If you only have a handful of haters, is it still buzz?

Tracy wrote this article about some other guy:


I wonder if she feels this way about herself?  That would be kind of sad if she thought that me, Screw U, and Dizzy were enough to cause a “buzz”.  Maybe PT Lies plus us? 



  1. Me said


    I think I was buzzing before most of you–would that make it a buzz?

  2. mkhonesty said

    like a crowd at a fire is creating a buzz in the arsonist.

  3. Laura R said

    Tracy wrote (in the article):
    “So these three things have created a small group of people who spend their days going from website to website, trying to discredit Tim, writing under multiple aliases. They leave negative comments about him and try to get people on the anti-Tim bandwagon. But you know what? All they’re really doing is creating more publicity for him, and as a result, helping his efforts. After all, buzz created by haters is still buzz! And Tim thrives on buzz and knows how to channel it and expand it. So hate on, haters.”

    She’s always felt that way – that even negative publicity is still publicity. I wonder then, why she’s spent so much time in the past and present trying to discredit so many? If what she says is true and as applied to MK, isn’t her “hate” merely “helping their efforts?” While she’s worked tirelessly to discredit specific people from all walks of life, does she not see she’s doing the same thing same thing she accuses others of?

    Talk about reading for entertainment, this one was good. It seems she can always sit back, point her finger and ignore the other three pointing back at her.

  4. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Amen Sistas!

  5. Soooo. She writes a review; and, has a link to the guy’s site on her sidebar?

  6. MKBECKYA said

    I was browsing http://www.postsecret.com
    scroll down almost to the bottom and check it out

    wonder who sent that card in (i wish it was me)


  7. I'll have a cosmo said

    That is cool. I’m surprised PTers haven’t found it and used it as a headline. They are too busy worrying about some director that got the ax. They actually feel sorry for a MK director. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm.

  8. Mercedes said

    mkdebt~I just saw that pic somewhere else…hhhmmmm-can’t remember!

    Willie~if you are around~I gotta cool video/music that I believe you will appreciate~check it out at the bottom of my list: http://mercedesrules.wordpress.com/2008/03/17/wanna-tour-my-hometown/

    Everyone else here can come on over too! you are all welcome in my world!

  9. Laura R said

    Cosmo said: They are too busy worrying about some director that got the ax.

    I read about that on MPT. Perhaps TC thinks she has landed the next “Claudia Wolfe” story and it’ll be all over her “fraud” blogs as if she made the big expose when in fact, the director herself supposedly wrote about it on her website, wherever that is. Rebecca made a very good point that the info is already out there. LOL!

    I couldn’t help but think about the irony of her “protectiveness” when I was reading the stories on unbeelievable’s blog…they mentioned the same protective character – least until someone crossed her. Oh, the memories. My thinking is that she has something to gain (the expose) so of course, this is her new friend whom she will comfort and show compassion to.

    It’s amazing how TC has come full-circle with her attitude towards directors in MK. Once upon a time, she didn’t want them on a “anti” site at all even if they did have a “survivor type story” (directors can get burned too). On PT, it seems as long as a director keeps info coming, she gets away with even bashing consultants on that site – something that a director would get bashed and banned for in earlier days. Yes, things that make you go hmmm. I maintain, my opinion is as long as there is something to be gained, you’re ok.

    I wonder, if Dacia were to ever “step down” and go to PT with a cry story and inside information (of course, gotta have the dues), if TC would welcome her, finally? I am thinking she would, but of course, that’s just speculation on my part.

    There have been stories on the net about directors who had life circumstances which allegedly were the cause of their directorship being terminated, Claudia was one. Whether or not they were unethical didn’t seem to be the issue; they (MK) exercised the termination clause for non-production when after years, a director had a life catastrophe happen. If the director was ethical, but had her status yanked for a reason beyond her control (she, Claudia, was still a consultant, just not a director I believe), then that would be sad especially when there are so many who NEED to have their directorship yanked for unethical behavior.

  10. I’ll Have a Cosmo –

    I agree. I’ll bet it will be posted as a headline on PT sooner or later. LOL

    ——Shay :o)

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