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Curious bids Pink Truth adieu


Written By: ScrewU

Ahhhh… yes.  It might be a new year but it’s the same ole same ole at Pink Truth.  Curious posted this ‘Goodbye Cruel World’ (as our BFF PUR discribed it). Read the rest of this entry »

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Written By: ScrewU

This was on the Dear Tracy thread but I felt it needed it’s own post because it was both eloquent and a Goodby Cruel World post.  Thanks Pixie.  Not sure if that was your name on Pink Truth but here we go anyways Read the rest of this entry »

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This is what you get


Written By: ScrewU

It is just too damn easy predicting what is going to happen on Pink Truth.  Can they even make it a challenge?  I posted in What ScrewU Thinks that I thought PUR was getting sick of Tracy’s ways.  Her dislike of Tracy was going to soon outweigh her obsession for anti-mlm.  Could I be any more right?  Read the rest of this entry »

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Shay’s Good Bye Cruel World

Yes, I KNOW that you’ve all seen this already, but maybe some of you haven’t had the chance to read some of the comments.  So here’s what I have:

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Bluehairedbebe’s good bye cruel world letter. I love these.


Dear PT readers, aquaintences, etc.,
This blog just isn’t what it used to be.  Since Sickie/Happy, HighHopes, PPPj’s, Not-a-Beeleiver, Eyesicle, Miss Periwinkle, Apple Berry, Mrs. Metaphor, Gothie, Duped, Dizzy, (and the list goes on and on) have been banned or run off, it feels boring compared to what it was here.  I came, I got my MK return info (thank you NMD), I got my checks (yes, plural) from MK, and I don’t really see a reason to continue ranting about it any longer.  I’ve let it go.  The people that left Pink Truth were banned (at least in part) for raising questions.  In my first few months here I  personally witnessed Tracy administer the “smack-down” whenever someone posted something too “pro-MLM”.  To see people get ripped up and banned over differing opinions and then see that post on the home page from the hubby telling how his wife figure out how to do MK the right way, and tons of comments on how great that was…   What bothers me is that not too long ago people couldn’t post that type of stuff on PT w/o getting admonished.   The precious pot got stirred and people got banned.  Now the tone has changed, become gentler to newcomers who may still be in MK.  That is a smart move.  I even noted this change in my own comment to the hubby’s home-page thread that was not allowed through.  I am all for a nicer, gentler tone.  If someone still wants to do MK after having all the facts and isn’t trying to make a living off it, let them!  It’s not a reason to chew them out!  That some of my ex-PT friends/aquaintences got banned for questioning, and now this stuff is “allowed”, it’s the inconsistency that bugs me.  I am tired of the constant rule changes, the drama, the banning, the threat of lost privileges, trying to figure out why so and so got banned for X but not so and so… and now the site is boring too!  Not everything is black and white like your site, Tracy, and I don’t mean the color.   There are women in MK who know what it is and don’t need rescuing.  There is a gray area, it’s peaceful.  It offers genuine love and help.  Did I mention it got boring here?
If anyone wants to get ahold of me you better write down my email addy quick before this post gets deleted: XXXXXXXXXX at yahoo dot com.  I dealt with a difficult MK return and have answers to alot of questions regarding that.  I’ll still be on pink lighthouse if anyone wants to visit.
Done rethinking pink and rethinking PT.

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