This is a sad day. I’m weeping. Really.


 I realized today that I am totally not interested in Pink Truth.  I haven’t been back there in over a month (maybe two honestly), so today I swung by to see what was up.  I thought I could rekindle my interest. 

I was wrong.

I couldn’t believe that so many of the same people are still there!  Baroness von SugarScrub, Suzy Q, Lazy Gardens… the list goes on and on.  And what new and exciting thing do they have to talk about?  NOTHING.  It’s the same conversations as over a year ago.  I can’t believe that they are still hung up about Mary Kay!  I mean, I realize that there are always newbies to talk to, but wouldn’t even that get boring after awhile?

How many times can you rehash your old stories?  Are they that easily amused?

I’m not really interested in Tracy’s other ventures either.  She’s just the same too.  The other day a friend of mine pointed out Tracy’s Amazon page.  She was importing her Fraud Files blog onto her book’s Amazon page.  Apparently, she couldn’t control who could comment on the Amazon page though, so a couple people had left comments that were not flattering.  (It was an entry, since removed from her blog, about another contractor who didn’t call her back for an estimate.  She posted his name and contact info and also admitted to threatening his wife with bad exposure on her blog.)  Even though I could have easily commented, or written a post encouraging you guys to do so, I didn’t.  I couldn’t summon the energy.

Of course, now this post has been removed from her blog.  Oh, and she doesn’t import her blog to Amazon anymore.  I guess because it’s much easier to make it look like you are a normal person than it is to actually be one. 

So Tracy hasn’t changed either.  PT is like a stagnant pool of filth the size of which grows and shrinks with the seasons.  Since I’m pretty sure most of them don’t believe in evolution, I guess they will just stay like that forever.  When I was about 13, Hurricane Andrew blew through my town.  It brought with it a pink algae from Florida that infested our backyard pool.  That is how I picture Pink Truth.

And like the winds of Hurricane Andrew, some of that pink algae blew to another blog.  Predictably the unevolved algae became another pool of crazy pink stew. 

So to the few (the very few) who still read this blog.  Let us join hands and thank the Lord (or whoever your chosen deity is) that we as higher life forms have the capability to evolve and grow into something more complex.  Personally, I aspire to be a ficus. 


  1. ha ha said

    I think she’s trying to hide her craziness better, since she’s managed not to go on any major banning sprees recently, yeah? On her amazon page – check out the tags. LOL She’s working overtime, trying to get those bad tags to go away.

    I think she’ll continue on in her madness. If you checked back in 5 years, I guarantee she’ll be doing the same stuff. Endlessly in pursuit of public accolades, trying to get semi-professional losers on internet chat forums to write praise for her on their blogs. 5 years from now she won’t have any of the same friends, as they will have been replaced by new drones who either need a co-dependent psychotic relationship or have just left their drunken abusive husbands and need a few hits.

    It’s like betting on the sun rising – so predictable.

  2. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Yeah she’s kinda old news at this point…..

  3. Amen, Sistah.

  4. I think this site has now served its purpose. PT was there for those who felt butt-hurt by MK. Then, this site was born, for those who felt butt-hurt by TC/PT. And Duh healed the wounds suffered by the People of Duh, and saved us all from ourselves.

    And as with everything, it’s probably time to move on again to the next thing.

  5. eyesicle said

    Say it isn’t so!!!! I enjoy poppong over herer even if I don’t post! Well, just wanted to say hey to all of you….waves to gothchiq…

  6. Mercedes said

    I haven’t been back in awhile either. I can’t even remember my login name and I don’t even care-lol!

  7. Mercedes said

    I love the picture and story behind it-ROFL!

  8. Help, help! I'm being repressed! said

    duh, is THAT your pool? are you guys like the Addams Family or something?

  9. Duh said

    Naw. I googled pink algae, and this was one of the pics that came up.

  10. Krysti said

    amazing those that haven’t moved on from pt yet. i have hardly had time to check my email lately, let alone sulk over MK. can’t imagine still rehashing all that shit.

    hope you all are doing well and getting ready to enjoy a hopefully great spring and summer.

  11. Duh said

    Still have time to feel your boobies?

  12. Krysti said

    I always feel my boobies! :o)~

  13. Sean said

    Duh said: Still have time to feel your boobies?
    Krysti said: I always feel my boobies! :o)~
    Every time I visit here you’re talking about some form of boobs, man or otherwise. Really, what’s wrong with you people? Do you want to be called Duh forever?

    I hate to break up this La Leche League meeting, but while you are here “expressing” your selves, the Kaybots are on the move. I’m receiving heavy fire. One nipple is down and I’m not sure how long the other will hold out.

    A little comment help please?

    And, Ms. Duh, do any of you have any dirt on Mary Kay Ash herself? I’m about to do a post asking for input on whether she was a con artist and I’m hoping some of you might be willing to keep your Maidenforms on long enough to contribute to the discussion.

    If you have any pics you’d like to share, you know where to find me.

  14. Sean said

    Also, what is that squiggly thing on your :0)
    Tell me it’s not cleavage.

  15. Ye Gods.. I haven’t been there in well over a year – probably more like two! It was a good gigglefest at first, but you’re right. It got old fast and I can’t imagine someone staying there for years and years.

  16. teeheehee said

    OH HEY! It’s 2013 and she’s still got the same friends! As for me, I just like reading “response to Pink Truth” websites. Why? They’re so much more entertaining and stupid! =) The bitterness and vengance are clearly visible on any response to Pink Truth website.

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