My mommy says I’m special

Written By: ScrewU

Not to take away from the tragedy that Duh has faced with her burgalization, but I wondered if anyone noticed that we rolled right past 300,000 hits?  That’s a lotta.  Specially when we haven’t done jack in the last couple months.

So anyways, woo hoo for us.  We might just be special.  Too bad I don’t base my self worth off of blog hits… maybe I should start.


  1. Duh said

    Aw yeah! We were hovering around 299,000 for a long ass time. I guess my misfortune was enough to push us over the top. OVER THE TOP, DAD!! OVER THE TOP!

    Whew. Those truck driver/arm wrestling references take a lot out of me.

  2. Mercedes said

    Woohoo! I just passed 20, 000-yeehaw!

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