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You are banned. Merry Christmas.


 As some of you already know, Sheer Blushing was banned from PT.  WoO HOo!  Here’s the post she left on the Pink Truth discussion board:

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You better think twice, Tracy.


Tracy’s resident Spanish translator has defected.  Tracy is like the Castro of Anti Mary Kay blogs.  I bet she even has the beard. 

Here’s what Not a Bee-liever has to say about her departure:

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Psst. Tracy. Apple Berry told me to tell you…


(I’m not as talented as some at finding interesting pictures.)

Found this in my inbox. 

Tracy, way to be an adult… so instead of banning me… you will just take away my ability to start a new post, reply, read/send karma??  So now when people ask where I am, what will you tell them? I left of my own accord??  Cuz’ I didn’t actually…

Seriously, I wasn’t stirring a pot before, and I am sorry you felt personally attacked.  I figure I will send this to duh so that it gets posted (or at least someone will see it) somewhere for people to see… I guess it is good that I could already find some of my friends.  That will take some of the burden off of you to explain where I am.

You know what is really funny about that?  I wouldn’t have even known about duh had you not complained about it.  YOU were the one who told me about the blog!


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Space Log

At 11:05 this morning I signed up for the Pink Truth discussion board.  User name: Duh

At 11:12 AM as I was surfing the board, the screen came up with this message.  “Sorry Duh but you are banned from using this forum.”

At least Tracy apologizes for being a lunatic.  That’s sweet.

At 11:16 AM I received an e-mail message from the Pink Truth discussion board that my password had been changed.  I had to log in with the new password assigned to me to access my account.  I tried, and of course, I’m still banned.  That’s odd.  Why change my password and ask me to log in again when I’m banned?  Hmmm….

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Counting heads…

I need a head count of those officially banned from Pink Truth.  Banned means you see a page like this when you try to log on:


You must leave your Pink Truth name in the comments or send it to me by e-mail YOURSELF.  If you have a date of banishment, you can leave that too.  If you want to tell your story, that’s great, but you don’t have too.  I just want a tally so I can make up a list for a new page.  I won’t say what you’re name is on my blog.  I’ll just add your PT name to the list.

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 Dizzy’s Story

I started MK in January 2006 (and sent my shit back a year later).  I saw some bullshit that was going down that I thought was a little off.  I googled “Mary Kay” and found several sites, including MKV and PT.  I was scared of PT at first because there was some crazy shit going on.  So I found that MKV was a good place to be.  I met some great peeps there and we hung out on a regular.

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I didn’t find PT until February or March of this year.  I had been in Mary Kay about 5 years ago and was actually thinking of rejoining.  Just for fun I googled “Mary Kay” and found Pink Truth.  At first I agreed with what everyone was saying since I had had some of the same experiences.  Then someone posted about Me’s blog.  I checked it out, and to tell you the truth, I thought Me was crazy.  From there I found Neverpantyhose, Fuchsia, MK Rules, and all the other MK/Anti MK blogs.  I was hooked.

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Pink Cadillac

PC’s story


Okay. Back in 2005 I started my blog about MK (“Exposing Mary Kay, Dishing the Dirt on Mary Kay Cosmetics, and Other Crappy Scams”– some of my archives are here:


I only kept this blog going for about 7 months. I got tired of the constant harassment, drama, and stupid people on the internet. Ha ha (wonder why I’m still here!) Anyway, when I quit I probably had a couple of hundred regular readers. Not a huge blog, by any means, but nothing to sneeze at, I thought.

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