Mother Puss Bucket

I think I’ve been banned from another blog!!  Can you believe it? 

 Shut up.

This time it’s from a blog I found on one of Tracy’s Fraud Files posts.  It always comes back to Tracy.  It’s like the circle of life and shiz.

Anyway, some of you crazy ladies will probably LOVE this blog.  This person (guy?  girl?  can’t tell) is a conservative.  And….wait for it….an atheist.     How the hell does that happen?  You want to talk about heartless…  So it’s called “Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket” and you can check it out here:

Notice the conspicuous absence of my comments.  Well, first notice the conspicuous absense of ANY comments.  After you’ve noticed that, than notice my comments or lack there of.  You would think that someone with such a small readership would positively jump at the chance to have someone, ya know, reading.  Wenchy just wasn’t that thrilled.  I didn’t curse, and I wasn’t rude (unless you call be sarcastic and disagreeing with him/her rude), and yet my comment was denied. 

Not only that, but Wenchy posted a topic, since taken down, that said that I was poor and trying to take her/his money away.  I think it may have said something about my momma too.  (I’m working on the pronoun problem.  Any ideas?)  So in my last comment to Wenchy, I invited shim to come over here and see how great a blog can be if you let people participate. 

I hope s/he stops by!  


  1. Ha ha ha, she can’t do math. She keeps saying Uncle Sam gives you money to stay at home instead of working. She doesn’t seem to understand that you would get that same personal deduction level whether or not you work. Goob.

  2. Duh said

    My comment on that post was deleted. Wenchy didn’t like that I pointed out that SAHM’s where makeup, fix their hair, wear clothes, have their own cars, etc. Wenchy also thinks that if you go to work, you lose the ability to clean your house and do lawn work. I admit, there may be some women who hire help, but I don’t know them.

  3. Duh said

    Oh sorry. Wenchy is talking about SAHWives without children. How many of those actually exist?

  4. Me said

    Trophy wives. And I don’t think the husbands of those worry too much about money.

  5. Um One? 1 = Wenchy. ha ha ha.

  6. liveorganically said

    Well, I guess s/he didn’t like my comments about global warming not being the only motive for buying organic/natural products either. Some people do it for their health too, not the planet. There ought to be a big “No Trespassing” sign at the front door of that blog. Wenchy doesn’t allow comments; it’s a blog s/he writes only to her s/he, shim, and him/herself. Sounds like it’s time for some head meds, Wench.

  7. Duh said

    Maybe Wenchy=Tracy??!! LOL

    Paranoia cha cha cha….

  8. Oh how I’ve missed “paranoia cha cha cha”!

  9. Kemi said

    Shim is a very good pronoun. I vote for shim.

    It sounds enticingly close to what he’s full of…

    As far as paying wives to stay home, I don’t know how it is in other states, but in Utah you get a nice tax refund if you had a baby the previous tax year. Oh, but the baby only “counts” if it was born after June 1 AND you stayed home to raise it. Then the state bestows a whopping $100 on you. For all your hard work and effort.

    It’s hard to pass up a windfall like that. I know that’s why I stay home with my four kids.

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