It’s the same old song…


Again, Tracy?   Again with the vindictive, gonna-get-ya-back attitude?  You guys may think that since I’m not blogging up a storm that I’m not watching what’s going on over there on the Pink Truth.  Oh.  I’m watching. 

What?  Someone has to!

So recently I’ve noticed that the blog posts on PT had taken on that old flavor that Tracy had seemed to abandon for awhile.  (That’s Tracy L. Coenen, you’ll remember. )  Fewer informative posts about the evils of Mary Kay, and more entertaining posts of MK consultants e-mails to Tracy.  Now we all know that those hate mail posts were the bread and butter of the Pink Truth blog.  They generated the most hits and the most comments, but unfortunately they also showed Tracy’s less, um…”professional” side.

Now today I saw this:

Poor Kim.  She had the audacity to post a comment on Tracy’s business blog and e-mail her.  She deserves to be PUBLICALLY SHAMED!  Muhahaha! 

I personally enjoyed some of the comments on her response letter.  Especially the ones chiding Kim for not expecting her letter to be posted.  That’s like telling someone who left their purse in their locked car that they shouldn’t be upset someone broke in and took it.  Yeah, she SHOULD have expected Tracy to post her e-mail (especially if she was a crazy googler like most of us!), but does that make it OK for Tracy to do it? 

Oh, BTW, did I mention that someone found a couple of videos of Kim on YouTube and posted them in the comments on PT?  Because if you DARE to disagree with Tracy Coenen, be prepared to have everything on the internet about you found and displayed and criticized and picked apart.  Dumb ass Kim should have expected as much, right?  I mean, honestly, don’t you expect when you leave a comment on a blog that the blog owner will hunt you down?  Isn’t that…



  1. :) said

    I love it, you’re back!

    Tracy will never change. Old dogs can’t learn new tricks.

  2. Deana said

    I came here for the specific purpose of seeing if you were talking about this! Lol…. I almost commented on PT that it was wrong to post her info and hadn’t PT gotten away from that and it seemed like Tracy was only doing it because Kim had posted on her other blog.

    But I decided against it.

  3. Duh said

    Puss-aaay. Just kidding. That was probably a good decision based on Tracy’s track record of trying to ruin the life of anyone who doesn’t do her little dance.

  4. Sean said

    This story must have prompted your return… the Mary Kay consultant who crapped on the woman’s porch?

    Is this a new sales technique?

  5. Duh said

    LMAO! I don’t think that’s in any of the training! I wonder why they focus so much on the smell in that story? I mean, I know shit stinks. That’s obvious. Did her shit smell worse than usual? And did it have anything to do with her use of Mary Kay products?

  6. mk4me said

    lol… maybe something just “scared the sh*t” out of her! (except this was literally not just figuratively… or perhaps when she got “porched” she decided she was having a “sh**ty” day.

    Great to see you back Duh!

  7. ScrewU said

    Well well well… who would have thought that Tracy would ever go back to her creepy ways? Certainly not us 😉 Glad to see your on the ball Duh. Did you enjoy your hiatus? Don’t keep us waiting so long next time.

    And that story is hilarious! The comments left are funny too.

  8. Dana said

    Oh, that’s just gross.

    And PT has taken down the Kim article it appears….. weird.

  9. Duh said

    I guess Tracy just needed me to remind her not to be mean. Most of us have that little voice in our heads telling us “no no no”. We’re that little voice for Tracy.

  10. Dana said

    I wonder what other things we can get her to do by being her little voice…..

  11. Judi said

    Buttercup? Time for a new post. You can do it.

  12. Dizzy said

    That’s…….effin disgusting. BTW Duh, I can’t read the link you have on your story because I’m “not authorized to view this page”. I CAN’T believe I went over to the PT site. Do you KNOW how long it’s been since I’ve done that? **shuddering**

  13. Duh said

    Yeah, it’s been removed. I guess Tracy saw the error of her ways.


  14. I can’t see stuff over there because I was BANNED. I know she has a giant spreadsheet of ip addresses so I haven’t bothered to create a new account. I’ve been bored; glad to see you are still here occasionally.

    • deja vu said

      YES! Love Duh. Fear duh…(tracy that is)

  15. PS – I used to be on here as The Therapist, but that’s gone the way of the dodo.

  16. Pearl Star said

    Yeah, how are you loving Allison La Marr? Maybe you can attend her workshop. Don’t dis Tracy. If you don’t want the Pink Truth, just go on In Touch.

    • Duh said

      I don’t know her or care one way or the other about her. And judging from the way she’s posting/writing ‘hatemail’ again, I’d say Tracy is the same old biotch she always was. But thanks for commenting!

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