Another overhaul

Tracy is revamping her Sequence website this weekend.  Because, ya know, having the same design for too long is what’s making business slow.  A new website design will surely make the money roll in from actual clients instead of waiting for checks from Wallet Pop. 

I  think I’m the only person that goes to that website on a regular basis.  Isn’t it sad?  I’M Tracy’s biggest fan!  Lovely.

Anyway, I noticed on the front page that Tracy has once again written some wonderful things about her self.  She says of herself:

“Tracy L. Coenen, CPA, MBA, CFE is a world class expert on fraud examination and financial investigations.”

World class?  Really?  If there were an Olympics for fraud investigating, Tracy would be competing?  Not only does Tracy have no problem calling herself an “expert” without kidding in the least, now she is a “world class expert”. 

So I checked her resume to see how she qualified as “world class”.  Tracy is a member of “International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators” which is the only international group I saw on the list.  A note about Tracy’s list of organizations: My husband gets invited to a lot of these groups for sleep medicine.  Basically you send them a check for between $60 and $300, and you’re a member.  Sometimes you get a subscription to some horribly boring magazine.  BONUS!  So I am not impressed that Tracy knows how to write a check.  Writing a check to an organization with “international” in the name certainly doesn’t make you a “world class” anything.  Maybe a world class sucker for joining.

So what else is listed on Tracy’s website that would qualify her as “world class”.  In my opinion, NOTHING anyone does gives them the right to call THEMSELVES “world class”.  How friggin tacky is that!  Tracy must think she has the charisma of Muhammad Ali.  But seriously, you guys check out her new site and tell me what you think.


  1. Why the hell is her wallet pop crap on there. Does that seem like something professional clients would be impressed with?

  2. oh look, she just changed the gradient color of her profile picture.

    Wow, that’s some talent right thar.

    surprisingly, those articles under “Right now at walletpop” aren’t hers.


  3. twinstars93 said

    I am not a Tracy fan. If she was a world class investigator why does she not have a License? Oh, sorry that costs money. If she was a world class investigator would she not list the court cases she was part of? That is public information. If she was a world class investigator why would she quit the IRS after they sent her to school? No Tracy is just what we all think she is…a bum, and a bottom feeder.

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