman step into the “opportunity.” Is there anyone with any MK knowledge (not currently intoxicated by the “Believe” spell) who would actually recommend investment of time or treasure in this thing?

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting wonderful people associated with MK. It’s just sad this thing still engulfs so many and causes such harm.


  15. pinknight said

    Hi Blessed,

    I just want to make sure I understand.

    You are asking, “Is there anyone who recommends getting involved with an organization that they themselves are not involved with but have an intimate knowledge of?”

    I will ask around and see if I know anyone who both knows about the opportunity and recommends it, but they themselves are not involved!

    My guess is that there will not be too many! I do have one person in mind though… I will have to get back to you!


  16. Blessed said

    Thanks Dave. I look forward to your reply. I hope you’ve had a good holiday & you and you’re family are well.


  17. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Blessed, in a word, no.

    Too much work, stress, etc. for a relatively low-paying, uncertain reward. The costs/benefits ratio just isn’t there.

    Also, too many questionable activities are being reported/rumored as being done by the “superstars” in the company for me to be able to ethically recommend that anyone affiliate themselves with MK. If even half of what is reported to be going on is true, these are not people whose actions I would want to personally emulate so why would I recommend this to others? Sad thing about it is that I sincerely doubt that this is the sort of behavior that Mary Kay had in mind when she started the company.

    I was a 15 year veteran of MK and after a lot of questioning and introspection, returned product earlier this year to formally sever my association with MK. I wasn’t a “hobby” consultant by any means; I was a full-time consultant for the last 10 of those years. I did National Queen’s Court of Sales the HARD way; i.e., I actually sold the product, since I certainly couldn’t afford to have all of that stuff lying around my house. But now I wonder how many of the hundreds of ladies that were on stage with me that night could have said the same. I’m personally well acquainted with the much-ballyhooed “$1000 week” but if you’re doing primarily sales, that’s still not even close to a living wage.

    Took a few runs at DIQ, thankful now that I didn’t “succeed”. From what I’ve observed and what has been reported by many others, I think that there’s too much erosion of your soul, one day at a time. Granted there are exceptions to this but over 15 years, I’ve watched too many people change and for the most part, not in a healthy way.

    So I definitely enjoyed my first holidays in many years without the stress of performing for MK…no trunk shows, no open houses, no gift baskets, no approaching stressed-out women in malls to offer them a complementary holiday makeover, no gift sets artfully peeking out from my living room holiday decorations for a guest to my home to discover, no interviews, etc. I’m looking forward to doing my final Schedule C, etc. for MK this year and then cleaning up the various “ones and twos” of products that didn’t sell as well as expected by learning all about the joys of e-Bay.

    Hope this helps, Blessed.


  18. Blessed –

    Your question is not a Yes or No question. The answer is, “Maybe.”

    I would give the same answer if you asked, “Do you recommend someone be a SAHM?” or “Do you recommend someone homeschool?” or “Do you recommend someone become an attorney?” It really depends on the person.

    I believe I meet your criteria. I am a former consultant not currently involved with MK. I am planning on rejoining, however, next month. This was a decision carefully weighed and considered. I am not in the pink fog. I was not burned before by inventory or Director issues. I was personal use and stuck to that plan.

    For the most part, asking if people recommend a company they are no longer involved with, IMHO, is seriously skewing your survey results, especially since many people here are originally from PT. It’s like asking asking people if they would recommend the latest Halloween movie release – but only allowing those who have said they hate slasher movies to chime in.

  19. Duh said

    Shay, why have you decided to rejoin? Just nosey!

  20. Duh –

    To make a long story short, I recently went to a MK class and had a blast. I liked the products I tried and everyone at the class had a ball. 😀

    After a lot of thought, I have decided to rejoin. I have a lot of family members who like MK stuff. 😀

  21. *biting my tongue*

  22. pinknight said


    ShaySC was one of the people I had in mind. But she got here before I had a chance to ask her!

    As she pointed out, and I tried to allude to, you have seriously skewed your potential survey results!

  23. pinknight said

    Duh and fightingwindmills, (et. al.)

    Thank you all for your good-natured inclusion of those of us who still hold MK as a viable business potential!

    You are all a fun group and I never cease to be entertained whenever I visit!


  24. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    I just have to point out that just because many of us have posted on PT (including Shay) doesn’t make our opinions necessarily skewed or invalid.

    Everyone has to make their own assessment as to whether they will join MK or not, based on the information made available or asked for before signing a consultant’s agreement. Sounds like Shay is very clear on what she wants out of MK this time around, but based on what I know, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

  25. Curious said: I think that there’s too much erosion of your soul, one day at a time. Granted there are exceptions to this but over 15 years, I’ve watched too many people change and for the most part, not in a healthy way.

    I was also in MK almost 15 years. When I was a director I experienced the erosion of my soul and watched too many people change (myself included) and not in a healthy way.

  26. Blessed said


    The Mary Kay Cosmetics “opportunity” is (from my perspective) one of the most insidious social diseases since chlamydia. The MK infection is often undetected by the host until significant damage prompts a rude awakening. The MK bacteria is passed from women to women through social intercourse. Women are not more susceptible to MK infection due to any particular level of intelligence, social position or moral character; it is an equal opportunity plight. This disease does, however, more often strike women willing to naturally trust others, those seeking personal affirmation, and those blessed with a devout faith in Christ.

    Women can greatly reduce the possibility of infection by avoiding exposure to unnaturally cheerful strangers spouting tacky, trite, clichés about the virtues of enriching women’s lives. These strangers (and often known associates) will seek to recruit you into a cult-like sales force peddling dreams and overpriced cosmetic products. Women can also help avoid infection by bolstering their immune systems through daily ingestion of information from pro-MK clarity web sites and employment of healthy, natural skepticism about the Mary Kay “opportunity.” Left untreated, this social disease can cause strained relationships, divorce, ostracism, serious loss of self esteem, feelings of failure, and a painful discharge of funds from purses, wallets, and bank accounts.

    The great thing for you is you’re making this decision with apparently more knowledge about the “opportunity” than most have when purchasing the starter kit. It’s not too late to decide you’ll avoid stepping back into the Mary Kay Cosmetics abyss. This decision, of course, is entirely yours.

    Whatever direction you choose re MK, I wish you the best of luck. Stay well.


  27. pppj said

    Hey Shay,

    I think it’s true that MK can work for people if they know what they are getting into. I know people think of it as a cult, but for me, it just didn’t work out. Period. I didn’t waste a lot of time to figure it out though with the friendly advice of Free, Gothchiq, Suzy Q and others. I got out, and found a bunch of stuff at Walgreen’s that I like better. It was an easy choice.

    As Shay mentioned, I also wouldn’t claim that EVERYONE should be a stay-at-home mom as some women can’t stand it. It wouldn’t be right for them.

    So, I think people have to go in with their eyes wide open, and make decisions that are best for them. I guess it’s what we do in any job- make the choice, and see if it will work.

    Good luck to you shay,

  28. pinknight said

    curious and missy said;

    “I just have to point out that just because many of us have posted on PT (including Shay) doesn’t make our opinions necessarily skewed or invalid.”

    Curios and Missy, I am sorry if I made it sound like your opinions are skewed or invalid.

    I was merely letting “blessed” know that by disallowing anyone currently involved in Mary Kay he was largely skewing his potential RESULTS.

    Sorry for any confusion.


  29. HH said

    Mary Kay is not the only social disease there are also the other direct sales companies that flog make-up, plastic wear, clothing, baskets, candles, etc. They are all the same and all run along the same guidelines and principles, albeit some of them don’t use religion/christianity as a tool. I had tried another mlm/direct sales prior to MK and it wasn’t one that required you to carry inventory. But I did spend a considerable amount of cash on trying to make the business run and the profit margin was much smaller than MK. There was no frontloading of new consultants, but the costs were just as high in terms of emotional abuse and lack of financial rewards. The booking, recruiting, and selling tactics are always the same. There is the promise of financial stability and security with the possibility of making ones fortune and having more time with your family. Bwah, you still have to work 60+ hours a week just to make anything from it and the thing we all give up when engaging in mlm/ds that is the most precious is our time. Time we missed out on with our families, friends and pursuing really worth while things – these are things you can’t get back.

    So if someone who was ‘virginal’ to the whole mlm/direct selling thing was to come to me about buying into mlm/ds, I would give them the truth, as I experienced it and advise them to think carefully and I personally would not recommend it. But that being said if you go in completely and utterly aware of how it really works and went in with your eyes wide open and using the product primarly as personal use and not engaging in any of the negative harmful behaviors of recruiting I guess I would say fill your boots – you know what you are getting yourself in for. IMHO I think these avenues of making money are a dying breed, people just aren’t terribly interested anymore in shopping this way what with the advent of the internet and all of the choice out there to consumers. I also think the internet is playing a huge role in educating unsuspecting future consultants about the dangers of mlm/ds.

    But as PT Barnum once said “There is a sucker born every minute”, so there will still be those who buy into the dream hook, line and sinker. Which is unforutnate. I would tell them to do their homework and talk to pro and anti mlm people to get a balanced perspective.

  30. Duh said

    I love hyperbole!

    I was wondering why I kept getting that thick green discharge while I was in MK. I guess it was my fault for practicing unsafe social intercourse. Lesson learned there ladies.

  31. HH said

    Splorf………. OMG DUH.

    I wonder if the question we should be asking is this – Can you make money in MK without engaging in recruiting or being a director? Can you be successful just being an IBC selling the product honestly and ethically?

    I know in the other mlm/ds I was involved in for me the answer was no, as well as MK, still no.

  32. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    If people are realistic with ANY sales job, knowing the potential debt and potential failure, one could easily make their own decision on joining MK. Would I recommend it? Probably not for most people. You have to be ON your game, watch ALL your spending, be willing to basically devote your life to it. I doubt most people would want to make that kind of commitment to being an MK consultant. I’d rather put that time into family or into something that may actually bring what MK claims to….lots of money. We certainly know that “millionaires” in MK are either non existant or less than 1% of the salesforce. That should tell ya something.

    Now I’m not knocking anyone who is still in MK and I’m not knocking the product either as I still use it and like it. I’m just saying that MK is like any other sales job out there. It’s not easier or harder than anything else. It is what it is. If anyone decides to go into it, do it with your eyes wide open and your brain on. Leave the emotions and “girl power” out of it because you’ll screw yourself. Trust me.

  33. HH said

    Dizzy you are spot on here. Any real successful sales person I know who makes a great living at it, eats, lives and breathes their product. Whether it is selling houses or furniture. You are always hustling and it never stops. You are always looking for your next hot lead, next great sale and encouraging people that they need what it is you have to sell. Quite often it is not the product you are selling but yourself. So if you don’t have it and can’t sell yourself you are not gonna sell the product. You also have to look at what these people sacrifice to get where they are, for me it is more than I am willing to give up. There is nothing wrong with working an honest 9 to 5 job and going home at the end of the day to the hub and kidlet. So what I may never be a millionaire, but I am richer in other ways, that these ‘successeful’ people may be poor in.

    Girl power is for spice girls. “I’ll tell ya what I want, what I really really want”

  34. unbee said

    Blessed, I actually liked that analogy. You are getting funnier–by intent, I hope.

    But I’m wondering why you’re not getting smarter. Many PT people, including you, it seems, assume that since this blog is anti-PT that it is Pro-MK. That is not the case at all. The vast, vast majority of commenters believe that the MK opportunity is just an opportunity to wase time and rack up credit card debt.

    So we’re clear on that now, yeah?

  35. Blessed said


    Thanks for the thoughtful clarification. Not necessary though, I’m well aware the predominant opinion here at Duh’s place is pro MK clarity. I’ve been known to stir things up (very intentionally) on a few pro-MK blogs; been banned from two of ‘em. At least one other site I took myself out of because I believe my mere participation was contributing to a charade.

    Regardless of the thoughts from the majority here, there are (I think) some pro-MK folks who visit Duh’s place.

    I believe there are wonderful people both in and out of MK. It is my opinion there is little difference between an active IBC and an X-IBC other than time. I believe this MK fiasco is more the product of heinous acts, more so than heinous people.

    Just sharing some thoughts.

    And as for me getting any smarter… well, nope. I’m still dumb as a stump, but happy. Have a good night.


  36. Duh said

    Blessed is trying to get banned from here. Not gonna happen. NIET! Stir the pot all you want to Blessed. Do your worst. We can take it.

  37. pinknight said


    Can I stir back?

    Specifically, I am asking if I can speak directly to Blessed’s thinly veiled accusation of my sites “charade-like” nature.

    I know many sites dislike “personal” issues being aired on their site. (myself included!) But if you are allowing open and frank conversations – and he is not commenting on my site anymore – perhaps here I could explain to him (again) why I had to delete some of his more irrelevant comments.

    I am not by any means suggesting he will understand or comprehend any better here, but at least here he does not have the excuse of “contributing to a charade”, and he can’t complain about his comments being deleted!

    Probably a moot point, but wanted to ask permission first! Just my nature.


  38. Blessed said


    Nope, not trying to get banned. Just throwing in my two cents. If I was interested in getting banned from your site, I believe I’d really have to break a sweat, and even then, I doubt I could do it.

    By the way, your “thick green” discharge comment breaks me up. Why didn’t I write it that way! The next time I go into hyperbole mood, may I have you proof read my stuff first and add such color commentary? You’ve got a great natural wit.

    I believe pointed sarcasm and hyperbole can be very effective communication tools. This is the kind of thing that really upsets Dave (AKA: pinknight) on his site (at least when it’s from me). I posted a comment there comparing the practice of IBCs stalking new recruits to sharks in shallow water waiting for unsuspecting tourist swimmers. He didn’t like it. He deleted my comments.

    So this should be no big deal, right? I’ve had a bunch of stuff deleted by “Me” and The Myst on their sites. My comments on their sites were deleted for good reason. My comments on their sites were counter to their clearly stated intent for providing their blogs: the promotion of most anything pro-MK. My having comments deleted, and eventually being banned, from both “Me’s” and The Myst’s sites was predictable and (in my opinion) very rational and understandable. There are other sites which present a clear, unambiguous mission statement or reason for the existence of their blog. Those positing messages on such sites which are counter to the site’s stated mission should expect to be heavily edited, have comments deleted, or be banned. I’ve got absolutely no problems with this.

    By contrast, consider for a moment a site that professes to be a bastion of objectivity inviting open debate about the Mary Kay Cosmetics “opportunity.” This site (Dave’s) described itself with the following claim: “Until now, I don’t think there have been very many (if any) places where both sides could come together and discuss ALL aspects and ALL views.” Apparently, when describing his blog, Dave was referring to “ALL aspects and ALL views” except mine. Some of my posts (one employing hyperbole as a communication technique), were deleted. Yet, contrary to the practice of Dave’s blog, it is still presented as a blog for “ALL aspects and ALL views.”


    Dave, go ahead and edit or delete posts as you wish. I’ve got no problem with this. Just don’t do so while presenting your blog as a place where “…both sides could come together and discuss ALL aspects and ALL views.” The contradiction, the hypocrisy, the farce, gags me. I refuse to be part of it. It brings back memories of my being associated with folks who presented themselves as something they were not (fake it until you make it). No, so long as you delete posts which happen to be counter to the position you obviously espouse, your site is nothing close to an objective site which promotes input from all sides. And ya know, you don’t have to be. Just stop presenting your site as something it is not. Seems to me to be little more than mental masturbation at the cyber level. Hey, whatever floats your boat is your business Dave.

    I’m just not gonna be part of it.

    Let me again say you maintain a wonderfully interesting separate site about photography. Very well done and simply beautiful pictures. It is also apparent to me you are a strong advocate for your wife, an attribute I greatly admire. Your writings about your faith are beautiful and, if I recall correctly, you love animals. Seems to me, although we disagree about the apparent hypocrisy associated with your allegedly neutral but actually pro-MK site, we can agree you’re a pretty nice guy.


  39. gothchiq said

    Hell, no I would not recommend someone do MK or any other MLM either. They’re set up to fleece their consultants, plain and simple. The only success stories I’ve ever heard are apocryphal at best. Everyone I’ve known personally to try that crap has lost money.

  40. pinknight said


    Still waiting on you. It is no longer a thinly veiled anything that blessed is accusing me of. However, I will refrain from making response until I know that you are amicable to that sort of exchange here!


  41. HH said

    Let er RIP – Duh does not censor nor ban, she lurves a good fight.

  42. HH said

    If you are going to try and resolve your issues just try and do it so it is clear and concise. It seems there has been enough blog drama over the course of the past year and open and honest discuss is better than mudslinging.

  43. ScrewU said

    Asking if you can make money in MK is like asking can anyone make money playing the lottery?

    By definition, if you make ANY money while selling MK, you’ve ‘made’ money. I see blanket comments that people never made any money because after they paid for their clothes, their insurance on their car, their food that they ate while they did… da da da ( you get the point), that they didn’t actually make any money. But I don’t think thats a necessarily healthy way of looking at things. Most of those things, you were gonna pay for anyways. I also hear people say that a job isn’t worth going to because by the time they get up, drive to work (in clothes BTW), pay for a lunch there and pay taxes, that they didn’t make any money. So it’s all relative. There are expenses to anything in life that we do and that includes a regular JOB.

    Since I’m not here to kiss anyone’s ass or meet my new BFF, I can speak my entire opinion. I’m sure that a bunches of you will disagree and the wonderful thing about that is… I don’t give an eff.

    So would I recommend MK to someone? That depends. I know a gal (no, this isn’t an urban legend) who had a bunch of women looking for a consultant at her work. She also uses the product herself. Did I recommend that she do it? Sure. She already had customers lined up and I had filled her in on all the pitfalls that I could think of. She doesn’t attend meetings or take part in contests and she only orders when she already sold the product. Is she going to quit her job and live off her MK money? No… but it does help her family with a little bit of extra money. She doesn’t mind it. So is there a problem with her making some extra money to buy some things for her family?

    Having said that example, I would like to add the disclaimer that most women do NOT fall into her category. They do exist though. But thats what life is all about. Variety and no absolutes. I don’t believe that there is a YES/NO answer to that question because it’s a case by case scenerio.

    You boys sure do bring a lively punch to our mostly female mix. Box it out… no deleting and no banning on our playground. Better wear your cup

  44. ScrewU said

    Go nuts! Have at it. Let it loose and tell your side. We have no rules except for no ‘outing’ people. That doesn’t seem to be applicable here but just wanted to state it.

    And just so you know, I have the authority to say that. So quit waiting for Duh to answer you. Lord only knows how long it will be before she comes back.

  45. Duh said


  46. HH said

    Duh what are you wearing on your head in your picture? It is you super crime fighter costume head piece? Watch out everyone it is SUPER DUH!

  47. Can you make a new thread? I hate having to refresh, refresh, for a good fight. 😀

  48. I'll have a Cosmo said

    Is it gonna be better than a Boston Bruins hockey game fight? I like blood on the ice!

  49. pinknight said

    Wow, you guys sure get things worked up in a hurry!

    Unfortunately, I am not really in the mood for a fight tonight. I just wanted to tell my side of the story on this whole “balanced” thing, but did not want to do so without the permission of the powers that be!

    That being said, I believe the issue comes down to the use of hyperbole (which I thought came some time after the Rose Bowl).

    I am not extremely well organized in my administration of my site, so I apologize up front to anyone who is looking for mission statements and stuff. I am working on it, but in the meantime I am trying to allow for the conversation to get started.

    What I am looking for on my site is peoples experiences mingled with facts about Mary Kay. If you have a statistic (that you know is true and can site your source) it is welcome. If you have an experience (good or bad) with Mary Kay, It is welcome. I have people that love Mary Kay, I have people that hate it, and people that are indifferent.

    Those are the things that I am looking for.

    When “blessed” started using hyperbole, I asked him to refrain from that and share with us instead his story, his experience. He did not.

    Instead, he veered off onto another topic which not surprisingly was rife with sarcasm and hyperbole. I again asked him to share his experience, and please, if you are going to make wild, exaggerated comparisons, explain why you feel that it is a good “example”.

    It was after several attempts to explain that this was not the sort of communication I was looking for that I just decided to delete his comment and again explain why. I even summarized his comment including his “alligator” example. (I will post both immediately after this)

    The second comment I deleted (I don’t remember, but I think it was) because he was directly attacking one of the other commentators. I don’t remember that for sure, but I do remember that it was inappropriate enough that I felt it did not belong.

    I just had a comment today about how Mary Kay caused one girls skin to get gross and blotchy and she hated the way other parts of it went on other people. I also have had other people talk about why MK was a miserable experience for them. I have no problem with these, and in fact, greatly desire these things to be shared. One of the reasons I keep poking around here is that I would love for some of the women here to come over and share what they disliked about Mary Kay. I think it helps people considering Mary Kay to know what they may run into, and people in Mary Kay what to avoid. I know not everyone will agree, but it certainly helps to hear different opinions with mutual respect.

    What I am looking for.

    My experience was such and such, therefore my experience was such and such.
    The FTC says such and such, therefore such and such.

    I am not looking for;

    My experience was such and such, therefore EVERYONES experience will be such and such.

    As I said, sorry that I am in a melancholy mood tonight and not up for a “blood on the ice” fight. Maybe if blessed get really nasty, I will throw in a few jabs, but really I don’t have anything against him as a person. I just wish he could follow instructions. (is that mean enough?)

    Ok, enough of that. I am going to post this comment, and then I am going to post another one with the “original” deleted comment, and my explanation of deletion and response. Hopefully all will make sense… though it will be a little out of context.

    Blessed, if you have been so upset about me deleting your comment because you thought all those “pearls” were lost forever, get out your copy/paste…. here it is… In all of its “glory”.

  50. pinknight said

    Here is “blessed” ‘s original comment;

    Blessed said…
    I believe Judi is talking about just another example of the deceptiveness so common to the “opportunity.” My guess is most with any significant knowledge about the “dream” know exactly what she is referring to. From the “husband unaware plan” to the “it’s so easy” bit, my bet is you may have heard & seen many examples of MK deceptiveness before.

    Here’s what really bothers me, (and I’ve seen a lot in my decade as a MK Director’s husband). Mary Kay Cosmetics Corporation has woven an impressive veil of plausible denial ability. If someone in the sales force is doing something deceptive (fill in your own examples here), MKC &/or those choking on the fog have a finger on the trigger ready to fire the same hackneyed response: “We have no control over them,” or “There are always a few bad apples in the cart.” I believe MKC (and so many IBCs) not only know about the disgusting tactics used to exploit women, they benefit financially from these tactics, and do very little to dissuade their use.

    Women considering the “opportunity” need to be aware. Do you think they’ll find the information they need to make an informed decision on Yea right. That’s why,, and the many other MK Clarity sites are so important, so welcome to me.

    * * * * *

    A good friend of mine has a place on the water near the Everglades in Florida. Beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear water. Seemingly, it’s an open invitation to take a relaxing swim in a safe place. The locals don’t’ swim there though, the place is full of crocodiles. Hungry crocodiles. But here’s the good news:

    People are learning.

    People are learning crocodiles lurk in calm, inviting waters; people are learning about the Mary Kay Cosmetics “opportunity.”



    I deleted that and then said:


    Ok Blessed,

    I am sorry it has come to this. I have deleted your comment in this thread. There was not much there that I felt was redeeming enough to allow the almost bizarre accusations you laid out.

    Here is my paraphrase. If you would like to reformat and re-post your comment, I will always reconsider.

    First you tried to explain what Judi was talking about by referring to the rampant deception in Mary Kay. Please keep in mind that this is not Pink Truth, and you have not established anything on this site that proves the deceptive nature you are alleging here.

    Second, you expressed that you feel Mary Kay Corporate is aware of the devious nature of their deceptive sales force and chooses not to do anything because they can simply distance themselves from it saying “we have not control over what they do”

    Third, you imply that women cannot find enough information on to make an informed decision.

    Then you go way off and compare Mary Kay to lurking crocodiles. I FEEL the same way about Pink Truth. However, I will not paint a picture like that of Pink Truth without revealing, with painstaking detail, WHY I feel that way.

    You talk about the rampant deception, the plausible deniability of MKC, the lack of real information provided and yet you are showing us nothing. Not ONE example of what someone said to you that was deceptive. Not one example of the way information was withheld from you. Judi has said, “my director said, ‘this’ and I later found out ‘that’”. You have given us nothing but vague references to “all of them”. Seems pretty cynical to me. I imagine that it is hard to move from one site to another. Who has said what and all that. But keep in mind that I am belligerently requiring that if you say something like “this is a classic example of…” you back it up with at least one real live example of that happening. If you are going to claim that it is a rampant problem, you have to establish that.

    Sorry to have to remove your comment, but I feel that I gave you ample warning about this sort of thing and I will not tolerate it here.

    Again, you are more than welcome to adjust it and post again. Also, since the comment in question was up for the majority of the day, if anyone disagrees with my assessment, please let me know.


    There it is… I know, not very exciting. Maybe I was wrong?

    Blessed. Any response here?

    I can’t delete your comments here.

    Oh yeah, and since you love pointing out my “alter-egos”, I will save you the time.

    I also comment as David, Jon, Mike, Pinknight…. I think those are the only current ones….

    My point is, you are welcome to post your experiences on my site. I ask you to kindly refrain from making over-blown, exaggerated illustrations without explaining WHY those things make for good illustrative material.

    Oh, and (shudder) if you want to masturbate (mentally or otherwise) to my site, I will thank you to keep that to yourself. As the text-message literate may say, “TMI”.

    Thanks all.

  51. pinknight said

    1.29 left in the 4th 1/4

    lsu 38
    osu 17

    duh, looks like you were right!

  52. Mercedes said

    SEC wins! Woohoo!

    LSU 38 – Ohio State 24

    GO Tigers!


  53. Mercedes said

    p.s. I am responsible for my own decisions that I make~Not MK or anyone else…I have influences…but I am the boss of me-lol!

  54. Dang it Mer, I thought I was the boss of you. No wait…I think I have that mixed up….you are the boss of me. Right? 😉

  55. I think ScrewU brings up a good point – a customer base to begin with.

    I have family members that love MK, but they don’t have a rep (for various reasons, mostly they moved or the rep moved or just quit). This provides a base for me to start with.

    In addition, I love sales. I have a background in sales. I am comfortable in sales.

    I don’t think MK is for everyone, but I do think it is for some people. It just depends. 😀

  56. Blessed said

    My thoughts regarding Mary Kay Cosmetics remain virulent as ever. I still believe Dave’s web site is far from the neutral discussion venue he presents it as being. Regardless of Dave’s or my opinion re MK, the discussion itself about the virtues or pitfalls of pursuing the “opportunity” are expanding, becoming known to more each day. This sharing of knowledge (thanks largely to the internet) is spreading. However disingenuous his portrayal of the nature of his web site may (or may not) be, nonetheless, its mere existence helps spread the word that there is reason to be cautious, reason to take pause, before jumping into the “dream.” The true nature of the MK MLM is becoming more and more common knowledge.

    Having said that, I believe there is a larger issue here, right now. It’s an issue that bothers me, especially after reviewing one of my posts in this thread. The truth about the MK curse can be more than adequately spread through sharing of personal experiences and/or conclusions from people stung by the bee. The casting of personal aspersions is unnecessary and detracts from the important message about this cult-like entity.

    I crossed the line.

    Dave, please accept my sincere apology for taking it a bit too far.


  57. pppj said


    how nice

  58. Mercedes said

    Uh-huh huh~Free…LOL!


  59. pinknight said


    I forgive your “taking it a bit too far”.

    I again reiterate, I am sorry that you do not share my evaluation of my site being neutral.

    However, I am not going to allow you to post whatever you want just so that I can earn your endorsement of my neutrality.

    You are still welcome to come over and talk about your experience (past or present) with Mary Kay. I will still respectfully request that you refrain from making wild, sweeping statements without explaining why you feel that they apply to the subject at hand.

    Thank you.

  60. Duh said

    So here’s what I think…

    The Mary Kay business model (MLM, dual marketing, whatever name you want to give it) is easily manipulated. It is easy for anyone with that “salesman” personality and a slightly skewed moral code to take advantage of people.

    The Pink Truth website is like putting salt on the wound. It’s not teaching women to think critically. It’s not helping to empower women by showing them how to be devil’s advocates in their own minds. Tracy doesn’t say, “Hey here’s both sides of the story and here are the tools to make up your own mind.” No no no. She says, “Listen and believe everything I say and do NOT question my methods or my authority.”

    That is my problem with Pink Truth. They accuse Mary Kay of taking advantage of them, and yet they jump into Pink Truth without looking at who runs it, what the motivation behind it is, etc. It’s like they learned NOTHING from their MK experience.

  61. pinknight said

    Well said Duh,

    It is interesting that people are often “warned” especially by Blessed that they should “be cautious” and “take pause” when considering Mary Kay.

    My question to that is, “Only when considering Mary Kay?”

    I don’t mean to brag about my upbringing (it was not “perfect” by any means) but aren’t most people taught to thoroughly consider ANY major life decision they make?

    I would love to be a photographer for a living. Or a professional boogie boarder. Or a professional movie watcher. However, I will not quit my current job to pursue these unless I KNOW that they can generate the income I need to survive.

    I agree that Mary Kay should be approached with caution. I agree that there are egregious happenings within Mary Kay. I do NOT think it is a social disease. (for the most part)

    I agree that Pink Truth is not much different than the version of Mary Kay they claim to be “saving” women from.

    I hope that my site will go along way to presenting to women the many facets and potential realities of Mary Kay in a balanced way. I know I can’t make everyone happy (rolls eyes to blessed), but I will continue to try to carve out a niche that is a viable source of information.

    Again, Duh, thank you for allowing me the distinct privilege and great honor of being a part of this community.

  62. Duh said

    Honor? Privilege? Silly wabbit…

  63. Blessed said

    I’ve visited many of the sites where folks have clearly expressed disdain for TC from PinkTruth. Let me (again) say here what I’ve posted on other sites. I don’t know about the nature of these conflicts. More importantly, I’m not interested and I refuse to get involved in any debate about any such conflict. I am simply just not going there. I refuse. I will not, now or ever, provide any commentary re this subject. In this regard I am uninformed and happy to be so. Frankly, I just don’t care.

    Here’s what I do care about. The Mary Kay Cosmetics MLM is a form of institutionalized deviance (no, no hyperbole here) that continues to victimize women and their families daily, hourly! If the FTC would get off their ass and step further toward doing what they’ve proposed, MK would be violating federal regulations (I can only hope for what the future may bring). So what can be done to stop this harm during the interim? Simple. Knowledge. The way to help the vast majority who get injured by the MK MLM is by simply spreading knowledge about the cult.

    So what does that mean, the “spreading of knowledge”? Take a look at Is that site providing an accurate picture of what the Mary Kay Cosmetics “opportunity” is all about? Show me where on that site I or anyone else can post a message warning about the perils of succumbing to the “opportunity.” You can’t. Nobody can. This company presents the MK dream with as much elegance and finesse as anything I’ve ever seen. If you buy into their message, you understand that not only will the MK “opportunity” allow you to earn an executive income while you stay at home with the kids and work only an hour or so a week, it will also help cure cancer, stop spouse abuse, curtail world hunger and end all killing of baby seals. If you buy into what’s presented at, you already know world peace is just on the horizon, if we can just get everyone to buy a starter kit and adopt the “go give” spirit (OK, so maybe that was just a bit of hyperbole… so what!). If you read, you already know the best thing a woman can do for herself and her family is become a Mary Kay Cosmetics Independent Sales Consultant.

    BULL SHIT!!!

    Somewhere, somehow, someone has to stand up and yell BULL SHIT!!!! I’m not so interested in someone merely providing a neutral site (or an over inflated claim of neutrality) for debate about this cult. The last thing that will help others in this regard is a continuation of fog induced blather about how great the opportunity is “if you just work the plan.” No, what’s needed is a spirited retort of the elegant harmful propaganda spewed by and its minions. What’s needed is a hard dose of reality, examples of how this cult has harmed so many. What’s needed is a cold slap across the face of those actually considering enlisting in this cult. What’s needed is a loud, “HEY! WAKE UP”! does a damn good job in this regard. And very often, the site uses MK’s own literature to expose them!

    So then, as I’ve posted in the past, let me again say I energetically support the Tracy C. does exactly what she says she’ll do on her site; she and others expose the cult for what it is. Picture me standing on a rooftop yelling, “I support”! I am proud to be an occasional contributor. Tracy C. is doing a great job!


  64. “Take a look at Is that site providing an accurate picture of what the Mary Kay Cosmetics “opportunity” is all about? Show me where on that site I or anyone else can post a message warning about the perils of succumbing to the “opportunity.” You can’t. Nobody can.”

    Blessed –

    Show me where you can post on the Mickey D’s site that eating burgers and fries every day will kill you or on the Miller beer site that alcohol is from Satan and destroys families.

    You can’t. It would be stupid for companies to allow posts like that on their corporate sites.

    As far as you “energetically supporting PT” – well, you are a brave (and/or stupid) soul for posting that here. LMAO May the Force be with you.

  65. ScrewU said

    That was the dumbest statement I’ve heard in a long time….”I am uninformed and happy to be so. Frankly, I just don’t care.”

    How can the same man who claims that the FTC needs to wake up and get off it’s ass, refuse to wake up and see what we are saying about Tracy? The same ignorance you are gladly willing to take part in Pinktruth is the same ignorance that those that ‘refuse’ to see the ‘truth’ of MK use. Can you see your hypocracy? Cuz it’s screaming so loud at me that I can’t hardly hear your true message.

    You are against a business model that you feel manipulates woman and takes advantage of them financially but you are more than happy to support a website that does the same? Huh????

    It doesn’t bother you that Tracy not only willingly accepts money from women on her site, but blatently asks for it? But yet, she refuses to account for that money? Or that she uses Pinktruth to try to bolster her ‘real’ career? Or hock her ‘book’?

    For a man that wants people to really truly think and accept reality in 1 subject your are completely closeminded on another. Does that sound rational to you? Would you be in support of an antiMK website if you knew the owner of that sight was a criminal? Does your hatred of MK outway any moral compass?

  66. Blessed said

    I don’t see PT as manipulative. I believe exposure to PT is down right healthy! I hope the maintenance of PT is somehow providing some type of remuneration for TC. I just hope she keeps going! My moral compass is (hold a second and let me look at it, yea) just fine.

    Screw You said:

    “For a man that wants people to really truly think and accept reality in 1 subject your are completely closed minded on another.”

    You’re absolutely right. I’ll having nothing to do with it. I am, however, very supportive of the message provided by PT and the great job TC is doing.


  67. Mercedes said

    Whew~a lot of you took the words right out of my mouth.

    It’s like saying it’s the alcohol’s fault that I am an alcoholic or it is the McDonalds food and commercial’s fault that I am fat and so on and so on…

    p.s. I am not an alcoholic or fat-lol.

    I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MY OWN ACTIONS! I am smart enought to read and understand what Mary Kay is all about and I make my decisions on my own about my MK business…

    I am not a SUCKER that gets SUCKED in…If I did get SUCKED IN-IT IS MY FAULT…NOT MARY KAY’s.

    Learn to take responsibility for one’s own actions and quit blaming others!

    Oops~sorry-talking out loud again…ya know me!


  68. Blessed said


    PT is to the Mary Kay site what the American Heart Association site is to the McDonald’s site. PT is to the Mary Kay site what the National Institute on Drug Abuse site is to the Miller Beer site. It is a healthy dose of truth, reliable information, countering what has been incredibly harmful to so many. I don’t see burgers & beer as the same type of harm as that from MK (good example though, thanks).

    Did ya make a decision re signing up for MK again?


  69. Mercedes said

    Oh ya!~I know the credibility of Duh and Duh states it herself right here.
    The credibility of TC? I know she isn’t credible…She has proved it many times…That is why I do not read there anymore. She is manipulative and tells lies all of the time-IMHO!

    There are not 3,000 members-lie
    One can’t speak their mind-she deletes

    oh forget it-this has already been said…some just can’t seem to figure it out.

    I love Banned From the Bitchfest…with the BANNED!


  70. Mercedes said

    Where is the truth? When we speak the truth-we get deleted and banned.

    OK-lunch is over…going to get kiddies!

  71. Blessed said


    Good point. Thankfully there are sites like the American Heart Association site, National Institute on Drug Abuse site, and Pink to help us make informed decisions re fat intake, alcohol consumption, and MLM cosmetics scams.


  72. Sally said

    Blessed…are you still going ?
    Talk about the energizer _________________(Fill inthe blank).

  73. ScrewU said

    Your willingness to stay ignorant is the exact same as the ‘kaybots’ willingness to not see the harm that happened because of MK. How can you despise their blatent disregard for information yet do the EXACT same thing? It’s mind boggling.

    And I don’t understand why you don’t promote a site like ? Now there is a sight that shares the pitfalls of MK, shares real stories of people’s experience AND has integrity. I have NEVER seen LJ try to promote herself or her career thru her site. In fact, I have no idea of what she does because doesn’t try to give herself an ego stroke at every oppotunity. She isn’t trying to get a boost off the backs of those who have already been manipulated. So what’s your problem with that site? Why don’t you hitch yourself to a site that does what you want, denouncing MK AND doing so in a way that does not harm women? If the truth is truly what you want, why don’t you get behind them?

    I would also like to point out the fact that you sound just like anti abortion people that support those who blow up clinics where abortions are performed. As if the ends justify the means. So Tracy can use and abuse whomever she likes as long as she is saying MK sucks at the same time? You have to be better than that.

  74. Blessed, I was giving you the benefit of the doubt until this comment, now I must ask:

    I don’t see PT as manipulative.

    What about the owner of PT?

  75. Blessed said


    I’m not about disparaging the messenger, the important thing to me is the message.


    I’ve visited; this is an absolutely fantastic site. Another one is, the home of MK Survivors and a husbands support group. There are many others. I support them all. I know of none that so frequently provide new content the way PT does. They are all outstanding, though! And there are others out there. I’ve recommended many of them in my posts on-line. I hope more of them continue to pop up.

    There is such passion here about TC. I don’t seek to quell or belittle the reasons behind your passionate strife with TC. I also don’t seek to endorse or validate it. I simply insist I will have nothing, pro or con, to do with it. It is a non-issue for me. I endorse the message from PT and TC does a great job with that site, as do many others with their pro clarity sites.

    …and no, I won’t be endorsing the idea of blowing up pink Cadillacs or Mary Kay meeting locations. So, I’m really not like an anti-abortion radical.


  76. Duh said

    Wow Blessed. Do you mean to say that no matter what the owner of Pink Truth does, you’ll still support the site?

    You do realize that Pink Truth is NOT a non profit organization. That means that the money that Tracy blatantly panders for on Pink Truth is in no way guaranteed to be used for Pink Truth.

    In fact, instead of dealing with the issues that many of these women have with debt, she’s asking them to support HER cause which is….HER. How many times has she whined about how much it costs her to maintain PT?

    Screw U is right. There are other anti MK sites that don’t lie about their numbers to seem more important than they are. Pink Truth doesn’t have a monopoly.

    It seems you also have learned nothing from the MK experience. Oh, except to lay blame on MK for problems you or your wife helped create. Maybe if you had been MORE critical of MK in the beginning you guys could have made better decisions. Maybe if you would be MORE critical of Pink Truth and everything else in life, the same crap won’t happen to you again. Stop just eating up whatever people tell you and use your brain!

  77. Blessed, well WHO do you think is coming FROM?

  78. Blessed said


    I do draw the line someplace.

    If you find she has begun killing baby seals by clubbing them to death, let me know. I draw the line at clubbing baby seals to death. That and drowning kittens. I don’t like anybody who drowns kittens. Might also consider taking a stand if I find she’s been committing violent felonies. I could also become involved if I learn she is moving cocaine, it’d have to be kilo amounts though.

    Short of that stuff, I have no opinion. Don’t mistake this to mean I endorse anything else you believe she may have done or is doing, I just have no opinion and will not become involved in the debate.

    In the meantime, please know I am a complete supporter of the Pink Truth and the message it provides, along with the many other pro-clarity sites out there.


    I don’t understand your question.


  79. Duh said

    Your NSD must have LOVED you. I can just hear you now…

    “Well [insert NSD’s name here] might be doing stuff wrong, but I don’t care. Mary Kay is what’s important. The fact that my wife is sharing the wonderful opportunity is ALL that matters!”

    Please refrain from voting in any elections, PLEASE! This country needs fewer people like you in the booth. “Gee whiz, I don’t care WHAT the candidate says, as long as my party wins!”

    Keep on following the herd, little sheep.

  80. Blessed said


  81. ScrewU said

    “And I won’t let your NEGATIVE talk influence me”

    Just like you won’t hear our negative views of Tracy. Can y’all see a pattern? I feel like I’m knitting

  82. Duh said

    We are Negative Nellies! Haha.

    People like Blessed deserve to be fleeced.

    Hey Blessed, I got a bridge I wanna sell ya… and some beautiful property in the Everglades.

    I’m kidding. Really I think it’s sad. Blessed will go through his entire life being used over and over again and feeling totally powerless to fight back. So instead of taking control of himself and his actions, he’ll sit back and blame everyone and everything else.

    I hope you don’t get taken advantage of Blessed. But with your fingers-in-ears-I’m-not-listening attitude, I’m afraid it’s inevitable.

    Oh well. NEXT….

  83. MK4ME (B.S) said

    wow, this as been an interesting thread. Blessed- as you keep defending TC and pleading ignorance to things she has done to many – may I say that ignorance is not bliss. It is not an excuse for wrong doing. You keep saying people should be made aware of what is going on within the Company but you feel no need to see what is going on within “that company”.

    Also if you happen to be in a car that is driving down the road and the passenger shoots someone, you will more than likely be charged with being an accessory to murder”. “I didn’t know he was going to shoot that poor person” doesn’t work as an excuse”.

    Most terrorists feel they are fighting for a good cause too. If you asked family members of the 9/11 tragedy, I am sure they would disagree. Fighting for a cause you believe in, is not wrong, the measures you use to do it is what comes into question.

    Congratulations though, except for PT/TC, I think you have done a great job at having everyone think you are a little goofy. (jmo)

  84. Blessed said


    I am a little goofy. It’s on my resume.

    Your analogy about the murder is a bit strained. If the passenger owned some illegal drugs or a handgun in the glove compartment or under the seat and same was found by police, then both the passenger and the driver could (in some scenarios) be construed as culpable through constructive possession. I don’t think that would apply if one individual was the trigger man and prosecutors could not demonstrate the other passenger/driver was part of a conspiracy to commit a crime with the gun. The “I didn’t know he was going to shoot that poor person,” would, in fact, be a good defense, until the government could prove otherwise.

    As for the terrorist thing, I’ve not committed anything akin to a terrorist act, or a aided and abetted any such act. In fact, I’ve never even worn any laundry on my head.


  85. Duh said

    I can see why Blessed loves PT so much. They share the same sense of humor.

    Or lack of…

  86. Blessed said

    Oh, com’on Duh!!! If nothing else, I’ve indeed got a great sense of humor. I’ve read your stuff for a while and know you can appreciate a sense of humor, can’t ya?


  87. Duh said

    I do appreciate a good sense of humor.

  88. Sally said

    If I box up a bundle of ATTENTION and mail it to Blessed .. do you think we can have a reprieve?

  89. Blessed said

    Dear Sally,

    P.O. Box 73864
    Toledo, Ohio 43604



  90. Duh said

    Blessed, that was so funny I forgot to laugh.

  91. Mercedes said

    ok end of the day and I am back. Thank goodness my lunch ended when it did…I felt some heat start up after my comment…someone lookin’ for a fight?…LMAO! Thank goodness it is not me…and thank goodness my lunch ended when it did…whew!

    Wassup Dingleberries?

    going home to see my WOOF now!

    Might be back in a bit~later gators!

    Me lurves me some Duh and some fun with the Banned…why were we banned again? Oh ya-because we spoke the truth and/or asked questions…or didn’t Walk this Waaaay! Talk this Waaaaay!…Pay this Waaaay…

    Enough Mere!
    Dragging her outta here…Toodles!

  92. Mercedes said

    p.s. If i was so against a company and through with it-I would wash it away and be done with it…not continue to discuss it~one is just letting that issue take over and win…Move on and start fresh…We’re uh movin’ on up…


    Who let the dogs out!

    Who let the dogs out!

    Sorry~I so needed this laugh…going for real to my sick doggy!

  93. Blessed –

    Your analogy is flawed. The AHA is the antithesis of Mickey D’s, but they stick to facts. The NIDA is the antithesis of Miller, but they stick to facts.

    I have 2 problems with the way TC presents the anti-MK sentiment:

    First, much of the material is childish and immature nonsense. Making fun of Director suits or the outfits worn at Seminar, or even the NSD’s themselves (often by name) is not professional, and it does nothing to help women out of MK. Period. My nine year old knows better. You will never see the AHA trying to get people to avoid Mickey D’s by ridiculing the uniforms that the employees wear. One has nothing to do with the other. The AHA would lose all credibility if it did so.

    Second, TC makes a big deal about MK doing something even if it is a standard business practice and there is nothing wrong with it. That, IMHO, is misleading. To people who don’t know any better (PTers), it gives MK a bad name even when every other business in America does it. Again, this would be like the AHA saying that Mickey D’s breaks down their cardboard boxes before throwing them away so they can fit more trash in their dumpsters and this means that they can get away with having fewer dumpsters! They are cheating the waste removal company out of thousands of dollars a year!! Those horrible people!

    No, they aren’t. It is a standard business practice to break down boxes before putting them in the dumpster, but some people may not know that. It just sounds terrible the way I just presented it, didn’t it? It’s all in the presentation.

    Not only does TC do this with MK, she bans anyone who tries to point out that what MK does is standard business practice.

    Any other business/non-profit would be laughed out of town and discredited if they did the shabby cr*p that TC does on her site.

    And, yes, I will be joining Mk again, just not right now. I have some family issues I need to attend to for a while. Thanks for asking. 🙂

  94. unbeelievable said


    BLESSED is criticizing other people’s analogies? If that a’int the pot callin’ the kettle black….

  95. Anon said

    I have been thoroughly entertained by this thread. I LOVE Blessed posts. Here, PT, and Dave’s site. LOVE THEM!!!

    I don’t like MK. I read PT. I DO NOT know TC. I have read about some of the accusations against her. But I started reading about MK long after these things happened so I cannot comment on them since I don’t have any first hand knowledge.

    I do think PT is childish at times. I do think PT puts all blame on MK when at some point we all do have to take account for our own actions. I do think PT looks for things to comments negatively about MK about. WHO CARES ABOUT THE DIRECTOR”S SUIT?????? So what if it’s ugly? Talk about the lies and manipulation and everything else wrong with this company. I do think PT is a good thing, though, when someone is researching MK. Pinkingshears and Pink Lighthouse are good, but not as LOUD about it. PT comes across strong and stays strong. PT is better about getting the point across.

    Just my two cents. Have never posted here. Lurked a few times, not alot. But very entertaining, indeed!

  96. Blessed said


    Thank you for such a thoughtful comment.


  97. pppj said

    I think Blessed is Nick

  98. pinknight said


    One thing I don’t understand is why you hate Pink Truth so much.

  99. Willie Lump Lump said

    ROTFLMAO, how the hell did I miss this hilarious ass thread?

    Oh how i wish ‘Blessed’ was blessed with some common sense.

    Oh well.

    Carry on. 🙂

  100. Blessed said


    Who is nick?

    Blessed (AKA: The Wall, Brick, etc.)

  101. Blessed said


    Great use of sarcasm! You’re learning. Who knows, with a bit more training, you could someday become just about as much of a smartass as I am. Keep at it!


  102. pppj said

    Nick is TC’s good friend who changes PT and modifies the look of it. She is good friends with him.

  103. Blessed said


    Nope, I’m not Nick. He obviously does a great job too!


  104. Mercedes said


  105. Willie Lump Lump said

    She WISH she knew Nick personally…..

    Or any MAN for that matter. 😛

  106. MK4ME (B.S) said

    pinknight, you may want to be careful when you meet Blessed, he could be planning an “intervention” for you. You will walk in and extend your hand for a shake and people will grab you and through you into a van while gagging you and tying you up so you can’t escape.

    then TC will enter, who knows, they could try holding you for ransom so they can earn so more money..


  107. Blessed said


    How the hell are we supposed to make effective interventions if people keep blowing the lid off our secret methods?!? Keep it to yourself will ya! Damn it! Now I’m probably gonna have to chase him down. Have you ever tried to run for any distance carrying a big bulky white body bag with a large drawl string?

    Dave, buddy, reellaaaxxxx. It’s all gonna be OK. We’ll meet, shake hands, and have a nice conversation about photography. She was only kidding about the bag stuff.

    Gosh! 😉 What a creative imagination she has!


  108. Mercedes said

    Well I am an IBC for Mary Kay and I have no problems. I don’t go to meetings, I don’t warm chatter, I don’t have parties…I just sale MK to people that want it. They know I am here and I provide what they want-no pushing at all. I also give them my honest opinion on the products and/or if I use the products myself. I don’t get rich off of it~I just provide a service that gives me a little extra money~not much…right now the extra money is paying for Patch’s doctor bills. Other times~it pays for a college class~working towards my master’s. I am in charge of me and my decisions and I know exactly what is going on…

    Back to your regularly scheduled program!


  109. Blessed said

    Hey Woof,

    What you getting your Master’s in?


  110. Mercedes said

    I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Elementary Education). I teach Kindergarten. I am slowly, but surely working on my Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction…$1,000 a class. 3 classes down and 8 to go. I am not taking a class this semester.


  111. Thanks designed for sharing such a good thought, paragraph is fastidious, thats why i have
    read it fully

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