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Ya think?

new Mary Kay director suit 2008

 According to Suzy Q, a bunch of new readers are finding Pink Truth when they google the new director suit image.  Let’s see if that’s true, shall we?

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If you didn’t think PT followers could make you any more sick, read on… by Meow Mix

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More good reads from the PT discussion board? by Meow Mix

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A Theme Song for Me

Written By: My Bologna Has A First Name

I was watching MTV’s TRL and the #1 song was Lip Gloss.  It made me think of Me of mypinktruth.  I think it would be a good theme song for you, Me.  What do you ladies think? 

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Hot or Not

Written By ScrewU 

Just for fun… we’ve taken more pictures off of Tracy’s discussion board.  You know… the one that we are all banned from.  Makes you wonder how we do it Read the rest of this entry »

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MK Blogs Week In Review: June 2 – June 8

  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I’m late.  Sue me.  (Tracy, that’s a joke.  Don’t really sue me.)  It’s just that with all the rumors going around about me and the other blog owners, I feel like I’m going to breakdown or something.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Lookie Tracy! I took your picture.

I really don’t have anything to say about this pic.  I just like to steal stuff from Pink Truth. 

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MK Blogs Week in Review: May 26 – June 1


Let’s jump right in, shall we?

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OH! Now I see.


Double whammy in the ole e-mail inbox today.  A copy of Wednesday’s PT hatemail was delivered fresh to my virtual door. 

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The answers to all your questions and more.

From Sorry I Care, Kan I Enjoy?:

I have a problem.  I still believe in PT, but I also think your blog is hilarious.  I don’t want to be banned from PT, but I would really enjoy being able to post on your blog.  What can I do?

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