Oh SH^T!

Someone’s stirring the pot!  Someone’s rocking the boat! 

Over on the nomination thread on PT:

steph53282 said:

  How is this different than asking your unit to nominate you for Ms. Go Give? Didn’t we discuss something like this last year with Ms. Bender in the dare area? We all made fun of her, but this is kinda the same thing.

I only hope that Steph is not Tracy in disguise just trying to get a bunch of hits by starting a fight.  Steph, if you’re out there, I hope you’re a real person.  Kudos girlfriend!


  1. Go Steph! TWO THUMBS UP!

    It is EXACTLY the same thing as Miss Go-Give, when you beg your “unit” (bloggers) to vote for you.

  2. Judi said

    Is Steph still allowed access over there after that comment?

  3. PC said

    Hey guys, long time no see.

    I was cracking up today because a stranger emailed me, saying “I got your email from some gal at the mall. I’m looking for a MK rep”.

    Now first of all, she doesn’t say which mall. Since I’m in TX now and have never sold MK here, I’m thinking this is a little joke.

    But who would give *my* email address out, and tell people I’m a MK rep?


  4. PC said

    WHY does that handcuff picture always show up as my avatar when I’m not logged in? I never uploaded that pic, and my real wordpress avatar is a box of french fries. That is so odd. oh well. I guess I like it. 😛

  5. Duh said

    Maybe she thought you must KNOW a lot of reps, PC. OK all you MK hussies, who wants a new customer??

  6. Willie Lump Lump said

    LOL, sounds like something tracy would do in an attempt to annoy the hell outta PC. What a stank.

    Duh, what does your avatar say?

  7. ScrewU said

    MKRules is somewhere there

    And what does it say?

  8. 2cents said

    don’t worry, TC’s email address has been sent to VH-1, begging for help in finding a man. 🙂

  9. Cranky from no sleep said

    2cents: BWAAAAAAA About time too!

  10. ScrewU said

    Mine says Gizzy is the Shizzy

    I want to have tshirts made for the little Screws that say ‘My mommy is the shiznit’. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

  11. Duh said

    Mine says, “9 ot of 10 zombies vote Republican”


    wait, i bet the thread is deleted.

  13. Sally said

    I am ticked off!
    Just went and looked at PT ansd there is a poster named Sally Spy.
    Who else on earth would use the name Sally..?? except maybe TC is using it.

    You all know it’s not me.. because there are no typos.
    Sally Spy my foot. mutter mutter

  14. Mercedes said

    Loving the avatars!

    Go Steph!

    Sally Spy my foot-lol


  15. Sally said

    Yeah and those typose are not because I am drunk. Plain old drunk does not get the magnificent typos I create.

    You have to have BAD FINGERS.

    I am the Bad Fingered Sally.

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