Dear Tracy

We all know that Tracy reads my site on a regular basis.  If there is something special you would like to tell Tracy, post it here.  You better believe she’ll get the message.


  1. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Hi Tracy!
    Do you miss me lots? I miss you. Now I don’t have anyone in my life to accuse me of wierd random things and boss me around. Miss you

  2. Dana said

    Hi, Tracy!!!!

    Just wanted to say you suck. I know you know this, but I don’t get tired of telling you.

    And you raise some good points about MK, but you sabotage yourself with also posting crap and by being an abusive, psychotic person.

  3. PTcrackkills said

    Dear Tracy,

    You suck! Big time!

    Love, PTcrackkills

    P.S. You still suck
    P.S.S You suck even more
    P.S.S.S You are the suckiest of the suckers!

  4. Duh said

    Very nice. You guys are just SOOOO MATURE.

  5. Meow Mix (Formerly RLB) said

    Dear Tracy,

    I think you are a whore. No, I didn’t say you ARE a whore, I said I THINK you are a whore.

    Do you like cheese?

    Bitches. Meow.

  6. The Cheese Stands Alone said

    Dear Tracy,

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    You’re a dirty whore.

    (sniff, sniff…..I miss you!)

    Bite me,


  7. Dana said

    Wow Cheese….. You’re quite the poet!

  8. Duh said

    LOL at rhyming! Rhymes are so fun.

  9. I LOVE CATS said

    You are a dirty rotten little cunt.
    (payback is a bitch, eh?)

  10. Duh said

    Uh Oh.

    Language. We’ve got LANGUAGE in here.

    *Covering my ears*

  11. taterbug said


  12. I LOVE CATS said

    Just repeating the words of the Queen herself. The “C” word is her favorite word. There are now 3 people I’ve heard her refer to as being a “C”. Nice, huh? What a lady!

  13. The Cheese Stands Alone said


    (running from “the c-word” with hands in the air)


    Going to a happy place! Going to a happy place!

  14. Meow Mix (Formerly RLB) said

    It’s not “cunt” it’s “who who”

    Or vajayjay

    Or vagina

    Or pussy

    Take your pick….

    Bitches. Meow.

  15. Duped said

    I am familiar with “hoo” in your list, and “beaver” is popular in Canada. Now, if you want to get really ditch pig, you could start referencing the “beef curtains” covering the “hoo”. Now that would just be sick though…so I won’t mention it. *ahem*

  16. Meow Mix (Formerly RLB) said

    LOL sick! I forgot about beaver. Good one!

    bitches. meow.

  17. Duh said

    I like beef curtains. I want to use it in a sentence.

    “Her beef curtains looked like a wizard’s sleeve.”


  18. Jus' thought you should know said

    Dear Tracy,

    You suck and your face looks like you sucked on too many…..lemons? 😛

    Love always,
    Your biggest fan

  19. I LOVE CATS said

    “Hoo-Ha” is my personal favorite, and “coozer” runs a close second.

    Beef curtains is absolutely NASTY. I wonder if Tracy’s beef curtains have strawberry blonde valances. (?) Just wonderin’ bitches.

  20. Dana said

    So Tracy refers to people as “cunts” and then starts a thread on the discussion board asking people to be less vulgar? Psycho or hypocrite or both? What is our Tracy?

    (Yeah, that’s right, Tracy! Despite your banning me I can still get on the discussion board…… deal with it!)

  21. I hope I am one of the 3 that Tracy called the C word. I would be so proud!

  22. *headdesk* for beef curtains. Still laughing – seriously. Never heard it, and can’t wait to ue it. But I don’t htink I can use it with a straight face.

    If Tracy wre a beef curtain, would she be on the left or the right? And would Alba be the other side?

  23. Sew duhprest said

    Deer Tracee

    Why come you no like me? I could be a ‘cunt’ two if it make u happee. Jus tell me what i got two do. I awready loss my job afta spendin awl my tyme on yo blog and den i loss my howse and ride afta givin yoor blog awl my monee and den i got 4 (lets sea how doo yoo spel it) restrayning orderrs afta gettin cawt up wit tha po po’s cuz i wus soulicitying yo pt cards and sherts all ova toun. whut mo do yoo want. I come bak two Kinkhos fo yoor reeplie layterr.

  24. Meow Mix (Formerly RLB) said

    Dang SEW you need some spelling lessons. Try Hooked on Phonics. It could help. Really.

    bitches. MEOW

  25. Airhead lurker said

    Dear Tracy,

    I’d like to dedicate this song by Kelis on your behalf to Sickie:

    My neck
    My back
    Oooh I love how you sniff my crack

    You can thank me later 😛 ((hugs))

  26. Hooked on Fonics wurked 4 mee!

  27. New To Pink said

    awe, hers doin hers best!

  28. Dana said

    Dear Tracy:

    You still suck!


  29. Miss Periwinkle said

    I love it. Tracy has so many fan clubs. This fan club loves to discuss Tracy-such flattery. Too bad this fan club doesn’t have any class though-such a mature, well-spoken and ethical group of people. These are some of the people raising our future. I’m so excited.

  30. Aww how cute... said

    Miss Peritinkle wants to play.. LOL

  31. tracysucks said

    Periwinkle, please, please, please…


    And I am not raising YOUR future, nut.

  32. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    Miss Periwinkle
    You’re so funny. I’m really glad you found your way here. You seem like a silly sort of gal.

    We certainly aren’t fans of Tracy. If you read for more than 3seconds, you would realize that. That would be like saying that PETA is for inhumane treatment of animals just because they expose it.

    But I like the way you twist things around. You’ll make a fun addition. Post away.

    OH! BTW, you’ll notice that we aren’t making any money on this site. No google ads. Too bad we can’t say that about Pink Truth and Tracy

  33. Licious said

    lol “Miss Peritinkle”. Now that’s funny! I don’t care who ya are, that’s funny right there.

  34. Duh said

    Class? Mature? Ethical?

    Whats those big words mean, Bologna?

  35. Duh said

    A little birdie told me that Miss Periwinkle is new to PT. Since Tracy is slacking, I’ll have to tell you myself. Miss Periwinkle, you aren’t allowed to post comments here, even comments that defend Tracy, because by acknowledging the existence of this blog you are being disloyal to Tracy. According to her, that is.

    She no likey.

  36. It’s been a while since I have read this thread. Thanks Miss Peritinkle for posting here. Re-reading the thread brought me some laughs. So, please come back, twist your panties in a bunch and give me some more laughs.

    Now, back to the hoochie-coo talk of earlier in this thread.
    My first OBGYN (Dr. Eppard) had a business partner with the name: Harry C. Beaver. I am not shitting you. He was/is and OBGYN in Northern Virginia. Needless to say, I switched OBGYN’s cus’ it was a little weird for me walking in the office and seeing Mr. Beaver’s name on the wall.

  37. Nicole said

    Miss Periwinkle said,
    August 4, 2007 @ 12:31 am

    I love it. Tracy has so many fan clubs. This fan club loves to discuss Tracy-such flattery. Too bad this fan club doesn’t have any class though-such a mature, well-spoken and ethical group of people. These are some of the people raising our future. I’m so excited.

    Well, Miss Periwinkle, if Tracy is such the mature, well-spoken woman with ethics, why does she continue posting, without permission, a video of MINE that I politely asked her to remove from YouTube?

    In fact, would a mature, ethical woman instead remove the request from the comments not once but twice? I seriously doubt it.

  38. Dear Miss Periwinkle: said

    Duh mentioned you are new to PT. If that is the case, you have no idea what Tracy is capable of. Steer clear and you will never find out. Touch the flame and you will get burned.

  39. Dear Nicole: said

    I’m not surprised. Her conscience left her a long time ago.

  40. snapyafingers said

    Hey guys. Ok-is her name Periwinkle or Peritinkle? Did she get banned? Just passing through reading and posting.

  41. Rebecca said

    Well, Nicole, file a complaint with Tracy’s web host. Just like Tracy complained to WordPress about Me’s recent post featuring Tracy!

  42. This site doesn’t ban people. That’s why this site was created. And the name is Periwinkle, not tinkle….that was just a typo….er uh…for fun. 😉

  43. Nicole said

    I already filed a complaint with YouTube but I didn’t think about her web host. Thanks for that.

    The other thing is, I gave her the opportunity to remove it by asking politely. As much as I am angered over her disregard for someone’s else feelings it does show more of her motives with PT and the general atmosphere. Since I was there to film that little “treasure” I’m able to say that Charles Fortenberry and the other participants thought they were very funny. Which seems to be how most men are when they do something they probably shouldn’t. That skit had already been performed during the event and it was a last minute “What? The guys want to do something? Oh. Ok, I guess we have time” and then here came Charles and crew. That’s another reason to shake my head and state that I do NOT support Tracy and her site. I fully support making changes to Mary Kay and educating the women involved but do I support sitting around and looking for the worst possible angle (Emasculation? Seriously?) and then dragging it out ad nauseaum?

  44. Nicole said

    I already filed a complaint with YouTube but I didn’t think about her web host. Thanks for that.

    The other thing is, I gave her the opportunity to remove it by asking politely. As much as I am angered over her disregard for someone’s feelings it does show more of her motives with PT and the general atmosphere. Since I was there to film that little “treasure” I’m able to say that Charles Fortenberry and the other participants thought they were very funny. Which seems to be how most men are when they do something they probably shouldn’t. That skit had already been performed during the event and it was a last minute “What? The guys want to do something? Oh. Ok, I guess we have time” and then here came Charles and crew. That’s another reason to shake my head and state that I do NOT support Tracy and her site. I fully support making changes to Mary Kay and educating the women involved but do I support sitting around and looking for the worst possible angle (Emasculation? Seriously?) and then dragging it out ad nauseum? I think it’s easy to see that I don’t.

    (delete that first response, I was not done yet before wordpress posted on me)

  45. Nicole, I assume you are talking of the blue wigged men dancing around? It is a funny video and does generate some laughs, but these men were just trying to support their wives. You are right, they shouldn’t be emasculated for that. Particularly in this day when there are many men who do not support their wives in what they do. These guys should be applauded for having the balls to do that in public the first place. 🙂

    PS If you were not talking about that particular video, I am sure the case is the same anyway.


  46. Duh said

    Hi Nicole,
    I don’t fully understand what happened here. How did Tracy get this video in the first place? Did you support PT at one time?

  47. What What said

    Dear Tracy – we don’t want to hear about your bionic underwear! Its great that you’ve found something that holds you in, but I for one don’t want to hear about it. TMI!

  48. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I forgot about this thread too. Funny stuff. Ms. Periwinkle makes me laugh. I laughed so hard, a little fart came out…….. 😉


  49. Miss Periwinkle said

    Thank You. Thank you very much. Sure didn’t mean to make you fart though[img][/img]

  50. Miss Periwinkle said

    oops-sorry-tried to put a smiley in there-didn’t work.

  51. Nicole said

    Duh said,
    August 5, 2007 @ 12:12 pm

    Hi Nicole,
    I don’t fully understand what happened here. How did Tracy get this video in the first place? Did you support PT at one time?


    I’ve NEVER supported PT. I’ve posted exactly twice on that site and both times were requests for Tracy take the link and my video down. I’m not sure how Tracy acquired the video but unless a member of PT was standing next to me in Fayetteville in January of 2005, that is the video clip from my camera.

  52. snapya-fingers said

    Dear Tracy-If you only knew-oh if you only knew! Hahahehehohohoohoo off to the funny farm you go!

  53. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Yeah, it made me fart. But just a little fart. Like a “peep” kinda fart. But it was worth it because it was funny shit yo.


  54. snapya-fingers said

    Dizzy~you are too funny~peep!

  55. Duped said

    I forgot about this thread until today…there is some seriously fucked up funny shit here. Miss Periwinkle really did make me smirk. Yes, be very afraid – I am raising the next generation of children that will actually know a con-artist when they see one. Horrors. *eye roll*

    I could go into the whole “how dare you say I am a bad Mommy” rant, but to tell you the truth, I could really give two flying shits what others think of me anymore. 😛

    I will say one thing though – I wish I could fart when I laughed. Usually, if I laugh too hard I just pee a little, but no farts. I am so jealous, Dizzy. 😉

  56. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    LOL yeah, I was going to say pee, but that was too common. I had to come up with something different. I think it worked, no?


    Dear Tracy,

    I still think you’re a fucking bitch.



    That is all.


  57. Duh said

    Dear Tracy,
    What’s going on over there at PT? Why is everyone coming over here now?

    If my traffic gets any higher, I may have to start selling t-shirts. Maybe I’ll have to move to! Wouldn’t that be exciting.

    Love you,

  58. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said



  59. Duh, I am offended! You haven’t used your new tag line at all. (Some call me duh, but Tracy doesn’t call at all.) Oh, wait a minute, you don’t give a shit if I am offended or not. Brain fart on my part. (Ouch that hurts.)

    And, just so you know, I refuse to buy any fuckin’ BFBF t-shirts, I will only donate to your plasma tv fund, for the KIDS! 😉

  60. Willie Lump Lump said

    Dear Tracy,

    Ok, judgin’ by all the newbies here in the last 48 hours, I think it’s safe to assume that…..


    Love always,
    Big Willie

  61. LMAO said

    She sure did Willy!

  62. tracysucks said

    Another wave of Tracy done gone and fucked up??

    Now that makes me laugh hard enough to pee and fart…

  63. Barf said

    HUGE HUGE HUGE FUCK UP! Tracy you did it to yourself.

  64. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Dear Tracy,

    What the hell did you fuck up THIS time? You’re an idiot.




  65. Barf said


  66. well... said

    She posted gossip in a thread about specific people by name that may or may not be true even while talking about how gossip is bad. It took her way too long to delete the thread. The damage was already done.

  67. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    She did? What a TARD!


  68. Barf said

    So I’ve heard. And that thread on the blog with the lady with the pants. Tracy left that up their for how many days?? (with the disgusting comments starting right away). Then someone starts a thread on the board asking where it went. Tracy comes in with some lameass response.

    BUCK UP Tracy. You’ve been found out by MANY MANY MANY people.

    *applause and standing ovation to Tracy, you’ve fucked up again*

  69. What What said

    Does anyone have a copy of that thread? Send it to Duh post haste!

  70. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I need to ask all you ladies a question…let’s take this over to the mush pot….

  71. Willie Lump Lump said

    Dear Tracy,

    Biting the hands that fed you, eh? GAWD, you are one dumb ass broad! I think those spanx you got are soo tight they’re cutting off the blood circulation to your already fucked up brain.

    Miss you,
    Big Willie

    P.S. Give my love to Miss. Peritinkle for me, will ya! Thanks.

  72. Willie Lump Lump said

    Dear PUR,

    You wanna be Tracy when you grow up, huh?

    Don’t lie.

    Fuck you,
    Big Willie Style

  73. Willie Lump Lump said

    Dear Tracy,

    Ya know…i was thinking about how you’re losing so many members suddenly and all just as you ban some of your biggest supporters that i really couldn’t help but ponder…

    …is it YOU or your supporters that ‘MAKE’ Pink Truth. 😛

    Thinking of you,
    Willie 😛

  74. FreeFromPT said

    Dear Tracy, what the hell were you thinking disrepsecting SuzyQ like that? Having cyber-sex in the chatroom with her SON. Jeez! And you make fun of MKRealist for having talked about sex in chat. Infact, isn’t that why you banned her?

    I certainly do not like that kind of talk and do not participate in it. BLECH.

    Maybe you outta think about what YOU do on chat with other people’s children and the mom in the room before you judge others!

    That is disgusting. Who does that kind of shit? I am offended as a mom of child that they would EVER come in contact with the likes of you. If I had been that boy’s mom I’d grabbed his ear and walked away from PT and never looked back.

    SuzyQ, WHY would you stay there while this happened? Is disrespecting you to THAT degree ok with you?

  75. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Dear Tracy,

    I still think you are a fucktard.



  76. Willie Lump Lump said

    Dear Tracy,


    Big Willie

  77. FreeFromPT said

    Willie, you read my mind. I am disapointed. I think you could have done better. Let me do it for you.

    TRACY, PEOPLE ARE TIRED OF YOUR ACTIONS! You took my privileges away and thought I would just “buck up”. HA!

    You then took MANY other’s privileges away and they called you on it.

    Aren’t ya glad you started a thread to dog on me? BACKFIRE! Nice job. You showed you true colors and people are leaving in DROVES.

  78. Willie Lump Lump said

    I’m sorry, i was too busy bustin’ a gut over here….


  79. PC said

    ok, she started a thread to dog sickie? really? LOL

    whatever. she certainly had no problem trying to USE sickie for her own purposes when it suited her.


  80. FreeFromPT said

    yeah pc – it’s on duh’s blog – “for the good of the community”.


    freak. (hey that’s a tag-line I like).

  81. Pinktruth Repellant said

    Hi Tracy!!
    Remember your banned friend!
    Keep up with your pinktruth freaks, cuz I’m free from your sick whinning skills.

  82. Kit said

    There’s less and less of a “community” lately, huh FFPT? 🙂

  83. Dear Tract-

    Did you read Miss Periwinkle’s 8-4-07 post above? Good. Glad you thought you had such a staunch supporter. And at hte time, yo uprobably did.

    But when you act like a cray zee biyotch with warts who needs steel girders to hold it all in and Cabbage Patch Kids Cornsilk hair extensions jsut to go out of the house, well, your staunchest supporters will all wake up and get he hell out!


  84. Oh, fuck. Obviously, that was for Tracy, not some twat named “Tract”. Yes, TC, I’m talking to you!

  85. Which movie was it where the King says to his son about his future bride….”she has huuuuuge….tracts of land…” Is that from a Monty Python movie?

  86. I was NoPink said

    The Quest for the Holy Grail. wwaaay funny, esp when you only had 2 hrs of sleep.

  87. throwinguppink said

    I love Monty Python!!

  88. “But Father I just want to singg….” that was a GREAT MOVIE…I can’t believe I forgot that is where that line originated…ack

    My favorite though, “Oh, king eh…and how’d you get that? From exploiting the masses, that’s how!”

    “So just because some watery tart throws a sword at you you think that makes you king?”

  89. tracysucks said

    Watery tart. *snort*

  90. ScrewU said

    YES!!!!! Quest for the Holy Grail is awesome! Best movie evah!
    Now go away… or I shall taunt you once more

  91. ScrewU said

    Oh yeah
    And then when the black knight says ‘Tis but a scratch’. The black knight is so funny

  92. “It’s merely a flesh wound, keep fighting”

    “Whatta you going to do, bleed on me?”

  93. ScrewU said

    hahahaha YES!
    And I do believe he says ‘Tis but a flesh wound’
    But I love the whatta you going to do.

    I used to have that movie and I lost it. Damn the MAN!!!!

  94. Duped said

    OMG – I am literally LOL. I think I know which movie the dh and I are watching tonight! That movie made me laugh so hard, I pee’d. 😀

  95. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Dear Tracy,

    All of your followers are leaving you. Are you sleeping ok at night? Are you having nightmares? Do you feel abandoned, alone….scared? Good. Because you are a bitch. And you can’t deny others are figuring that out. “How’s the workin fer ya?”



  96. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Ahhh man, am I supposed to be signing these with sincerely?

  97. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Free, you can write in whatever format tickles your fancy, with or without “sincerely” 😉


  98. Left the Freakshow said

    LOL! Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail … best movie EVER! my favorite line(s) …

    “Bad Zoot, naughty Zoot! You must give her a spanking!” “Oh, spank me, spank me!”

  99. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I must be the only one who hasn’t seen any of the Monty Python movies….

  100. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    I haven’t seen them either. Par-tay at Dizzy’s! 🙂

  101. I have the DVD that’s out now that has been translated into Japanese, and then subtitled back into English. I’m simply going to have to see it tonight.

  102. Help! Help! I'm being repressed! said

    OMG, that is PERFECT! But instead of a KING Arthur, we have a QUEEN!

    Listen. Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.
    Be quiet!
    Well, but you can’t expect to wield supreme executive power just ’cause some watery tart threw a sword at you!
    Shut up!
    I mean, if I went ’round saying I was an emperor just because some moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, they’d put me away!
    Shut up, will you? Shut up!
    Ah, now we see the violence inherent in the system.
    Shut up!
    Oh! Come and see the violence inherent in the system! Help! Help! I’m being repressed!
    Bloody peasant!
    Oh, what a give-away. Did you hear that? Did you hear that, eh? That’s what I’m on about. Did you see him repressing me? You saw it, didn’t you?

  103. Duped said

    Thanks for the laugh! LOL God damn I love that movie! 😛

  104. Dana said

    Dizzy, I haven’t seen the Monty Python’s either. I’m a pariah at work because of this……..

  105. ScrewU said

    Watch the movie!! You will laugh and laugh. Trust me. If you don’t think it’s funny, it’s cuz you are stupid. So just pretend to think it’s funny or we’ll know the truth about you.

  106. MG said

    Oh my heavens you guys are so funny! I am literally laughing out loud at all of the comments on this thread.

    Back on the vajayjay subject… there are 2 towns in my state that are pretty close together and so usually when you talk about one you are talking about the other, and group the names together. Guess what the names are!?!??!? Filmore and Beaver. NO LIE!

  107. I'll have a Cosmo said

    You from Pennsylvania? I remember seeing a sign for Beaver, PA!

  108. MK4ME (Black Sheep) said

    PA has Intercourse too!!

  109. BluehairedBebe said

    Speaking of Monty Python, did any of you see Jabberwokky (or however you spell it)? I tried to wait for it to change, but it was just beheading after beheading and so on. I watched for a really long time thinking it would change, and that perhaps that was what the funny thing about it was and that maybe, just maybe, there would be some incredibly hilarious treat at the end for those who had the stomach to get that far. But, I turned it off. Just couldn’t watch anymore. I like Flying Circus and The Meaning of Life. Jabberwokky, what I saw of it, sucked ass.

  110. BluehairedBebe said

    Oops, sorry, I just noticed that this is the “Dear Tracy” thread. I’m new here, so if anyone can point me to the “introduce yourself” place and where I can get an awesome pic like some of you have (I want a pic of Bebe from SouthPark but w/ blue hair – like mine).
    In the “dear Tracy” spirit, here is what I have to say:
    Dear Tracy,
    Your reputation has been marred, your integrity shredded publicly (uh, you did alot of this yourself, bitch, when you “as a joke” just about had cyber-sex w/ FS in front of his mama), and I find it hard to call you trustworthy. Seeing that your large blog has so much Jr. High drama going on, that just makes me want to get the F*** out of there. You run PT like an evil monarch from the dark ages, ruling with an iron fist. I have watched as you have banned those that will not tow your line, who stop to ask questions. All hail Tracy, or else!! “EEEEEKkkkkk”, scream her little minions as she threatens loss of privileges on a stupid blog. Little do your poor line-towers know that you are just using them all in the name of spreading truth for your own agenda: bringing down Mary Kay Inc. Now that would be an achievement for a lowly accountant, wouldn’t it? That would really get your career a-movin’ and a-shakin’. Perhaps you have grandiose delusions of being interviewed on the talk show circuit after sinking the “Pink Titanic”. You recently spoke of “your unit” in a post on PT. I was under the impression you were never in MK?? Am I wrong? Did you actually join at some point? Or are you flat out lying to noobies since a chic with a website against MK who was never even in MK doesn’t really add up??
    Let’s play a little game you and me. See if you can figure out who I am. Ready, Set, Go!

  111. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said


    BlueHairedBebe….Something tells me I like you a LOT! I left you a message on another thread (you gave me a shout out). I must know you.

    Do you wanna e-mail me? I’d love to keep in touch. If not I understand.

  112. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    ^Ya what they said!!!!^

    Dear Queen,

    Do you have any real friends or have you treated them all like shit, much like you do on your crap ass blog? Do you think anyone really gives a flying fuck about what you think about MK. In the grand scheme of the universe you are but a cling-on in the asshole of life. You are a bully and nothing more. Do you think that by intimidation and name calling you are fighting a good fight. Your hate mail Wednesday was shit, you put it up and then encouraged everyone to do your bidding so you didn’t look like the shit for brains asstard that you encouraged everyone else to be? Now that more of your blog turds are calling you on it, all of a sudden you’ve change your tune and aren’t doing it anymore. You once said it was a draw to the blog. Says a lot for your blog if you have do mindless mean spirited shit like that. You talk about psychological/emotional triggers that MK employs, did you read their handbook of mind control? In my book you are just as bad as they are with the stuff you do. Look in the mirror, I think you would see a fugly face staring back at ya. Can you really live with yourself at the end of the day?

    Hagzilla/bitchzill with pms

    Asstard fuckwits

  113. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Psssss I’ve had hemorrhoids that were more fun than you!


  114. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I think Hagzilla and Blue figured out this site real quick like and are diggin it. Cuss away bitches, cuss away. You are in the right place.


    Dear Tracy,

    You are STILL a fucktard.

    Fuck you.




  115. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Yo Dizzy are you my illegitmate half sister??????? Bwahhhaaaaa


  116. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Hag….I think so! But only if you love the word fuck as much as I do.


  117. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Well shit, then you are my illegitimate half fucking sister.

  118. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    fucking awesome!!!


  119. Duped said

    I think I luuuurve you hagzilla. I even love your fucking name. Hagzilla…sweet.

    Fudge packers.

  120. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    I thinks me luuurves Dizzy and Duped, three farts cut from the same cloth.

    Yo Ho’s

    Smoochies from Haggie

  121. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Dupes is coo peeps too. She lurves fuck as much as the rest of us.

    Fuckers all around!


  122. Duped said

    Fuckin’ fart knockers….all o’ ya…*including* my Broncos. 😛

  123. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    So Duped does Queen Fuckwitt count as a Fart knocker????


  124. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    GREAAAAAAAAAAAAT I’m never gonna hear the end of football, and this is just the beginning! Where’s’ all my fellow non football loving bitches? Am I alone here?


  125. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    I hate football. I would rather be a blog turd on pt.

  126. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    hagzilla – hold your tongue! People have been cyber-shot on here for saying things like that! 😛

  127. I am TOO a Daisy! said

    MG- I’m late in replying to your post, but I have a Beaver AND a Filmore in my state. If you also have a Hurricane and a Roosevelt, we’re from the same state!

  128. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Holding tongue, I think I would rather watch football than be a PT blog turd, at least the guys look cute in their tight pants. Meeeeooow!

  129. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    PHEW Hagzilla! I thought we’d lostya there for sec. Nice recover!

    Do I know you, BTW? There are more and more people from PT coming over here daily it’s astounding.

  130. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Wow, I am so glad more are getting out of there. It really is astounding to think how many of us got caught up in all the is PT. I guess it is so much like MK we all felt comfortable.

  131. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Wow, I am so glad more are getting out of there. It really is astounding to think how many of us got caught up in all the is PT. I guess it is so much like MK we all felt comfortable.

  132. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Yeah one cult to another without a blink of an eye.

  133. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Cults are bad. No cults here. Just PT haters yo!


  134. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    All blogs are like cults. Bowing down to DUH the mistress of BFBF.


  135. Dear Tracy,

    Just noticed that you put up a post on the FRONT PAGE today that’s a real yawner. Titled “I want to stay at home!”

    Gee, it’s been up there for what, an hour, and nobody’s yet posted a comment. Not even from the rah-rah chorus.

    God. At least the main page of PT used to be interesting.

    No more.

    Hate the new unimproved site.

    Don’t like you much either.


    Frozen Tootsies
    (You can kiss my furry little paws)

  136. mg said

    I am too a daisy:
    Same state it is! Im in Southern where are you?

  137. BluehairedBebe said

    Sickie! You DO know me! From PT! I can’t “out” myself yet because Traczilla is reading. I’ll email you when I go to my email next (I don’t check it everyday). I’ve only emailed HH and PPPJ so far (hint, hint – but don’t out me yet guys!), and that was before I ever visited here. Didn’t keep my PT name here, doesn’t fit me anymore, but I might add it on later so that as more and more people are scared away from PT they’ll know who I am.

    Oh YooHoo, Tracy, know who I am yet? I hope it keeps you up at night! Of course, I don’t have to wish that on you, you’re so paranoid it’s probably already true! Happy Mole Hunting ya biotch!

  138. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    BlueHairedbebe – I think I might know who you are. Do you know my former national?

  139. BluehairedBebe said

    I know we all posted who our “higher-ups” were at one point, but sorry, I don’t remember who yours was. Keep thinking…

  140. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Ok – then you are not who I think you are, cuz you and I spoke at length about mine in PMs on 2 different boards.

  141. BluehairedBebe said

    Hang on there, my computer is slow. Trying to get another page up so I can email you. Patience my young padewon, patience.

  142. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    I mean the person I thought you were spoke about blah blah blah

  143. BluehairedBebe said

    OK, I emailed you. Just now. Like one second ago. I have to get off the dang computer because I’m supposed to be somewhere in a half hour. See all you all HOS lata!

  144. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Got it and returned it! Glad to see you here bluehairedbebe. I’m surprised that you feel the way you do about PT (well not surprised, but surprised). Thanks for the e-mail.

  145. prdiva4 said

    Dear Tracy,


    It was nice for you to hijack my account BITCH!

    What goes around comes around BITCH!


    prdiva4 (SLUT #4)

    PS: ok now I must head straight to church, this BITCH made me curse her out… UGH!

  146. bluehairedbebe said

    Yo Diva! Tracy hacked into your account? Why on earth? What is her damage? This just makes me want to be around PT less and less and I feel ickier everyday that I still am. Eww. It makes me feel ~dirty~. Gotta go take a shower hos, wash off those PT germs.

  147. Dear Tracy,

    I see that post called “I want to stay at home” or something has been up on your FRONT PAGE for a whole day and has drawn EIGHT comments.


    Traffic a little slow?

    Try posting content that’s a little more interesting than dinner at Wendy’s with your retired aunt. You know. The one who always snapped at you to “mind your manners” when you were a kid and spent Saturday cleaning her house with rollers in her hair – and couldn’t understand why she couldn’t get a date much less a man. Not that she would know what to do with a man if one landed in her lap.

    But I digress. Let me get this man off my lap for a minute and get back to the subject.

    I see that today you posted another sermon from raisinberry and it’s already drawing comments. Yep. You stick with the raisin, she’s righteous. And I bet she don’t let people see her in hair rollers, and she didn’t have trouble getting a date.

    Now, how long raisin’s hanging around yo house, Tracy. Who knows?

    I’d be sweatin it. ‘Cos without her stuff you could be hurtin real fast. Back to those Old Aunt link-lists. Handy? Yeah. But sexy as snow tires.

    Now, where did that guy wander off to? ‘bye. . .

    Frozen Tootsies – you can kiss my furry little paws.

  148. Dana said

    BlueHaired, I don’t know you, but I like you already, because you quoted Star Wars. That right there is enough to earn a spot in my cold heart. 🙂

    Oh, wrong thread.

    Dear Tracy,

    You suck.


  149. I love star wars!

    Nasty to my frieneds you must not be!


  150. Dana said

    Are we the Rebel Alliance to Tracy’s Evil Empire? She thinks she’s totally powerful but doesn’t realize that she’s going down?

  151. WannaBeAStar_Wars said

    DarthTC to Yoda: I’m going to bring down the Mary Kay Empire and be the most famous person in the UNIVERSE!

    Yoda to DarthTC: Break me a fuckin’ give!

  152. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Frozentooties, I had to go look for myself (thanks a LOT) and it looks like since your post at 9:50 til now 2:15 (almost 4 1/2 hrs) there have been 12 additional comments made.

    That’s some serious interest – 20 comments. *whew* burning up the bandwith today.

  153. Dana said

    Dear Tracy,

    To quote Yoda “Powerful you have become, but the dark side I sense in you.”

    (Does anyone know when Yoda said that?)

  154. Strawberry Shortcake said

    Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

  155. Strawberry Shortcake said

    do I get a prize?

  156. Dana said

    Yes. You get the respect and admiration of your peers.

    Wow….. desperate for prizes….. you’re in MK, aren’t you? 😉

    What always amused me about that line was Dukoo had just tried to kill multiple Jedis. So when Yoda said, “the dark side I sense in you” I wanted to yell at the screen “Oh really? What was your first clue?”

  157. Love Love LOVE Star Wars, although I’m a fan of 4, 5, and 6.

    In a galaxy far far away…..(cue music)

  158. Wow – “I want to Stay at Home” is back down to 8 comments – WTF: were there dissenting opinions posted that ended up deleted?

  159. prdiva4 said

    Yo Blue!

    Check out the comments from this thread..

    towards the end on Sep 3rd, 4th and 5th..

    Yo Tracy!

    You are still a BITCH!



    SLUT #4

  160. Strawberry Shortcake said

    Dana, was in MK, was. 🙂 I think it ruined me. LOL

    PPPJ, Yeah, 4-6 are much better than 1-3, but I’ll watch any of them.

  161. Dana said

    1 is the worst in my opinion.

  162. Princessdamame, FFPT was probably talking yesterday about raisinberry’s post having 20 comments; the earlier post about “I want to stay home” STILL has only 8 comments.

    Traffic on PT has got to be down. The new site is fugly. Frozen Tootsies’ eyes hurt if she looks at it too long. And no, Frozen Tootsies was NOT out whorin around last night so don’t start that crap.

  163. Dana said

    Oh, Frozen…. you decided to take a night off? I’m sure you’ll be right back at it tonight!

  164. Nope. Frozen Tootsies does 4 10’s now, and takes Mon – Wed nites off.

  165. Not a Bee-liever said

    Dear Tracy,
    That expression “stirring the pot” is really grating on my nerves.

    Not a Bee-liever

  166. Katherine X. Pryde said

    While there are some honest Mary Kay women out there in MLM land, there are many more that would never make it past an interview with Bill O’Reilly in the “No Spin Zone”. The sad truth is that many in leadership positions fail to give the whole picture to their units or their national area. They paint a pretty picture in their monthly newsletters but so few consultants who see it (or for that matter directors) really know the lie behind the statistics.

    For example, I was perusing a national newsletter and here are some interesting things that few people in the area would even know. There was a director listed who had over 150 unit members in her unit. She was receiving recognition for this great accomplishment. However, the reason she had so many in her unit was not because she was doing so well in her business. The truth is she frontloaded many people and pushed them to directorship. Then, because there was no foundation under those directors, they eventually lost their units and she inherited their hard work for which she is now being recognized. See how the “MK spin” works?

    Another example can be found in the list of the top units for the area. One of those recognized is the daughter of the NSD. As first line directors to the NSD retire, lose their units or step away, their unit members are given to the daughter. She did not have to work for these units. She is being given a nice slice of the pie and being recognized as though she did the work. Again… this is something that many people would not be aware of if they just looked on the surface.

    Of course, one of the most outstanding examples of “spinning” is a list of those who are driving Cadillacs, Premier Club vehicles or Grand Achiever vehicles. If you read the name, and then, look at what they are doing in production per month, often you will see they are that they are falling short of what they need.

    It takes $16 K to avoid co-pay in the Cadillac arena per month, $8,000 for Premier Club and for Grand Achievers, they must maintain $4,500 in production from their personal recruits plus themselves monthly. Essentially, once you qualify for a car, you are tied to it for two years. There is a lot of pressure with driving an MK car. More often than not, there are co-pays going on behind those fake smiles. I know…I did that for a while and it is no fun.

    Perhaps the biggest lie with a reward tied to it was found on the page of the letter that talked about the Queen’s Court of Sharing. In order to be on the Court, a director must recruit 24 Seminar qualified women during the year. To be qualified, you must have the recruit do a minimum $600 order.

    One of those listed on the page had many more than 24 during the year. However, what is not published is how she managed to do this. She basically signs the person up, gets them to get a loan through her bank the same day and gets the order in immediately. If they try to back out, she reminds them that they just signed loan papers and cannot back out. It is a neat and quick operation and it netted her high results.

    What readers of the letter do not know is that this has to happen over and over and over in order to maintain a unit. Each month, a director has to add 10 new people to the unit to grow. Recruiting five will only maintain the unit but not grow it. It is a never ending cycle of replacing people and getting them to buy inventory. In addition, this director like many others will experience huge charge backs as they march towards the diamond bumblebee. What a price to pay for a piece of jewelry…what a hardship for the women recruited.

    When it comes to “spinning” (so everything looks upbeat, positive, and solid), no one does it better than MK Directors and NSDs. They make the business sound exciting and fool proof. However, they are more like the bureau of disinformation when it comes to being downright honest.

    If consultants and even other directors only knew the real stories behind all the rewards and recognitions, they might see that Mary Kay is not enriching lives but impoverishing them. As my mother so often told me, don’t believe everything you hear, see or read. This goes double for the Mary Kay world.

  167. Katherine X. Pryde said

    We have talked about the cult mentality and technique that Mary Kay sales leadership employs to draw in and convince women that the world of Mary Kay is the most wholesome and strengthening environment for women. It has been discussed that slogans designed to shut down objective thinking are repeated over and over until one repeats them to themselves.

    Hiding behind the control of “positive attitude”, the faults and flaws of Mary Kay are unable to be discussed and those who attempt it are shunned. What we do not notice is a reduction of our “standing” as an independent contractor. By being inundated by the sloganeering, we become diminished in our capacity to evaluate what is really being said to us, and believed about us. A woman who tells you to “put on your big girl panties” is mindlessly repeating a slogan that was said to her, without ever evaluating what she is really saying.

    Your objections, hardships, concerns and criticisms are reduced to one single thought. You are acting like a child, and you need to grow up and get a pair of whatever the women wear, who don’t complain and criticize or have concerns. Putting on your big girl panties is a vulgar and demeaning way to reduce you to nothing more than a whining baby in a diaper.

    Let me ask you a question. In a professional environment, would your boss, male or female, EVER tell you that the answer to your concern that you have no leads or bookings is, “well put on your big girl panties and get to work”?

    I mention this, because one of the reasons why Mary Kay is out of control in its abuse of women, is that very few women have actual success in this company. They believe (due to the positive mental attitude control tactic) that everyone ELSE does. So they adopt the sayings of all the noteworthy, stage hogs and repeat them without ever evaluating what they are really saying.

    It is a combination of the lack of personal success, the “fake it till you make it” attitude, combined with mimicking those who are believed to be successful, that brings us this vast sea of mindless slogans that offer us no real help in the building of our so-called businesses.

    From, “believe and achieve”, to “show up to go up”, “stars drive cars” to “if it is to be it’s up to me”, all this crafted sloganeering hides the grim reality that most of the “professional” sales force have no real leadership training, no real personal success selling this product, and no evaluation of their skills from a “National” or Corporate Sales Trainer that could have course corrected this nonsense long ago.

    Masquerading as a Cosmetics giant, Mary Kay, by its own behavior, admits that it is simply a large Cosmetics Day Care for 1.1 million hobby consultants who squeal and prance over the illusion of success and cheap prizes. And “managing” that production are the Directors who believed the sloganeering and kept their mouths shut as to their lack of success, because they were certain that success was just a recruit away. They after all, had earned their Big girl panties.

    I find it ironic that we women, who wouldn’t tolerate this kind of talk in a regular corporate environment, do so from OTHER WOMEN! Mary Kay as a direct seller, escapes responsibility for attending to the leadership skills or lack thereof of the 250 plus NSD’s and 14K Sales Directors. In essence, even Directors are only taught, “book sell book recruit”.

    That leaves the entire consultant sales force victim to the bad behavior, deceitfulness, manipulation and ignorance of those, who are supposed to be teaching them. One look through the stories on this site will validate the fact that many NSD’s are guilty of abuses of finances, spirituality, emotions, and leadership, through the way they communicate and the little concern they show for skills development in their downline.

    After all, what skill does it take to write down the numbers of a credit card, hold a meeting, or dangle a prize to get guests to come hear a new batch of sloganeering?

    And Direct Seller, Mary Kay, Inc. is protected from responsibility, it seems, because we are all “independent”. How convenient.

    It might be time to think of nothing else than for conviction to fall on every NSD and all of Mary Kay’s Corporate staff. A real awakening of all the abuses on so many levels that this company has tolerated and looked the other way on, to the detriment of beauty consultants, probably world wide.

    I mention this because I was told, that “what you think about you bring about.” I’d sure like to see if this is true.

  168. Roger Ballsman said

    Whoo hoo! I have a new recruit!

    “She will sign Saturday morning, she gets paid Friday! This is so much fun and so easy!!!!”

    Until Saturday comes, and there is no response to your calls… the email address you had for her bounces…

    This is so common, it’s pathetic. We all live for new recruits. Product in your basement may be your “ATM” but recruits (team members) are your retirement income. Except that so many do not sign. The typical scenario is like this: You take your “guest” to your Mary Kay meeting on Monday night. Your director is ON that night and your guest is so excited! YOU are so excited!!! Your Director is soooooooo excited!!!! Your director calls your potential team member to schedule an interview, and suggests coffee or lunch and SHE GOES! The fact that your Director giving is her a free mascara or a limited edition product “for her time” is a factor, but still…

    SHE IS IN! She is so excited again! Your director was soooooooo good and your potential team member is all but in the bag! You call her. She squeals, you squeal! All you have to do is wait until she gets paid. No biggie. You send a thank you note. Your director sends a thank you note. You are imagining all of the applause and “Atta girl’s” you will receive at the next meeting. This is great! It’s easy! This “layering thing” works! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK! Wow.

    Until Saturday comes and she has disappeared from the face of the earth.

    Your calls to her are unanswered, your director’s calls to her are unanswered. The emails bounce like rubber balls. Your answering machine messages increase in urgency. You are talking to your director frequently. She asks you to give it a day or two and maybe send a note. You agree and do so.

    Your new best friend and team member has bailed. You will not get a response. Trust me on this. Who knows what happens? They find PinkTruth? Talk to someone else? Have an unexpected bill? Feel pressured and then calm down and think rationally? Realize that all of the marketing information shared at the meeting, and then restated again at the “interview” sounds too good to be true?

    It happens to all of us. Really. Even directors, even top directors, OVER AND OVER AND OVER. More often than not. We learn as directors not to “count” the person until the agreement has been submitted. Then we hold our breath until we determine how much inventory they will come in with.

    Please understand that there is a period of time between the actual signing of the agreement and the “Inventory Talk.” When a newbie signs an agreement, she is under the impression that her total expenditure will be $100 + tax and shipping. She is not told that there is more…

    As directors we are taught that we lose a star level inventory every day that goes by after an agreement has been signed before the inventory talk. We like to set up an appointment with the newbie within 24 hours of the agreement. We go through the usual spiel, using the company brochure, or we copy another visual one off the internet… and off we go.

    We hit the ordering bonuses, the “freebies,” the Star Consultant program, the recognition, the full wagon scenario, the website, the business kits, etc., like our lives depend on it. They do. The more production we bring in, the bigger our checks. Most of us bought the spin from MKC that “Mary Kay does not like her directors to have other J.O.B.S.” so this IS our income.

    The worst scenario is when a unit member (or a director) has a NEW POTENTIAL RECRUIT at the end of the month. It is critical they sign NOW and come in with inventory. We know bankers who can get a credit card within hours (so long as there is a cosigner, or the newbie has great credit) It is hard to avoid the desperation that oozes through the pores of the struggling director who needs just ONE star to finish a car, or do production, or get an award or whatever.

    Consider this. If you come in now as a newbie… as a star… your director will talk up our color cosmetics. She will order color cosmetics for you. You will be very excited and can’t wait to show your friends. They will complain that they are a bit pricey, but what the heck, the compacts can be refilled.

    Please know that this is ALL changing in the Spring, and the chances of you selling all of it is slim. DO NOT ALLOW HER TO ORDER A BUNCH OF LIPSTICKS FOR YOU. They change in December.

    There is a reason that people change their minds after saying they will sign their agreements. They were smarter than we were.

  169. Roger Ballsman said

    This one is designed to make you feel like you didn’t work hard enough. All you have to do is get more customers. More customers means bigger business for you.

    Well, no kidding! The trick is actually finding enough customers to sustain a Mary Kay “business.” And that’s not nearly as easy as some make it sound. There are many reasons why women aren’t interested in Mary Kay: market saturation, recruiting pushes, low-quality products, better available product choices, disapproval of MLM, etc.

    So building a customer base can be very challenging. And when you get a good customer, you’re encouraged to recruit her, which is the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot if you’re trying to develop a retail sales base.

    One Mary Kay sales director had this idea for showing women how easy it is to build up customers. She does start off on the right foot, mentioning that a customer base is important. She doesn’t tell you that large customer base will be raided as you recruit your way up the Mary Kay career ladder, but that’s a different article.

    Here are Mary Kay sales directors recounting how they got their last three customers. Well that’s nice, but three doesn’t get you very far.

    Successfully moving from consultantship to directorship involves a
    large, strong and wide customer base. You want to build in multiple
    geographic locations, all age groups. This prevents postponements in
    mass numbers due to one unique situation that affects a small % of
    the population (example little league games or canning tomatoes 🙂
    refer to voice com training.)

    Our new directors are sharing with you were they found their 3
    newest customers.

    1. My last new customer came from the internet. She called me & I
    went to her home with samples and catalogs. She wanted everything
    because she lost her make up bag and wanted some new and exciting
    products. We’re scheduling a class with her friends.
    2. Then there was the new wife Gayle of my husbands long time friend
    Alan. Alan wanted my husband to tell him what I used on my face to
    make it look so good so his new wife could look better. I suggested
    a facial. They said she’d never agree. I called her anyway and she
    bought the roll up plus $90 more plus booked a class.
    3. My husband was telling the girls in his dental office about his
    newer truck that he got when I sold my car because I got my Mary Kay
    car. They said they all used Mary Kay because of a consultant that
    used to work there. Now they can’t find her and she hasn’t contacted
    them. They want me to be their consultant so I set up a lunch
    date/facials with them.


    1. One customer I met at a Business Women’s network meeting. Met on
    a Tuesday night. That Saturday I had a double facial with her and
    her daughter the following Thursday she held a class with 3 of her
    friends. And booked another class with some of her colleagues.
    2. At my current job I am a supervisor and have a hard time
    soliciting my business, however this summer I got an intern straight
    out of college who loves make up and saw my color palette and asked
    me what she had to do to get it. She has already bought from looking
    at my website and has booked an appointment to do a B&A for the
    Model of beauty search. I am turning that into a class with some of
    her friends.
    3. A referral. I sent the model of the beauty search e-card to all
    my customers and had one who did not want to do it but forwarded it
    to one of her friends she thought would be interested. That woman
    called me to schedule her B&A and asked if she could bring 2
    friends. That appointment is scheduled for this Wednesday coming.


    I live in a new community and I have been racking my brain trying to
    figure out how I can reach out to my neighbors. The problem is I
    work fulltime for the builder and they have made it clear that I can
    not solicit to “homeowners”.

    My next door neighbor said she would host a skin care class for me
    and invite some neighbors. It was Awesome.

    1. My neighbor, Janet, held the class and I met 4 new local women.
    Another neighbor, Ilinca, booked a class and Janet and her daughter
    booked a double facial for the model beauty search.
    2. At Ilinca’s class I met 3 more neighbors and booked Ilinca and
    her sister in law Andreea for a B/A for the model beauty search.
    Ilinca has listened to a choices CD, was interviewed and plans on
    staring her
    MK business this week. Andreea listened to the choices CD and was
    interviewed. Two days after the interview she moved back to NYC. I
    talked to her on Tuesday and put her to the “pink pillow test”. I
    will follow up tonight and hopefully she will begin her MK business
    3. I received a web order last night from a new customer. I am
    delivering her product on Thursday night and plan to book her for
    the model beauty search B/A. I planted the seed today over the phone.

    **I am currently working with local builders to set up a MK table in
    their most popular models. My plan is to pamper the men and women
    with satin hands and offer sun screen and after sun gel. Many Local
    builders are looking to offer more in the models because the market
    is so SLOW! Just a thought.


    1. Nursing home where I spend 2 days a week spending time with my 93
    yr old grandmother-in-law. I did a facial and she does want to book
    a party and earn product for free but she was going on vacation and
    then kids went back to school so she is planning her class for the
    first week of September.
    2. Boarder books – Gal by the Name of Danielle – Checked me out when
    purchasing a book to read just didn’t have a smile on her face and I
    just started warm chattering with her and booked a facial with her
    and when she came on Saturday she brought 4 of her friends and
    family. I did there class this past Saturday at noon and I booked
    one more class from that and Danielle is very interested in the
    opportunity and took a packet with her and she is coming to my
    meeting tonight. Very excited about that.
    3. I am on the PTO at my sons school. You talk about networking man
    that was the best thing I have ever done!!! I am excited to see
    where that takes me and my customer base!!! I know with just talking
    and passing out my LOADED LOOK book that Linda taught me about last
    week I have got some orders to pick up and deliver this week and I
    booked 2 classed already for the end of the month. I am sooooo
    excited about the women at school. and not to mention the moms I am
    going to meet!!
    4. The school does a community fair about a week after school starts
    and I got a table for that set up I will share the results after
    that happens.


    1. Name from a Fair Booth- We have a fair booth every year in our
    town… (keep in mind this is a name from last years fair) We had
    scheduled several appt. throughout last year, but they kept
    post-poning. We finally got to hold that appt. before seminar, had
    an interview, she wasn’t ready at that time. Mailed her a post card
    from seminar, told her wish she could be there, how much I valued
    her as a customer… She called me on Wed. and told me she was ready
    to join!
    2. Name from Day Care- (Beth sent out a daycare script and that’s
    what I have been using for this- thnx Beth) I have been going to
    daycares to honor working mothers- giving them goody bags and they
    give me their info. I met Farrah, she’s the director of the day
    care, she entered her name, booked an appt. for her and her friends
    and one for me to come back to the daycare after hours with all the
    employees, she bought a velocity set for her daughter and a
    foundation for her that day and another worker also booked for her/
    friends, she also bought a velocity set for her daughter that day…
    and will be doing her appt. next week…
    3. Referral from my sister- My sister ran into a girl she went to
    high school with and they got to talking and my sister told her how
    I was a Future Cadillac Sales Director w/ Mary Kay (that’s what my
    family calls me.. how exciting) and she said she lost her consultant
    and was in dire need of another.. She called me and purchased 2 skin
    care sets, and booked an appt./interview…
    4. Referral from Website- She’s never tried the products before was
    just interested, saw us on U-tube. Put in her zip code it referred
    her to me, booked an appt. for this week. ( I love my website, it’s

    1. I share the leads we receive from David’s Bridal here in our town
    and one of my recent customers came from David’s Bridal — cold
    calling leads. After her facial, and submitting her B&A for the
    “Model of Beauty Search” she became a personal recruit!! Yeah!
    2. The next two new customers came from warm chatting at a beautiful
    outdoor mall, Victoria Gardens. One from the Coach store — that
    turned into a double facial and she is going to recruit this
    Thursday and her girlfriend booked a party and will be hosting at
    least six new ladies I’ve not met.
    3. The other beautiful, very sharp woman I warm chatted while I was
    waiting for my husband and she was facialed and then booked a skin
    care class.

    1. One of my newest customers I met at a Nurses Day that I went and
    spent 2 days doing Satin Hands on all the nurses at a hospital for
    nurses week. I got many great customers but this newest one just did
    a class for me and is doing another one for me in a few weeks. The
    class was over $500 and I got 2 bookings.
    2. Another girl I am facialing this Wednesday I met her on MySpace
    through a mutual friend. I know that sounds crazy but I got a
    myspace account because of all of the high school friends that had
    accounts and we stay in touch that way. I have booked numerous
    classes through myspace. 3. Another new customer I got from a facial
    bag that I did at the coffee house I used to manage. The owner loves
    me and I always have something Mary Kay in her coffee house. 😉


    My newest customers came from one of my consultants who quit MK. I
    asked her to give me her customers, (some were mine before) and she
    did! Alicia booked a party then both her daughters booked. When one
    of them had her party I got 3 bookings. The last one of those three
    bookings had 18 people there for a PJ party. It was over $600.00 and
    I had a new consultant with me to help, but also to see how much
    money she can earn .


    1. my brothers girlfriend. She finally agreed to host a party that
    she thought no one would come to. She had 8 guests, $370 in sales
    and 3 bookings. Her Mom is considering joining
    2. I inherited a few customers from my sister,Michelle, when she
    quit. One has just reordered her Basic, but this week as I delivered
    it to her work, said that she’d love to come over to my house and
    let me help her with some color and try the new stuff! Hopefully
    next week.
    3. My other sister, Jennifer, lives in Nashville and takes up orders
    at work. A new girl wants to try some foundation. I’m going down
    this weekend and will meet her for a facial.

    The bottom line? Finding 3 customers is easy. Finding enough customers on a consistent basis to build a strong, large, and stable retail customer base is next to impossible in Mary Kay.

  170. OK, you ho, we can handle your trying to spam bomb the comments here by cutting and pasting WHOLE ENTRIES from PT. Yawn, bitch. Like, if we wanted to read her shit we’d go READ it. Hell, some of us here probably WROTE some of it.

    So, does this just prove you can be trusted with the pointy scissors now?

    “Katherine X Pryde,” your first comment is verbatim from

    KXP, your second is verbatim from

    and “Roger Ballsman” (cute?), your comment was a nice cut and past job from

    “Roger’s” second comment is from

    Frozen Tootsies is not impressed.

    She thinks you probably shouldn’t run with those scissors.

    She thinks you should go pound sand, and are building up karma in a place Tracy can’t control

  171. Frozen Tootsies may have posted a comment twice. Frozen Tootsies is not trying to spam bomb the comments, but she didn’t she her comment post and so she tried it again. Sorry if there was a double posting.

    Frozen Tootsies may be a rabid squirrel ho but she tries to mind her posting habits online.

  172. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    HAHAHAHAH GO Frozentootsies. You rock. That’s hysterical. LOL

  173. ScrewU said

    It’s cool Frozen
    Whenever anybody posts links, the spaminator catches it so I freed ya. Have at the stupid whorebag who can only copy other’s writings instead of commentnig on her own.
    Get a brain Katherine X. Pryde/RogerBallsman/Ohme Candoit and try not to let Tracy brainwash you so much

  174. ScrewU said

    I think she SHOULD run with scissors!

  175. Um, Roger? Are you trying to just get Duh some google hits or what?

    Don’t you KNOW that it’s illegal to cut and paste information from PT and paste it here? You are SOOO BUSTED.

  176. LOL, Mrs. M!! Good point!

    Unless it was Tracy posting it here as comment spam herself? *snicker*

  177. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Oh that’s right mrs! Mypinktruth got in trouble for doing by far less of a copy and paste from PT’s site to give a reference to or use an example of. (I can’t remember which).

    So many blogs, so little time.

  178. Hagzilla/bitchzilla said

    Yo Ho and Dude

    Ya need to go play in your litter box, we’ve all moved on from the two pink fogs, don’t preach to the preachers. Most of us were there when that shit was posted on the PT turd blog. By the way, Ballsman is not creative you asstard. Now if you had called yourself Roger Fuckwitt, I might have been amused, only mildly tho. Throwing kitty litter at ya. Hell ya run with scissors, actually run with giant hedge clippers instead they are bigger and sharper. BUTTHEADS!


  179. Not a Bee-liever said

    Dear Tracy,
    If it were just “a handful of people,” things wouldn’t have gotten so out of hand.

    Not a Bee-liever

  180. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    Very good point not a bee.

  181. Rooster said

    Dear Tracy,
    Do you realize what you have lost because of your ridiculous power trips?


  182. I Love Retards said

    Has anyone else noticed that Roger writes and sounds just like Tracy?!?

  183. Rooster said

    My thoughts exactly.

  184. Hagzilla/bitchzilla said

    Mine too. So ya don’t read the blog do ya???? By the way your still a fucktard.

  185. Duped said

    Hagzilla/Bitchzilla…I think I luuuurve you even more now. “Throwing kitty litter at ya”…lol. Your posts are fucking awesome.

    Thanks for stopping by Tracy…er…I mean, Richard. You get a sex change or is that your “boyfriend” (aka BOB) posting for you? Sweet.

    All o’ ya…fart knockers.

  186. Left the Freakshow said

    *yawn* all right … who went pokin’ the beast? it’s not even the weekend yet and the white witch is trying to bully her way around … geez, tracy, you’re so predictable!

  187. Dana said

    Hi, Tracy.

    You still suck…….

  188. Help! Help! I'm being repressed! said

    wtf? what was the point of those ridiculously long sermons? I don’t get it…

  189. Maybe she thinks they make her look big, important and official?

    OR maybe she’s trying to help her members with a cure for insomnia… the world may never know.

  190. Help! Help! I'm being repressed! said

    Maybeeee… It just seemed so random. I was wondering if there was something I had missed, like someone saying, “Hey, I need a good stiff bore, care to serve me up one?”

  191. The only thing that got stiff was Tracy’s ego… from her stroking it herself.

  192. prdiva4 said

    Dear Tracy,

    Willie is very jealous that you crashed my vacation and not hers. Can you please consider crashing one of her vacations???

    Pretty Please!


    SLUT #4

    PS: Willie are you a she?? because if not you are screwed! LOLLLLLLL

  193. Willie Lump Lump said

    Uh, definitely a ‘HE’ then! Dude all the way man…:P

    Dear Tracy,

    In case you do decide to crash my next vacation, I’m scheduled to be in ButtFuck Egypt on October 31st! Be there or be square you stalker you.


  194. prdiva4 said

    ewwwwwwww! Does it stink there because if it does, is a perfect destination for Tracy!


  195. prdiva4 said

    Then, she’ll send a note to your room saying:
    “Thanks. It stinks BITCH”


  196. Willie Lump Lump said


  197. prdiva4 said


    “It stinks here, can we share a room!!!!!!!!!!”


  198. Willie Lump Lump said

    she’ll prolly send both notes

  199. Help! Help! I'm being repressed! said

    Thanks again for repessin’ me.

  200. PRdiva,

    So you’re the one that Tracy went on vacation with to Vegas? I think I heard about that somewhere.


  201. Dana said

    If so, PTLies has a great summary of it.

    Tracy sure knows how to bring the crazy…….

  202. Not a Bee-liever said

    prdiva4, I want to talk to you!!!!!!! How do I contact you?

  203. PC said

    hee hee if prdiva doesn’t want to post her email here, you can always email me and I’ll forward to for ya….

    Now…….WHO’S SEEN PTLIES THIS MORNING? cuz i need someone to yap about it with!!!!!!!!

  204. High Hopes has left the Building said

    going to ptlies

  205. High Hopes has left the Building said

    PC that was interesting about the disorderly conduct. Does this give her a criminal record then? I mean how petty can you really be, knocking over garbage cans and spreading the trash. It doesn’t surprise me though because she knocks over a lot of cyber trash cans and trashes everyone.

  206. Frozen Tootsies just visited PTLies. She read the latest post. It says that Tracy got cited for disorderly conduct, comin from a bitchfest with the peeps next door, about the property line. Neighbor sez TC dumped their (neighbor’s) trash cans out and scattered that shit all over their yard. TC entered a no contest plea and the charge is now off her record – this wuz two yrs ago.

    Frozen Tootsies thinks TC has anger management issues. Frozen Tootsies is a rabid squirrel and knows something about that shit.

    Frozen Tootsies isn’t all impressed about the story, though. But she expects a buncha pissed off bitches with no real life to go all “ooohhh” and write a novels wortha words over on PTLies.

    They really oughta save the drama for their mama. But they are probably working out important personal issues in the relative safety of an online forum, so let ’em have at it.

    Frozen Tootsies used to hang out in a tree outside the window of a shrink’s office, so she knows some of those phrases like working out personal issues. Aint they cool?

  207. YoU Ain't nO DaIsY said

    I’m sorry, but who gets the cops called on them for knocking over their neighbor’s garbage cans on purpose? hmmm?

    It’s not as big a deal as, say, breaking into your neighbor’s house and trashing the place of course. But damn Tracy is one mean-ass bitch.

  208. Frozen Tootsies – do we know who you are??? You sound very, very familiar!

  209. PC said

    I will not be writing novels about this frozen. I just think it’s terribly interesting since I’ve never thrown my neighbor’s garbage cans on the ground in a fit of nastiness.

    And as Tracy would say ” Big whoop – my neighbors were foreign assholes who put their trash cans an inch over my tape line -who cares?”

  210. LOL PC – I am sure there was a little more to it than just dumping garbage over. I can imagine some threatening, hollering and kicking going on.

  211. PC said

    yeah do cops get called if you “accidentally knock over” your neighbor’s cans? I don’t think so.


  212. Not a Bee-liever said

    The Therapist, I was thinking the same thing.
    Is talking in the third person a clue or a coincidence, Frozen Tootsies?

  213. PC said

    well the only person i remember talking in the third person was havurah………………….

  214. throwinguppink said

    Considering this woman has more contact with the police than anyone I have ever known, I am quite interested in the story.

    Maybe toots should read all the other posts about tracy breaking the law…

  215. FT is trying out the third person for the first time.

    FT is happy for anybody who wants, to say anything they want about the Trash Can Episode.

    However, FT does not intend to get into a debate about it. She has her opinion and everybody else is welcome to have their own.

  216. PC said

    well I’m glad you’re not going to make fun of us for talking about it, Frozen, because I’m busting a gut right now. They just posted “the scene of the crime”

  217. Dear Tracy,

    I think you created a great site with a fantastic purpose – to help people get out of MK debt and get real answers to why facials aren’t holding, the danger of skin care classes in homes you don’t know, and what to do when you send the MK stuff back. It helped me so much. For that – I can’t thank you enough. My teammates and I sent back a collective 5K to MK and we are thrilled – positively thrilled to get off the journey to nowhere.

    The problem is that Pink Truth is not a safe place either. It reminds me of those skincare classes or facials I would do when I would think, ‘something isn’t quite right’ and the hair on my neck would stand up. There are a lot of people over there that jump to conclusions, and harrass new-comers. It would be nice if you had a newcomer maven to sort out who is new, and who is a troll. Then people could carry on and have fun.

    It’s unfortunate that something that had such potential turned out to be so petty, mean-spirited and ugly.

    I still think there are many members on Pink Truth who have great information and want to help people, but please stop the emotional manipulation and banning.

    If that site is too big for you to handle please get some help with it. If you have issues with people please let them know before taking things away from them. When you treat adults like toddlers by taking things away from them these adults don’t respect you. They run the other way wondering what they have done wrong.

    I wish you peace of mind in your journey toward helping women. Although Pink Truth helped me financially, I think it is as emotionally damaging to women as Mary Kay is, and I hope you can fix that. It is my sincere hope that you will read this letter with an open mind and spirit for I do truly want the best for all the people. We all believed in the 100.00 dream that cost many of us our credit, marriages, relationships, child-rearing, religious values and self-esteem. Please don’t do any more damage. Stop.

    You have a vehicle that can do so much good. Use it to its full advantage.


  218. PS You took away my ability to look at Pink Truth, and I am cool with that. I feel much better over here without worrying about anyone getting yelled at. To be honest, I went to parochial grade school and had to suffer with nuns with mood swings and I don’t need to repeat that again so this is a better fit for me.

  219. PC said

    i love the smell of anarchy. 🙂

  220. Dominatrix said

    Just read PT lies about TC spreading garbage around. Sounds like a typical day for her. Spread garbage outside. Go inside, sit down at the computer and spread more garbage …

  221. prdiva4 said

    Yo Not-a Beeliever!

    you can write me at or if you send it to PC is not problem at all… 😉

    Now for you crazy hoochies don’t me spamming my email 😛


    SLUT #4

  222. prdiva4 said

    Hey where is my post?!

    Ok Yo Not a beeliever here it is again:

    You can send me an email at or if you send it to PC is ok too…

    SLUT #4

  223. HighMaintenance said

    ***Standing Ovation for PPPJ***

    You just spoke for many of us former PTers…

  224. ChineseAmbassador said

    i already forwarded it to your other email addy you BIG SILLY!

    why don’t you check your mail once in a while, eh?? 😛

  225. prdiva4 said


  226. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    Dear Tracy,

    You don’t know who I am on PinkTruth. Does that frighten you? Does that keep you awake at night?

    There are many moles out there. How do you feel about that?

    Clean up your act, dear. The walls are crumbling in your fantasy cyber-world. You can’t control everything.

    Many kitty purrs,
    Mentally Fucked by You

  227. bluehairedbebe said

    Dear Tracy,
    Fuck your rules!
    A Mole

  228. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Here a mole, there a mole, every where a mole, mole, Old Queen Fuckwitt has a farm, e-i-e-i-o, and on this farm there was a mole, e-i-e-i-o, with a copy here, a copy there, here copy, there a cut and paste e-i-e-i-o.

    Signed your everlovin friend the

    MOLE Bwahhahahaha!!!!!! Can you hear me cuttin and pastin’?????

    PS your still a fucktard

  229. I'll have a Cosmo said

    You can’t possibly be the mole! I wanna be the mole, I called it first!

  230. bugsythedemongif said

    I’m a teeny tiny mole.

  231. Dear Tracy,

    Although it was fun at first, PT sucks and it is no longer fun. Remember your poll about your mole???? You never figured it out. Some investigator you are!! You banned the wrong peeps. I felt bad about that, but you needed to come down a notch or two. Now that some of your Mavens (the one’s with brains) have turned on or left you, this lowly Baroness Mole no longer has to do any mole work. Good thing, cause PT is tired, old and boring now.


    Mole #1

    *waving to TC* Figure it out YET, Miss Investigator?????

  232. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Tired and old, its friggin wore and it if PT was compared to a woman, it would be one with saggy boobs down to her knees and a big fat jelly ass whining about how she got that way.

    BTW You are still a Fucktard.


    The MOLE

  233. Gosh I feel so left out…I’ve never been a mole or a slut..dang.

  234. foxspirit1 said

    Yeah, it certainly appears that there is more than one mole… and really, does it matter? I mean, some of the stuff that gets said her gets pretty crass, and it certainly isn’t meant to be flattering… but why does it matter if someone reads PT and shares it with others?? Or is it that TC is the subject of ridicule? Honestly, I don’t see the need to go poking at physical characteristics and all, but patterns of behavior are quite another thing. Why does she care if someone reads PT and shares it?? BTW, thanks for all the molin’ I never did that, but I appreciate the info now. 🙂

  235. I must admit, I have retired the mole in me. I can still get on at PT. I have only shared my PT name with a few peeps here. And for shits and giggles, I am not posting it yet. Want to see if Tracy can figure it out . I posted a quick “The Mole Comes Out” at my blog.

    Tracy, Wanna play mole ball??? Your turn. Can you guess what my PT screen name was????

  236. My Cat Came Back said

    I think Shabby is here and who was the chick who did the inventory return form, ummm darn…..what’s her screen name? And where oh where is Toncathoody? 🙂 I know she can’t stay away. lol

  237. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    Banana Rama did the spreadsheet.

  238. Yeah FreeFrompt – but you fixed it so all of us who needed help could figure it out!

  239. bluehairedbebe said

    Dear Tracy,
    We’re AaAaAaAlLLllLLll moles!!!!!
    And you’re a paranoid schitzotard!

    *everybody do Not-a-Bee’s song & dance in unison now*
    Paranoia cha cha cha! Paranoia cha cha cha! Paranoia cha cha cha!

  240. Hagilla/bitchzilla with PMS said

    Schitzotard ROFLMAO!!! I luurves ya bluehairedbebe!

    Signed the super secret MOLE

    PS your still a fucktard and a schitzotard

  241. Not a Bee-liever said

    Dear Tracy,
    I’m sorry I said the words ovulation, discharge, breastfeeding, lesbian cat, immigrants and Teletubbies on your discussion board. I was meaning to join other discussion boards, but I made the mistake of getting comfortable at yours. I wanted to talk to my friends about this stuff, but I should have known better. Can you imagine how fun it would be to spend all day long at my computer trying to fit in with so many groups of people? I guess I’ll never know.
    I was distracted from the mission when you kept rolling out those neat boards like Prayer and Support (so people could pray or quote scripture in the proper context) and then there were the Spanish boards (which probably made you nervous, but actually I behaved myself there and was honored to have been chosen by you) and then in my last days at PT you rolled out the Moms, babies, and families board (which I thought was very accommodating of you). Thanks for having the foresight not to make a Politics board. Now THAT would have been a trainwreck.
    The boards were dynamic and exciting for me at one time. I thought I was growing and helping other people grow too. I thought PT was about us. That’s why all of this pot stirring is so painful for me. I’m sorry for not keeping my promise to not post here. I feel bad about telling you that I wouldn’t.

    Not a Bee-liever (self-appointed water carrier of the moles)

  242. Duh said

    Wow, Bee! Is Tracy making people promise that they will never post here? That’s interesting. Now she can call you a liar and a backstabber. The games this woman plays are unBEElievable.

  243. Not a Bee-liever said

    No, I thought this was a trash blog and I was like, “Oh, no no, I will never post there.” I made that promise to a couple of people. Then I broke my promise because I was too pissed off to care.

  244. If it helps you at ALL notabee…I made the same declaration many many times…ack. Probably most of us did. I only vowed to not post here because to argue with *these* people was pointless (like current, happy mary kay people attempting to argue on Pinktruth, yes?)…but what I discovered is that to *listen* to these people means that I am respecting them as humans and that maybe if they had gotten some respect earlier on maybe this blog never would have developed.

  245. Not a Bee-liever said

    Mrs, I just came here because you were here. *smooches*

  246. Oh, my gosh, that makes me blush…shoot, Not! You know that affirmations are like crack to me!

    If it gets too muddy over here though, you know where i live, babe…

  247. Duh said



  248. Not a Bee-liever said

    dang, I typed and it got eaten by wordpress. Are my ideas being censored here too?

  249. Not a Bee-liever said

    My sarcasm button is broken. Wah!

  250. Notabee,

    I love Tinky Winky. You know I do. That teletubby stuff cracks me up every time.

    Yes, she did ask that we don’t post here to defend her as it would only add fuel to the fire.
    That’s all she asked me about this blog though.


  251. Not-a-Bee, some of FT’s comments seemed to be gulped up by WordPress too. Then a few hours later, there they were. Just like they’d been posted all along. And these didn’t have any URL/links in them, either.

  252. Duh said

    Sorry guys! WordPress’s spam blocker is a little over zealous sometimes. My comments sometimes get moderated. Even when I’m logged into my account and commenting on my own blog. How dumb is that?

  253. Well, to the extent it’s protectin’ ya and the blog from a rabid squirrel, it’s not all bad, hee hee hee.

  254. Hagilla/bitchzilla with PMS said

    I gotta say when you ask someone not to defend you on a certain blog, they are gonna go looking for the reasons why you need defending in the first place. ACK Mrs. we all swore sideways up, down and backwards that we wouldn’t post on the “trashies”. To hell with that let anarachy reign!!!!!

    (Mrs. I moderated myself on some words I chose so as not to hurt your sensitive ears – you inspire me to be a better person)

    But I will still say that The Queen is still an Asstard. Damn so much for being a better person.

  255. Hagilla/bitchzilla with PMS said

    And for frig sakes Not a Bee-liever put the frigging water down or I am gonna come and dump the friggin pails myself. Let them carry their own frigging water or give em a snorkle.


  256. Not a Bee-liever said

    A snorkle! LOL!

  257. Yeah, I, too vowed never to post here.

    It’s amazing what one will do when one has been lied to, manipulated, put in “time out” (LOL) and chastized.

    Most of us just wanted to be heard. I never posted anything derogatory about Tracy on her forum/site. I didn’t openly question her.

    Once I was banned, I felt my only option to have a voice was to post here since I knew that most PTers at least lurk on here (now I see many of you posting here and am shocked that so many of you saw the same picture of Tracy that I did).

    Thanks duh – freedom of speach is truly a gift that I have learned to enjoy!

  258. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Queenie doesn’t let you have freedom, she only lets you post what agrees with her and the minute you go against one of the PT cardinal rules/PT commandments you get smackdown and gagged.

  259. Help, Help! I'm being repressed! said

    Duh, WHEW! Ya scared me! So wordpress slowed down YOUR posts also? Too funny!

    I have tried to post and got blocked many times. I was gettin scared that YOU were starting to get all psycho-suspicious and bannin people. Paranoia cha-cha-cha.

  260. Dana said

    Well, in all fairness, Duh is a psycho.

    But she’s not paranoid, so it all balances out.

    Oh, and she’s a skank-ho.

  261. Willie Lump Lump said

    WordPress just told me to slow down cuz i was posting too fast.

    What the FUCK!! My last post was like 4 hours ago. LOL

    P.S. Tracy is a 304! 😛

  262. Willie Lump Lump said

    Five virtual bucks to anyone who can guess what ‘304’ means. Dizzy should know this one. 🙂

  263. Not a Bee-liever said

    Are you talking about an HTTP error? Or the most common type of stainless steel? LOL! What the fuckityfuck are you on about?

  264. throwinguppink said

    Beige 304??

  265. Willie Lump Lump said


    304 upside down spells a word…..

  266. Dana said

    Hoe! But isn’t it “ho” unless you really are referring to gardening equipment?

  267. Dana said

    Fun post on the discussion board….. so far the queen hasn’t replied. 🙂

    Quote from: rethinkingpink on Sep 10, 02:04 AM
    Well, I wanted to give you all karma for sending your drek back, starting at the top of the page with Not-a-Bee-liever, and I got this message when I tried to send her Karma:

    An Error Has Occurred!
    Sorry, you can’t modify karma to this user.

    So, is this about Not-a-Bee-liever? Is she not allowed to get applause or well wishing from others from some reason? Or is this about me? Is my karma button “broken” now too?

  268. ChineseAmbassador said

    Tracy rolled out a “babies and families” board? Funny. Wonder how long she waited after LJ’s mom board went up to rip her off…again.


  269. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    DAMN I have no idea what 304 means. I even turned my laptop upside down and didn’t get it. YA HO! HAHAHAHA


  270. Dana said

    Dizzy…. I put the answer three posts ago! 4=h. 0=o 3=e.

    Now do you get it? 😉

  271. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Yeah I got it……….the 4 on a computer isn’t the right 4 to make it look like ho. but it’s all good!

  272. Yeah, that post won’t last long.

  273. Not a Bee-liever said

    Has it lasted since Sept 10th? ‘Cause today is the 15th. I feel loved.

  274. Oh, I totally missed that Not! LOL…not enough coffeeeeeeeee…..

    and you know, babe….you ARE loved!! big time.

  275. Not a Bee-liever said

    Dear rethinkingpink,
    If you really want to give me applause and well wishing, please come post on Duh’s blog.

    Not a Bee-liever 🙂 (I recently ordered 500 snorkles from Oriental Trading. . . just kidding)

  276. I love Oriental trading…it rocks.

  277. prdiva4 said

    Yo PC!

    LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL! I was about to say the same thing about Not a beeliver’s post.. lLOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    Not a Beeliver, do you know that Pinklighthouse has a Mom board too, have you been there??, if not you should go.. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLl You’ll realize TRACY copied almost everything LJ has at the Pinklighthouse. OMG LOLLLLLLLLLLL I think I peed on my pants LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! A MOM FREAKIN BOARD! She doesn’t even like babies LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

    Dear Tracy,

    Are you freakin kidding me????? GET A GRIP!

    Or maybe Not, is fun laughing at you doing stupid stuff like that because it shows HOW RIDICULOUS YOU ARE!


    Thanks for the laughs, yo bitch!



    “SLUT #4”

  278. prdiva4 said

    Oops forgot to say this,

    Dear Tracy,

    *smooches* (hellooooooo where is the sarcasm button)




  279. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Yo NOT ~ 500 snorkles aint enough, can’t you friggin count, she claims to have 2600 people on the board that need water carried for. Your 2100 short. But what about all those who left like Sickie, yourself, HH, PPPJ, MRS, Apple, Miss Peri, they are all gone, but you can bet yo ass that their accounts are still active to count in the numbers.

    I hope you bought em at the Bogus Discount Store and that they have holes in em. Haggie coming to the surface spittin water out of the snorkle tube, Shit I’m being chased by that freakin fugly pink shark. Hurry someone hand me the spear gun! Glub Glub Glub

  280. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Me luurrrves sarcasm.


  281. Not a Bee-liever said

    I can’t stand Oriental Trading. 😦 When my kids go to birthday parties with piñatas, or goodie bags, we always come home with little animals whose paws have been sewn on backward or whose fur is inside out. And I can always count on those “prizes” being from Oriental Trading. Fuck them and their shitty quality.


  282. Tinky Winky said

    Where Tinky Winky bag?

  283. Painting Pink Pjs said

    Hey all,

    Am writing from vacation quick on hubby’s tiny laptop. Oh, I love the ocean.

    Just wonderin did all of you who were on PT get letters when the site switched? I first had problems signing up on PT, and signed up under 3 different email addy’s and I got a letter to each addy when the site changed.

    So, she’s three short just with me quittin PT.

    Also, I can’t see PT either which is groovy-fine with me. People can post here or email me if anyone left there even knows me.

    Man, did I mention – i LURVES the ocean!

    PPPJ happy on vacation with family

  284. Dear Tracy,

    Well, I’m home and can’t log on to PT again. I thought there was a problem on my end?


  285. Duh said

    But you can read the blog can’t you? Stop spreading your malicious lies around, PPPJ.


  286. Willie Lump Lump said

    Yeah PPPJ! It’s false statements like those that just don’t belong on BFBF! 😛

  287. Dana said

    PPPJ, are you trying to stir the pot?

  288. Mercedes said

    PPPJ-I thought you weren’t on PT anymore-I am so confused. Did you go back? I thought you left?

    I love Oriental Trading-Great when you need to get large quantities of art activities and such for a classroom of children. Plus they have so much more than they used too. I can’t stand getting the catalogs-at home and at school-gotta fix that. I just go to the website to order.

  289. Hi all,

    I checked into PT when I was on vacation and presto – I could get in and see the discussino board! I was able to pm a few people and check out a few posts. It was amazing. I did stir the pot though on Shay’s thread to let Shay know that I couldn’t get into PT once I started posting here. The only way I was able to get in somewhere else was because of the vacation IP.

    So, now I am home, and darn I can’t see it anymore. Errors have occurred, I’m supposed to check my cookies, then a different message arrives.

    I am just soooo confused. Of course, someone could have banned me on MY computer, right? Oh that’s right – I’m the only one that uses it.

    Gee oh golly gee. Perhaps my Go Dog Go manual will help me figure this one out.

    smiling and stirring my pot again,

  290. Mercedes said

    I thought this was the Dear Tracy thread-I guess we have some lost idiots here. They can’t read-but oh my-they can copy and post threads from PT. I believe that is what I got punished for-correct? even though I didn’t post on a blog-I was just falsely accused. Hhhhhmmmm.

    a.k.a. Miss Periwinkle

  291. Mercedes said

    And who is bugsythedemongif – I know I know you-you had to be here when I gave Bugsy his name. Who are you?????????????

  292. Dear Tracy,

    Who is on chatroom with you now that all the fun people are here?


  293. Dana said

    Dear Tracy,

    Does it kill you to know that Duh has had more posts in the last 24 hours than you have?

    Did you send PUR over here to start trouble thinking that would shut the blog down?

    If you don’t want to post here, feel free to PM me the answers on PT. Oh wait…. you don’t know my screen name.

  294. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    Dear Tracy

    Are you having fun causing more mayhem?????? I know your reading, even though you deny deny deny. Has the traffic on your blog slowed to ziltch yet? You have lost some of your biggest supporters and thats gotta hurt.

    Buh bye.

  295. Incognito said

    Dear Tracy,

    Ya know, if you are gonna ban your biggest supporters or take away their privileges, the least you could do is take those people out of the count of registered users and show the rest of PT that they are no longer members. It sucks that PTers can’t even give these people karma and stuff and they/we don’t even know why. The ones gone look like they are still members just like the rest of them. But you are oh so honest, the perfect little angel-NOT! They should put your picture in the dictionary for the word FRAUD!

  296. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    Dear Tracy,

    LOL! Amazing. Now you can lie about who really is part of your board. You could make up some AMAZING number because no one will be able to question it since you removed the member number stats.

    There goes your credibility. Oh wait, you lost that a LONG time ago.

    How many more things you got left on the board that people can actually see? Oh right, karma and unread posts/replies. Gonna get rid of those soon too?

    Someone you STILL haven’t figured out who it is.

  297. High Hopes has left the building said

    Ummmm Tracy by keeping me showing up in the numbers and me not being able to log in and participate doesn’t that come under the definition of fraud??? I asked to be deleted and my name blacked out, but apparently you have me hooked up to the PT respirator keeping me alive so I show as one of the *ahem* 2600 members, I’m not a member anymore, so please please pull the plug. PULL THE PLUG, PULL THE PLUG, PULL THE PLUG, PULL THE PLUG…….

  298. Dana said

    Dear Tracy,

    I just read the posting Lazy Gardens wrote. Please, for the love of all that is sane (oh wait….. sanity doesn’t factor into pinktruth), please, please, if the content is going to be drivel, please at least proof read them! Typos are fine, but if someone else is writing and you’re posting, it would only take a second to, I don’t know, use spell check? If your website is as widely read as you say, surely you don’t want the top article to have non-words in there, do you? Comments, typo away. Those are done by participants. But in actual articles, use spell check. I know you’re a paranoid person, so maybe you think spell check is out to get you and Microsoft cut a deal with Mary Kay to change your words. They didn’t. Trust me.


    P.S. Now that I posted this here, I bet within two hours the typos are corrected. It’s happened before…….

  299. Pixie said

    Dear Tracy (what can I say, I’m a sharing kinda gal):

    Funny…this is the only thing I can still do on PT. So, as my actions seem to be limited, and you are the only one who really needs to see this, here I go.

    You are a sad, lonely, pathetic excuse for a human being. I am disgusted by your words, actions and attitude towards those who made your site so successful. Anybody who has a clue about Pink Truth knows you are not responsible for the success, because if you were, this site would be bursting with energy and LIVE bodies, as it was before you went on your paranoid rampage at the expense of anyone with an opinion.

    You try to use your fraud investigation “expertise” (snort) to intimidate others. Public records are just that, wingnut…PUBLIC! You go right ahead and post my address, phone number, property taxes, garbage collection schedule, whatever you can find. In fact, come by and take pictures of my house to post on the internet, and I’ll pose on the front step for you! Yeah, I feel threatened by you, Tracy Coenen.

    Trying to exist on your site is like living in an abusive relationship. You have exploited too many women on your site, and continue to do so by refusing to delete their accounts and posts for your own self promotion. Even when I enjoyed posting on PT, I questioned where the other 2000 members were, as it was obvious that they were NOT posting on a regular basis. I heard and read things on other sites (yay Duh!) that, at one time, made me feel sorry for you. I thought those people were just being nasty, until I learned that everything they said was justified, and deserved! You should feel special…it takes a special kind of dictator to turn that many people against you, just by being a manipulative cunt (I hear that is one of your favorite words).

    You took karma away from me because you didn’t like the person who gave it to me. That was the final straw; I knew then that you were a heartless being with whom I wanted absolutely no association. I know that I am truly “fog-free”, have found true friendship, and learned valuable lessons. I also know you never will.

    Delete my account.

    Fuck you,


  300. pppj said

    Hey Pixie,

    Dont’ hold yourself back girlfriend!


  301. The Cheese Stands Alone said

    Wow, Pixie…..tell us how you really feel!! 🙂

  302. Pixie said

    And can you believe she banned me for that? ROFLMAO!!!!! About fucking time, too…

  303. Ah, Pixie…see…technically it’s not “baning” because you “asked to be deleted” so she is just doing what you asked. You cannot collect emotional unemployment now, sorry.

  304. One of Sixteen Vestal Virgins said

    pixie dear, ar you upset?


  305. Pixie said

    Mrs: Yeah, sure…I’m the first she actually deletes upon request, probably JUST so I can’t collect emotional unemployment! TC’s final screw…lol

    Virg: Nah…not anymore!

  306. Are you quite sure you are deleted? I’d check that out. I asked to be deleted and I’m not “blacked out.”

  307. Willie Lump Lump said

    Aww Pixie! That’s about the most sweetest, most honest and loving letter I’ve ever read. ^sniff^ Just brought tears to my eyes. Tracy must feel so full of…… 😉

  308. Nice one Pixie.

  309. Pixie said

    Mrs, no I’m not sure I’m blacked out. I hope…I wish…but I’m not sure. I do know my login is blocked, and when I tried another way in, I was told, “Pixie, you are banned from using this forum”. So who knows…if I were her I wouldn’t want me on there anymore lol

  310. Hey, we’re in the same club then…that’s the message I get too!

  311. Pixie said

    And what a classy club it is…lol Yeah, I get her message loud and clear. And now she gets mine! No regrets here…I can do without PT, thanx. Besides, I like to swear. No, I fucking love to swear!!


    *Waving to Tracy!*

  312. Mercedes said

    High Hopes-That is exactly what I have been sayinf-TRACY COENAN IS ONE BIG FAT HUGE FRAUD! She is the fraud-not the investigator-she even got in trouble for using the word investigator-HAHA! She is the fraud using all of us to FLUFF her numbers on PT and we aren’t even there. IF she doesn’t want us there and doesn’t like us anymore-she should just delete us all and move on-OR JUST START THE FUCK OVER-excuse my language…I do not like it when i start cussing like that-damnit! LMAO!

    TRACY-Please delete my account all of the way-my name-ALL of my posts-EVERYTHING pertaining to my name-please-if you are the:
    TRUTHFUL-HONEST-ETHICAL-INVESTIGATING-WOMAN-that you SAY that you are and you want all of your other PT recruits to believe-THEN PROVE IT TO THEM AND -JUST DO IT!


    Miss Periwinkle

  313. Dear Tracy-

    Please don’t wipe me from the tarnished slate of PT. I want all those newbies, and especially the new Avon and Creative Memories reps, to see all of my wonderfully helpful and sincere posts, and then wonder where the fuck I am. Perhaps someone will even as where that exceedingly kind and helpful formeravonlady is. Then, perhaps an old-timer will see that and remember what a blast I was in chat. And they will ask questions. Then, perhaps, if I am very lucky, you will give some snide-ass remark about how I must have moved on. Then, possibly, a furry mole from The People’s Republic of Duh will post about how she remembers how great I am, and that you gave me the boot for doubting and questioning you.

    I should be so lucky. So please, Tracy, marchioness of my heart, don’t delete my account.



  314. Mercedes said

    Hey princess-how are you? whew-I was about to come here and say-someone go to my blog and change my stats count quick-the number wasn’t good-but it changed right then-hehe.

    About to wrap it up here I guess-since it is dark and truck it on home-later gator!

  315. pynkmyst said

    WOW! SPICEY!! Using the dreaded “c” word and everything!!! Funny thing… I can’t say that word… I just can’t… so when I come to situations that really REALLY require that kind of word… I drop the “F” at the front of it.. which is worse really because in my head I am thinking “F’ing” “youknowwhat” but somehow it makes it easier to say… FUNT! Or FIDIOT! (one of my personal traffic favorites…) FITCH! See!? Almost sounds clean… but … it isn’t.

    Hmm… something about DUH’s site seems to give me a snarky form of tourettes… DAMN FIDIOT FITCH FUNTS!

    Did I say that?

  316. Pixie said

    Funts…I love it! I can’t actually bring myself to say the “c” word out loud…but I can type it! lol

  317. pynkmyst, you are too funny! 😆 snarky tourettes is a side-effect of being here. 👿

    p-damn, that’s how I feel too. unfortunately, not many people are alert enough to ask questions. too much patter. plus there are so many posts to look through it took me about 5 months to figure out what happened to Zoe and some others like you banned in May. my bad.

  318. Cranky from no sleep said

    Yo Windmills….just think…it took that long for YOU to catch on, and you were there a lot! It’s hopeless now. Almost no one left who cares shit about 2 months ago or even 2 weeks ago. And almost NO postings! Crap, all the gabby ones have left – willingly (hi Pixie) or not. I don’t care anymore, all newbies with no individual faces. Gotta move on. I stop by here to have a laugh sometimes. You wild people are good for a giggle. I think indifference will kill PT. Look at it now, unless another Sickie, MrsM, PPPJ, HH, etc, etc, comes along with a spark of life, it is over! booooring! yawn…..zzzzzzzzz

  319. HH has left the building said

    There will never be another HH they broke the mould when they made me. Yup I was chatty alright.


  320. Yeah, I agree no newbies will figure it out, but I’ve said my piece, and feel better for it. ONWARD!!

  321. pppj said

    Thanks Cranky for thinking of me.

    I love that I have a spark of life!

    pppj pppj pppj pppj pppj pppj

  322. Dear Tracy and everybody else,

    I just found out why there is a little smilie at the bottom of the page.

    He is watching us.

  323. Oops I spelled smiley wrong. 😉 Sorry!

  324. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    Dear Tracy,
    you still suck. have you thought about going to a psychologist? the line between reality and your online life seems to have completely melded together. they can help with that. just a suggestion.

    mentally fucked by you

  325. Dana said

    Dear Tracy,

    Can you please do something crazy over on pt like boot someone very dramatically or something? I’m getting bored over here!

    Thanks! Toodles!

  326. Help, help! I'm being repressed! said


  327. Willie Lump Lump said

    Dear Tracy,

    Can you keep your fuckin’ bitch ass spammer friends to yourself please? After all, you do need SOMEONE to keep you company over in that deserted hell hole you call pinktruth!


    Sincerely irritated by your bitchness,
    Big Willie

  328. pppj said

    Dear Tracy,

    How is Nick? Did you take him home to the family for Thanksgiving?


  329. Mercedes said

    LMAO! Splorfing…


  330. freefrompt said

    C’mon pppj do your poem about Nick for the People of Duh. It’s a stitch.

    CHANTING *post the poem, poem them poem*

  331. pppj said

    I can’t find it!!!! I searched for 10 minutes.

    Going to find more tape,

  332. pppj said

    There once was a guy named Nick
    who used to make some of us sick
    He fixed the PT site when he had the time
    and supposedly didn’t charge TC a dime

    Now, Nick liked to play halo and xbox
    and some of us wondered, “is he ugly or a fox?”
    because Nick was a computer genius tis true
    and with TC he always seemed true-blue

    So, I leave this missive with a sigh
    Knowing to “Nick” I never said, “Hi,”
    I could pass him on the street and never know
    if he is a star trekkie or believes TC’s blow

  333. Mercedes said

    LMAO! I needed a laugh right now-Thanks!

  334. Shay the Starfleet Commander said

    Dear Tracy –

    Thank you for proving to me that you do not have the confidence nor the backbone to allow any type of true debate or discussion on your blog.

    No one was being nasty or hateful on the post where I was commenting. It was simply a debate between those people who view everything MK does as evil, even standard business practices, and those who know what the REAL WORLD is like and that MK (in this instance) is NOT doing anything wrong.

    I suppose that you must paint MK with such an evil brush because your PT ship is so precarious.

    TRUE strength and character are shown by being able to defend your position, NOT by silencing the opposition.

    Thank you for showing your true colors: paranoid, weak and lacking self-confidence.

    ——-Shay :o)

  335. pppj said

    Dear Tracy,

    Good luck with having people vote for your blog.

  336. Well, here I am. Writing my goodbye letter.

    Since SheerBlushing has been banned from PT, I write as someone else, knowing that this post won’t last long, I’ll copy it for the women of Duh.

    I’ve come to realize lots of things in my year on PT. There was a major exodus/banning earlier this year that just didn’t sit quite right with me.

    Lot’s of wonderful ladies have expressed a difference of opinion and Poof. Gone! I’m expecting to be banned shortly after the viewing of this letter.

    Of these 3000 plus members, how many are active? Aren’t you surprised that for 3000 plus member,s only a handful of new topics are posted daily? How many of these 3000 are regular’s, how many are lurkers, how many are banned, how many have decided that they are over MK and no longer need Pinktruth and how many have multiple log-ins?

    I wonder how many other wonderful ladies will be banned by the loose wingnut here for expressing their view? Shay? Pinknight?

    one last parting poem:

    There once was a guy named Nick
    who used to make some of us sick
    He fixed the PT site when he had the time
    and supposedly didn’t charge TC a dime

    Now, Nick liked to play halo and xbox
    and some of us wondered, “is he ugly or a fox?”
    because Nick was a computer genius tis true
    and with TC he always seemed true-blue

    So, I leave this missive with a sigh
    Knowing to “Nick” I never said, “Hi,”
    I could pass him on the street and never know
    if he is a star trekkie or believes TC’s blow

  337. pppj said

    Dear Tracy,

    Happy New Year! I noticed the people of duh haven’t written to you lately. I hope you’re having a great 2008, and watch out for your neighbor’s trash cans! They can get tricky!


  338. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Good morning, Tracy. *waving* Was there anything that you’d like me to clarify for you?

  339. BluehairedBebe said

    Aw, it’s been a whole month and no mail for tc here. Sounds like there’s been more bannings since I left PT! No suprise, cuz tc could never loosen up her tyrranous reign.

  340. colleen said

    People of Duh hello its been awhile since the subjects have spoken

  341. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    You’re right colleen, it has been a long time *waving to everyone*. And of course Missy the Cat says meow to one and all…

  342. Colleen said

    hey Missy its good to see you in these parts..I kind of miss the fun we had in the early days but I know we have to move on there is more to life than that..LOL

  343. Dana said

    Dear Tracy:

    Dalene White’s son is not stalking you via facebook, you crazy hag. Yes, he said some rude things, but only after you responded to his nice message with rudeness.

    Get over yourself. No one wants your skanky, nasty, wrinkled self.


  344. Glad I'm not the only one said

    Hi everyone! So I found the PT website today and just shuddered at all the negativity and downright bitchiness on it. Since I don’t have Outlook, I cannot send any comments. I found this site and figured I would post what I have to say to Ms. Tracy. You all say she reads this blog, so here goes.

    Hello Tracy. I saw your pink truth site for the first time today. You and the women on the site have had horrific experiences, that I understand. It’s one thing to relay your experiences to the public. But when you and other members become insulting and hateful to people who asks questions, that’s just ridiculous and cold. Now instead of being an informative site about the disasters that Mary Kay can cause, your site has become just another one whose members would rather complain and relive their experiences instead of moving on. I will not be visiting your site again. And no I’m not a consultant; but I do LOVE the skin products! Oh, I can see your face getting red and your teeth clenching. But guess what? I….DON’T….CARE!!! If you want to go and give yourself a stroke because somebody actually loves Mary Kay, then by all freaking means!!! I’m sure many on here won’t mind!

  345. DRYDOC said

    AHHHHHH GEE lol. What a google search will do for you???

    Yeah I was pretty rude and “heated” with little miss priss Tracy Coenen.

    I regret what I wrote to her, but I did so only after being called a “stalker” three different times. Furthermore, I NEVER have….. and never will post any of her comments/emails on the open web. The point being is…….. that was originally between myself and her. However, I do regret my behavior and should have known better than to speak with those tones or words.

    My hat is off to her. She is talented at what she does. I know……..I AM SUCH A STALKER lol. Even her “cult” members alluded to me being as such. Trust me!!! I have no interest in that crazy lady any more than I do catching the HIV virus lol. Yeah, I said it…..but didn’t threaten her did I?? lol

    What is weird is that I really did get a “friend” request from HER on that damned facebook thing. Oh well no love lost there.

    Even weirder, she banned an elderly lady from her site on the other side of town accusing her of BEING me lol. That is hysterical to me.

    To everyone here, enjoy reading her diatribes (and her members) and JUST love her obsession for what it is………BS.

    BTW, if you are former MK reps and you are happy? More power to you and good luck with whatever you do.

    If you are an active MK rep and happy?? More power to you too.

    It’s not for everyone, but then again?? If it was, the consultant would not exist would she?????????

    Take care.

  346. DRYDOC said

    Woops, I forgot to say…….when I called Tracy “out” with simple facts and a decent “opinion”!!!! She not only banned me………she deleted my entire thread that I started on her site saying “I don’t want to discuss this again.”

    My question to her would be…….”why not just lock the thread instead of completely removing it?” The answer is so simple………SHE DID NOT WANT HER MEMBERS TO READ WHAT I POSTED!

    It is that simple.

    And she calls MK a “cult”?????

    You folks decide!

  347. Krysti said

    Wow! Been such a long time since I have been around these blog parts! I re-read this thread and haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. 🙂

    I hope all my sisters at BFBF are doing well! 🙂

  348. Sassy said

    Dear Tracy,

    Don’t know why I am writing you this letter here. I think of you and your site somewhere between never and only when I have a pimple on my arse. But now and then I get an email from someone who was inspired by my honest words, uplifting stories, and lighthearted sense of humor during a time in their lives when things were pretty bleak. Then I am reminded of why I went to PT in the first place: for knowledge, support, to help others, and to make friends. What I didn’t realize is I was jumping from one emotional cult to another. Think about what MK offered women: a place where just women hang (PT’s got that); a stage where women compete for attention (PT’s got that); a ban on negativity–especially to the upperclassmen and the rules of the land (PT’s got that); a forum where one can participate at any time of the day in order to uplift themselves and feed their need for attention (PT’s got that). Your site should be a way for people to break out of their pink bubble. But instead, you actually embrace their addictive personalities congratulating “regulars” who call out those who might say a few words that aren’t 110% pro-you.

    Yup, some take a long time to heal from the disease known as MK. And I’m guessing a few never heal completely. But remind me… if one isn’t completely healed, that entitles her to bash anyone she sees fit? To “have at ’em” as you often say? Cut someone else down to enable yourself to feel taller and more powerful? Yeah, no psychological degree is needed to know that is petty and just plain wrong.

    Kudos to you for blocking my IP address, but not cancelling my login. See, I know you changed my password so you could find out if I attempted to login again at anytime under a different IP. I’m sure you even changed my contact email to one of yours so you’d be notified if I did try to change it. I’m not blind or ignorant to your control issues Trace. Don’t think of your flock as idiots. Especially the ones who have moved on. By their choice OR yours.

    I “see” what’s going on. When I want to. And that’s only about 3-4x a year. When a friend has a post she wants me to read (probably because it repulsed her). I’ve healed. 100%. I should be congratulated for that. Instead, you find it a threat. That’s sad.

    Good luck in your endeavors. I’ll see YOU around the neighborhood. Good luck with YOUR healing. From one who knows?…. trust me, it feels GREAT when it’s finished. Hope you get to experience it someday.

  349. Christine said

    Well, I must have been close to the truth, because Tracy banned me from her website!
    I was thankful to have found this one! I simply wanted to know how much money Tracy is making on her websites. Of course she said she wasn’t making nearly enough to maintain them. Then I asked the next obvious question…”If you are not making a dime on your website. Why would you lose money on your vendetta against Mary Kay Cosmetics?”

    We all know the answer to that question….she is making big money on her blogs with this feeding frenzy she has created against Mary Kay Cosmetics. Fraud Investigator…makes me really laugh, because she is the biggest Fraud! She wants MK to disclosure all information, but she shuts me down because I asked the same of her. I wonder if she understands the word dysfunctional.

    • Smith said

      Eh, ain’t no shortage of blogs that don’t turn a profit but stay up because the owners blog for a hobby instead of a living.

  350. Colleen said

    She has a lot of traffic and is probably making some change as an affiliate who knows. One thing I know is that she is not a dumb woman. Happy New Year!

  351. Generally I don’t learn article on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very compelled me to check out and do it! Your writing taste has been amazed me. Thank you, very great post.

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  354. Jessimoee said

    You should be ashamed of yourself .
    I’m glad you don’t sell Mk Anymore , you don’t deserve to sell or represent this company !

  355. pink hexerei said

    Dear Tracy Coenen,

    Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do. Thank you for creating a place where people can discuss dark side of Mary Kay. Thank you for providing facts and data over fog and emotions.

    Most of all, thank you and Pink Truth for outlasting every angry “go give” Kay Bot and their websites. 99% of IBC’s fail and, apparently, so do their blogs. Pink Truth is still alive and well. Success…Real sucess..will always prosper. Here is to 2014 and beyond!

    • Big Kahuna said

      Pink Truth’s dark side is darker than Mary Kay’s.

  356. Tony said

    Morning Tracy! I just wanted to say that for one I believe that you had no idea of the felonious acts of some of your clients or colleagues such as Barry Minkow. Because truthfully if you’re naive enough to believe half of the bullshit you post and perpetuate on PinkTruth then your dumb enough to not realize Barry is a criminal, with the same type of personality of all those shady women you speak of in MK.

    I posted some very non-hostile, factual replies on your bitchfest of a website and since they didn’t support your unfactual, bullshit rhetoric you obviously deleted them. To me this proves you are as shady and felonious as the people you complain about. If you were an honest business woman you would allow an open discussion where people can share their views on both sides, but the fact that you absolutely keep it one-sided speaks volumes about your ethics.

    I hope one day you wake up and realize the err of your ways and issue an apology to all if the honest, hard-working distributors within MK for the lies you perpetuate. Until then… Go fuck yourself.

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