Tracy Coenen – Mean or moron?

While it may be true that Barry Minkow has engaged in some bad acts, I did not know about any of them and I did not participate in any of them. I was simply a consultant doing work for a client, and I stand behind the work I did. While Barry may have lied to the court, fabricated documentation, destroyed evidence, concealed witnesses, and intentionally hid information, I was not involved in any of those bad acts and did not know that they were occurring. I never engaged in any misconduct in any litigation, and I was not involved in the concealment or destruction of any evidence.”  -Tracy Coenen

You mean a man that was already a convicted felon is capable of doing bad things??  What kind of world are we living in when we can’t even rely on convicted felons?  So we can either believe that Tracy is a complete moron, OR that she knew perfectly well what this man was capable of and didn’t give a shit.  Mean or stupid.  You decide…

Update:   I found this posted today on a website called Deep Capture.

Note the numerous mentions of Tracy and the part she played in these schemes perpetrated by CONVICTED con-men.  Again, either Tracy is the worst ‘fraud’ investigater in history and had no idea what was actually going on, or she knew full well what the dealio was and didn’t care.  Being acquainted with Tracy’s ego, my opinion is that she knew what was going on and made about a million justifications about why it’s all right for her to be involved.  Either that or her large, over inflated ego made her think that she would never get caught.    Who knows?  Maybe she won’t be, but at least anyone from PT that stumbles across this blog can make an informed decision about whether or not to trust her.


  1. Duh said

    I don’t know who AngelaHarper is, but her comment is interesting to say the least…

  2. She can bite my ass said

    HA! tracy removed the link AngelHarper posted to Sequence. Looks like tracy doesn’t stand behind her word. Oh surprise.

    If tracy didn’t know that Barry was hiding and destroying information then she is an even worse investigator than anyone could have predicted.

    I guess some of us weren’t unlawful enough for her sorry ass. That’s probably why we were banned. Maybe you could change the name of your blog to “banned cause we were too moral and obeyed the law”.

    tracy is a psycho bitch.

    • brian said

      Same thing on her blogs.. she won’t allow negative stuff said about her and anything about her belief.. by moderating… double standard beatch.. And silly how those Juan and whatever retard supports her. people have to be a moron to believe what she said.

  3. She can bite my ass said

    She is SUCH an idiot!

    “To top it all off, Tracy Coenen got Minkow, Antar and Weiss each to pen an enthusiastically positive review of a book related to accounting fraud she published during this period….”

  4. She can bite my ass said

    The funny thing is, anyone who knows her knows she keeps every email for years. And yet it didn’t occur to her to keep the evidence from an ex-con so she could prove her innocence? Oh right, there isn’t any innocence in her case. Just one lie after another.

  5. aurora said

    I’ve been reading pinktruth almost since its inception and never understood why I was banned. I still read a few times a week, but am starting to lose interest.

    Do you think these types of sites are becoming a thing of the past.

    • Duh said

      Which types of sites? Anti-MK? I hesitate to even say this because it’s a good idea, and I don’t want to share any good ideas with Tracy, but I think PT would be more successful if it left MK behind and concentrated more on MLM’s targeted to women in general. Scentsy is HUGE right now, and I was recently invited to a home party for clothes and another for jewelry.

      Nobody I know sells MK anymore.

  6. aurora said

    Hi, Duh;

    It’s hard to stay interested in a blog site that you are not allowed to post on. I was never mean or hateful on PT. I did not have the horrible experiences in MK that some did so my comments were pretty tame by comparison. I just got an e-mail one day warning me to stay on topic. Had no idea what she was talking about and since I could not speak to the great OZ, I never knew what I did wrong.

    I think you are right – PT would do well do broaden their scope to include more MLMs and more posters.

    By saying I think people may be losing interest in these types of sites, it seems like ever since FaceBook was created, these MLM specific sites have taken a back seat.

    What do you think?

  7. aurora said


    What happens to posts years after no one is reading them anymore?

    • Duh said

      If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

    • Fram said

      People bored at 11 I clock at night find them. L

  8. Mrs. Ryan said

    One thing Tracy got right is that she IS a Fraud EXPERT.

  9. Curious (sadly minus Missy the Cat) said

    Can’t say that I’m surprised with that story…

    Gotta admit that I do miss the Bitchfest, Duh…we had some good times here!

  10. aurora said

    Have any of you seen the list of new MK products coming out starting in December 2011? PT has the list.

    Seems like a lot.

  11. Michelle said

    Hi Duh! and everyone else.

    Take it or leave it, I thought some of you might like to know about this blog I just started

    Basically, I post a link to the latest Pink Truth bulls… errm blog post and a quick thought or two about it.

    The real point being that it will provide a place for anyone to say what they ACTUALLY think about that particular post. No banning. I will delete spam if I catch it, but otherwise, no limits.

    Stop by if you like.


    • Duh said

      I added your blog to the blogroll, Michelle. I don’t know how much good it will do. lol

  12. Geebz said

    Anyone who either doesn’t allow dissenting posts on their blog or treats them condescendingly is a narcissist, pure and simple. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of narcissist bloggers on the internet. Self-serving people who think they know everything, and treat those who disagree with them as beneath them on the evolutionary scale. It’s just the nature of the beast.

    Also, many times (not all), these self-proclaimed “champions of the consumer” (and yes, I read someone referring to himself as this once) are not just slamming others out of their own personal desire of grandeur. I always say “find the motivation….follow the money” when I read such posts. A lot of times, you’ll find a conflict of interest (like “donations” to their site(s) from direct competitors). Reminds me of a certain blogger/vlogger who is well-known for his anti-MLM rants….only to find out that he himself is involved in an MLM (which, of course, he will swear up and down is NOT an MLM, but if the shoe fits). Like I said….find the motivation….follow the money.

    Don’t know much about this Tracy Scoenen (except that she has said some bad things about the company I work with), but something tells me there is more behind her blog than meets the eye, especially if she is deleting dissenting posts which offer facts counter to her own beliefs. I don’t buy the “benevolent consumer advocate” angle either. I think that she, like anyone else, is in business to make a profit. The real question is who, or what, is she ultimately profiting from?

  13. Geebz said

    Looks like Mr. Minkow’s goin’ up the river again:

    This time it’s for embezzling from his own church (big surprise). I’m sure that Ms. Coenen is distancing herself from this guy big time at this point, but her history of dealings with him is already established. Not that she necessarily knew what he was up to in recent years, but when you team up with someone who has a history of this sort of activity, you’re just asking for trouble. Whether or not she knew of these activities (and I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt and assume she didn’t), the mere association with Minkow, past or present, gives her a credibility a huge black eye IMO. It should serve as an example of what can happen when one strives to achieve an agenda “by any means necessary”. If you play with rabid dogs, you will eventually be bitten. Just my $.02.

  14. GWJ said

    I have wondered if the ACFE pulled her CFE designation. She is no longer using it.

  15. I know this is an old post but I had to comment. I was on PT for a while, but only commenting a little. They posed a question about another direct sales company that I happened to be a part of. I admitted I enjoyed the product I sell and do it got that, not to make money, I was promptly accused of being a troll. I defended myself and posted that they are doing the same thing the MK ladies the bash do when someone wants to say something they don’t want to hear. I have now been banned and at login to the site it actually says I’ve been banned “for being a hateful bitch.” Wow.

    • Big Kahuna said

      whoaaa! stunned (but not surprised) you got such a message from that site. Sounds like the owner hasn’t changed much over the years. Pure evil and enjoys every minute of tormenting others.

  16. Mallory Forrest said

    I was banned as of today because Tracy called me an as whole for no reason and I rightfully defended myself.

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