Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt


Written By: ScrewU

While trying to reason with Blessed about his rediculous decision to ignore ALL the bad things that Tracy does because she does 1 thing that he does agree with, I mentioned to him that Tracy always has an ulterior motive to her site and that does not involve bringing down MK.  And here she is again, trying to promote her site so that she can gain from it.  She uses the emotional manipulation (sound familiar Blessed?) that by nominating her site, you will help more women from the evil devil that is MK.  Why doesn’t she say that they should nominate any site that promotes the truth of MK?  After all, you can nominate 3 sites.  So why does she pretend that NO other antiMK sites are out there?  We all know they exist but the MK women out there don’t.  If you really, truly, deeply and sincerely cared about saving women from MK, you would want them to find any site that showed them the truth.  But if you only cared about furthering your own name, career & pocketbook, you would only promote yours.

Really, Blessed, what you need to ask yourself is what do we have to gain?  There are no google ads here.  No paypal donation blaring at the top.  No SHOP HERE!!! screaming at you.  And no constant reminders of our other sites we have or a book we have written.  Here’s the not so subtle hint to go name Pink Truth for some other award:

Jan 09

Nominate Pink Truth for the 2008 Bloggies

Published in Pink Truth Information by TRACY | Comment (1)

The 2008 Weblog Awards (The Bloggies) have begun…In order to be considered for an award, we need lots of nominations. The blogs with the most nominations. Here’s the page where you can nominate Pink Truth, and I’m suggesting that you nominate us for “Best Topical Weblog” (about 2/3 of the way down the page).

You have to nominate at least 3 total blogs on that page, so you can also nominate other blogs.

Everyone join in… the more nominations Pink Truth gets, the more likely we will be in the final voting. You do NOT need to register to nominate us, but you do need to supply a valid email address to verify your ballot. 


  1. Duh said


    “I suggest that you nominate us for “Best Topical Weblog…”

    Geez Louise. She had to make sure that all those nominations go to the right place. Who goes around asking for an award??

  2. ScrewU said

    I KNOW!!! Tracy does!

  3. Blessed said


    I’ve reached a pinnacle. I am now referenced in the lead-in of a new topic at Duh’s place! 😉


  4. Duh said

    That’s the first step to getting banned, Blessed. Congratulations.

  5. ScrewU said

    See how important making you think is? I’m willing to write directly to you

    Seriously, that is what we are trying to do here. Make people think. Not just about MK. Not just about Tracy. But about all aspects of your life. In all decisions. Because if you don’t, you’ll always be duped by the evil out there. There will always be an MK or a Tracy or some other equivalent unless you actually LEARN from the experience and THINK the next time.

    Thats what we want you to do here. Not just hate Tracy. There is a bigger picture. Let’s all try to expand our minds

  6. Duh said

    I’ve got the LSD tabs ready, Screw. Let’s expand our minds, man.

  7. Blessed said


    Ya know, I bet your were a tiger in the days you were warm chatting for MK. Girl, you are persistent!! Were you the type who followed the mark from store to store at the mall and then out to the car? I can see it now, you approaching the lady as she runs for her car fumbling in her purse for her keys. “I’m not interested,” she exclaims! “Damn it!” you yell, “I’m putting some if this stuff on your hands, you’ll love it, hold still…”

    I’m just not interested in the anti-TC stuff.


  8. Duh said

    “I’m not interested in thinking.”
    “I’m not interested in backing up what I say.”
    “I’m not interested in making sense.”

    You’re also not very INTERESTING, either. So you’re M.O. is basically just going around saying bad things about Mary Kay and defending Pink Truth. Then when people try to have a discussion with you about Pink Truth, you don’t want to participate.

    Ok, so we know you hate Mary Kay. So? And? What’s your point?

  9. Judi said

    I’m nominating you, Duh.

  10. Busty said

    Quick observation, if you’re not interested in the anti-TC stuff, why are you here? You obviously continue to return to this site to read and respond.

    Things that make you go hmmmm….

  11. ScrewU said

    So why does it enrage you when the women in MK are not interested in antiMK stuff? Why do you persist?

    You see, I’m trying to show you what’s good for you is good for them. Yes? Why can’t you leave them in the same ignorant pool of denial that you are swimming in?

    And just for the record, if you have spent anytime at all on this site, you would never picture me running around stores chasing women. Have I ever spent time on here trying to ‘attract’ people to me? So not my thang.

    In actuality, I have a hard on for people to be educated and have an original thought. You don’t have to think the same as me, you just have to think damnit.

    Try it & maybe you’ll like it

  12. Duh said

    Damn it, LAY OFF him Screw U. He doesn’t want to think! Just leave him alone with his non thoughts!

  13. ScrewU said

    I’ll lay off.
    A man’s mind changed against his will, is of the same opinion still.

    See? It’s futile.

    But speaking of someone that loves to think, where the hell has MKRealist been? We haven’t heard from her in eons. Anyone? Anyone? MKRealist?

  14. Blessed said

    Why am I here? It sure isn’t to participate in the anit-TC debate.

    I post here and other places with the hope those who see my posts, who are involved in the “opportunity” or considering it, will have some doubt. If I can instill any amount of doubt in this target group, well, that’s good. I know some active MK folks surf here. It’s also cathartic for me to rant. That’s my only interest here, that and the fun of exchanges like this. Plus, there is some great sarcastic humor here.

    Got to get to work. Later.


  15. Duh said

    Believe me, Blessed, no one is persuaded by your arguments. I’m suprised that Tracy hasn’t banned you by now just to distance herself from your foolishness.

    So you enjoy our humor, but not the subject of our humor? Seriously? Blessed, do you live in a assisted living home or what? I can’t believe that you are a fully functioning adult.

  16. Blessed, you don’t know ScrewU at all and that comment about her warm chattering skills was uncalled for.

  17. Dana said

    I just nominated Duh, mypinktruth, and a random one.

    I think it would piss Tracy off if Duh beat her that it almost would seem worth it to make up a bunch of e-mail addresses just to keep voting……

  18. Busty said

    Good idea Dana LOL

  19. Cranky from no sleep said

    poor Blessed(?), he was getting a whoopin so he runs off to hide in the corner. I ponder his ‘handle’. Blessed – personally I think of him as Brick Wall. Ya know, the one you want to hit again and again and again. And he is as dense as one too. People of Duh, this has been fun but so frustrating to see good people trying to get a point across to someone either so in the anti-pink fog that he can’t see OR someone who just thinks he is soooo smart.

    ok, Blessed(?), we’ll leave TC out of it. So, why can’t someone express their honest opinions on PT? I’ve seen many try -and not profanely nor attacking viciously – just openly and honestly asking questions and trying to get the COMPLETE story. What happens…that seeker gets nailed (and often viciously) again and again and again. Then if the seeker continues the quest for truth, he/she is banned. Oh, I know, it appears that she/he left on their own accord but we who read Duh know the truth. Not the Pink Truth…we know the TRUTH. So, why does this happen? Is this a website that is not open to all truths? Why can only one side of the story be presented? ok, I lied, I can’t leave TC out of it. She is the ONE person who has complete control so therefore, she is the one who enforces the one-sided aspect of PT. Leaving the questionable financing out of it along with other juicy stories that have come along, just the fact that she is NOT open with PT. The whole story is NEVER allowed to be presented. I came to my own conclusion that PT/TC is exactly the same as a rah, rah, rah, pink-froo-froo, emotionally charged, cheerleader/director/national who attempts to get everyone all excited but only shares one side of the program. Blessed(?) just keep on reading here.
    sooner or later you will get it. In your case, it seems to be later.

  20. MKRealist said

    Never fear ScrewU, I’m always lurking in the shadows…

  21. Mercedes said

    What Busty said!

    cranky from no sleep~I would be one of those…and you said it to a T!

    Hello to MKRealist!


  22. Willie Lump Lump said

    Is this the same ‘Blessed’ that posts on Me’s blog? Just wondering cuz I could’ve sworn they were anti-PT and pro-MK.

    Bottom line is this: Tracy is a narcissistic, maniacal, cat/kid hatin’ BIOTCH who actually idolizes Mary Kay, but hides under the guise of saving women from MK, yet uses MK tactics and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about shit, but herself and what you can do for her and her over-inflated ego. She is the epitomy of Bitchness! Just ask the many former PT supporters that she trampled all over and threw in the gutter. Fuck that skank!

    That is all. 🙂

  23. Mercedes said


  24. Starr said

    I think that Blessed looks at things (including TC) as a man looks at things. Women tend to hold grudges and get petty and catty. Men have a tendency to let the little stuff roll off and focus on the big picture. Give him a break. He’s a MAN, ladies. Remember that Men are from Mars and Women from Venus thing? Well I happen to believe there is quite a bit of truth to that theory.


  25. Duh said

    Maybe you’re right Starr. But then Tracy must be a man too because she does the same thing. She has no problem backing up everything a couple of convicted felons has to say. Who cares what their motives are, the point is to bring down Usana.

  26. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    HAHAHA Tracy wants people to nominate PT? HAHAHAHA. What a fuckin loooooser.

    Who is this BLESSED person? Blessed with the ability to see through Tracy’s B.S. Apparently not.



  27. Starr said


    I disagree. Tracy is definitely not like a man, at least not like any of the ones I am particularly thinking of. She is petty and holds grudges. That is why it gets so irritating with her at times. If someone disagrees with her opinion, which is THE RULE on PT, she will always come back at that person and try to top what they said, slanting it back to her view of things. She can not see the big picture very well especially at those times when she is being seriously challenged. When people don’t back off or come around to her way of thinking, she pulls rank and then boots them out as we all well know.

    This is typical petty woman behavior. Intelligent, successful men tend to side step this type of thing and move on. If I am given a choice to work with men or women, I will pick the men anytime. They do not let their emotions run their workday, as a rule.

    Now, we all know that there are exceptions to all rules and I have seen men act catty and petty too usually only when they are insecure or are dealing with serious personal problems. Then some men can be very much like women in that respect.

    IMO Blessed is simply looking past the pettiness that is so very TC. He seems to be focusing on the good elements that can be found on PT. I personally agree that there is very good factual information to be found on that site. Things get ugly when people get too comfortable over there and begin to express their personal opinions which don’t coincide lock-step with TC’s view.

    Things have been quite calm over there the past few months. There are a bunch of newbies that have no idea how things can get out of control and as these new people start to feel comfortable, some of them inevitably will say something and it will stir that pot again and all hell will break loose. I am watching and waiting for it.

    You know, ebb and flow. It’s in the ebb stage now. LOL

  28. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Not sure if there’s a technical gremlin over there that I’ve managed to run afoul of…or if I’ve just been banned for no particular reason that I’m aware of. In either event, I suspect I’ll find out soon enough.

  29. Me said

    Dana, thanks for the nomination!

    Blessed IS the one that used to post on my blog, but he no longer does because I banned him.

    And he works for the federal government which would explain a lot. A man. Works for the government. Lazy. In-the-box thinking. You get the idea.

  30. Duh said

    Starr, you’re so SEXIST. I love it. I don’t know what you’re talking about that women hold grudges. I don’t hold grudges.

    And don’t even say I do. Starting and maintaining a blog because you got kicked off someone else’s site is obviously not holding a grudge. Nope. Not at all.

  31. pppj said

    You know, I’m getting darn uncomfortable with all this grudge and anti-woman writing over here. Gee, Starr….give women a break.

    Didn’t you know 2008 it is the year for the WOMAN? I mean, every decent New Hampshire voter knows that!



  32. pinknight said

    I am going to post a few things that may or may not have links in them. Since that sometimes takes a while to get approved, I am placing this as a “bookmark” to let you all know to come back here later to see my comments


  33. pinknight said

    Ok, first of all – for those of you that LOVE to read… here are some great “conversations” between myself and blessed on my site.

    Someone here said “brick wall”?

    I will sum these conversations up in case you don’t want to read them;

    Blessed: Blah, blah blah – MK sucks
    Me: Blah, blah blah – why do you feel that way
    Blessed: (completely ignoring my question) blah, BLah, blah – mk SUcks
    Me: blah blah blah – why do you feel that way, and you still haven’t answered my other ‘why do you feel that way’

    and so on.

    I find the conversations fascinating, so maybe someone else will. They are way, ridiculously too long to copy/paste here and you will have to scroll past other comments from other readers on my site… just look for the comments from David Shepherd (thats me) and Blessed (thats him).

    Again, if you don’t feel like reading EVEN MORE from brickwall you wont offend me!

    But if you do –

    Concerned Citizen or Presumptuous Pest
    A note from “Blessed”
    My response to “blessed”

    Happy reading!

  34. pinknight said

    Ok, it looks like even with my links my comment made it right away, so disregard my “bookmark”

    Now, I thought I would post a few of the things that blessed said on my site an my response to them.

    I know I have not really been agitated enough lately here to really get off a good rant, so I thought I would present my “rant” side from earlier… when I had energy and actually thought brickwall might learn something…. both the energy and the hope have long since left 😦

    A little background real quick (in case you didn’t “read up”). I posted a few responses to the questions posed on Pink Truth (the cause of my second banning!) and was unable to respond to some of the responses to my responses because of my banning. I asked Brickwall to post a comment on Pink Truth to the effect of “looking for real truth” (my nickname there) can’t respond because he was banned. I reference that here and thought you might need the background.

    Second, in the first comment, brickwall references the aforementioned sites. Those would be Pynkmyst and MyPinkTruth where he was banned.

    Hope those things make your reading a little easier. And now, “my rants”, un-edited and un-enhanced for your reading pleasure! Enjoi.


    David Shepherd said…

    Blessed said:

    “David, your experience with is essentially no different than mine with both the aforementioned sites. You presentation was contrary to the mission of and, accordingly, you got bounced. Big deal.”

    No. It was not.

    A. I posted on topic.
    B. I did not MENTION that I had a blog.
    C. I did not recommend that they “visit” anything.
    D. I only answered the questions that were posed to me
    E. (Similar to D.) I ANSWERED the questions that were asked.
    F. I was not “warned that my behavior was inappropriate.
    G. *This one is the most relevant difference. I was silently banned. The majority of the readers and commenter’s there are either unaware of my banning or are choosing to deceptively make it appear that I “have no answer”.

    You have been asked direct questions on the sites in question and given ample time to respond.

    You have been given ample warning with specific details of what you should stop doing lest you get banned.

    Your failure to answer those questions was clearly on your part. NOT the blog owners in question.

    Do you still not see that you are a part of a cult over there?

    Do you think that it does not qualify as a cult because you have nothing to gain (financially) from your participation?

    The questions you are being asked here are piling up.

    Again, I can’t emphasize this enough. YOU are not being censored here.

    Our experiences could not be more different.
    December 3, 2007 7:23 PM
    David Shepherd said…

    Blessed said:

    “Join me in proclaiming the issue at hand… …is a debate over the insidious tactics employed by so many involved in propagating the “opportunity.””

    You are not requesting a debate though are you?

    You are requesting permission to claim all of the things you say are true of Mary Kay, without backing them up or answering those that would question your logic.

    It appears that your only interest is in pulling people to the narrow-minded, one-sided piece of propaganda that is the site you esteem so highly.

    You have asked on several occasions and several sites, “do you really think that you can find all you need at” I would ask you the same thing. Do you think that PT really represents a true perspective of all facets of MK?

    I have said it many times now, and I will keep saying it. You are a part of a cult. I recommend you get out of there before you get hurt.

    I am not afraid (as you have seen) to post things here that point out the problems in MK. I intend to have a more developed section for that purpose as time allows. I have linked to the sites that offer much of the information that I have not had opportunity to sift through yet.

    Take a moment or two to consider what you have become. Consider some of the things that you are saying. Is this (as Joe Dirt) would say, “where you want to be when Jesus comes back”?

    I have kept a close eye on PT today looking for you to post the “looking is not answering your questions because” comment I requested.

    I think you already know these things though don’t you?

    You know it is an unhealthy situation for you. You probably get agitated every time someone questions your involvement. You probably have pat answers for why you are involved.

    The signs are there. It is just hard to admit isn’t it?

    Before I go, I thought it important to point out that I make no personal attacks on TC or you.

    I simply point out that what you are doing is dangerous. You are *toying* with peoples lives and I take serious issue with that.

    It does not mean that you are a bad person. You are just participating in a bad thing. You need to stop. For yourself as much as for those around you and the people you are damaging by participating the way you do.


    I thought some of that was worthy of the “blood on the ice” requested earlier!?!?


  35. Mercedes said

    WOW! Welcome to the banned!

    I love your post!

    Good Night!

  36. pinknight said

    Thanks Mer,

    I am planning a grandiose third banning soon!!

    Timing is everything though. Last time I wasted my banning right before the whole Christmas scandal. 😦

    Duh, do you give out prizes to the one who has banned the most?

    Is it an overall number of bannings? or is it based on bannings/year?

    Do you have to prove you were banned?

    And of course does it count when Tracy bans one of her “alter-egos” because then I am sure none of us could win 😦

  37. PinkNight, What Christmas scandal??? Do tell!

  38. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    PinkNight, thanks for refreshing my memory of the criteria for banning on PT. Interesting.

  39. ScrewU said

    I’m not sure if anyone could beat me in the number of bannings. I’ve been banned a lot. And by a lot, I mean a crapload. I can’t even begin to remember all the names and emails. I think I got banned every 2 wks for about 4 or 5 months. Plus earlier bannings. Good times, good times

  40. Blessed said


    How do ya get banned more than one time? Is the banning good for 90 day periods and then you are back in, or do you re-register and get banned under a different name?

    ‘Cause if it’s only 90 days, or even 6 months until you can re-register after being banned, it’s about time for me to start posting again on “Me’s” site.

    What do ya say “Me”? Have I served my sentence? Can I again starting posting on your blog?


    P.S.: I forget who started it, but someone here started referring to me as “Brick Wall.” Damn that’s good. That’s the kind of thing I could put on a tee-shirt! Maybe a cape!

    Dave, I’m gonna be in your area in a few weeks on business. Maybe we could get together. What’ja think?

  41. ScrewU said

    No Blessed, there is no reprieve from banning. If Tracy bans you, you are dead for life. At least thru that name, email and IP. That’s why you have to be smarter than the average bear. Or at least smarter than Tracy.

    I won’t name my secret tools but just know that I got ’em. So she can ban all she wants cuz I can still get in if I want to. Obviously… cuz where do you think all this fantastical stuff gets copied from?

    I’m sure if you hang out here long enough, one of 2 things will happen:
    1) Tracy will ban YOU for fornicating with the banned loooosers that we are. Funny how people open up their minds to see what we are saying after they get banned from Pink Truth
    2) You will actually grow a brain and/or our original thought process will eventually rub off on you and you will be forced to have your own idea about Tracy

    Your blinders can only stay on for so long when you hang out here. So gouge your eyes out. I dare you

  42. pinknight said


    Sounds great. Just promise me no physical violence (I am sure thats not a problem)

    And no Hyperbole.

    Perhaps we should avoid the MK subject altogether during the visit.

    I live in the San Fernando Valley and work on the very east edge of said valley. Anywhere in between would be an ideal place to meet.

    A couple of CA gems that you may not want to miss would be Bob’s Big Boy and In-n-Out burgers. I am sure that the “starbucks” trend has reached everyone, but we have something to the order of a few hundred of those so failing all else…

    If you are serious (I am), let me know and we can work something out.

    I work 9a-6p M-F and have a 30min commute on both sides of that. So if you can work something out with your schedule I think it would be great.

  43. pinknight said

    Free from it all,

    That ridiculous time where they all whined about Mary Kay giving a gift to the gift drive and it not being a toy so it shouldn’t “count” and how they (MK) should report the production COST of the gift, not the retail VALUE of the gift.

    Based on these two things and their normal “mary kay is soooo gross” line, they flatly rejected the gifts on behalf of the recipients.

    Now not that their crying caused those gifts to not be distributed, but it really works me up when someone (obviously with means) criticizes and rejects someone else’s charity on behalf of the one the charity was meant for. Especially at Christmas.

    I call it a scandal because I was FURIOUS.

  44. Oh I remember that now, pinknight. Thanks for the refresher course. 😀

  45. Blessed said


    What kind of photography ya into, film, digital, both? Canon or Nikon (or other)? SLR, DSLR or point and shoot? If digital, do ya do any post processing? If so what do ya use (software)?

    As for getting together, I like your idea of not discussing MK? It now looks like I’ll be staying at The Westin in Long Beach. However, this may change and I’m not a master of my own schedule.


    (AKA: Brick Wall) Ya know “Brick Man” has a nice sound to it too. Maybe just plain “Brick.”

  46. Willie Lump Lump said

    Aww, looks like Blessed is an avid PT supporter. How nice.

    Too bad Tracy won’t give two squirts of duck shit about that when she bans your ass for posting here. 😛

  47. LOL LOL LOL said

    ‘A couple of CA gems that you may not want to miss would be Bob’s Big Boy and In-n-Out burgers.’

    Um, you forgot about Fatburger, Tito’s Tacos, Roscoe’s chicken and waffles, Hot Wings Cafe and Crab Cooker in Newport Beach.

    Rep it right, yo!!

  48. LOL LOL LOL said

    ….oh, Pinks Hot Dogs, Johnnie’s Pastrami and CW and Chris (for the best fried chicken you will ever sink your teeth into)…

    ^sigh^ I could go on and on…..

  49. Duh said

    Blessed and Pink Night…

    I think we have a love connection, ladies!

  50. Blessed said

    That’s it Dave, the meeting is off!!! I’m getting a shower right now!! Can we talk about football or guns or beer or something…?!?!?

    Dang Duh! That was DISGUSTING!!


  51. Don’t let the locals hassle you, Brick. They can smell fear. Stick around and I’m sure you’ll see that we really are a fine bunch of folks.

  52. Busty said

    yeah we can smell fear like a vampire smells blood. Watch your back


  53. unbeelievable said

    Ooooh, Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles! I love that place!!!!!

    You guys should go there! yeah!

  54. pinknight said

    Free from it all,

    my pleasure.



    Conspicuously missing from your comment is the aforementioned lack of hyperbole and (more importantly) violence at our meeting. Still want to make sure we agree on those ground rules.

    I have no desire to travel to Long Beach (nothing personal, just traffic) so either you are going to have to do a little driving yourself OR hope that whoever IS master of your own schedule moves you a little closer to the 818.



    MMMMMMmmmmmmm Fatburger!!!! MMMMMmmmmmm

    Not a fan of Roscoe’s though – I know crazy right – whatever

    Pink’s is good if you don’t mind standing on the sidewalk for *like* an hour.

    Haven’t had Johnnies, but if you want good pastrami, the place is “The Hat” in Pasadena.

    Also, a little known winner is C&O Trattoria in Venice beach for some REALLY good Italian.



    really DUH, really???




    Dang it, now you ruined it. They (duh) were just grasping at straws. Now that you got all defensive, they will know for sure. We might as well share a hotel room while you are here. Would you prefer a bottle of bubbly with the special hot tub room or a peach martini?



    you and everyone else here in So Cal. I just don’t see it. I don’t like onions in my food and I don’t like chicken. (I know, how un-American can I get) So pretty much I was like, “what do you have that doesn’t have onions or chicken and the music all stopped (you know with the ripping sound) and everyone got real quiet and started staring at me (like the WHOLE restaurant… even the cooks in the kitchen came out to see what was going on) so I just kind of sunk down into my little vinyl booth seat and mumbled something about trying the waffles. They were good – I guess – I mean how do screw up waffles?

    Now that the “cat is out of the bag” about the whole love connection thing though, I think I may need to take the wall somewhere a little more romantic.

    Maybe Morton’s!!!


    Seriously though, Blessed, I knew you had issues with what people think about you, but are you really going to let a bunch of women that post anonymously on a blog keep you from hanging out with a cool “surfer boy” like me? I thought you were a LITTLE better than that!

  55. pinknight said

    OH WOW – – –

    I just realized something…. the title of this post…..

    Denial – De Nile – The Nile – The Nile is a river in Egypt – So “Denial” or “The Nile” is NOT just “a river in Egypt”, it is also a state of mind that prevents people (rolls eyes at brickwall again) from seeing the truth.

    ScrewU, you are VERY clever!!!! Well done.

    I am sure that I am the first person to notice this… give me a star!!

  56. unbeelievable said

    Pink Night:

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO on your lack of fried chicken loving. You goddamn Californians!

  57. pinknight said

    whatever, like its any better wherever you are from.

    you can keep wishing we will break off and fall in the ocean all you want – we’re still better than you. Thats why I moved here.

    Besides, MOST Californians actually LIKE that crap. Like I said, EVERYONE but me seems to love it.

    But, since you are going to be so vocal about it, I don’t just “lack” fried chicken loving, I HATE FRIED CHICKEN.

    Yea that right, I said it. What.

    Stupid, whereveryouarefromians!

  58. Willie Lump Lump said


  59. pinknight said

    Willie, does that mean you are laughing out loud, loud, loud, loud, loud, loud, loud, loud, loud, loud?

  60. Willie Lump Lump said

    LOLLLLL, yup! 😛

  61. pinknight said

    Well quiet down a bit, I’m tryin’ to get some work done over here!


  62. Willie Lump Lump said

    ^whispers^ oh sorry…. lubbbb

  63. pinknight said

    laughing under breath?

    mmmmph (looks up from typing)

    oh forget it, can’t resist anymore,



  64. unbeelievable said

    A’ight Biatch, BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will slap your yuppie Californian ass upside the head with a drumstick! Or would you prefer a wing?

  65. unbeelievable said

    OK, but I am with you on the hatred of onions thing. Ick!

  66. Willie Lump Lump said

    Oooh a fight! Hold on, let me grab my wine and pull up a chair. Don’t swing just yet, k…..

  67. Willie Lump Lump said

    ok….now go…


  68. pinknight said


    I am kind of swinging in the dark if I don’t know where you are from.

    If you consider me a yuppie just because I am from Cali, you must be a redneck.

    I mean that in the generic Jeff Foxworthy way, not trying to criticize the fine outdoor workers with sunburned necks.

  69. Willie Lump Lump said

    I know you guys didn’t make up already!

    Pinknight…you gonna let Unbee punk you like that??


  70. Willie Lump Lump said

    Ah, that’s more like it…

  71. pinknight said

    Willie you must be a “yuppie” like me.

    hold on while I make a mojito

  72. pinknight said

    and light a pre-embargo, hand rolled cuban

  73. pinknight said


    Now what was I saying?

  74. pinknight said

    Oh yeah,

    I was asking Unbee to let me know where she (he?) is from.

    Fair fight and all.

    Just to be fair, I grew up in NJ and spent three years in WA.

    I am not ashamed about where I am from or where I am, how about you?

  75. Willie Lump Lump said

    You were just about to accuse Unbee of having a cousin named Cooter. 😛

  76. Willie Lump Lump said

    Ugh, I need to learn how to instigate a bit quicker. 😦

  77. pinknight said

    I won’t go that far…. yet.

    All she accused me of is being a yuppie.

    And I don’t know where she is from. If I said that and found out she is from Alaska, I would feel pretty foolish. Up there their cousins are called… well…. ummm…. I would probably have to look on Wikipedia to figure out a good “your cousin’s name” insult.

    We will see.

    Still haven’t heard back.

    Should I taunt more?

    Unbee, whatsamatta? Missy the Cat got your tongue?

    Are you ashamed of your region of the country?

  78. pinknight said

    me too,

    I think we lost her.

    she probably went to sleep.

  79. pinknight said

    you know how those whereveryouarefromians are!!!

    can’t take a good fight without a nap.

  80. Willie Lump Lump said

    LOL, either my loud ass laugh scared her away or you went too far with them there harsh comments of yours. Meanie! 🙂

  81. pinknight said

    Oh well, speaking of needing sleep, I’m off for a shower and a good night sleep.

    I hope worrying about what unbee will call me while I am “offline” doesn’t keep me up all night.

    And people might accuse me of cheating on brickwall with you.

    How will I ever sleep tonight? Oh yeah, I have a tempur-pedic!!!

    BTW, I assume from a name like willie that you are of the male variety?

  82. Willie Lump Lump said

    LOL, nope, all woman here buddy! My screen name stems from all the bullshit I once fell for with Tracy/PT.

  83. Willie Lump Lump said

    Besides…what guy do YOU know gets sooo excited when they see a fight that they gotta grab a glass of wine? Duhhhh


  84. pinknight said

    Well, its a good thing I didn’t try to convince you that she is acting “just like a woman” or something like that.

    Also kind of makes my cheating on brickwall with you comment “wrong on a-whole-nother level”

    And you probably won’t join me in lighting up a hand rolled cuban (even though I was just joking about that)

    Oh well, I am glad I asked!

    Have a good night.

  85. Willie Lump Lump said

    A shot of Henny? Maybe…wine? Hell no…. lol

  86. pinknight said

    Well, I was going to accuse you of being from West Hollywood…. but that would have been…. well, it all does make a lot more sense now.

    Sorry if I offended you!

  87. Willie Lump Lump said

    lol, good nite…

  88. pinknight said

    ya ya

    night night

  89. Willie Lump Lump said

    LOLLLL, oh lawd! no, not offended at all. LOL

    Now, get some damn sleep already! 🙂

  90. Mercedes said

    Willie~you so crazy! How the hell are ya?

  91. Willie Lump Lump said

    Hey Mer, Happy New Year! I’m good, how u doin’?

  92. Willie Lump Lump said

    Sang any good songs lately? lol

  93. Mercedes said

    Good~working on gradebook now and doing what i said I wouldn’t do this year~staying up late on a school night…but I got a nap in this evening-lol.

    I’ve missed you~I see ya still got your spunk!

    *oh ya and I have a sick doggy 😦

  94. Mercedes said

    Yeah~always jammin’
    I have VodPod on my blog and I play music while I am blogging/working and stuff…or i have Media Player going.

    Still got Kid Rock stuck in my head

  95. Willie Lump Lump said

    Yeah, I should be in bed, too, but I’m wired so here my ass is trying to cause some trouble and can’t, lol. 😛

    I’ve missed you guys, too. You know i ain’t going nowhere….for too long anyway. Tracy fucked wit me so now Duh’s stuck wit me. Oh joy for Duh, huh, LOL.

    Oh man, sorry to hear about your pup. Is it serious?

  96. pinknight said

    Bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy diggy diggy said the boogy said up jump the

  97. Willie Lump Lump said

    You’re supposed to be sleep, pinknight.

    Stop slackin’

    Youuuu are getttinnngggg sleeeeeeepppyyyyyyyyy, verry verry sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy.


  98. Mercedes said

    Oh great~what a song to be going to bed to-lol.

    Willie~yeah-serious-Patch has lymphoma

    Woooohooooo the wind is creepy outside

    *Bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy diggy diggy said the boogy said up jump the boogy*…

  99. pinknight said

    alright alright….

    I am on my way for real this time….

    But just so you know (here in CA) it isn’t even 11 yet, so… yeah.

    alright, Hi mer,

    Goodnight all.

  100. Mercedes said

    I thought we could talk about him since he was in bed-he tricked us-jk…haha

  101. Mercedes said

    Hey pinknight~I always want to write pinkknight~give us a nickname for ya~


  102. pinknight said

    yeah mer!!

    one more time…

    Bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy diggy diggy said the boogy said up jump the boogy

    yeah… I am sure my wife is going to look at me weird when I slide into bed singing…

    Bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy diggy diggy said the boogy said up jump the boogy

    then I’ll probably dream about all the freaky cool people here to the soundtrack….

    Bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy diggy diggy said the boogy said up jump the boogy


    Ok, seriously… I am off to bed now

  103. Mercedes said

    night doesn’t even look like a word anymore-lol
    speaking of-guess i better get to bed…hearing footsteps coming this way…


  104. Willie Lump Lump said

    Oh Mer, that’s terrible, I’m so sorry to hear that. I’ll keep Patch in my prayers.

  105. pinknight said

    nobody ever defeats the black…er Pinknight!!!!


  106. pinknight said

    meika says woof

  107. Mercedes said

    Thanks Willie! Appreciate it!

    LOL! pinknight~you should be the pink panther~pink and black-lol

  108. Mercedes said

    how do ya pronounce that-meika

    Patch says SNORE!

  109. Mercedes said

    btw-footseps went to the bathroom and returned to bed

  110. Mercedes said

    ok~night all…my footsteps going to bed


  111. Willie Lump Lump said

    I better get to bed, too. Good nite, peeps. Hopefully, we can cause some trouble this weekend. 🙂

  112. pinknight said

    I don’t think I can use phonetic marks in this comment window, so I will try to describe it…

    ME like “a name I call myself”
    and then KA like “the cu in cut”

    And WOW, your dog is potty trained?

    Meika says snore too…. she sleeps lightly though, I am sure if patch wanted to chat…. well I am sure they have some complex communication system we know nothing about. They are probably rolling their eyes at how long it took us to meet.

  113. pinknight said

    ooooo the weekend!!!!!

  114. pinknight said

    alright, I am going to turn off the computer after this one…. so if you guys have “just been waiting” nows your chance!!!!

    only time will tell if I am for real this time!!!

  115. Mercedes said

    Good morning~darn-we missed our chance-lol.

    Now I have this song in my head:
    Do-a deer a female deer
    Re-a drop of golden sun
    Me-a name I call myself
    Fa-a long long way to run
    So- a needle pulling thread
    La-a note to follow so
    Ti-I dring with jam and bread
    That will bring us back to do-o-o-o

    So you say meika like meekuh correct?

    Patch is a talker-big time…he does have lots to say.
    Still snoring now~will be up in about oh-any minute…

  116. Busty said

    You guys are insane.

    And btw, I’m from Texas and we’re a hell of a lot better than the damn hippies in California. And I’ve had the misfortune of living in Cali!

    *puts on her boots and hat, clicks her heels* There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!

    oh auntie emma! i had a horrible dream! you were there, and so were a bunch of hippies!!

  117. Blessed said


    “Violence”? There will be none. Gi’me a break will ya! Hyperbol or rich robust sarcasm? Well, if we’re not gonna be talking MK, I’ll be that much more less inspired to use such communication tools. As for getting a room together, well, maybe I could sneak away for one night, but I’m planning on having my wife with me during this trip. I’ll have to be creative.

    You don’t wanna talk about photography? That’s OK if you don’t want to.



    (AKA: “Blessedone,” mkfromhell,” “Brickwall,” “Brick,” “Wall,” “Super Brick,” “Brickman,” “Da-Brick,” “The Brickinator,” “Brickboy,” “Mr. Eats & Shits Bricks,” “The most obnoxious man in the world [thanks “Me”],” and many others yet unknown)

  118. Cranky from no sleep said

    i dunno, i kinda like ‘brickhead’

  119. Mercedes said

    Anything has got to be better than Blessed~just does not sound like a man’s name to me-IMO.


  120. Willie Lump Lump said

    Busty, you can try alllll day to get away from the Cali Hippies, but i got news for you honey…….. they’re ALL moving to Texas, LOL.

    Word has it that you can practically get a mansion in TX for the price of a 1 bedroom condo in Cali so……get ready to greet your new nei-gh-borrrrrrs! 😉

    And you know what they say….You can take a hippie outta Cali, but you can’t take the Cali outta the hippie….After it’s all said and done, you might as well call your state Texacali cuz there’s gonna be plenty of boob jobs, tummy tucks, beach blond vegans, palm trees, traffic jams and gangsters all throughout your precious land. The only difference between the two will be Cali’s beautiful weather.

    Poor Busty. 😛

  121. Willie Lump Lump said

    You forgot ‘Brickhouse’, Blessed. You’re slipping…. 😛

  122. Busty said

    Ugh no shit WLL. No wonder our society has screwed up, the hippies from Cali have migrated!
    Housing in Cali is stupid! We lived an apartment up there, it was crap, and we paid 1200 a month! And that was the cheapest in the area. For 1200 here in Tx I can get a nice house, an upscale apartment/townhome, or a highrise condo here on the beach!

    Retarded, just retarded

  123. ROFLMAO!!!! Willie, we already had all of those things, and in abundance too! Even the vegans (though they tend to congregate in Austin). The point is, they are all in TEXAS!!!

    Plus we have the best damn food on the planet! Steak, BBQ, Tex-Mex, etc.

    Though I will grant that the weather sucks quite often; CA wins that one hands-down!

    another born and bred Texan
    UCLA ’90

  124. Willie Lump Lump said

    LOL, those vegans will be fat-asses in no time. Noone can resist good barbeque for too long. TX can prolly barbeque the HELL out of a celery stick. LOLLL

    The other thing Cali has over TX is salary. They don’t pay shit in TX, but then again when you’re paying $2000 for a 2 bed apt, you NEED that fat ass salary Cali offers so i guess it’s balances out. But still, if one can make Cali money and live in TX, they would have it goin’ on.

  125. Blessed said


    I’m partial to the moniker “Blessed” for a few reasons. My late mother use to rant about how we were so blessed. Too bad I didn’t fully appreciate the depth of her message until years after she passed. I began using the moniker “Blessed” around the time my wife and I reached convergence about the Mary Kay Cosmetics curse, around the point we agreed it was time to dissociate ourselves from the cult. That was an absolutely wonderful day. It was a profound reminder I am truly blessed.


    “Brick head” and all the others work well for me too, though.


  126. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Now that’s an interesting notion, Willie.

    I have a grill.
    I have BBQ sauce.
    I have a celery stick.

    OK, I had originally planned to use the celery stick in a Bloody Mary but I love a good experiment. So let’s see, in a couple of hours after I drink the Bloody Mary (can’t let it go to waste merely for want of a celery stick) I’ll baste the celery stick in BBQ sauce…

    Will report back later with the results, probably around dinnertime.

  127. Duh said

    OK, OK, I have to jump in here. Texas does NOT have the best food ever! In fact, I’m wondering if all that hot barbecue sauce has burned off the taste buds of the general population. I have never seen so many crappy restaurants thrive here. Louisiana on the other hand……

    We just bought our house here two years ago, and our realtor said that a lot of people were moving to Texas from California. They’d come to her and say, “I want to spend $500,000. What can I get?” When she showed them, they just about hit the floor. What can you get for $500,000? A mansion. Maybe two if you live way out in the boonies.

  128. unbeelievable said

    High five to Curious, Busty, and Missy!!!!!

    Yeah, my bias to Californians is that they are all moving here and buying these condos which is causing housing to get ridiculously expensive! You may have heard me complain about how much my little shack in South Austin is. In fact, I just paid about $6000 in taxes because of all the crazy rich folks that are swooping into my area.

    Ah well. California is incredibly gorgeous and contains probably my favorite city on the planet so far (San Francisco), so I can’t hate ya too much, pinknight. I do think it’s kinda weird that you don’t eat fried chicken (do you have a reason for that?) and I think you are missing out on one of nature’s perfect foods. Maybe they don’t know how to make it where you’re from? After all, you are a Yankee that moved to California. I am a Texan who’s momma (and grandmommas) raised her right. Even though I live in the hippie town of Texas and have bazillions of vegetarian friends, I can still fry a chicken that would make you cry. You know what they can’t cook here to save their lives? Pizza. Just thinking of pizza makes me wanna hurl, but I am sure I would feel differently if I was near New York or Chicago!

    You say you’re from Jersey, what part? My best friend just got a job offer from The College of New Jersey. Do you know anything about it or the area?

    Haha PinkNight, I am writing novels like you now. Maybe you, Brick Wall, and I can make a book compilation of rambling comments left on people’s blogs. It might even outsell H.R.H. T.C.’s book. What do you think?

  129. Willie Lump Lump said

    Oh, I agree, Duh! Naw’lins in particular is the shiznit! My hometown.

    Whoop Whoop!

  130. Busty said

    There’s a reason Austin’s motto is:

    “Keep Austin Weird”

  131. Willie Lump Lump said

    “I want to spend $500,000. What can I get?” When she showed them, they just about hit the floor. What can you get for $500,000? A mansion.”

    Exactly. That amount will barely get you a 2-3bd 2 bth condo or townhome at about 1100-1500 sq. ft in a nice area in Cali.

    Orrr, you can get a rundown 1 story house at 900 – 1200 sq ft in the hood, whichever you prefer. LOL

  132. Willie Lump Lump said

    I know many people who move to Cali, buy a house, raise their family, retire and move back to the south and build their dream house using barely HALF the money they made off the sale of their Cali home.

  133. Busty said

    Exactly WLL. When we lived in Cali, we lived a city called Rohnert Park (not sure if you’ve heard of it), just south of the wine country. Was a beautiful, nice, safe place to live. When we first got there we were considering buying a house, a 2 bd itty bitty little house that looked like crap was 300,000 *faint* WTF

    For 300K I could buy a house down here almost similar to the size house I grew up in! OY VEY!

  134. Mercedes said

    Gotcha Blessed~touching story~so glad you left one cult for another-PT-just kidding…just kidding

    Willie~not gonna call him Brick House…She’s a Brick House…lol

  135. Mercedes said

    I love Tennessee~I love Texas too! Been ther many times and many of my family are from there. My brother also lives there too! Austin! Been to Cali~LA~wouldn’t want to live there. But I have nothing against anyone from there~or anywhere else either…I think-lol


  136. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Hey Mere, how’s Patch doing?

  137. Mercedes said

    Hey~he seems much better-yippee. I am gonna try to get him in the car tomorrow morning (he loves to ride-just hasn’t except for going to the doctor-has a hard time jumping into the car) and take him to his bath so he can see his friends. Hopefully I can do it by myself. His nose doesn’t bleed much anymore. His lymph nodes are swollen though and he is losing weight-slowly but surely. I believe the meds have helped and he definitely isn’t in any pain. Having a good week this week. Thanks for asking!

    WOOF!…or should I say~MEOW! LOL

  138. Busty said

    I’m so glad Patch isn’t in any pain, thats wonderful. Keeping him comfortable and functioning normally for as long as possible has to help.
    Give him a nice pat on the head and a scratch behind the ears for me.

  139. Willie Lump Lump said

    BTW, Can anyone here recommend a really good pet insurance company?

  140. pppj said

    Well, if we’re talking about fine cuisine I can’t believe y’all down south aren’t mentioning Wisconsin cheeses.

    Come on folks… know we have the best cheese around.

  141. Busty said

    *blinks at pppj*

    *shakes head*…cheesehead….*steps away*

    LOL just joking! lurves you!

  142. Mercedes said

    I’ll have to ask my Doc about Pet Insurance. Boy~did I ever need that a long time ago…Hip dysplasia, bladder infections, broken leg, dog fight, anal gland surgery, staph infection, and now lymphoma (in the last 6 weeks alone I have spent $700)…but Patch is worth every penny.

  143. pppj said

    mmmmm cheese

    I love the provolone cheese, the blueberry in the swiss cheese, cranberrty in apple/butter american cheese…oh yeah…..what about a song about cheese?

    I love happy cows.

    Hi to you too Busty! I lived in TX when I was a youngun and got away while I could still learn how to talk like most of the people in the USA. hee hee

    I do love the accents though….my midwest accent is kinda catchy, ya der, dontcha dink?

  144. MK4ME (B.S) -being bad said

    pinknight, ok, I warned you about being careful of a PT intervention under the
    Smartest Blogger Posts, but know I feel, I must alert you once again. ..

    Now Blessed, is spending the night with you, bringing his wife and wants to talk about photography and needs to be creative.

    Maybe he is trying to RECRUIT you for a manege trois (sp???)

    things that make you go hm……?????

  145. pinknight said

    holy crap, where to begin!

  146. pinknight said

    Mercedes, yup! – meekuh


    Busty, Unbee, Curious, Missy, et. al. from TX;

    Someone once told me, “don’t f*** with Texas”… I think it was a bumper sticker or a t-shirt….. I was never informed why…. nor do I care to find out.

    Y’all are safe. Don’t know why you would want to live THERE, but at least you know I won’t “f***” with you!



    So you and Bill Dauterive are both from “loser-ana”?



    Sorry about the taxes. At least you could probably sell your shack to a yuppie from around here for 100x more than you paid for it!!!

    Cali IS gorgeous, though I have not spent much time in SF. I prefer to choke on the fumes (ahem) I mean enjoy the beautiful sunsets of L.A. (sorry Duh, not LA)

    I have had fried chicken from nearly every part of this great country… North East, South East, North West, Texas/Louisiana, So. Cal., Colorado, and even Montana. I just don’t like them Sam I Am.

    I am sure that your fried chicken is the S*** (and I mean that in a good way). I just don’t like chicken. I think I am a freak. *shudder*

    Don’t get me started about Pizza. There is one place in the world that knows how to make pizza. It is a little shop on Main street in a little town called Netcong in NJ. The place is called Carmine’s and if you are ever in NJ and want to know what pizza tastes like, give me a call and I will give you directions. Everyone else should call their version “round dough with sauce, cheese and your choice of toppings”. What does that work out to? RDWSCAYCOT. It’s not pizza. “Lets order a large RDWSCAYCOT and split it.”

    I am from the Morris County area. TCNJ is about an hour and half away. I have never been, but it is near Trenton in Ewing. Seems like an OK place. I have heard something about it at some point. I think it was good. I am sure a little research would be worthwhile!

    I would love to co-write a book with you. I am not sure if we will be able to sell the two copies required to reach your goal! Perhaps we could set up an MLM with all the fine ladies here as the “top” of our “pyramid”. How about it guys? Anyone up for getting in on “the ground floor” of an “awesome new selling opportunity”? I am sure that with the attention he would get from this we could easily convince brick-wit to jump ship with PT and join up as the fearless leader of OUR cult!??!



    You said a bunch of really intelligent stuff… so yeah…. right on.

    Oh, except the 500k won’t even buy you a one bedroom anywhere anymore…. although with foreclosures and all you might be able to find a short-sell or something for a REAL bargain. In fact, things keep going the way they are, it may be cheaper to live here than in the lone star state. (oops, almost forgot…not supposed to f*** w/ texas)

    As far as pet insurance, unless you run into the kind of stuff Mer and Patch seem to be dealing with, it seems to be less than valuable. Most trips to the vet (for standard stuff) will never cost as much as the insurance. We looked into it a bit when we first got our pups and it seemed like most people were saying it is pretty much a rip-off. However, even as I am saying that, I have to also point out the other side of that is that if Mercedes had some, she may (and I emphasize MAY) have saved some serious cash. I emphasize MAY because I have heard that many don’t cover any of the expensive stuff and so you are really back to getting ripped off. (deep breath). SO, I don’t have any recommendations except make sure you read the fine print and ask a lot of questions.



    See now I don’t know if you are serious about the no violence or employing your “communication tools”.

    I am serious about having a meet-up. I also seriously don’t want to have to round up “my boys” and arrange for the sniper to be on the roof, and all the extra work scouring the location for any of your “peeps”.

    If you want to talk photography when you get here, thats fine.


    Everyone that was talking cheese,




    I got your warning. I think you mean – ménage à trois and judging by his reaction to Duh’s suggestive suggestion earlier, I am not too worried about half-brick. I will keep an open eye though! (at least I am playing on home turf)


    Ok, I think I covered everybody…. If I missed something important – too bad…. it must not have been that important. The weekend is here and to celebrate I am going to go…. well thats personal 🙂



  147. Duh said

    You’re gonna round up your “boys”? Is that what you call your frank and beans or what?

  148. Mercedes said

    pinknight~I have heard the same thing about pet insurance too.

    Just like a Cancer Policy~If you have one, please read the fine print. If you have one for death benefits~beware…because when one dies from cancer-the cause of death isn’t usually marked as “cancer”. It is usually something else~kidney failure, heart attack, stroke…and on…and on. When this occurs~the cancer policy does not pay-so why did one get that policy? Rip Off.

    Now if you have one that helps out during the treatments~that is ok…JUST READ THE WHOLE POLICY AND ASK QUESTIONS…and make sure you are getting what you want-not what they want you to think you want.

    *This broadcast has been brought to you by Mercedes at…* LOL


  149. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    pppj: I love cheese! Not only is it my all-time favorite snack food, most of my favorite Tex-Mex is made with fine Wisconsin cheese. At least, when I make it at home, it is.

    Willie, two things:

    1. Had to table the “BBQ celery” experiment for another day. Sad to say, the aforementioned Bloody Mary also had to be tabled. And I was so looking forward to both of them. Oh well, they’ll both keep.until another time.

    2. Have to agree with what’s been said so far re: pet insurance. I looked into it as a possibility for any future cats when Missy’s sister Mollie was dying last year and I was drowning in vet bills and there seemed to be a lot of exclusions in the fine print.

  150. Has nobody mentioned Tommy’s and El Cholos as SoCal gems?!

    Ipinknight – I’m a SoCaler too! Finally, someone not from Black Hole Iowa! (Sorry freefromitall 😉 )

  151. Willie Lump Lump said

    El Cholos is the shizznit. Tommy’s I can do without.

  152. Busty said

    I lived in Northern California, and could not find a good Mexican food restaurant to save those hippies lives!

    Not sure about SoCal, when we went through there it was my honeymoon….nuff said.

  153. pinknight said

    Can do w/out Tommy’s myself

    El Cholos, I have never been or even heard of. I have been here 7 years so I am not really a “newbie” anymore. I wouldn’t consider myself a full-on “local” for another 3 years or so, but I am a pretty exploratory guy. Will have to look up El Cholos. Meantime what is it, what do they serve, and where can I find one.

    Poquito Mas is another huge winner!

    Duh, I think you mean my charlie browns? I am not supposed to discuss those w/ strangers. No, I meant my… lets see, how would you say it… my… Posse?

    My bodyguards?
    My entourage?

    You know, the really big dudes with (depending if I borrow them from O.J.) guns or not.



    It is good to have a fellow SoCaler around. Thanks for “reaching out”!!!


    No word from blessed yet?

  154. pppj said

    Blessed is in the kitchen with the cheese and the wine opener

  155. Willie Lump Lump said

    The original El Cholo’s is off of Vermont Ave. and Olympic Blvd. There’s another one in Santa Monica on Wilshire and 11th.

    Poquito Mas is right around the corner from me. It’s okay.. 😛

  156. Willie Lump Lump said

    Correction: El Cholos is off of WESTERN and Olympic Blvd. 😛

  157. pinknight said


    No way, I always go to the one in Burbank…. (although I don’t make it there very often. Which one are you near?

  158. Blessed said

    So Dave,

    Is there a place somewhere (need address) near your workplace, but toward Long Beach, that would be convenient for you to travel during a late lunch (mid afternoon)? Not looking for a particularly great dining experience, but something besides a hotdog stand in Compton.

    Earlier this weekend I was scratching my head asking myself why I’d want to meet you in the first place. I suppose my interest is simply to meet an interesting person with whom I’ve had some rather deep, impassioned discussions. I’d just as soon not discuss MK during the possible meeting we’re discussing. I do think part of my interest is to simply shake your hand and say “hey.” What’s more, doing so, I surmise, could perhaps be a step toward reaffirming that those of my ilk are not radical extremists.

    I’d have to insist we maintain our mutual anonymity. I’d be just fine with you introducing yourself as “Dave” and my presenting myself as “Blessed,” or whatever. I use a pocket PC and can easily communicate with you via throw-away e-mail address. I see no need to share our names. My primary concern in this regard is the way I’ve seen TC of PT personally accosted (again, not stepping into any debate about TC). I have no desire whatsoever to be on the receiving end of that kind of stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe you’d engage in personal attacks, I just don’t care to chance my true name being associated with my on-line “persona.” I’m by no means ashamed or embarrassed by anything I’ve said as “Blessed.” I just don’t want to expose myself (right now) to the potential hassles to my private and professional life.

    Talk of such a meeting is the stuff someone with a great sense of humor (yea, talking ‘bout you Duh) could pick up and run with. Let me assure you and anyone else reading I am hopelessly heterosexual. I feel confident from your writings you and I share this characteristic. Additionally, let me assure you (even though I believe you were only kidding) there would be no risk of violence from me. I could possibly, however, become verbally caustic if you were to meet me and tell me I’m “sharp looking” and suggest I would be a wonderful Mary Kay IBC.

    This travel to southern California is not being undertaken as a private trip for my leisure. Thus, as I mentioned before, I will not be a master of my own schedule. I’d have a number of contingencies to address before any such meeting could be planned with certainty. But if you’d like to further consider the possibility, let me know.


  159. pinknight said


    Most definitely. I was beginning to worry you had lost interest. Long Beach is a looong way from where I work in Glendale, so lunch would be highly unlikely. I don’t get off work until 6pm so a 7pm dinner would be more likely if that was your only option.

    I am assuming that you will be in and out of conferences OR you are being contracted in a 9-5 type scenario OR you are taking a class (also 9-5). In one scenario, if late afternoon doesn’t work for me, we are looking at 9 or 10 pm before you are available, in the other we could definitely do dinner. If your wife was amicable to the meet, and mine was as well (have not even mentioned this to her yet!!!) perhaps we could all do dinner. Although there would have to be some REALLY strict guidelines about what could be discussed and what couldn’t and then everyone would be on pins and needles and that would suck!!! So on second thought, perhaps just us!

    The other time that would work for me would be Saturday (any time) or Sunday (after about 3pm).

    I would be much more open to the idea of meeting in the middle (I know a great sub-shop in Manhattan Beach that I never make it to) and (if you don’t have to be anywhere those days) we would both have more flexibility about the length of time.

    I am sure that if we leave the MK bit out (as well as the normal politics and religion) we will probably hit it off pretty good!

    I have no interest in taking this “to a personal level” on the internet, so you don’t have to worry about that. I would probably even be amicable to giving you my cell number. You don’t seem like a stalker, and I am pretty good at ignoring calls from people that I am not interested in talking to. More on that later.

    So, let me know…. weekend would be preferable (scheduling may be a problem depending on what weekend) or evening?

    What dates will you be here?

    What is your sched? (if you don’t know for sure, approximately)

  160. Blessed said

    Mid February.

  161. Duh said

    Blessed, why don’t you call yourself “Bob” or something? I don’t want to speak for Dave, but calling a grown man “Blessed” to his face would be really weird.

    And I’ll be sure to save this conversation in case one of you comes up missing.

  162. Mercedes said

    I take it you guys don’t have each other’s email now-lol!


  163. Mercedes said


  164. pinknight said

    Wow blessed,

    too wordy, slow down.

  165. pinknight said


    I usually take the So. Cal. beach dude M.O. and just call everyone “man”, “dude”, “hey”, “bro”, or some other pronoun-esque greeting!

    I’m pretty ez tho.


  166. MK4ME (B.S.) said

    Well, you guys could always talk about the weather!! lol

  167. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    From what I recall the weather in So Cal is pretty predictable and wouldn’t give them too much to talk about. The marine layer comes in, the marine layer goes out. Or at least it did in Redondo Beach when I lived there.

    I have to say that about So Cal, it really had great weather all year round. I never needed an air conditioner or a heater for that matter. Nice…

  168. Blessed said

    What the heck is the “marine layer”? The first thing that pops into my head is an especially generous girl willing to provide generic intimate services to our boys in uniform….

    What’s “marine layer”?


  169. pinknight said

    the marine layer is the fog that rolls in from the ocean and then leaves anywhere from late morning to early afternoon.

    or it sticks around all day

    it comes from the cool, moist air over the ocean and the warm, dry air out in the dessert combining in the coastal areas.

    it is about all we get as far as weather goes.

    that and the santa anna winds (about 1 – 2 weeks max)

    and a couple of weeks of rain dotted in there somewhere.

    the rest is clear sailing.

  170. pinknight said

    just realized, I should be careful not to give away too many so cal secrets, you might be able to blend in as a local when you get here.

    then how will I know which one is you?

  171. Blessed said

    We’ll figure something out.


  172. pppj said

    Oh, everyone is playing nice-nice?

    Crap, I thought it was the weekend, and I thought a banning would have happened by now on pt.

    Hey Duh – did you like the Miley Cyrus concert? I just saw it tonight and it was amazing!!!

  173. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    It sounds like these two dudes are making a date. ahahahahahahahaa

    funny shit yo

  174. pinknight said

    pppj, i thought it was the weekend and people would be chatting here…. where the f is everyone?

    I think brick-wit is close, I am pretty sure he got a comment deleted…. first step dontyaknow?


    ummm, duh covered that one already…. blessed freaked out…. I almost lost him..

    I’m not much of one for long-distance relationships… so maybe a date, but nothing serious.



  175. **opens door and looks in** oh scuze me, I thought this was the ladies’ room. Many apologies. I didn’t see anything, I promise. 😛

  176. pinknight said


    no, no, come on in… the waters fine!

  177. pppj said

    The water might be fine, but I think I’m in the men’s locker room.

  178. gothchiq said

    I want the vodka. *offers Blessed a shot*

    Screw blog contests. I just like to party.

  179. pinknight said




    down the hall in the freezer (next to the jaeger)- like to keep the shots cold dontyaknow!

  180. gothchiq said

    jager? oh god. never jager again! Bad memories! *scrubs brain*

    ….goldschlager? After Shock?

  181. Willie Lump Lump said

    “No way, I always go to the one in Burbank…. (although I don’t make it there very often. Which one are you near?”

    The one in Woodland Hills on Ventura Blvd….

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