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Written By: ScrewU

I spy with my little eye… someone that used to frequent the Pink Truth steets.  I thought she got wise but I suppose not now.  Anyways, a fantastic prize for the first person to find who I’m talking about.  Ready… set… GO!

TOPIC: So the “WINNERS” at the Ruby Seminar last year CHEATED to get there?
depinkme (User)

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So the “WINNERS” at the Ruby Seminar last year CHEATED to get there? 12 Hours, 49 Minutes ago Karma: 10  Karma+ Karma-
Can you guys give me a little more info about the African consultants and directors who are posing as MK Consultants and really just exporting product to Africa?

At the Ruby Seminar, all of the top people were African people with heart wrenching stories of how they came from nothing and are now very successful and wealthy.

It makes me sick that everyone is expected to look up to these women….Aren’t they just CHEATING???

I hear Dacia W is exporting product as well, don’t know to where though.

My head is now officially OUT of the pink clouds!
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notbroke (User)

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Re:So the “WINNERS” at the Ruby Seminar last year CHEATED to get there? 12 Hours, 15 Minutes ago Karma: 2  Karma+ Karma-
I don’t know anything about the ruby seminar winners but I heard that the info about Dacia was completely false. I am not happy with her tactics, but want her to be judged on the truth, there is enough to deal with rather than forwarding false accusations. IMHO.
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notsureaboutmkmom (User)

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Re:So the “WINNERS” at the Ruby Seminar last year CHEATED to get there? 8 Hours, 19 Minutes ago Karma: 2  Karma+ Karma-
How could someone actually make money exporting MK products? it costs me $20 to send my parents a box of cheerios and a box of Mac and Cheese. So MK products are heavier and would cost a ton more to export. Confusing to me.
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Re:So the 6 Hours, 26 Minutes ago Karma: 0  Karma+ Karma-
notbroke wrote:

…there is enough to deal with rather than forwarding false accusations. IMHO.
Notbroke :whistle:

I do agree that it is important to not speculate based on mere rumor or gossip, as that can unfairly destroy reputations. By sticking to our own personal experiences and first-hand knowledge we can afford others the space and opportunity to right a wrong and eventually live down their mistakes (by not humiliating them, by name, on the internet.)

Kudos to you, Notbroke, for pointing this out.

Thanks again.

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Imdone (User)

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Female Raleigh, NC 1959-08-19

Re:So the 3 Hours, 29 Minutes ago Karma: 2  Karma+ Karma-
I think Dacia hurt her own reputation by telling SDs how to “pull inventory”. She doesn’t need rumors about products being sent overseas. She has done the damage to herself.
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TRACY (Admin)

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WalletPop Personal Finance

Re:So the 2 Hours, 17 Minutes ago Karma: 21  Karma+ Karma-
FOR SURE! Dacia is a massive frontloader and that is bad enough.
The Pink Truth will set you free!
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  1. Dana said

    PUR is back!

    Good, the more the mockery….. I mean, the more the merrier…..

  2. bugsythedemongif said

    But, is it **really** PUR?

  3. What’s useful to point out is that she pipped in about gossip.

    Does anyone else remember that topic about gossip? I dooooooo.

  4. mkrules said

    Here’s what I want to know…how on earth do they proclaim to know if someone is cheating, exporting, frontloading, etc?

    Here is one thing we sometimes fail to realize…most of the NSDs have either stunning looks, super personalities, or both. They sell themselves.

    Anyway, I just want to hear a source on info. If not a name, either “her team member saw…” or “her directors were told”. But even that does not mean I will believe the PT rumor mill. Without a source, rumors are all they are.

  5. Laura R said

    “they sell themselves”…? I agree, but not the way you probably mean it, some sell their souls, imo.

    Looks can be deceiving too. Just because someone looks great on the outside doesn’t mean everything is chummy on the inside or that they’ve done their businesses with 100% integrity. I saw beautiful high level women with great personalities (in the Ruby division) cheat their way for decades. It becomes the way to do things and it’s horrifying that some have little or no remorse for what they cover up or encourage others to do in the name of success. Part of the sale of the opportunity IS the polished, perfect, “successful”, “I’m so blessed” look.

    They’re even conscious about the power they emanate from the height of their heels. Gina, now an NSD, gave the “training” on heel height.

    Cheating & frontloading are common in MK and as much as people want to dismiss that it happens, it’s just a simple fact that it does. Been there, done that, saw it, hated it, left it. The Ruby division has it’s share, I was there and witnessed it and it’s been going on for decades. I have no clue about what Dacia does or doesn’t do, but she was one, as I recall, who did it “fast” and that raises big red flags to me. I base that on everything I witnessed first hand.

    High level directors and NSD’s are allowed to recruit and do business internationally and not sure what they mean by “exporting”. I have a vague idea, but does anyone know what this means?

  6. mkrules said

    I am not trying to say there is no unethical activity in MK…but how can I say unless I SEE or HEAR the actual person doing something unethical? It is not unethical to wear high heels. I dunno, I’m just saying, I respect info more when the source and exact circumstances are stated.

  7. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I think PUR should go away again. So quiet without her condescending bullshit. I miss the quiet. Go away.


  8. Luanne said

    Hey Laura R…. it’s been a long time……..Hope all is well

    When the whole exporting topic came out, way back when, I recall googling on the topic and I did find “exporters” in places like Miami and Houston where exporters were already sending products and items to other companies, so these exporters would buy huge lots of Mary Kay and send em off. It sure sounded like a great way to move to the top so quickly and that was how everyone figured Dacia had done it. Being in Miami, she had access to that type of business and hey, all she had to do was buy up huge lots of product and sell them to the exporter at cost and she’d get the credit from Mary Kay for the sale. Remember, Mary Kay sells to the consultant and so as far as MK is concerned that’s a sale. Whatever you do after that, as long as you don’t get caught, they don’t seem to care. In fact, umm, there was one chick, who literally commented/bragged in her unitnet site about the fact that she was involved in exporting. Can’t think of her name at the moment. I wonder if Tracy ever got a screen shot of that because it was right there, out for anyone to see. I felt that was proof enough that this truly happens. Sure makes sense to me and was an ingenious way to reach your goals.

  9. Luanne said

    HA!! I found it. Duh, do you want me to email the link to you? I want someone to get a screen shot of it first 🙂

  10. Me said

    Laura R, There is no way this statement is true “I saw beautiful high level women with great personalities (in the Ruby division) cheat their way for decades” because you were not IN Mary Kay for decades. And you may have “hated it” and left, but by your own admission you also participated in it. MK Rules is right. And what she meant by selling herself is that all good salespeople sell themselves to sell whatever item they are selling. You are right in that beautiful people may be the devil inside, but that is not what she is talking about.

    As I recall, and I could very well be mistaken, Katy/PC is the one that dreamed up this exporting thing by very weak circumstantial evidence and Luanne points to it above. Dacia lived in Miami so automatically it is assumed that she participated because Luanne found one mention of someone exporting product out of the country. And Jesus Christ–this is the internet! You assume that one mention is even true or a legal operation? For people who purport to want to “get the the truth out there” there surely is a lot of BS being thrown around. No foundation, no proof, nothing. Rumor, gossip that grows each time it is repeated.

    Luanne, if Duh has not responded to you, send the link to me as a comment on my blog. Comments come to me as an email before they are published. I’ll take a screen shot of it. I would love to see proof of these accusations. I surely haven’t seen any yet!

  11. Mercedes said

    Oh my goodness~Should have a lot to talk about here again-ROFL!

  12. Laura R said

    MKR said: “Here is one thing we sometimes fail to realize…most of the NSDs have either stunning looks, super personalities, or both. They sell themselves.”

    ME, are you saying this statement means they don’t need to cheat, “just look at them, they’re spectacular and don’t need to stoop to such practices.” (?) I hope not because that’s a huge assumption. When is the last time you were behind closed doors with an NSD during a DIQ meeting? You see and hear things that pretty much make you go ….”huh?” and then when you hear “this doesn’t leave this room” from the NSD, again, you’re like “huh?” Actually, you begin to figure that cheating isn’t so bad since all the others are doing it and we all know that mindset is wrong, but it’s a mindset in MK that’s alive in well in probably more circles than you’d want to realize.

    I mentioned the heel thing to illustrate my point about selling the “look” of success and it’s not exclusive to MK to “look the part”, it’s everywhere. I am not saying that is unethical, I bring up the “looks can be deceiving” point because we need to be cautious when judging by outward appearance. That’s all.

    Regarding my statement being untrue, it’s not, it’s just not worded correctly. Let me rephrase: In my year in MK, I witnessed first hand, beautiful, stunning, personable women who had engaged themselves in cheating for decades. You hear and see a lot at director level and yes, I cheated my way to directorship. I hated myself for what I did and I hated the hypocrisy of what I was witnessing, especially when they spewed God stuff but participated in lies. I’ve been open about all of this, as you pointed out ME, I just wish others, still in MK and doing this would come clean to their consultants. Now, wouldn’t that be fun?

    The practice I engaged in is COMMON in MK and exposing that is my purpose on the net. There are like stories from around the country and I am sure there are as many good as there are bad, hopefully more good but wise people consider it all. Not all was bad and not all was good.

    I personally knew some of the caddy driving stunning, drop dead gorgeous women who DID purchase their directorship. That is a fact. They also justified frontloading for whatever purpose, by saying they would sell the product one day. Oh, well, golly gee. That just makes it all better. So, I repented from my ways -there are many who have not and continue to perpetuate lie. Many very pretty women.

  13. Me said

    Sorry, Laura, but the knife you attempted to stick in me and twist didn’t work. As it happens I was behind closed doors LAST WEEKEND with an NSD at a DIQ event. I work for an NSD and am part of all her meetings and events. I probably know more about all this stuff than you do and I have never, EVER heard an NSD say (and I know a LOT of NSDs) to do anything that was not ethical. You can believe that or not but it’s the truth. I know you made that comment because you know I am not and have not been a director. But I have been behind the scenes in Mary Kay for about 15 years now.

    That is not to say that there is not unethical stuff going on. I know there is, but MK Corp doesn’t teach it and it is not taught by NSDs as a rule. Each individual makes a personal choice to do it or not and I think it says a lot about the individual who makes the choice to cheat. I would say the same thing about anyone in any line of work. I have an in-law relative who worked at a large department store and was required to make quota every day. On the days she didn’t, she would charge merchandise on her credit card, make quota, and return it the next day. Is that right? No. Did the department store teach that? Of course not. She made the choice herself to buck the system.

    I wonder why you do not criticize the TV commercials that use gorgeous male and female models to sell beer, cars, bottled water and everything else under the sun. They do it because a lot of TV watchers want what those people have and somehow believe if they buy and use that product–whatever it may be–they will be like those people. That is what MKR meant when she said the people sell themselves. My first director is absolutely beautiful and has a fabulous personality. She is as honest as the day is long and I saw her recruit many a lady who wanted to be just like her. Using and selling Mary Kay did not make them look like her, of course, but that didn’t stop the people from trying to be. Quit acting like you do not know what MKR was talking about. If you don’t, it’s no wonder you failed at MK.

  14. MK4ME (BS) said

    Continuing on the point of wanting to be more like someone else…

    Hey, I keep watching all those commercials for weight loss products, I have bought my fair shair and guess what… if I don’t do my part, watching what I eat and exercising, I spend money and it doesn’t work. The product will work if we do our part, of course, no product is magical…

    I am sure there are many more people like me that want a miracle product than the people on the commericials that have lost 20, 40, 50 or more pounds but it wouldn’t sell the products if they put me on the commercial.

    I have also found sitting on the coach and watching Denise Austin, hasn’t helped me one bit!

  15. Me said

    Ha, ha–MK4ME you are so right! I have to remind myself that OWNING the weight loss product or the exericse DVD does not make the weight come off! I have to actually DO something.

    And that applies to MK as well, doesn’t it? How many people do you know who signed up thinking that money and customers would fall from the sky? The consultant has to actually DO something. And it might as well be an ethical something while she’s at it, right?

  16. Luanne said

    Me, I’ve already emailed the link to DUH. Thanks anyway. FYI, I found the stashes of Mary Kay product referenced with pictures on actual exporting company sights. It doesn’t come right out and say where they got the stuff from, but it sure makes one go hmmmmm????

  17. Luanne said

    and ME…..I don’t think that it was ever said that “ALL” Mary Kay directors and NSD’s act inappropriately, just “some” of them!! So you can put your feathers back down 😉 What do they say in MK “don’t get your panties all in a twist” 😉

  18. mkhonesty said

    So Luanne, post the link HERE.

    I love the ad I saw last night on TV for Olay Regenerist. The woman goes to bed wearing full makeup and wakes up looking gorgeous in full makeup. What a crock!

  19. Me said

    Hey, Duh–do you have a screen shot of that link yet? Could we see it? Or at least get the link so we could check it out ourselves? Apparently Luanne doesn’t want to share! THANKS!!

  20. Look, we all know that corporate knows about all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes, right? Sure, not everyone does it, but corp is 100% aware that SOME do.

    Imagine that I was the president of a big company that contracted out its employees hourly. Let’s say that some of my unscrupulous employees started billing more hours than they were actually working. Furthermore, it becomes apparent that more than a few are doing this, and they are even giving others tips about how to do it behind closed doors.

    As the president, I would first look for and punish the offenders, but then I would make sure there were plenty of reminders to employees — new and old — that this behavior was COMPLETELY unacceptable and unethical. It is my responsibility, as the face of the company, to make sure everything is on the up and up.

    Well, Mary Kay Corp isn’t doing that. They know that directors are frontloading and misleading recruits, but as long as that behavior isn’t illegal or hurting their bottom line, they turn a blind eye to it. They are as guilty as I would be if I was the president of the company who was ripping off its clients. In fact, they are MORE guilty of it, because they give people tiaras and diamond rings for getting the most new recruits/having their units buy the most MK stuff.

  21. Me said

    Well, that’s true EXCEPT consultants and directors are independent contractors and you are talking about employees. Big difference.

  22. Ok, fine, let’s say I had a firm that hired consultants who were independent contractors. I think the same would still apply.

  23. Interested Bystander said

    Wow… I didn’t think “ME” could get any uglier, either on the inside or out. I was clearly wrong. What an ignorant and insulting hussy. AND in total denial about MK.

  24. Duh said

    I have it. I have it. Geez, a girl’s gotta work!

    Hey Interested Bystander, just because someone doesn’t hold the same opinion as you does not make them a hussy. Ignorant? Maybe, but hell, I don’t have all the answers. Do you??


  25. Duh said

    I can’t get the dang thing to load. I have it. I’ve seen it. And it will blow your mind.

    Not really.

  26. mkrules said

    Laura: Every profession “looks the part”. Even in my job in fine dining, if the kitchen loses and order, I don’t tell that to my table. I don’t look angry when I get a bad tip. Why? It affects my future tips. And so it is in MK. If you focus on bad in the past, you create bad business for the future. Appearances are made in every profession. Would you like a doctor to wear a dingy lab coat? No because white = clean the way you describe heels = power. No harm is in looking the part or looking like you have your crap together. That is how you attract people to you and is just good marketing.

    As far as the “exporting thing” , I dunno what that is all about, but here is what I think. If you have PROOF that someone is unethical, send your proof to MKC or sue. That is your right as a U.S, citizen and gets a lot more results than blogging/whining/gossiping about it. JMHO. 🙂

  27. Laura R said

    Me, my NSD’s assistant was not in the room and the knife thing was a bit dramatic, I was merely asking a question and I am glad your NSD is full of integrity. I have no doubt many women in MK are full of it 😉

    Here’s what I said and what I realize about looks:

    I mentioned the heel thing to illustrate my point about selling the “look” of success and it’s not exclusive to MK to “look the part”, it’s everywhere. I am not saying that is unethical, I bring up the “looks can be deceiving” point because we need to be cautious when judging by outward appearance.

    I love role models who have achieved things that we desire to do. The look is one thing that I admired about the women in MK. But, as I found out, looks can be deceiving.

    I did not mention advertisers and the like because that’s not what we were talking about. But, since it was brought up, I also apply “looks can be deceiving” to those situations also because they are marketing an “image”. What I am not talking about are careers where it’s just common sense to “dress the part” .

    It’s no secret that magazine photos can be enhanced to create an image. Airbrushing for contour, computer enhancement to modify the body are common tools used to do this…”create an image”. We know of models nearly starving themselves to stay slim for their career because image is everything. And, what’s sad is that too many women and even young girls are being negatively affected by the “images” they see by thinking they themselves have somehow fallen short and are “less than” those who “seem” to have achieved a perfect body or success when looking at the polished ads in their favorite magazine when in reality, they are believing an illusion.

    Having critical thinking and being privvy to “what really goes on” is healthy. I love Tyra Banks because she drives this home to young women.

    We see in weight loss commercials, weight loss supplement ads, etc., the words “results not typical”. I wonder why they’re not? Shouldn’t results be typical for those involved? Why not advertise typical results? Show us what the “norm” is. But, if they did that, maybe their bottom line wouldn’t be the same, profit wise.

    Oh, and “failed as a director” – perhaps that’s your opinion ME, but in reality, I quit. I deliberately quit doing what was not right and chose to get out of directorship. I still use MK and, thru my website and private mails, I mentor women who have questions/concerns about MK. I often advise those who desire to give it a try to just proceed with caution and consider all sides.

  28. ScrewU said

    You don’t have all the answers? Just ask me and I’ll tell you. Are you pretending to work again so we have a higher opinion of you?

  29. Luanne said

    Me and MKRules – how about a little patience. I’m sure that as soon as Duh is able to work with the link I sent her, she will do whatever she wants to do. I am anti-MK and you are pro-MK, so I’m on Duh’s team. I might be settin’ on the bench, but I’m still on her team. Patience my dear 🙂

    At this point in life, I really could care a less about Mary Kay and reporting to corporate, but I still am passionate about the fact that I felt used by my supposed directors. She’s not even a director anymore, now divorced and paying for “her car” out of her own money, all to keep up with the “big lie”. And OH, she had to succumb to getting a J.O.B.!!! Can you imagine that!! tsk tsk. *eye roll here ladies*

    I’ve officially moved on. I only come back to check when I’ve made a comment on a post and am responding (ie: this situation) or to see what’s new and exciting in the “world of Duh” lol It’s all good 😛

  30. Me said

    Ooooh, I’ve been called a hussy!! I love it! I feel like I belong now (*wiping tear from corner of eye*).

    To my knowledge, Interested Bystander has no idea what I look like on the outside—do I know you?

    And thanks, Duh, for sticking up for me. We hussies do have to stick together, yes?

  31. Me said

    Oh, and Laura, it is true that I have an opinion of you based on reading a lot of what you have written all over your little section of the internet. I know that I am not alone in having the opinion that you are the type that really, REALLY wants to be the big fish in the little pond and when it didn’t work out for you in Mary Kay, you dug your own little pond and jumped in. I also know that you are very spiritual and religious and I know that you probably didn’t like seeing things done in an unethical way and you didn’t like participating. But I wonder if you would have continued to participate if it didn’t cost so dang much to buy the car, directorship and maintain it. I don’t mean that as an ugly statement at all, I just wonder if you would have continued to do it (as I wonder about a LOT of people, not just you) if it was cost-effective to do so. See, that’s the thing. The way the marketing plan is set up, if you do it RIGHT, it works. If you do it WRONG, it doesn’t. Tracy and you and a lot of others keep going on and on about how MK corp designed the marketing plan to make it easy to cheat. Well, no, that’s not right at all. I supposed if you were Bill Gates’ wife with access to unlimited funds you could buy directorship and maintain it and drive a pink Caddy while paying for it yourself, but the marketing plan is set up to WORK if you WORK and if others WORK. It’s not designed to have someone privately fund it and it’s not designed to reward cheaters (long term anyway) and it’s not designed for personal use consultants to really matter much in the long run. We are independent contractors who are expected to read the rules of the marketing plan and follow them. It’s that simple. The company gives us credit (too much in some individual cases) to be responsible, respectable, ethical human beings that know how to follow directions to allow the marketing plan to work for us. And it does for those of us who are.

  32. Me said

    Hey, Laura–do you have a consultant? Do you pay retail for your products? What do you say to HER about Mary Kay?

  33. Me said

    Luanne, I know why you’re here, no worries. I’ve seen what you have to offer and it’s just like Duh said–not going to blow your mind.

  34. Laura R said

    Me, I have a lot of consultants and I pay wholesale for my product. I say to THEM what I say here. They don’t blindly dismiss truth and you yourself agree that cheating goes on so we really don’t disagree in that respect.

    I never “bought” anything past DIQ. I’ve shared my experience about my directorship and what made me leave. Regardless of what the marketing plan says, there are plenty of women who do it WRONG and still succeed.

    Your comment about the pond is cute. Isn’t America great? We all have freedom to think, speak and assume.

  35. Me said

    Absolutely–I love America. I find it interesting that you complain about the marketing plan, yet expect your consultants (all of them) to sell you product at wholesale. You are cheating them out of their profit. Even if they are getting out of the business, they deserve to make money, right? And I know they must consent to do that, but still–shouldn’t you be willing to pay full price to do the right thing?

    Luanne, I checked out the link and I will not name the director’s name (and I hope no one else does either since she is probably completely unaware of this whole conversation). There is no proof at all that she is doing what you accuse her of, only assumption on your part because of a statement she made on her site. However, based on her Court of Sales to date, she’s not exporting anything. Heck, she’s recognizing people for ordering at least $200 wholesale this month on the front page of her newsletter. I don’t think that she’s even doing car production. So if she is exporting, she surely isn’t doing a very profitable business from it.

  36. Luanne said

    Whatever!! Me………I just found it very odd that she would even mention it. Just makes one go hmmmmm?????

  37. Me said

    She mentioned it because she has another business besides her Mary Kay business. It’s called “introducing yourself”. My early-20s kids have always said, “Whatever!” when I prove them wrong too.

  38. Luanne said

    you know what ME, you haven’t proved me wrong at all. I simply have no interest in having a pissing contest with you. Bottom line is, why mention it. I just found it peculiar that she would even mention it. To me, whatever means, I’m not interested in arguing. Like I said it has nothing to do whether I’m right or wrong. I can’t imagine you’re very much fun to live with!!

  39. Laura R said

    Me: I missed the part where I said “I expect the consultants to sell to me at wholesale.” Could you please point me to that? These women offer at wholesale and have always sold to each other at wholesale. You tell Luanne to stop assuming, maybe you should consider doing the same. And what would you like me to tell someone who offers to sell product at wholesale? “Oh no, I can’t let you do that, I want to do the right thing and pay you retail.” It has nothing to do with right or wrong ME. It has everything to do with what someone offers.

    When you go shopping at a retailer and find something on sale, do you tell the retailer that you will pay full price because it’s the right thing and they deserve to make a profit? C’mon.

    I tend to say “whatever” when it seems there’s no point in arguing with someone who spins whatever I say into oblivion.

  40. Laura R said

    …and I am 48…”whatever” is just spelled differently …WHAT-EVA or WHAT EVUH

  41. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    HEHE the banter is back yo!

    I have no idea what the fuck everyone is talking about but it’s fun to see the back and forth about this MK thing.

    I thought we all agreed that MK is for some and not so much for others? We are all hear because we can’t stand Tracy right? So who gives a shit about who sells MK or who doesn’t. We’re SO over that aren’t we?


  42. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    We are all “here” not “hear”


    WordPress needs spellcheck!

  43. ThePinkDoStink said

    Sounds like ME just got her ass kicked!

  44. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    ME didn’t get her ass kicked, they just had some very interesting dialog. It’s what happens when two people feel very strongly about what they believe in. It’s called PASSION! More people should have it!


  45. Duh said

    I love Passion. Especially that little baby witch and the mermaid.

  46. Duh said

    I sent the link to Me, Luanne. I really tried to post the screen shot. I can still post the link, but it may be taken down if I do.

  47. Phillipa said

    I am passionate in my dislike of MK and the grocery store stalkers that the company spawns.

  48. Duh said

    I am passionate in my dislike of people coming to my door to sell meat or vaccuum cleaners or ugly art work or to try to make me a Jehovah Witness or a Mormon.

    I’ve never been approached by a MK lady in a store. Probably cause I don’t look sharp enough. 😦

  49. Mercedes said

    Dizzy~you rock! Woohoo!

  50. Mercedes said

    Oh ya~Bugsythedemongif~I gotta know who you are. I am sure I know you~since you must have been round when I named Bugsy. I can keep a secret. email me if ya want: mercedes.rules@hotmail.com

  51. I was never approached by a MK lady either, Duh. I was never even asked if I wanted to sign up. I just loved that it didn’t scar the crap outta my face the way Clinique did! LOL. I actually felt like my recruiter was trying to talk me out of signing up. I’m happy I did. Oh, and I don’t approach people in stores either.

  52. Mercedes said

    Hey Shades~I was never asked to sign up either. I was at a party and I made a $110 purchase and realized I could do more with the $110 by signing up. The lady never even mentioned or discussed MK as a business. I asked all of the questions and wallah! Oh ya~gotta send you that email funny! Really doing it now-promise!

  53. Mercedes said

    Sent-for real! Hope you enjoy. I wanted to put it on my blog, but when you see it~you’ll realize why I decided not to-LOL!

  54. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I’m passionate about the same things you are DUH LOL

  55. I got your email, Mer. Very funny! Thank you. 🙂

  56. mkrules said

    Why are you telling me to be patient? I dunno even know what this link thing is all about…

    Anyway, good for you for getting out of directorship if the only way you knew to make it work was unethical. However, that in itself is a great debate…do you HAVE to be unethical to make it work. I say no. You might have to work harder than you want to or have time for (especially at first). You might have to get more leads than others have to…do more classes…etc. Especially if you are no barbie doll look alike. It is a sad fact that gorgeous people will sell more cosmetics naturally. That is just the way it goes…not that we all couldn’t sell just as much with a little more work.

    I am taking a break from MK, not because I was tricked and boo hoo or what not. Just because with my full time job and school, I know I don’t have time to make calls, make deliveries, follow up properly, do as many classes as I need to in order to move up like I would like. That is my decision, and in no way is the fault of my director or MKC.

    I kinda hate the people who work in those little booths in the mall….you know, the ones that sell hand cream or what not. They are always trying to get you to come over for a fast demo (i.e. 20 min!!). Ugh. Avoid eyecontact or get on your phone when you go by the booth. It is just their job to be so outgoing, but man, does it annoy me. (And NO, I never warm chattered, haters…before you go in on that one.)

  57. Luanne said

    only because you said this: As far as the “exporting thing” , I dunno what that is all about, but here is what I think. If you have PROOF that someone is unethical, send your proof to MKC or sue. That is your right as a U.S, citizen and gets a lot more results than blogging/whining/gossiping about it. JMHO.

  58. mkrules said

    What does that have to do with patience???

    I’m over it. 🙂

  59. I don’t think that exemplifies a lack of patience. All that seems to say is if you see that there is something unethical like exportation taking place and you want something to be done about it, send the link to MKC rather than to Duh or ME (not me, but “ME”). That way, MKC can investigate further and possibly put a stop to it or at least reprimand the guilty party or parties.

  60. gothchiq said

    Heel height conveys power? Fuck yeah! So when I go to the club in seven-inch platform stripper heels, I am givin’ off the POWAH!!!

    Everybody go buy stripper shoes now!

  61. gothchiq said

    Oh…Duh? You can definitely strategically scare them off with your clothes. Dress punk, gothic, or biker, and the warm chatter MK ladies will run like hell.

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