A Pink Truth post?

Now THIS is a bratty kid.
Now THIS is a bratty kid.

  I know, it’s been like forever, but tonight I was bored and decided to head on over to PT to see what’s shaking with the lovely ladies over there.  Especially Raisinberry.  I like my women drunk and mouthy, don’t ya know.  Anyway if you’re looking for cattiness and good clean bitchy entertainment, as I was tonight, PT won’t let you down.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’ve read Pink Truth for any amount of time, it’s the same ole crappity crap.  I don’t know what struck me about the Dacia conference call article. Predictably the comments turned into personal attacks and innuendo about Dacia’s personal life, but this comment really struck me as extraordinarily mean and stupid:

steph53282 – “Dacia is pregnant to, her little boy is very cute, but he looks like a brat! look at the pics on her site. Her husband doesn’t even wear his wedding ring in those pictures-problems? I always thought they had a weird relationship.”

Does it surprise anyone that nobody questioned this comment?  I thought it was sort of rude and merciless to call someone’s kid a brat AND question their relationship with their husband based on a couple of snapshots, but that’s just me.  I mean, I’m happily married, and my husband doesn’t wear his wedding ring-problems?  (There is actually a problem.  The problem is he keeps losing his wedding ring, and I’m tired of replacing it.)  

I just thought I’d share some old fashioned Pink Truth bitchiness with you guys.  Your welcome. 



  1. That is merciless, I agree. It’s too bad that articles like that provoke people to make mean comments. It doesn’t surprise me that no one questioned the comments because I remember well how it felt to get swept up in that kind of criticism. Hardly anyone ever said anything that would rein in the bitchiness.

  2. Sean said

    It’s good to see Duh back more uplifting visuals. I think that’s one of my kids. I recognize the Mary Kay for Kids cheek blush I got him for Christmas.

    Can you get the gals from Duh together for a little friendly competition?

    We’re trying to organize a friendly competition at the corn maze between you and your pink rivals:


    Sign up is next Tuesday, so no slackin’ or rick rollin’;

  3. Mercedes said

    So I see that it is the same ‘ol place over there. I don’t miss it one bit!

  4. Carob said

    Pink Truth,

    Is this a site for those who could not make it in MK, or is this a site for those who were trampled on by MK? Some things make sense, but I did my first order, (of $600 which was actually about $750 with tax and shipping), by sales, (except the $150 of personal I put in.) I have sold very well, can’t keep the stuff on my shelf and I have only been doing it for a year. My reorders are good, very good! I predict to be a good amount of money in 5 years time for sure!!!! I love MK products, they work! Firming eye cream, celushape, and the miracle set for sure work, I have seen it with my own eyes, not just on myself but on others. My ? is, is recruiting all that is cracked up to be? Can I just sell, and do well? I think I can, and in the process build a strong team of ladies who actually want to be in the company?

  5. Duh said

    Carob, I’m not sure how you stumbled upon this site, but if you have questions about MK, and you’re actually IN Mary Kay, there are a lot of sites dedicated to helping you. We don’t really debate MK on this site, but check my blog roll and you’ll find more info.

  6. pppj said

    Well DUH,

    I know I stumbled on to this site when someone told me about it. I found PT by googling ‘negative Mary Kay.’

    The question I always wondered – who cares about that Dacia? I know people were shocked how quickly she moved up, but let it go already.

    carpe diem

  7. Duh said

    Well whatever anyone feels about her, it’s just sad that some people will look at a picture of her family and make up a little story in their head about them, and THEN make comments as if the story they made up is true. Those same people probably “know” Angelina, Brad, Reese, and every other celebrity based on People magazine. Scary.

  8. Dana said

    I saw that post on PT and I almost commented. There aren’t even that many pictures of her son, and he looks cute! How can you tell he’s a brat from a few snapshots. Maybe if they had been snapshots of him beating up another child or stealing toys, but no. Just a picture.

  9. Duh said

    I think it was because there’s one pic of him sort of pouting. Yep. He’s a brat alright.

    Truthfully, I wasn’t surprised that the PTer’s would jealously say something mean about someone who is obviously prospering in a way they feel is wrong. They want her to go DOWN, and she stubbornly won’t so they make up things to make themselves feel better about why it’s “OK” to talk smack about her family.

  10. Colleen said

    Hey Duh good to see you again!! I think some of the PT ladies are just jealous of Dacia to be honest with you I know I am I wish I had her money.
    Im proMK and I love the products but I must say frontloading or not the girl has a boatload of money coming in. I wish her all of the best.

  11. CatsRUs said

    Tracy has ALWAYS been obsessed with Dacia. Comments like that only make them less credible and reveals the ignorance and pettiness of the writer. Yeah, she’s (I assume she’s a she) deep!

  12. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    That’s just sad, what has Dacia’s little kid done that warrants that type of commentary…and I also have to wonder how long the gal who said that she had no bitterness toward Dacia will last on PT. I suspect she may soon find herself locked out (as many of us have been) one day for not conforming with groupthink.

    Since I haven’t visited PT-land for a while, I must admit that I did find this year’s crop of Scaminar photos to be interesting…SD debuts definitely appear to be down this year. Can’t say that surprises me a whole lot…

  13. Chelsea said

    Funny enough, I just stumbled across PT last night. I sell MK and am actually having fun with it, so, stupid me, I posted something today asking if anyone had any good experiences at all with MK.

    They all told me to leave, and Tracy told everyone not to waste their time with me. Last night I thought they might be on to something, but now I think they’re all very bitter.

    And then I found your site, so I just thought I’d share.

    • Cass said

      Tracy is right, and yes some people are bitter. I’m not one of them but I do see the truth that she is trying to spread. whether she is doing it in the right way or not, I do see the truth.

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