Scribbler Strikes Again

One thing you have to say about Scribbler, she is really invested in this whole anti MK thing.  She spends A LOT of time thinking, planning, and executing these little projects.  The result is endless entertainment for you and me.  So, thanks Scrib!

 If you guys want to join in on the conversation on You Tube click here. Be gentle.


  1. Mercedes said

    This is hilarious! Too much time on my hands…(or someone else’s)
    I do know people like this Consultant~it is sad…but they are responsible for their own actions! I say stinkin’ thinkin’ at school-lol!


  2. StrawberryShortcake said

    I know this is a PT promo video, but damn Scribbler that’s good. I was rotflmao.

  3. Dana said

    Duh’s comment on youtube amused me.

  4. Dana said

    I think Scribbler will be banned soon for 2 reasons – 1) expressing a different view than the PT group-think (re. kids working with their mom, and 2) becoming so popular. Tracy won’t be able to handle it. Will you, Tracy?

  5. It is a very entertaining and creative video. I liked how the consultant was in the nosebleed section. LMAO! Thanks for telling us about it, Duh.

  6. Duh said

    Don’t thank me. Thank…um…

    (Sickie, what’s your new name again?)

  7. *rolling eyes* how quicky they forget. Sickie = freefromitall.

  8. Blessed said

    Nice to see this kind of stuff out there spreading the word about the true nature of the “opportunity.” Thanks for passing this along Duh. Nice work Scrib!


  9. HH said

    Scribs, You are dang good. Have you ever thought about turning this into something that is gonna give you some cash?

    *Waving to Scribs*

  10. foreverpink said

    i find this very insulting, but of course you knew i would..right?
    The fact that scribbler spent so much time with those dolls, filming them and what not is so disturbing. She is way too obsessed with this. I say it now like I have always said: Scribbler has serious mental health problems.

    All IBC DO NOT behave this way. I have never behaved this way. We dont walk up to people and start making assumptions about their life while reciting a script about how MK can save them. Its way exagerrated and over the top which in my book makes it wrong.

  11. miss3h said

    Hi…mkrules here…

    This really was funny. It was typical PT, but hilarious to use the figurines. Might I add…I warm chattered twice. It was sooo not me.

    Anyway, too bad the ear at PT is only understanding if the posters are willing to accept everything as truth…no questions asked. They’ll find that out soon enough if they let this funny video get them. Too bad PT isn’t as hilarious!

    P.S. I do not believe the things incenuated or stated on the video…I just thought the figurines and the music added to it were great…gave me a chuckle. Oh those PTers…what will they think of next?

  12. pppj said

    funny funny and funny

  13. gothchiq said

    Bwah! that’s exactly like how things happened when I was in MK…and why I got out of it! I love the dolls, that’s great!

  14. I’ve gotta give Scribs some props. That was pretty good.

  15. Funny video! However, if I wasn’t getting info from my director, I would read InTouch and find my answers there. When I first signed up, I read InTouch daily. I should mention, my director wasn’t hiding info from me. She just wasn’t always quick to get back to me to answer my questions so I would search on InTouch and see if I could find the answers there. Sure enough, they were there. Some things I had to search for on InTouch was anything about commission and moving up and how all that works. It’s there. It really is there. The new format of InTouch is not as cut and dry IMO as the old way so I’m not sure how to navigate to some of the stuff I found before, but it’s there.

    The humor of this video reminds me of a movie I saw shortly after signing my agreement. The movie was called “Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay.” Anyone see it? It’s pretty funny. Shirley MacLain plays Mary Kay and Parker Posey is her nemesis at Beauticontrol. I was BRAND NEW to the business and I thought it was a caricature of what we do in MK, but at the same time it painted an accurate picture of how it works. Sometimes we have to just stop taking ourselves so seriously and see the comical side of everything. 😉

  16. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Yeah I remember Hell on Heels. Pretty funny movie, even if you were deeply in the fog (which I was at the time it came out) because it had so many great caricaturizations of those truly annoying parts about the life of an IBC. Of course all the SDs were cautioning “don’t see it, don’t see it…” Whatever.

  17. No one told me don’t watch it, however, I know my SD watched it when I did and she didn’t like it. I just thought it was funny. 🙂 If Lifetime were to air it again, I’d watch it. The last time they aired it, it was the 40th anniversary of Mary Kay Cosmetics. This year will be the 45th. Perhaps it’s time! 😀

  18. unbee said

    Yay, I’m excited, I’ve seen the beginning on YouTube and it looks like a hoot!!

    Scrib, if you are reading, that is a pretty darn funny video. My favorite part is definitely sitting in the nosebleed section at Seminar! Ha! Very creative.

  19. Shades – I just saw it on cable perhaps two months ago.

  20. Ah, I missed it! Oh well. 😉

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