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Tracy Coenen – Mean or moron?

While it may be true that Barry Minkow has engaged in some bad acts, I did not know about any of them and I did not participate in any of them. I was simply a consultant doing work for a client, and I stand behind the work I did. While Barry may have lied to the court, fabricated documentation, destroyed evidence, concealed witnesses, and intentionally hid information, I was not involved in any of those bad acts and did not know that they were occurring. I never engaged in any misconduct in any litigation, and I was not involved in the concealment or destruction of any evidence.”  -Tracy Coenen

You mean a man that was already a convicted felon is capable of doing bad things??  What kind of world are we living in when we can’t even rely on convicted felons?  So we can either believe that Tracy is a complete moron, OR that she knew perfectly well what this man was capable of and didn’t give a shit.  Mean or stupid.  You decide…

Update:   I found this posted today on a website called Deep Capture.

Note the numerous mentions of Tracy and the part she played in these schemes perpetrated by CONVICTED con-men.  Again, either Tracy is the worst ‘fraud’ investigater in history and had no idea what was actually going on, or she knew full well what the dealio was and didn’t care.  Being acquainted with Tracy’s ego, my opinion is that she knew what was going on and made about a million justifications about why it’s all right for her to be involved.  Either that or her large, over inflated ego made her think that she would never get caught.    Who knows?  Maybe she won’t be, but at least anyone from PT that stumbles across this blog can make an informed decision about whether or not to trust her.

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It’s the same old song…


Again, Tracy?   Again with the vindictive, gonna-get-ya-back attitude?  You guys may think that since I’m not blogging up a storm that I’m not watching what’s going on over there on the Pink Truth.  Oh.  I’m watching. 

What?  Someone has to!

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Merry Christmas Tracy!



The only person left that reads my blog.

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A Pink Truth post?

Now THIS is a bratty kid.
Now THIS is a bratty kid.

  I know, it’s been like forever, but tonight I was bored and decided to head on over to PT to see what’s shaking with the lovely ladies over there.  Especially Raisinberry.  I like my women drunk and mouthy, don’t ya know.  Anyway if you’re looking for cattiness and good clean bitchy entertainment, as I was tonight, PT won’t let you down.

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This is a sad day. I’m weeping. Really.


 I realized today that I am totally not interested in Pink Truth.  I haven’t been back there in over a month (maybe two honestly), so today I swung by to see what was up.  I thought I could rekindle my interest. 

I was wrong.

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If you only have a handful of haters, is it still buzz?

Tracy wrote this article about some other guy:

I wonder if she feels this way about herself?  That would be kind of sad if she thought that me, Screw U, and Dizzy were enough to cause a “buzz”.  Maybe PT Lies plus us? 


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And in other news…

Search Engine Terms

These are terms people used to find your blog.


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Mother Puss Bucket

I think I’ve been banned from another blog!!  Can you believe it? 

 Shut up.

This time it’s from a blog I found on one of Tracy’s Fraud Files posts.  It always comes back to Tracy.  It’s like the circle of life and shiz.

Anyway, some of you crazy ladies will probably LOVE this blog.  This person (guy?  girl?  can’t tell) is a conservative.  And….wait for it….an atheist.     How the hell does that happen?  You want to talk about heartless…  So it’s called “Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket” and you can check it out here:

Notice the conspicuous absence of my comments.  Well, first notice the conspicuous absense of ANY comments.  After you’ve noticed that, than notice my comments or lack there of.  You would think that someone with such a small readership would positively jump at the chance to have someone, ya know, reading.  Wenchy just wasn’t that thrilled.  I didn’t curse, and I wasn’t rude (unless you call be sarcastic and disagreeing with him/her rude), and yet my comment was denied. 

Not only that, but Wenchy posted a topic, since taken down, that said that I was poor and trying to take her/his money away.  I think it may have said something about my momma too.  (I’m working on the pronoun problem.  Any ideas?)  So in my last comment to Wenchy, I invited shim to come over here and see how great a blog can be if you let people participate. 

I hope s/he stops by!  

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Another overhaul

Tracy is revamping her Sequence website this weekend.  Because, ya know, having the same design for too long is what’s making business slow.  A new website design will surely make the money roll in from actual clients instead of waiting for checks from Wallet Pop. 

I  think I’m the only person that goes to that website on a regular basis.  Isn’t it sad?  I’M Tracy’s biggest fan!  Lovely.

Anyway, I noticed on the front page that Tracy has once again written some wonderful things about her self.  She says of herself:

“Tracy L. Coenen, CPA, MBA, CFE is a world class expert on fraud examination and financial investigations.”

World class?  Really?  If there were an Olympics for fraud investigating, Tracy would be competing?  Not only does Tracy have no problem calling herself an “expert” without kidding in the least, now she is a “world class expert”. 

So I checked her resume to see how she qualified as “world class”.  Tracy is a member of “International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators” which is the only international group I saw on the list.  A note about Tracy’s list of organizations: My husband gets invited to a lot of these groups for sleep medicine.  Basically you send them a check for between $60 and $300, and you’re a member.  Sometimes you get a subscription to some horribly boring magazine.  BONUS!  So I am not impressed that Tracy knows how to write a check.  Writing a check to an organization with “international” in the name certainly doesn’t make you a “world class” anything.  Maybe a world class sucker for joining.

So what else is listed on Tracy’s website that would qualify her as “world class”.  In my opinion, NOTHING anyone does gives them the right to call THEMSELVES “world class”.  How friggin tacky is that!  Tracy must think she has the charisma of Muhammad Ali.  But seriously, you guys check out her new site and tell me what you think.

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Scribbler Strikes Again

One thing you have to say about Scribbler, she is really invested in this whole anti MK thing.  She spends A LOT of time thinking, planning, and executing these little projects.  The result is endless entertainment for you and me.  So, thanks Scrib!

 If you guys want to join in on the conversation on You Tube click here. Be gentle.

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