Tracy’s getting paid to regurgitate. I want THAT job.


 In a recent post on the Fraud Files blog, Tracy has this to say, “I’m a paid blogger for AOL, posting on WalletPop, BloggingStocks and Luxist. We get paid per post, but our content is not controlled by anyone.” 

Paid per post, eh?  That sounds like a sweet gig.  Especially when you don’t even have to think of things to blog about.

  Come up with new ideas?? No way!  There are plenty of creative people out there writing articles.  How about this article that Tracy “wrote” on Wallet Pop:

I thought it looked familiar.  It was.  I read the original article on MSN.  It was on the front page yesterday or the day before.  Tracy’s even nice enough to link to it.

So this is the deal.  Tracy is basically combing MSN looking for stories so she can write a 100 – 200 word summary, and BAM!  It’s all about the Benjamins!  Well probably not the Benjamins.  Probably the Jacksons.  Maybe the Washingtons.   

I emailed Wallet Pop a few weeks ago and asked how someone could get a gig like that.  He wrote back and told me to send him a writing sample or a resume.  Hmmm…..


  1. Judi said

    So, things at Sequence must not be doing so well if this is how she’s spending her time. Isn’t this the busy season for CPAs?

  2. StrawberryShortcake said

    Judi, yeah it’s busy time for CPAs or at least the ones I know.

    I can’t imagine that Tracy is making a lot of money summarizing for AOL. But I could be wrong.

  3. Mercedes said

    IMO~TC = Crook!

  4. Starr said

    Tax season IS gearing up, however most people are still waiting on those W-2s– so maybe TC is just killing time until the shit hits the fan at the end of January!

    Obviously, TC is multi-tasking and trying to squeeze as much moolah out of being online 24/7 as she can. Every little dollar adds up, you know?! LOL

  5. Willie Lump Lump said

    Damn, does the bitch EVER sleep?

  6. Wow, morality has been lost.

    She must have seen this, because there is a link to the original article.

    Way to be original, Tracy! Leave synopses for movies plots and such.

  7. Willie – No, she catnaps. 15 minutes here, 15 minutes there. Ya know, so nothing that goes on in the internets that isn’t missed by her.

    She is internet patrol. Always scouring for something she can rip off/make a profit off of.

  8. Now, now, MFBT – you know that TC never visits these “trash blogs,” don’t you? TC could NEVER sully herself by reading the likes of this blog. 😉

    TC has SO much important work to do! She cannot waste time reading here!


  9. Duh said

    No, the link was there before.

    Didn’t Kramer try that sleeping-for-15-minutes thing? Didn’t work out to well for him.

  10. Maybe she’s one of those LOST people, who had to enter the code every 108 minutes and has those drugs to inject herself with to keep her awake all the time. Really, you can’t fall asleep if you have to punch the button.

  11. Shay – shit i forgot this is tracy we’re talking about. that’s right, she doesn’t visit these blogs at all. how could i forget?

    duh – have you checked your sitemeter? doesn’t that show you who’s visited and how many times? i wonder how many times a particular person has refreshed this blog.

    i’m assuming it provides that information, correct?

  12. Mercedes said

    Love It! Good Post if it does provide the correct info.
    TC probably surfs anonymously-IMO-lol.

  13. Starr said

    TC says one thing but we all know she really does another. It is obvious that she not only reads what is posted about her on the so-called “bad sites,” she actually takes some of the comments seriously enough that she implements changes on PT that she read elsewhere. She wants so desperately to make her big mark and PT is how she intends to make it. Funny, girl!

  14. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Tracy is a fucktard.

  15. Mercedes said


  16. Capricorn One said

    If she’s a forensic accountant, maybe she only looks at forensic accounts.

    That makes no sense.

    Shit, I don’t care. It’s my birthday and I just got back from a par-tayyy!

    ‘Night, Ho’s! Love ya!

  17. pinknight said

    happy b-day, capone

  18. Happy birthday capricorn!

  19. gothchiq said

    I wish someone would pay me for banging out random shit online. I’d be a rich woman.

    Blessed? Still here? Let’s do another shot.

    Didn’t get to sleep until 4AM last night. Very punchy. GAH

  20. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Happy birthday to you, Capricorn!!!

  21. gothchiq said

    Unrelated, but hilarious, so I thought I’d share.

    At seven, the alarm goes off. I curse it and bang it with my fist. 5 minutes later, Mr. Gothboy’s alarm goes off. He turns it off and gets back in bed. 2 minutes later the cat starts opera singing. MRRROWWWWW! MRRR-RRROWWW!

    and Mr. Gothboy gets up again and presses the snooze switch again. You know. To turn the cat off.


  22. Starr said


    Hilarious! Haven’t we all had mornings like that? I shudder to think about it. LOL

  23. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    The question I have is, did it work for him? It never works around here…

  24. Funny story, gothchiq! 🙂

  25. gothchiq said

    The cat stopped momentarily, thinking his food bowl would be filled. Poor buddy.

  26. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    That’s the trick,then. Missy’s bowl is a gravity feed and thus is continuously filled. No cause for anticipation.

    But after all these years I’m used to her telling me a long sad story every morning…it’s almost sweet in a way. Though quite noisy.

  27. Capricorn One said

    Thanks, guys. One year older and half a chocolate birthday cake fatter. Hey, man, if you’re gonna do it, do it right!

  28. ROFL gothie!

    Glad you are enjoying your birthday Capricorn!

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