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Wanna play?


Written By My Bologna Has A First Name

Someone mentioned 20 questions and I thought that sounded like so much fun.  Doesn’t it?  So who wants to play?

I’m thinking of something, can you guess what it is?

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Got basement?


Written By My Bologna Has A First Name

I was sitting on my couch today, staring at the wall and I started thinking about how so many people I know in different states don’t have basements.  Why do some people get them and others don’t?  That seems really unfair.   I would think they all do but so many don’t.  Isn’t it dumb that so many people in Tornado Alley don’t have basements?  Or am I wrong?

I was hoping that we can name off all 50 states and people say yes or no.  You don’t have to tell us you live in that state.  Just say yes or no if you know that they do or don’t.  Thanks ladies.  I don’t think I will be able to sleep a wink until I know this.

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The answers to all your questions and more.

From Sorry I Care, Kan I Enjoy?:

I have a problem.  I still believe in PT, but I also think your blog is hilarious.  I don’t want to be banned from PT, but I would really enjoy being able to post on your blog.  What can I do?

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Are you ready?

I’m taking questions again for a little bit I like to call Q&A (I know, it’s genius!).  Please e-mail me your questions, and I’ll play Dear Abby and get back to you.

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Q & A, as promised

Wow, the response to my Q & A blog was totally underwhelming.  I did get a few questions though.

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The floor is now open….

Please email me your questions.  I’ll be posting a blog tomorrow with a little Q&A.

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