Mush Pot

Ain’t Nobody Dope As Me, I’m Just So Fresh & Clean


  1. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Woo hoo it’s been cleaned!

  2. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Where did the hookers go?

  3. FreeFromPT said

    Slut #3 at your service.

  4. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Geez, all these hookers are going to bed. It’s Friday night!!!!!

  5. PC said

    no i’m here

    SLUT #2

  6. flycat said

    Hahah I was watching vinny testaverde. LOL

  7. PC said

    NOw, i have a question for all the newly banned bitches up in here….

    What was Tracy’s reaction to all the FBI/FLETC stuff on ptlies? because I really thought that stuff was WILD and shocking, at least after “knowing” her for so long and really not having a clue, kwim?

    and also,

  8. Miss Periwinkle said

    Wassup HOOKERS! Fresh and Clean-hehe. Oh-that sounded bad. LMAO!

  9. PC said

    shit hit post in the middle of my thought .now i can’t remember what the hell i was gonna ask.

    vinny testaverde? quit watching him when he left the browns.

  10. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Alright, slowly the dumbass hookers are showing up in the proper place!

  11. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Where the hell did Willie go?

  12. PC said

    shut it whore!!

    ok, now…..

    crap. still can’t remember what i was gonna ask.

  13. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    PC whaaaaaaaaa? Shut it? All i’m asking is where one of the hussies went. Back up off me bitch

  14. Willie Lump Lump said

    Over here LMAO!!

  15. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    There’s Willie! What, you git lost ova in the otha pages yo?

  16. My Bologna Has A First Name said

    I loved Friday!! It’s hilarious and Ice Cube is awesome

  17. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Friday, Next Friday, The Friday After Next

  18. Willie Lump Lump said

    I was stuck in the Dear Tracy section sending her a LMAO letter. 😛

  19. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    aaaaaaaaah. that’s acceptable reason to be late to the mush pot. your transgressions have been forgiven

  20. flycat said

    Vinny is on the patriots. he played one series but he is 43 so it was worth seeing LOL. I think he will make 3rd string and send the rookie to the practice squad.

  21. FreeFromPT said

    I was disappointed in that letter willie, so I helped ya out a tad. 😛

  22. PC said

    LOL ok vinny sucks

    so we’re IMing now because tracy’s got minions following all of our convos?

  23. PC said

    oh nevermind…….

    false alarm. WAVING TO ALL THE PTERS~!


  24. FreeFromPT said

    Tracy doesn’t need minions PC *sheesh* haven’t you known her long enough to know SHE is the one following the discussion.

    Personally I like chat. But that’s just me. (NO PT chat either – one that is not transcripted 24/7).

  25. PC said

    ok if you download the Pinklighthouse toolbar, there’s a chatroom on it – it’s cool. and LJ never watches it, nor does she take transcripts LOL

  26. Duped said

    Ooooohhhh…so that’s the “super secret inner circle thing-a-ma-jig”. You ladies are all on IM’s…LOL 😛 Fine I’ll just play here by myself. I am good at entertaining myself – I have things that vibrate. hehe

  27. PC said


    well do you have yahoo IM?

  28. Duped said

    A’yuh…I shure do. 😛

  29. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Tracy sucks, and not in a good way

  30. PC said

    well what’s your yahoo ID slut??

  31. PC said

    you gotta email it to me at

  32. Duped said

    Yo. Done. Fart Knockers.

  33. PC said

    done. why aren’t you accepting the add request you slut?

  34. Duped said

    Jesus H. Christ, fudge lickers, I was taking some pain meds….I am coming, already. 😛

  35. PC said


  36. So I went to bed last night because I had a fever and looky at all the fun I missed.

    Sluts, Whores, Hookers and bitches.

    Just call me SKANK.

  37. bugsythedemongif said

    I’ve come to haunt your blog. Will the mush pot be open tonight?

  38. flycat said

    Checking to see if my avatar came back. I think she is shy.


  39. bugsythedemongif said

    Avatars are buggy tonight.

  40. PrincessSnore said

    does mine work?

  41. PrincessSnore said

    yup I’m still the princess. 😉

  42. PC said


    where is everyone?

  43. melurvescowbell said

    I is here PC. 🙂

  44. I is here too. But I don’t know how long I can stay up late. You young peeps have the advantage!

  45. melurvescowbell said

    Lots of activity lately. I can hardly keep up with all the new bodies over here.

    Oh, I’m not a newbie – just a new name.

  46. I’m tanked. I think it’s the fever. Gotta go to sleep.

  47. PC said

    well shoot. I guess i should go to bed since i have to get up early tomorrow. Seems like Friday nights are the craziest time around here. LOL

  48. freefrompt said

    Testing my avatar.

  49. freefrompt said

    dang it! he was there, now he’s gone. *sigh*

  50. This is off topic but my baby starts Kindergarten tomorrow. I was up at 2 a.m. this morning crying. 😦

  51. Duped said

    I get teary eyed too thinking of my baby starting school. She’s only 1 now, but still, time goes so fast…

    My heart goes out to you, FF. 😦 Sending you some hugs.

  52. prdiva4 said

    Hey, how can I get an avatar?

  53. Dana said

    Okay, so I go out of town for 2 days and WHOA!!!!! So many left PT. Welcome to any of you who are reading here! 🙂

    So, Duh, I realize you can’t tell us who, but were any of these ladies “The Mole” that copied the Maven board?

  54. freefrompt said

    prd – go to and sign up for a user acct. Then you can add an avatar.

  55. FF,

    My baby starts kinder. in a few weeks and I am just sick about it too.

    Hugs to you,

  56. PC said

    Okay I’m seriously laughing – is it true? did tracy buy that 2006 cadillac? Somebody answer me!!!

  57. Wha??? Where was the cadillac talk? Did you chat?

  58. Pix said

    Wow…a bunch of babies starting K…PPPJ, you sent me karma saying yours was going. What am I gonna do with all that time?? I’ll be so lonely…

    And whats this about Tracy and a cadillac??


  59. freefrompt said

    the cadi talk is on I’m not sure if she bought it or not. I remember her saying that she bought a new car a while ago but she wouldn’t share what it was cuz it was just so “uber spendy”.

  60. flycat said

    ooooohhhh I’m so impressed! NOT


  61. Mercedes said

    Good luck to all the kiddies starting Kindergarten…and to all the mommys!

  62. She’s not “faking it till she making it” is she?

  63. Pix,
    I remember that! I am in denial, and school starts after Labor Day. Holy cow. I had to buy her lunchbox. I know a lot of mom’s are eager for kid’s to be out of the house but this little one is my buddy. We had lots of 1 on 1 when the others were in school.

    Sad, I know….I am happy for her and sad for me.


  64. PC said

    LMAO! PLEASE tell me that the pinktruth Queen is riding around in a caddy. This would give me a fun little chuckle if it’s true…..

  65. Dominatrix said

    What is that Shania Twain song — “Don’t Impress Me Much” …

  66. Duped said

    I certainly hope not. I mean, Caddy’s are nice and all, but they are not the schazam vehicle of my choice.

  67. Pix said

    PPPJ: Are you in BC??

  68. Mercedes said

    Wow-we went back to school August 1st.


  69. Mercedes said

    Mercedes-that’s the vehicle!

  70. Mercedes said

    Trying to get my pic to show-and it won’t.

  71. Pix?

    Huh? I am not in British Columbia if that’s what you mean. You can email me at I hail from Wisconsin


  72. Dana said


  73. Dominatrix said

    Remember the “Simma Down Now” waitress from SNL? (Cherie Oteri)

  74. Dominatrix said

    And this one, with Garth Brooks:

  75. freefrompt said

    crud. I keep forgetting to log into wordpress so y’all can see my pretty glasses.

  76. Dominatrix said

    Awww, you so cute!!

  77. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Totally random, but some of you bitches and I were talking about the removal of moles. I just had mine chopped off. Good times I tell ya!


  78. Had two moles removed, myself. Both where the sun don’t shine. Wonder how they got there…

  79. Dana said

    Question – didn’t really know where to put it. Yesterday, Tracy reopened a thread posted in it, but then relocked it. The thread was one we’ve discussed on here before where someone was going to place a $200 order and offered to let other people go in on it with her. PUR got all snarly and up in arms over it, and the thread was closed by Tracy who agreed with PUR. Then yesterday, Tracy posted that she was bringing it up to put an end to rumors so everyone could see exactly what was said and end speculation. Was this thread, or fall-out from it, part of what led to the mass exodus of PTers?

    Just curious.

  80. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    No idea Dana. I’ve never heard/seen that thread.

    I left because of all the BS and the bannings [especially the banning of sickie because she “spoke without permission.”]

    And I’ve been following this site for months.

  81. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Dana, that comment (if it’s the one I am thinking of) was on there from the start. It may not have gotten transferred over with the move and she reposted it? I dunno.

    If you want you can send me a copy of the comment you are referring to and I’ll let you know.

  82. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    MFBT – Thank you for that comment. I appreciate it. I’m sure I “know” you but I don’t know who you are on here.

    If you want to chat – just e-mail me. 🙂

  83. High Hopes has left the Building said

    Hey Dana,

    I was a Maven, but not the mole.

    I think we should contact the tv show pimp my ride and get them to pimp Tracy’s ride. Hot neon pepto bismal pink, little pink dangly bobble fringe around al the winders, hot pink fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view, giant pink spoiler on the trunk, monster mudder tires (So she would need a step ladder to get into it) and spotted pink&black leopard seat covers and fuschia fur on the door interiors. For an extra added touch we could ask they put light diode lights around her licence plates.

    Isn’t it interesting that Tracy would reopen the trader thread, which is what I was indirectly referring to here when I posted on Eyesicles PTocide letter. Caught ya reading Tracy, tsk tsk tsk….. From what I hear your bloggie is getting slow cuz all the cool chicklets have left, oh and by the way you thought you had mole problems before, theys worse now honey, you better call the exterminator or at the very least start another PURanoia fest and put on your huntin’ clothes. Duhhhhhhh, I hates them pesky moles ~ said in best Elmer Fudd voice……..


  84. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    FreefromPT – sending you an email, I am ohayotokyo AT yahoo DOT com

    if anyone wants to guess my identity, go ahead. But I warn you, it’ll be hard to figure me out.

  85. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    FFPT – I got an error trying to email you?

  86. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    I got it. I’m still trying to think. LOL It could be a while. 😉

  87. LMAO said

    I find this fascinating how Tracy follows this site and then has to do constant damage control on her forum. Is this normal? I’ve only been on about 3-4 forums on the internet, and I’ve never seen this before…

  88. My Cat Came Back said

    So I’m curious. To those of you, ie: Sickie et all, have you gotten any feedback from TC, other than the obvious banning? I suppose had she written you a nasty note you would have posted it here for all to see? 🙂

  89. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Mycatcameback – she sent me a nasty-gram b4 she banned me. I had already left PT tho.

  90. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    She never sent me any nasty grams once I left, only during. What a ho.


  91. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    LMAO – no, not normal. it’s psychotic.

    MCCB – no, nothing from her concerning that.

  92. Dana said


    I believe the thread had been on there the whole time, but she had closed it back in June. However, what she did yesterday was reply to it so it was back on the top and reclosing it. So everyone would read it but not be able to comment pretty much. It’s actually here, except for her latest post yesterday, in an old thread. I’ll try to find it. 🙂

  93. Strawberry Shortcake said

    Is this the Annie’szoo thread?

  94. Dana said

    Here it is!

  95. Strawberry Shortcake said

    Is this the Annie’szoo thread?

  96. Dana said

    Yes, if by that you mean who was the original poster.

  97. Dana said

    But then it turned into more people than that being upset.

  98. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    OH Here’s more proof that the bitch has control of everything. She can sign banned people on and hide them so they don’t show up in the “who’s online” list.


    15 Guests, 31 Users (3 Hidden)

    3 Hidden! How the hell can you “hide” yourself from being online.

    I know Tracy can do that. But I certainly can’t.

  99. Not a Bee-liever said

    “. . . see it for yourself, then speculate. . .” *snort*

  100. Spank My Fanny said

    “. . .see it for yourself, then speculate based upon gossip. . .”
    *wink, wink, snort*

  101. My Cat Came Back said

    Duh – you should have a category dedicated solely to nastagrams from Tracey 😉 that might be fun. Especially the personal ones. Of course, that would be like outing themselves which I know not everyone is willing/able to do. Oh well. Sounded fun anyway lol

  102. Pix said

    Wow…I’d love to see that crimson H burning on her forehead. What a hypocrite! I was told by Tracy that PT was for all levels of MK “survivors”, from the latest victim of a recruiting attempt wanting information before signing an agreement to the currently working director who has too much invested and too much to lose to bail at this time (like Daisy says in the thread). So, wouldn’t all current consultants and directors be breaking her ethics code by being on her PT and still working their business? Yet Shay can promote her website dedicated to supporting women in MLMs. Welcome to PT. Snoogans.

  103. Pix said

    My Cat Came Back said: “Duh – you should have a category dedicated solely to nastagrams from Tracey that might be fun.”

    This reminds me: Has anyone read the suggestion on PT to start legacies of the women who served PT and have “recovered” and moved on? HH…former Maven…I’m looking in your direction…

  104. I am TOO a Daisy! said

    Pix, wasn’t Daisy awesome? ha ha ha ha ha

  105. Pix said

    Fantabulous! LOL Fugly gagtastic, even… ;D (ROFLMAO)

  106. I am TOO a Daisy! said

    Tee hee hee… fugly gagtastic. LOVE me that saying!

    Or is it LURVE me that saying? *wink*

  107. I saw that thread about “Legacy member stories” Were there any responses to it? It sort of died a quiet death, didn’t it. Although now that we’re talking about it here it will probably show up as another one of Tracy’s GREAT ideas! I just have no clue who is left who’d consent to write a story for her along those lines…

  108. Strawberry Shortcake said

    Did they want people to write stories about how PT helped them? I missed that post or was it a recent post?

    I hope no one writes a legacy story about me.

  109. Pix said

    Yeah, what they did in MK, their recovery story, contact info, blah blah blah. Past present and future story kinda. I think it was proposed as a tasteful way for ones sick of PT to leave without the “drama”, as it was also proposed as a thread you couldn’t reply to. How convenient…

  110. Gee, I was never contacted for that legacy. I suppose the name PPPJ speaks for itself…full of fun, and not much of a legacy online which is fine with me. I’m cool with it!

  111. Pix said

    I think it was kinda shuffled under the rug. It was suggested in the Goodbye Thread. I can’t see TC allowing dedications to the people she banned or vocally left.

  112. High Hopes has left the Building said

    No thanks, I don’t think I want to write any more on PT! I don’t even know if I can log in anymore. Actually I don’t even want to try.


  113. Dana said


    Sorry…. bad day. Needed some fun. And typing PPPJ is fun.

  114. Dana,

    It is fun! PPPJ PPPJ PPPJ PPPJ

    Good mindless fun

  115. Dana said




  116. High Hopes has left the Building said

    PT is like a bad tv show that ends up in reruns replaying over and over and over again, the same folks write for them and re-use the same storylines. The best one seems to be the ‘mole’hunt episodes, with different characters.
    Too bad it wasn’t on tv because I could just turn the channel or turn it off. Now I do the same thing, I just don’t go there.

    As Edward R. Murrow said “Good night and Good Luck”

  117. High Hopes has left the Building said

    Oh I forgot


    Who is the smilie dude at the bottom????

  118. Dana said

    HighHopes, it plays on tv often. Oh, wait. Never mind. I was confusing it with the movie Mean Girls.

  119. bugsythedemongif said

    I am the little smiley guy. I haunt people and follow them around.

  120. Mercedes said

    But who are you before you took the name Bugsy?

  121. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Someone needs to clean out the mush pot!

  122. Hey, I loved the movie Good Night and Good luck. Such charisma and talent in that flick.

    I love George Clooney. I think he is a man of strong moral integrity.

    Now for some fun,


  123. bluehairedbebe said

    I just want to see if me av will work…

  124. bluehairedbebe said

    guess not. Well I’ve fiddled around with that thing for hours now and I give up!! Need a break from computer frustration… talk to ya bitches lata yo!

  125. FreeFromPT (sickie/happ2beme) said

    Sometimes it takes a couple days bluehairedbebe. Somehow I get logged out of wordpress (is it cuz I follow a link from here to another non-wordpress blog?). Frustrating.

    So then I have to go sign back in to use my avatar. By then I’ve forgotten what I wanted to say, let alone which thread it was on.

  126. Dana said

    So, as we know, PT wishes to be as much like MK as possible. They are now discussing in a thread how they would design a PT seminar.

  127. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    LOL. That’s retarded!

  128. Hagzilla said

    A PT scaminar, these idiots need to give their heads a shake. THATS GOTTA BE ABSOFRIGGIN FREAKIN NUTS. Can you imagine all of those who have been drinking PT BITCHAID. All this is about is paying homage to the Queen Bitch herself. Once she meets you she will do a spy check on ya. What a HO. All of the maven minions are brainwashed and haven’t come to see where all the butt sniffing will leave them, just with their feet hanging out of Tracy’s ass. Whats it like to have shit stains on your nose? What a bunch of ASSTARDS!

    Yo’s a Ho

  129. Dominatrix said

    Hagzilla, tell us what you REALLY think!! PT Bitchaid **snicker**

  130. Hagzilla said

    I like your name, do ya got any whips???? ****ka cha***** Ouch!

  131. PT Seminar? Holy crap, what would they talk about?

    Would they haul out their evening gowns and parade across a stage sportin rhinestones out the wazoo?

    Would they post pictures and laff at each other?

    Would they crown each other Queen of this and Princess of that and Dutchess of whatever?

    Would the registration form include a loyalty oath and consent to background check?

    Will they be selling DVDs for those who couldn’t make it in person?


  132. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    As much as they claim to hate MK, they sure do act just like MK. It wasn’t even THAT bad when I was over on PT. Seems to have gotten worse.

    What a bunch of fucktards.


  133. Windoze will not let me install the ActiveX control to get into the chat room here. What you doin’ that’s makin Microsoft all scared? Hee, hee, hee . . .

  134. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    The Queen would only let them talk about one thing – Herself. OHHHH can’t you seem them in their PT glad rags strollin across their stage of bitter disappointment wearing crowns made of tinfoil. ROFL As for the loyalty oath how can the Queen even come up with one of those, because she’s loyal to no one. It would be like asking you to kiss the ring, or in her case its her ass, oh wait, they are already doing that. I don’t even think she realizes it is so much like MK the way she structured it. The Queen = NSD, SD = Maven, IBC = everyday blog turd. Its to be noted those very same fashion disasters that stroll across scaminar stage are some of the posters on PT, now that is funny they could trash themselves.

    I am sure the Queen would be trying to flog all the PT crap and promoing the crap out of her book. Someone definitely would be trying to sell DVD’s to the missing blog turds.

    Dizzy I agree they are fucktards, asstards and just plain tards.

  135. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Tards all the way yo!

  136. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    I think the only ship that is sinkin is the Her Majesties Royal Fuckwittedness PT. If I was a PT rat I would ask the capt’n if she has enough life boats and if she is going to go with law of the sea and go down with it? Glub Glub Glub!
    As I swim by I say “Oopps sorry your majesty I can’t throw ya a life ring I’m busy savin my own ass. But I do have a set of lead weighters if ya want em?”

    Ohhh I am having a bitchy PMS day! I think I am going to find a few cats to mail to her Royal Fuckwittedness. Ding Dong I have a parcel for ya and it goes meow!’

    BITCHES & HOs Yos

  137. Duped said

    You ladies must all be watchin’ pre-season football and NCAA football this weekend…been quiet around these here parts. 🙂 Right now, I am watching my beloved Denver Broncos die a slow death in pre-season reruns on NFL network.

    Bunch o’ fart knockers.

  138. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    ROFL Bunch o’ fart knockers! You is one funny bitch Duped ROFL


  139. I tried to watch football. I think it was football.

    But I couldn’t keep track of the hits and errors. And walks and all that crap. Or was that cricket?

    Whatever. Several thousand jock-sniffers in a stadium getting all excited about something or other. And my creep date wouldn’t buy me enough beers to see me through that foolishness. Never again.

  140. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    LOL frozen. So I’m with you, sports SUCK!

  141. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    I hate sports, I am a championship couch potato. I have a gold medal for being a couch potato.

    Oh wait I am into sports that is making fun of Queen Fuckwitt. Thanks DUH for letting me get some exercise.


  142. FollowOurFlip said

    Forget sports, I like dancing, like the horizontal mombo….

  143. throwinguppink said

    We had our fantasy draft tonight, and I got Peyton Manning!!


    Official Slut #1

  144. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    FOF…hahahaha that is DEFINITELY a sport sista! Well, if it’s GOOD it’s a sport! woohoo hos!


  145. Well Dizzy, if it ain’t good, it ain’t worth doin!

  146. Oh God. I am so freakin’ bored. I have work to do. Don’t wanna. I have books to read. Don’t Wanna. I’m like a little kid, writhing around whining.

    I’m bored people. Help!

  147. ChineseAmbassador said

    therapist, it’s ok. I love to procrastinate. I love it almost as much as chocolate and Russell Crowe.

  148. Ooooh chocolate. My son and I drove around to the corner store and got Little Debbie Zebra Roll snack cakes. And Coke. So now I ‘m gonna be up all night.

  149. ChineseAmbassador said

    LOL lovely. I just ate a bunch of chocolate and peanut butter chips (the kind used for baking) right out of the bag. I’m so desperate!!

  150. OhMe CanDoIt said

    The struggles of new sales director who quit after the debt and the fight became too much for her.

    Early in 2006, Janice was flying high. She was a relatively new sales director, in a brand new Vibe, and feeling successful with commission checks between $1,000 and $2,500 per month.

    Most importantly, Janice was faking it till she made it. Truth be told, Janice was exaggerating about how much money she was making, because she believed in talking about your goals and acting as if they were already done! (Sound familiar, anyone?)

    Janice believed she was well on her way to Cadillac production and told everyone her unit was “on target”, when what she really meant was that she was hopeful that she could quickly build to pink Cadillac production levels. Again, she talked about it as if it was already done to help motivate and inspire everyone. (Common in Mary Kay, no?)

    Over the last six months, the Mary Kay bubble popped for Janice. Her production was falling and no matter how hard she worked, things just weren’t happening for her. Janice’s husband was very worried about her, as she became unable to eat because of the stress. He didn’t tell her to quit Mary Kay. He believed she needed to make that decision all on her own.

    Janice is now $5,000 in debt and calling it quits. She did have a nice car credit account built up right after she got the Vibe, and it has helped her through the last few months. But this is it. The credit is used up, and she does not want to continue on this path anymore. Janice put her heart and soul into Mary Kay, worked long hours, and never really saw a return on that effort. It finally became too much.

    She is stepping down at the end of October an has $7,000 wholesale inventory which she is trying hard to liquidate. Janice says she just doesn’t have the strength to convince women to work a marketing plan that does not work.

    Ladies, I share this story with you to remind you how common this is. There are women who work hard, *do all the right things*, follow the plan, and still do not move up in Mary Kay. Is it the fault of the woman, or does it indicate a flawed plan? I’ve seen it happen too many times. The stories are all the same.

  151. OhMe CanDoIt said

    Mary is an ex-director who got caught up in the do-it-fast mentality.

    Her senior wanted to go NIQ, and needed one more director to do it. Mary joined Mary Kay Inc. in 2005, and started with a full inventory. She was encouraged to buy $600 wholesale each month (that’s how you get your 13% recruiters check, otherwise it’s only 9%). Now she is $18,000 in debt.

    She went into DIQ after only a few months as a consultant. She had 4 genuine recruits, and her director convinced 4 more of her customers to be personal use consultants. Voila! Mary had the 8 needed to go into DIQ.

    As you can imagine, Mary didn’t have the necessary production to complete DIQ, so she added a couple thousand wholesale herself. Add to that career conference, new director training, seminar, director’s suit, training center fees, and prizes.

    Here’s how Mary says she ended up “falling out” of directorship:

    1. I went into directorship so fast because I was “encouraged” to by
    my sales director, who was my friend. She wanted to go into NIQ
    and I had to finish DIQ by a certain date to help her achieve that
    and I spent thousands to make production to help her achieve that
    goal, only to have others not finish, so she didn’t make it anyway.
    2. I now have only 20 active team members, but all directors have to
    maintain an active team of 30 members for her to maintain NIQ, so
    recruiting is being pushed big time. So the goal is for each of us
    to personally recruit a lot of new consultants, and I just haven’t
    been able to do it.
    3. Because I’d been in such a short time when I went into DIQ, I
    didn’t know about all of the costs and the time involved in being
    a director. It was quite a shock to find out how much money is
    required in awards, a place to hold meetings, newsletters, unitnet
    website, and MORE, besides being encouraged to get office help so
    you can “focus on income-producing activities.” And there are so
    many meetings fordirectors!! Meetings with your senior, with your
    national area, etc. Plus, you are expected to go to every
    recruiting event hosted by nationals. When is there time to hold
    classes?? It’s all about recruiting, not getting customers!
    4. My senior director told us one day that she had several pages of
    people returning inventory, but that just means her consultants
    are working hard on recruiting. To me, it’s obvious that people
    are being pressured into buying huge inventories!
    5. One of my consultants cancelled her debut one night because her
    daughter had a dance competition and made it to the next
    competition, that happened to be the same night. My director said,
    “She doesn’t have her priorities straight.” Again, that took me by
    surprise because I thought family was the priority.
    6. When I had to miss my unit meeting one night due to a family
    situation, I was lectured about my “lack of committment.” I
    thought we were all supposed to be independent contractors?
    Shouldn’t I be able to decide how I want to run my own business?
    7. If someone is not going into DIQ, then she won’t take the time to
    answer their phone calls or talk to them after meetings. She says
    they are just a waste of her time, she’s got to focus on those who
    are going somewhere.
    8. I won’t ask people struggling to make ends meet to order just so I
    can make production. I’m struggling now myself because of this
    debt, so I can’t do it to someone else who is worse off than me,
    especially the single mothers.
    9. At career conference and seminar, if a consultant was not a star,
    then she was completely ignored. She couldn’t come to dinner with
    us, or spend the evening with us. If a consultant spends the money
    to come to those events, I think she should be allowed to
    participate in some of those events with her director. She may not
    get all of the rewards, but she gets to enjoy the feeling of
    belonging in the group–wouldn’t that be more motivating?
    10. I can sell approximately $1000-1500 a month myself, but that’s not
    enough. After all of the expenses of being a director, and saving
    up for seminar, leadership, etc., and buying new product, I never
    have made a profit, and I can’t get rid of all of the product I
    “built up” by buying my way into directorship.

    The saddest part of this is how “normal” it is for sales directors in Mary Kay. The do-it-quick mentality has only made these things worse. Women aren’t fully informed about all the expenses, responsibilities and day-to-day “stuff” that is involved with being a director.

    And I don’t blame THEM for not knowing these things. How on earth would they know to even ask about them or consider them? They are constantly told that their senior will tell them what they need to know and their senior is looking out for them, etc. So not true.

  152. Hagzilla/bitchzilla said

    OHMECANDOIT Why don’t you go walk off a short pier and drown yourself. You are a lame ass fucktard. Why don’t you email this shit to Queen Fuckwitt so she can post it on her crap blog. Are you one of the PT turds perhaps? Asstard Butthead.

  153. ChineseAmbassador said

    Ok – I don’t understand why they are spamming here with MK stories – do they think we are all in love with Mary Kay or something? We ALREADY KNOW THAT MARY KAY SUCKS (well most of us at least).

    What could possibly be the point of this idiot?

  154. Maybe they were lured here by chocolate and peanut butter chips. LOL! I’ve done that. I have some andes candes chips for baking that I get into. I am so depressed. My team sucked wind tonight. So now I am rummaging int he pantry for baking chips.

    Ah. crap.

  155. OMECANDOIT is just showing off that she knows how to cut and paste whole pages from PT. As if we can’t go read that stuff ourselves.

    Hell, some of us here probably WROTE some of that stuff anyway.

    As Frozen Tootsies pointed out today over on the “Dear Tracy” thread where the same thing happened: OMECANDOIT is just trying to show that she can now be trusted to use the scissors with sharp points.

    However, Frozen Tootsies is not impressed.

    OMECANDOIT should probably not run with those scissors.

    And she has probably committed some kind of theft (at least in Tracy’s mind) by copying and pasting content from PT here. As if anybody here wants to read that stuff again.

  156. PC said

    aawww i’m sorry therapist. Here’s to a better next showing…. *raising my bag of baking chips*

  157. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    Frozentootsies said: Hell, some of us here probably WROTE some of that stuff anyway.

    LOL I was thinking that today – I thought man oh man if “my story” shows up being posted on duh’s blog I’m gunna ROFL!

  158. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I just had some icecream with bananas, chocolate sprinkles, whip cream and almond slices. That TOTALLY trumps your chips!


  159. Mmmm ice cream. I love hot fudge sundaes with bananas in them

  160. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    okay what’s the deal? Do I have to sign into wordpress every time I leave duh’s blog? cuz that’s what’s happening! How do I stay logged in forever?

  161. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    FFPT – don’t log out? LOL

  162. Maybe the cut and paste thing is someone who is sort of “new” on PT and has found this blog. She is pasting this stuff because this is the sort of thing she would put on a unitnet site. Or maybe she just thinks it’s terribly clever. She might even be giggling at the responses she has gotten…and maybe she’ll tell Tracy that she posted it and really really apologize for stepping outside of her normal way of behaving to do something that feels random and righteous.

    She probably has a little shaky hands things going on, waiting to see if people know who she is…maybe someone will take a stab at guessing and they’ll get it RIGHT and then, all day, she’ll wonder how they knew. She’ll worry all through work or all through dinner, “will I be found out?” Then the righteous streak will crop back up again and she’ll know that what she did, she did for the “cause” but still, something will nag at her and she’ll say she’ll never post here again.

    But she’ll keep coming back…and she’ll try to laugh it off or remain angry when she reads things but soon, the light will grow and she’ll start to understand and she will be mortified that she did not see it sooner…the feeling will be familiar…it will be the same feeling she had when she realizes how much time and enegery and money she spent in MK and how easily duped she can be…

    OR, it’s IMAUZER and he thinks this is funny…

    You know who I liked? Botwhacker…what happened to him i wonder?

  163. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    “OR, it’s IMAUZER”

    mrs you crack me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    I like bot too. I got an e-mail from him 3 weeks ago – MK related.

  164. High Hopes has left the Building said

    I wonder what will happen at PT today, I wonder what kind of drama there will be? Who is leaving today? tee hee!

    *waving* to my buds!

  165. PC said

    off topic, but do any of you read I’m seriously busting a gut over the freaks that shop at WalMart. Even though I’m one of them. lol

  166. Shouting out to the PT people – HELLLLOOOOOO all of you!


  167. Strawberry Shortcake said

    PC, never seen that blog but thanks for the link. It’s hilarious.

  168. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    Okay – seriously – this avatar thing is pissin me off. How do I keep getting logged out? *sigh*

  169. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    FFPT – try checking the “remember me” button.

    and if you clear your cookies every time you close your browser, that’ll also log you out

  170. Duped said

    where the hell are all you bitches tonight? lol

    Fart knockers.

  171. ChineseAmbassador said

    right here yo….trying to get some real work done. *sigh*

  172. Duped said

    gotcha…I am trying to type whilst painting my nails…that’s fucking hard, yo.

  173. unbee said

    pc, Behind the Counter is one of my all-time favorite blogs (next to DUHs of course). Check out his links-some of the blogs he links to are equally awesome.

    I highly recommend The Blank Top Chronicles, for one. That is some funny shit.

  174. freefrompt (sickie/happy) said

    A-HA! Thank you MFBT – I wasn’t clicking “remember me”.

    But I just did it so hopefully that will solve it. Thanks!

  175. I love Blank Top Chronicles. It is hilarious!

  176. ChineseAmbassador said

    okay i just got sucked into that blog for the last hour, and didn’t get shit done. thanks guys.

  177. unbeelievable said

    yay! I love wasting time on that blog. He doesn’t update it too much (luckily in your case).

    I am posting my favorite entry below for all the lazy people. I think this guy is awesome.

    **From the Blank Top Chronicles — **

    ME: Blank Top, your phone number please?
    LADY: Yes, there has been a taxi across the street in front of my neighbor’s house for like ten or fifteen minutes now.
    ME: Uhm, okay. Your neighbor probably called for a taxi.
    LADY: But the driver has just been sitting there. What’s he doing?
    ME: He’s probably waiting for his passenger to come out.
    LADY: For fifteen minutes?
    ME: Sure, maybe he just told the driver he was running late and to wait for him.
    LADY: Well I know my neighbor, and I’ve never seen her call for a taxi before.
    ME: There’s a first time for everything.
    LADY: Well I am going to get to the bottom of this. (she hangs up)

    Five minutes later . . .

    ME: Blank Top, your phone number please?
    SAME LADY: It’s me again. Listen, I went up to your driver and asked him what he was doing in front of my neighbor’s house and let me tell you he was VERY rude to me. I asked him why he was in front of the house and he asked really rudely if I was his passenger, and when I told him no he told me to mind my own business! Then I demanded to see his identification and he refused! Well?!
    ME: . . . Well, what?
    LADY: Well what are you going to DO ABOUT IT?
    ME: What in the hell do you want me to do?! The driver is probably waiting to pick up your neighbor!
    LADY: If that’s the case, why did he refuse to show me his identification?
    ME: You don’t need to see his identification.
    LADY: What?
    ME: These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.
    LADY: Excuse me?
    ME: Never mind. Look, the driver is not breaking any laws, and as a private citizen you don’t have the right to stomp up to somebody and demand to see their ID, okay? I suggest you just do what the driver said and mind your own business.
    LADY: Well I think this whole thing stinks to high heaven. I’m calling the police.
    ME: Knock yourself out.

    A few minutes later . . .

    ME: Bank Top, your phone number please?
    LADY: It’s me again, listen, I have a bad feeling about what’s going on here. The cab is gone and now my neighbor isn’t answering the door.
    ME: And you find this suspicious?
    LADY: Yes, I do.
    ME: Did the thought cross your mind that perhaps your neighbor TOOK THE CAB SOMEWHERE?
    LADY: How do I know that? For all I know she was kidnapped.
    ME: . . . . Kidnapped.
    LADY: It’s possible.
    ME: . . . . By a taxi.
    LADY: It’s been known to happen.
    ME: (changing to a dodgy, panicking tone) No . . . no, it’s not like that . . . . who’s ever heard of anything like that happening? What, do you think we’re some kind of CULT? Do you think we’re a cult who uses taxicabs to kidnap and brainwash people to enslave them and help us run our global greeting card pyramid scheme? Because it’s not like that, I assure you.
    LADY: Uh, sorry?
    ME: (whispering harshly) Look lady, you’re digging to deep! If you keep this up you’re going to get us both left out in the reeds! No one can help us, they’re all in on it; the police, the math teachers, the bakers. . . the BAKERS for God’s sake!
    LADY: The bakers?
    ME: YES! It’s all a huge conspiracy to take complete control of the entire . . . Oh my God, did you hear that?!?!
    LADY: Huh?
    ME: That clicking sound! They were listening! They’ve heard every word I’ve said! Oh Christ help me, they’re coming down the hall! I’ve got to get out! I’ve got to. . . Oh Hile Saihi, how does the day find . . . WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?! OH MY GOD NO!!! DON’T PUT THAT THING IN MY BRAIN!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!

    I hang up in mid-scream. Just in case she calls back, I answer the next couple of calls in a somber, measured voice. Luckily just a few calls later. . .

    ME: Blank Top taxi, may I have your phone number please?
    LADY: Yes, what was all that commotion when I was talking to you a second ago?!
    ME: Be joyful and do not let yourself be troubled. All is well.
    LADY: What do you mean?! It sounded like you were being attacked!
    ME: No no, I had simply committed an wrong. I was. . . corrected.
    LADY: . . . . . . . .
    ME: Now if you will please give me your address . . . . so that you may also be . . . . corrected.
    LADY: Oh my GOD!!! (hangs up)

  178. ChineseAmbassador said

    OMG i read that one!!!! LOLLLL thats one of my faves…..but here’s my absolute favorite so far:

    We have courtesy phones in a few apartment complexes, and some of these employ doormen. Most of these guys are pretty much on the ball, but there’s this one guy with a THICK Indian accent that I’ve always despised talking to. Mercifully these conversations are usually short.

    ME: Blank Top, the apartment number please?
    GUY: MY FRIEND? (he always pauses and makes me acknowledge that we are friends rather than just giving me the damn apartment number and letting me get back to screwing around on the internet)
    ME: . . . Yes?
    GUY: Apartment XXX, please!
    ME: Alright, we’ll be right there.
    GUY: SIR???
    ME: What?
    GUY: Requesting a cab that takes credit cards, sir!
    ME: I’ve told you at least twenty times that all our cabs are required to take credit cards
    GUY: Ehhh? What’s that you say?
    ME: We’ll be right there. (I hang up)

    The cab gets there in just a few minutes, and nobody was there. He waited for a little while, then left. About ten minutes later, the line rings again. . .

    ME: Blank Top, the apartment number please?
    ME: . . . . . . .YES???
    GUY: Apartment XXX, please (same apartment)
    ME: Yeah, the driver was there, waited ten minutes, and left.
    GUY: Yes sir, customer was NOT ready yet!
    ME: Okay, well, is he outside now?
    GUY: No, he left!
    ME: Well, okay then.

    The way I translated this was that the guy had taken another cab after our driver left, and the doorman was calling back to explain what happened. A few minutes later . . .

    ME: Blank Top, the apartment number please?
    ME: . . . . .. . . . . .WHAT?!
    GUY: Yes, the cab for XXX, it is still not here!
    ME: I thought you told me that the guy had left already.
    GUY: Yes sir!
    ME: Well if he left already why does he need a cab?
    GUY: Ehh?
    GUY: Oh no no sir, I said the CAB had left, the customer is still waiting.
    ME: Is he outside now?
    GUY: No sir, he left.
    ME: . . . Listen to me very carefully: Is the CUSTOMER . . . OUTSIDE . . . RIGHT NOW?
    GUY: Yes. He is coming down right now!
    ME: Okay, we’ll be right there.
    GUY: SIR???
    ME: Yeah?
    GUY: Requesting a cab that takes credit cards, sir!
    ME: (slams phone down)

    I swear to his various gods.

  179. Those, also made me laugh, but my favorite so far is the most recent one (i think) about why cabbies don’t speak English. Crying here.

  180. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    OK where do you get this shit? It’s fucking hilarious yo!

  181. Another favorite: Customer Service Hell at:

    But he quit working as a customer service rep at a software company a while ago, so has run out of saved goofy emails. But what he has up there is pretty funny for a saturday night.

  182. unbeelievable said

    hahaha I love that one ! And the one about how they don’t speak English is great, too. I also love the idiots who call trying to get their $50 back or whatever. I almost feel like this guy *must* make this crap up — but sometimes it’s so wild that it seems like it must be true, too. So great!

    Do you guys read gofugyourself? That’s one of my other favorites. I especially love the Jennifer Lopez section. Also try “Classic Fug” for some truly hidious outfits.

  183. Oh great. Another new blog to suck up Frozen Tootsies’ time. But it does sound funny. Thanks.

    And there’s Behind the Counter – at – the blog of a Wal-Mart customer service guy. Who makes the very good point that if you want those low low prices, fuggedabout great customer service, OK? Where do you think you are? Target? Nordstrom’s?

    The crap that people are always trying to pull to get a few bucks outta the Evil Empire is sometimes surprising. And often funny.

  184. Oh and for whoever asked, Blank Top is at

    And Go Fug Yourself, which Frozen Tootsies reads religiously for tips on fashion no-nos, is at

    Yes, unbeelievable said that but this is a convenient link you can just click on. Cool feature, Duh!

  185. Dominatrix said

    I’ve heard we’re getting a Target not from the local Supersize Evil Empire. Happy, happy, joy, joy. I’m afraid I’ll need to get a part-time job at Target, since I plan to spend lots of money there.

  186. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    how come every time i email duh i get a mailer daemon message???

  187. Dana said

    Taken from the PT message board:
    Trade Count: (0)

    Karma: 33
    [applaud] [boo]

    Posts: 124

    Hate mail?
    « on: Aug 30, 12:58 PM » Quote

    What happened to this week’s hate mail?? Did they all get too repetitive and predictable?

    Report to moderator Logged

    I’m a DUDE!

    There are 11 types of people who understand binary: the ones who do, the ones who don’t, and the ones that pretend to get this joke!

    Trade Count: (1)

    Karma: 30
    [applaud] [boo]

    Posts: 188

    Re: Hate mail?
    « Reply #1 on: Aug 30, 01:07 PM » Quote

    I’m not sure. I was kind of wondering this myself. Maybe Tracy replaced with MK Lie of the Week because I noticed that that was posted yesterday. Or maybe we didn’t get any hate mail…. haha that’s unlikely.

    Report to moderator Logged

    Trade Count: (0)
    The Queen

    Karma: 295
    [applaud] [boo]

    Posts: I am a geek!!

    The PINK TRUTH will set you free.

    Re: Hate mail?
    « Reply #2 on: Aug 30, 02:03 PM » Quote

    Yeah, hate mail is retired for now in favor of some newer features. And when we get tired of those features, then we’ll come up with something else.

    Report to moderator Logged

    Truth. Justice. Community. Pink Truth.

    clear the fog
    Trade Count: (0)

    Karma: 23
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    Posts: 210

    someone help me clear the fog around my sister

    Re: Hate mail?
    « Reply #3 on: Aug 30, 02:44 PM » Quote

    Awww, I’ll miss hate mail. But I think the MK lie of the week was fun, and also because it had more to it than “you suck lazy loooozers” from bimbo kaybots.

    Kudos for new ideas!

    Report to moderator Logged


    What Tracy said: “Yeah, hate mail is retired for now in favor of some newer features. And when we get tired of those features, then we’ll come up with something else.”

    What Tracy meant: “I haven’t really been getting hate mail for quite some time, and writing it was getting hard. Plus people weren’t clicking on it enough. So I’m going to do other stupid things. When I realize how dumb those are, and page views drop on those, I’ll try something new. I’m getting desperate here! I’ve lost half my board!”

    Also, let’s discuss hypocrites – Gossip is bad…. say nice things…. we want to welcome newcomers. “bimbo kaybots” does not seem very welcoming to lurkers!

  188. Duh said

    I wish someone would send me some hatemail. I never get hatemail. 😦

  189. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    fuck, duh, if you fucking fix your damn spam filter to stop filtering out my emails to you, then maybe you would get some hatemail!!

    just kidding. but yeah, i’m serious about your spam filter catching my mail as spam.

  190. Dana said

    Duh, you suck. You are a looser who didn’t spend enough time kissing butt on pinktruth, and so you’re jealous of the mavens. That’s the whole reason for this blog.

  191. My version of hate mail:

    Duh, is that your picture? It’s so small you look like Britney Spears. Do you like Britney Spears?

    You’re just jealous of all of us ex-mavens. I know it. Dana told me so.


  192. Dana said

    Now this is funny….. from a post on PTs discussion board.

    “Something to note for newbies also: be careful about giving karma, too much can get you in trouble around here. Sounds weird, I know, but hear me out: apparently from what I read on a thread titled “Karma?” people said they were being harassed with good karma. People were banned and others lost all their privileges and left, it was messy. Just don’t give the same person karma all day long and my bet is you’ll be safe LOL. Maybe go read it for more info or just ask Tracy or maybe it’s mentioned in the rules.”

    I feel like pming Tracy and asking if this is true and if so how much karma should I leave.

  193. High Hopes has left the Building said

    Too much karma. I bet there is damage control going over this little post.

  194. Who posted that? Yikes. That’ll get taken now soon, I wager.

  195. Dana said

    High Hopes!!!!! All this karma talk made me realize that you’ve been removed from the top karma list! You haven’t been surpassed or bumped or anything, but you disappeared all together! I bet she couldn’t stand that such an evil person such as yourself (sarcasm of course) had so much karma. People were probably wondering…. hmm, this high hopes is popular. Wonder why she’s not around.

  196. Is high hopes BLACKED out on the PT board?

  197. Oh, wow…how stupid and petty is that?

  198. Dana said

    Mrs., you called it. Only not the message. The whole freaking thread!

    Wow. I guess she’s worried about her little secret getting out. 🙂

  199. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    Oh lookie, tracy’s now at the top. And PUR actually is the max applauding user [both used to be high hopes]. I bet 643 of those karmas PUR has given were for Tracy.

    General Statistics
    User MAX applauding other users Personal Use Recruiter + [644]
    User MAX smiting other users ChaosTamer – [5]
    Karma points today 12
    Today “+” 12
    Today “-” 0

    Top 5 applauded users
    TRACY + 296
    The Scribbler + 291
    Personal Use Recruiter + 263
    Baroness von SügarScrüb + 257
    Truth Not Tears + 240

    Top 5 smited users
    jennyflorida – 12
    chjj04 – 12
    x-director – 11
    ophelia – 10
    mksales2 – 8

  200. High Hopes has left the Building said

    Finally I have disappeared! I was only there 5 months and just spread the love around and had fun with my peeps. Now the Queen who owned the blog had it for a year still didn’t get anywhere near me or Sickie in karma. My karma when I left was 433. Sickies was up in the high 400’s.

    Note to lurkers you don’t want to be thought of as a brown noser if you give the queen too much karma it might make her nervous and you’ll lose your privies.

    I haven’t said this for awhile to the lurkers, if you still have MK drek to get rid of contact she will help you get rid of your drek!

  201. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I’m with HH on this one. Sickie really helped a sista out on this one. I got rid of my MK cosmetics roller and some other stuff. Homegirl hooked me up!


  202. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Dizzy, did you get your birthday present in the mail the Wee Willie wet wet doll? It shoulda been there by now. Shit I hate the mail.

  203. *curtsey* Thanks HH and Dizzy for the shout out. 🙂

  204. Holla CDSS! said

    Yo Sickie, what tricks you got up your sleeves for pink shit disposal?

  205. Holla CDSS! said

    Whoa, noticed my own bitterness there, meow!

  206. LOL holla. Pink shit disposer at your service. haha

    e-mail me at

  207. High Hopes has left the Building said

    LOL ~ Sickie will pull out her drekulator and help ya get rid of the “pink shit”

  208. Fox Spirit said

    Yes she will!! And her “partner” with the zoo does too!! I am very grateful to both of them.

  209. Pixie said

    Uh…oops…HH, a few days ago, maybe last week, somebody made a comment about the chicken (you’re little chicken for the bot-b-que) was missing, so they used the penguin instead. I (being an asshole) made a comment about the chicken being your thing, hmm thats odd…next post was Tracy saying the chicken was dead, carry on, and her new psycho dancing happy faces. Dangit…I probably reminded her you weren’t there! (Pix kicking herself in the ass) Sorry!

  210. Pixie said

    Oh, and she’s a marchioness now…not a queen.

  211. The chicken is dead? *thunks head*

    Surely the queen did not die. Was she de-throned? ROFL

  212. flycat said

    Lordy! She killed a smilie over you. LOLLLLLL this cat’s jealous.


  213. formerlyPLZ said

    You had a chicken for you! How speshul you are!

  214. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Hagzilla, call me dumb but I don’t get your comment, “Dizzy, did you get your birthday present in the mail the Wee Willie wet wet doll? It shoulda been there by now. Shit I hate the mail.”

    WTF is Wee Wille wet wet doll? Me curious. ‘Splain.


  215. Not a Bee-liever said

    LOL! Pixie, thanks for the PT updates. ROFL!

  216. prdiva4 said

    OMG! This shit is funny yo LOLLLLLLLLLLL

    So she killed the chicken?? Because of you?? BWAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

    Yo Willie, GOT CHICKEN???


    SLUT #4

  217. High Hopes has left the Building said

    ROFL ~ Woo Hoo the chicken is dead. Well I am gonna say it one more time cuz I haven’t said it in a month now.



    Seems that psycho happy faces fit right in.

  218. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said


    Don’t ya remember the anatomically correct doll a few threads back, I sent ya one for your bday! Dammit Dizz get with the program.

    Sooooo Queen Fuckwitt has dethroned herself ~ Are the peasant revolting??? She even went lower than a defunct Duchess and so now we will just have to call her Marchioness Fuckwitt.

    Sorry sweetcakes, this proves your reading because ya couldn’t handle the Queen Fuckwitt thing anymore, but no matter, because you can still be Marchioness FW. And if you dethrone yourself further you could still be the Court Fool or Fuckwitt the Jester Hope you got one of those three point hats with the bells on em. *Tinkle Tinkle Tinkle*

  219. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    question, who’s been banned/relieved from their position at PT? i think i have another one that shall be put on the list. at least i think they can’t post anymore; i can’t give the person karma…

  220. I’m no longer able to post or see posts for that matter but I ASKED to be banned after Tracy broke my karma button. I’m not sure if I was one of the ones ‘harassing” people with karma but it was during that whole fiasco. I challenge anybody who I gave karma to that week to come forward and TELL me if they were harassed or annoyed by it. I did not get any complaints as far as I know.

    I was just tired of the idiotic, controlling, uneven, inconsistent and immature nature of the leadership on that board so I asked to be scratched.

  221. Hagzilla/bitchzilla with pms said

    Woo Hoo Good for you MRS!!! You got class!


  222. Not a Bee-liever said

    LOL mrs. Let’s just carry on, shall we? LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

  223. bluehairedbebe said

    OUTING MYSELF, read on…

    “Dana said,
    September 12, 2007 @ 8:55 pm

    Now this is funny….. from a post on PTs discussion board.

    “Something to note for newbies also: be careful about giving karma, too much can get you in trouble around here. Sounds weird, I know, but hear me out: apparently from what I read on a thread titled “Karma?” people said they were being harassed with good karma. People were banned and others lost all their privileges and left, it was messy. Just don’t give the same person karma all day long and my bet is you’ll be safe LOL. Maybe go read it for more info or just ask Tracy or maybe it’s mentioned in the rules.”

    I feel like pming Tracy and asking if this is true and if so how much karma should I leave.”

    Hehehehehe I wrote that post! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA Just tryin’ to “keep her real”, and let all those newbies know what kind of dramafest they’re stepping into. Tracy has also not allowed some of my comments on the main page to go through, because I asked her point blank in reference to one if this (the main post) was a new kinder, gentler PT. I told her the post looked much more like the level-headed kind of thing one would see at Hehehe no wonder she didn’t allow it. I have learned alot now about the rift between those 2 sites (I knew when I made that comment). For all you former PTer’s, I am/soon-to-be-was RETHINKINGPINK on PT. There. It’s done, there’s no looking back. I have just had it with the overdone censorship. AND PS, THE LADY W/ THE ZOO IS BACK ON PT. Or someone is posting under her username. I welcomed her back in such a way that it would make the newbies have questions. I feel all evil and sneaky like Butters when he dresses up in tinfoil to become “Professor Chaos”. But it’s really just little things. Now I better go write my goodbye letter before it’s too late. I’ll bring a copy here when I’m done.

  224. bluehairedbebe said

    Here it is, my goodbye PT letter:

    Dear PT readers, aquaintences, etc.,
    This blog just isn’t what it used to be. Since Sickie/Happy, HighHopes, PPPj’s, Not-a-Beeleiver, Eyesicle, Miss Periwinkle, Apple Berry, Mrs. Metaphor, Gothie, Duped, Dizzy, (and the list goes on and on) have been banned or run off, it feels boring compared to what it was here. I came, I got my MK return info (thank you NMD), I got my checks (yes, plural) from MK, and I don’t really see a reason to continue ranting about it any longer. I’ve let it go. The people that left Pink Truth were banned (at least in part) for raising questions. In my first few months here I personally witnessed Tracy administer the “smack-down” whenever someone posted something too “pro-MLM”. To see people get ripped up and banned over differing opinions and then see that post on the home page from the hubby telling how his wife figure out how to do MK the right way, and tons of comments on how great that was… What bothers me is that not too long ago people couldn’t post that type of stuff on PT w/o getting admonished. The precious pot got stirred and people got banned. Now the tone has changed, become gentler to newcomers who may still be in MK. That is a smart move. I even noted this change in my own comment to the hubby’s home-page thread that was not allowed through. I am all for a nicer, gentler tone. If someone still wants to do MK after having [b]all[/b] the facts and isn’t trying to make a living off it, let them! It’s not a reason to chew them out! That some of my ex-PT friends/aquaintences got banned for questioning, and now this stuff is “allowed”, it’s the inconsistency that bugs me. I am tired of the constant rule changes, the drama, the banning, the threat of lost privileges, trying to figure out why so and so got banned for X but not so and so… and now the site is boring too! Not everything is black and white like your site, Tracy, and I don’t mean the color. There are women in MK who know what it is and don’t need rescuing. There is a gray area, it’s peaceful. It offers genuine love and help. Did I mention it got boring here?
    If anyone wants to get ahold of me you better write down my email addy quick before this post gets deleted: arcticblonde28 at yahoo dot com. I dealt with a difficult MK return and have answers to alot of questions regarding that. I’ll still be on pink lighthouse if anyone wants to visit.
    Done rethinking pink and rethinking PT.

  225. bluehairedbebe said

    and here’s a “PS” I just added:

    PS, Tracy, please delete my user account here. Thx.

  226. Not a Bee-liever said

    Whoo Hoo bluehairedbebe! Thanks for outing yourself!

  227. bluehairedbebe said

    Here’s an excerpt from PT showing just how few comments are posted (and this was on one of their good days!), and that the new “toy” TC tried to put up was a dud. BOoooooooorrrriiiinnnngggg.

    17 Pink Truth is banned in China! (But so is
    Published in Mary Kay International by TRACY
    According to the site Great Firewall of China, Pink Truth is not allowed to be viewed in China.

    The site explains censorship in China:

    The Chinese government has a tradition of keeping its watchful eye on all media. Since the rapid growth of the World Wide Web in the 1990s they have constantly invented new ways of censorship to control the world’s most democratic medium, the Internet, as well. Not everything on the Internet, readily available elsewhere, can be accessed from within China.

    Click on the below graphics to view them full size.

    Trackback(0)TrackBack URI for this entry
    Comments (13)
    mkdebtvictim24 said:
    Ah yes, good ole fashioned Communistic Censorship.

    Mon 17 Sep 10:12 AMLazy Gardens said:
    I have my doubts … I tested some sites like and they are reportedly blocked too. I think it’s broken.

    Mon 17 Sep 11:23 AMmkdv24 said:
    Maybe they ban all sites?? Is it a joke? What’s allowed??

    Mon 17 Sep 11:27 AMHerRoyalHineyCream said:
    From a country that is responsible for killing baby girls because they value boys, I am not surprised at anything they do.

    Mon 17 Sep 11:43 AMTRACY said:
    Oh, well that’s no fun if it’s broken!

    Mon 17 Sep 11:45 AMSurpriseme said:
    Sorry, but I think it is broken, too.

    I tried which I believe is the Chinese government’s english language website, and it said it was blocked, too. I wouldn’t think they would block their own government propaganda.

    Mon 17 Sep 11:53 AMTRACY said:
    So much for our new toy! LOL

    Mon 17 Sep 11:55 AMmkdv24 said:
    LOL – I tested the and got an error message!

    Mon 17 Sep 12:20 PMBlack Nova said:
    Heh…oh, well. It sure would be nice if it really worked!

    Mon 17 Sep 12:45 PMTimeWiseWasted said:
    Yeah, this site works as well at the MK Philosophy, and we all know how well that works…LOL.

    I tried a few sites too, and they were all banned…??? I’m not holding much credence in the validity of this site.

    Mon 17 Sep 06:20 PMWydeEyed said:
    China may be banning the MK website, but there is currently an enormous neon sign on a building in a popular shopping district in Shanghai. It adverises MK in both English and Chinese.
    A family member who just returned from China reported this to me. She took a photograph of the sign, but it did not turn out well, so I will not be posting it.

    Mon 17 Sep 07:35 PMWydeEyed said:
    “Advertises” – my apologies.

    Mon 17 Sep 07:36 PMPenneyT said:
    Mary Kay…the plague…bird flu…ebola virus…you know, some pestilence you just can’t get rid of, no matter WHERE you travel!! I wonder how they plan to sell cosmetics to a country where women are not “necessary” and there aren’t going to be as many of them due to the forced state abortions of all female children???

  228. Left the Freakshow said

    bluehairedbebe … WTG, girlfriend! Thanks for keepin’ it real, dawg! It’s not even the weekend and the fun has already started on the new reality series “When Blogs Go Bad!” hehe … good times! wonder how long your post will last, blue?

  229. Painting Pink Pjs said

    Blue Haired Bebe/rethinking pink,

    I am so glad you are here. I was wondering who posted your funny comments, and I’m glad I now know! Doesn’t it feel great to leave the PT stuff behind?

    I agree that they should be more kind to new-comers and if people want to do MK – so what? They have the facts. I felt that people got crucified in chat if they were ‘still pink’ and I was wondering – why? Why be afraif of people still in MK? Werent’ we all new to PT at some point? Thank goodness Happy/Sickie?FreefromPT, Suzy Q and TNT were kind to me at the beginning and didn’t interrogate me as I have seen that done in chat. It was scary.

    Congratulations on seeing the light, and I agree that when Happy/Sickie left it was so crazy it made me leave too. I just happened to leave the same day High Hopes did as well. We came to the conclusion at the same time on our own.

    If you are reading this, and afraid to post – please ask yourself WHY. What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of being banned or losing priviledges? What is going to happen?

    By the way, you can post under a different name like bluehairedbebe did. Be honest with yourself,


  230. High Hopes has left the building said

    Hey PPPJ! Hope you are enjoying your holiday!

    Bluehairedbebe Good for you! I hope more will see the not so friendly light at PT. What a waste of five months, not a total waste though I met some real cool chicklets!


  231. bluehairedbebe said

    Hey PPPjs, I thought you knew I was Rethinkingpink. I figured you and HH knew since we emailed but in retrospect I never did tell you what my name was here huh. Guess that was my ASSumtion. :} I am officially locked out of PT, just tried logging in to have a peek at the potential chaos I left behind. I left lots of “goodies” in lots of places heh heh heh. I even PM’d goodies to lots and lots of peeps, even peeps I didn’t know.
    My reason for continuosly “gently” stirring things up (aka funny posts) over at PT was that now that you all are gone, and posts revealing what happened have been deleted, bystanders told to shut up about it or ship out, it was like nothing happened. It had this facade to newbies that was nothing like what it really is/was. The posts on the main home page were softer, like the one I mentioned from the hubby whose wife had figured out her own way to actually be profitable in MK (I assume her town was in BFE b/c it must not have been saturated). Commenters were applauding he and his wife, it was all gooey and lovey, and then I submitted a comment applauding them too. I said that I don’t have anything personal against anyone who knows all the facts, doesn’t fall for the BS from uplines/MKC, and can make it work for them (whether just for socialization or money), I noted how suprised I was that anyone could actually be successfully profitable in MK, etc. Then I added the part where I addressed Tracy directly, I wrote something like: “On another note, Tracy, what is this? A kinder, gentler PinkTruth? This post seems like the level-headed sort of thing one would see on” I can’t remember if I actually went on to say what I was thinking, which was about how so many people were verbally bitch-slapped for daring not to be 110% anti-pink, anti-MLM, etc. If Tracy wants to change her ways and have a softer tone towards those still in the pink on her site, I say GREAT! But if she’s going to change the rules, she should turn around and apologize to the people she’s hurt/”punished” under the old ones. My comment never made it past “admin.” of course. PT Censorshit.
    Soooo…. CALLING ALL MOLES!! Or maybe a frozen squirrel! Go over to PT and see what the replies to my comments were! If you want to see them easily email me (see above) and I can tell you exactly where all the goodies are stashed. I’m interested in seeing if the post (my goodbye post) is even still up. Pretty Please 🙂 ? With a cherry on top? (make that a pinecone for you, squirrel).

    I’d like to add to what PPPj’s said to lurkers that are questioning PinkTruth: If you’re hanging around PT just for MK info, help with a MK return, to buy/sell/trade products, there are alot of other sites out there w/o the drama. You won’t lose out on getting your products/selling it off/good MLM info by leaving PT, there are lots of other resources. If you still need that stuff, try, (shameless plug) it’s alot calmer and friendlier.

  232. bluehairedbebe said

    Oh ya, Happy Birthday PPPj!! My polar bear and I will eat some snow cones and shaved ice in your honor – and I’ll go have a beer too, but that’s for me!

  233. painting pink pjs said

    Oh, it’s not my bday but have a snowcone anyway. We are on holiday in NC and the weather is cruddy and we can’t swim in the ocean. THe kids are watching Sound of Music and I’m going to throw them in the pool when it’s over.

    ahhh family vacations….


  234. Not a Bee-liever said

    Did you really “throw them in the pool”?

    *tossing pppj’s kids some virtual snorkles*

  235. painting pink pjs said

    They love being thrown in the pool. At least the two older ones do – I don’t throw in the 5 year old. They were asking me this morning if I’d throw them in again. Something about a private pool and letting us ‘horseplay’ is fun.

  236. Duped said

    Didn’t know where else to put this, so I’ll put it here:


    Hope you eat so much turkey (like I did) that you can’t button your jeans. Yowza. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming (after I rustle up a turkey sandwich with stuffing and cranberries).

    Fart knockers.

  237. Lindsay Lohan is quoted in the news today as saying that rehab is “a sobering experience.” Uhhhmmmm, good call there, Mistress of the Obvious.

  238. High Hopes has left the Building said

    Rofl “Mistress of the Obvious”

  239. Licious said

    Well, I just went over to PT to see if anyone had replied to my comment on the main page asking why I was banned and not only did she take the comment off but she also made it so I couldn’t even comment on the main page. I just want to know what the hell I did that was so bad?

  240. Judi said


  241. Mercedes said

    I thought that Tracy might actually one day become the age that she really is and grow up and do what Mrs had mentioned in another thread-but I guess not-zzzzzzzzz

  242. Mercedes said

    Licious-I was once in your shoes-but it isn’t even worth it-she has no feelings for others and we are much more fun! To think she could have had some really cool friends too-had she been the honest-answer questions-ethical-no-gossip person she says she is! We could have all just gotten along and been one big happy friendfest! NOT!


  243. pppj said

    Feel free to give High Hopes and I karma here. really – it will count. Not one person will knock it away from us – we will be the karma queens.

  244. pppj said

    Hey, where is my favorite duh puppy? I miss you!

  245. SAINTS WIN! Finally!

    Oh. Wait. Wrong blogs. Sorry. Going to hit the NOLA blogs now.

  246. Licious said

    It doesn’t keep me up at night or anything. I really don’t even care. I just think it’s funny cuz she went through the whole “I don’t ban people for no reason” thing. I’m just curious as to what her reasoning was for me. Yes, I post here. So what? If she wasn’t such a paranoid retard she wouldn’t even know or even care for that matter. I just want any and all PTers that are most certainly lurking here to see that she just banned me with no warning what so ever.

  247. Mercedes said

    I know exactly what you mean-I did the same thing-there are probably still pt’ers that don’t have a clue as to why I am not there. Of course she had a reason for me-then it was the wrong reason and she had to correct herself big time-lol.

    Karma to pppj and HH!


  248. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    what the hell, ladies.

    every time i send you an email, it comes back two weeks later saying “failed delivery”

    barghh. take me off your spam lists and add me as a contact. i have much info to divulge, and questions to ask.

  249. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    that “what the hell ladies” was pointed to whom ever owns the email on the contact page [assuming its duh]

  250. Mercedes said

    Ooooohhhhhhhh-sounds good-can’t wait!

  251. PPPJ's Duhpuppy said

    Sorry – been busy IRL and helping a friend of mine who needs an Internet geek to help her with some business stuff. (“Yes, Mom, all of those hours online have helped me get a JOB! Woo hooooo!”) I am always amazed that there are still some people who have no idea how message boards and online communities work. You talk to them about Netiquette and stuff and their eyes glaze over. ROTFL

    I also have an article coming out about me that I have been interviewing for (complete with pics – scary) and I have been trying to get stuff lined up for that. It will be coming out after Nov. 5th. WOO HOO! LOL

    I have missed hanging out with all of ya, though….I’ll try to hang out more often. :o)

  252. ScrewU said

    Is your email addy the same as your wordpress log? Or do we know it? We can email you and then add you if it is

  253. pppj said

    Good puppy!

  254. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    ScrewU – yes it is

  255. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    wait – its not MFBT. i emailed you earlier…

    unless you can see my email addy for my wordpress account, then yes the word press email i provided is my email addy

  256. ScrewU said

    Have I been talking to you or has that been someone else?

  257. Mercedes said

    Oh my that is too funny!

  258. Mercedes said

    Hey ScrewU-What does one have to do to request to get on the blogroll over here? Big Bucks?


  259. ScrewU said

    Buckets and buckets of dollars!!! Preferrably $100 bills… buckets of those I mean.

    Well, if Duh ever gets off her lazy ass, she could do it or if I figured out how to do it, you could tell me the addy and I could try. One of those… which one do you think we should do?

  260. Mercedes said

    You’re too funny. My dad used to always say “A sack of hundreds” Whenever anyone would ask him if he needed anything-like from the store or something…now I say that.
    I don’t know what we should do, but if you wanna give it a try-you can try this:
    Go to the following:
    My Dashboard-Blogroll-Add Links

    Here is my addy:

    My Blog’s Name is Mercedes’ World

    You can give it a shot. It isn’t anything that spectacular-YET-lol. Just me posting random thoughts and stuff. I am too busy on here-hehe. I actually just got my own domain so now I gotta try to figure out how to move my blog over to it-more work-but then I can spruce it up more I think.

    Well thanks if it works. Much appreciated. maybe when Duh gets out of jail-she can help you.


    leaving the spook house and going home now-be back in a bit.
    And this place better not be stale-ya hear me?
    Tracy???? We need some drama for our llamas so we can have some fresh bread! We’ve been told we are stale.



    Whoo-hoo! My definition of “cyber feelings” was finally approved over at Urban Dictionary. Shout out to all the People of Duh!

  262. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    im the tokyo one

  263. Mentally Fucked by Tracy said

    fighting windmills – that sounds SO familiar. Mmm I wonder why..????

  264. Mercedes said

    tags under the definition: willie lump lump-then the definition for that is a male with a sexual disease-Great!

    Thanks ScrewU!

  265. I had to include willie lump lump in my tags because she is the reason I ever went to Urban Dictionary. I got to choose the tags when I defined it. Did you notice “cyber period” was also one of the tags? 😆 You know, last month’s action coincided with the full moon. That full moon action was what inspired my submission of “cyber feelings” but it took more than 2 weeks to get approved. 😥 This month’s full moon is on the 26th, so prepare everybody. And our cycles will probably still all be in synch. . . Ugh.

  266. pppj said

    Way to go fightingwindmills! I am happy for you

  267. Rooster said

    wto, Don Quixote! Good entry – congratulations!
    (I always think of DQ when I see your screen name)

  268. Thanks! Yes, you are supposed to think of DQ (not Dairy Queen, although that could work too as a breastfeeding mom 😆 ) when you see my screen name. I am quixotic—apparently it’s a character flaw.

    Oh and breaking news. . . check out my blog for my first ever YouTube personal video upload. I hope you all like it. 🙂

  269. pppj said


    Time to spice up the mosh pot?

    Anyone want to make a witches brew with me?

    Stir in a hardy dose of reality…………………..

  270. HH said

    PPPJ are you around here now, wanna go to DUH chat?

  271. pppj said

    No, I was watching Grey’s Anatomy. I have no clue why I am addicted to that show.

  272. Help, help! I'm being repressed. said

    I may have found a new addiction. Watched Grey’s last night for the first time all the way through and LOVED it.
    But why is the lead character so wholly unlikeable?

  273. pppj said

    I think she is just so messed up, and it’s all about HER HER HER. That does drive me crazy. At least at the end of the show she referred to her sister as her sister…she’s been denying that one for a long time. I like the show, and it shows the complexities of relationships.

    Also, I have friends that are doctor’s and tell me that people were always shacking up.

  274. HH said

    I feel the Grey’s addiction too, sometimes tho it gets a little old, its pretty much the same story line all over again. How many problems can one girl have? She was in a bomb blast, she drowned and then something else happened, her love life is well weird, if I had McDreamy I wouldn’t be running from him, if he asked me to marry him I would. McSteamy is not so bad either.

  275. The Cheese Stands Alone said

    I went to see “The Police” in concert this week and lemme tell ya…..

    …that Sting is one hot 50-something! He rocks my world! Yummy!

    …and Andy Summers can still play the hell out of the guitar!

    …but Stewart Copeland? He looked like he was gonna stroke out between songs.

  276. pppj said

    Hey Cheese – I was the only one in middle school who had a crush on Stewart Copeland. Do you think I could find his poster anywhere? Crack me up. Thanks for the memories. I was sure I would marry one of the members of the Brat Pack. Oh what Ponyboy Curtis from The Outsiders missed.

    I am not as annoyed with Meredith on Grey’s as I am with Izzy. How many people has she been in love with on that show? I lose count. I’m sick of her crying though.

  277. HH said

    Izzy and George ICK! I liked him better with Callie. Izzy seems to squishy to be a surgeon, she needs to be a pediatrician or a geriatrician or someone who plays with cats……

  278. Help, help! I'm being repressed! said

    “someone who plays with cats…” *roflmao*!

  279. HH said

    They have stopped writing new shows now with the writer’s strike. I hope they get back to work soon, it is going to be pretty boring. Maybe we could write our own episodes here.

    Meredith shags McDreamy with we aren’t dating sex. Christina sucks up to the new female Burke and wants to do cardiothoracic surgery. George and Izzy make gooey cow eyes at each other. McSteamy’s jets are on full rev for the new Burke Dr. Haun. Callie is moping and will probably go join Addison Montogomery on private practice. Dr. Bailey is going to whip everyone into shape. The chief is still living in the trailer. Korev is shagging Meredith’s half sister. Meredith is still confused about everything and well poor Izzy is trying to figure out if George is really it for her. Maybe she should buy a cat and call him McKitten and throw string balls for him all day……….

  280. Dana said

    HH, a Grey’s fan? Aww…. that makes me happy. I couldn’t watch last night when the pencil was sticking out of the kid’s eye. I had to look away the whole time. Other than that, a good episode!

  281. HH said

    Yup I like it. It is getting a bit tiring though, the story line is kinda of the the same. I don’t mind the gory stuff. I used to do make-up like that when I was in my 20’s – accident simulation stuff, it was fun, I used to do it at first aid competitions. You always have a trick or two for Halloween,

    Hey Dana what do you think about the spin-off Private Practice? I kinda of like it. It needs a bit of work though.

  282. pppj said

    I’m getting sick of Grey’s. I think they need a whole overhaul:

    My ideas:

    McDreamy finally dumps Meredith and her bad hair and goes for Hello Kitty panties Izzy. Izzy dumps George because she realizes she wanted what she couldn’t have. Now, Izzy chases McDreamy around and they are busy in the call room. George tries to crawl back to Callie but she is way too busy exploring her friendship with the new lady dr. burke, and she questions if she is a lesbian. She questions herself to Christina and Christina won’t tell because of some secret lesbian past that will come forth on a show in the near future. George is sad, and starts trying to woo one of the NEW interns. Alex is still stuck on Izzy (who can act), but hangs out with Meredith’s sister because she is fun and hot.

    Bailey does whip them all into shape, but they all start hating her so she decides they should all go out one night and she gets drunk. Really drunk She starts telling everyone what she really thinks of them and she almost gets beaten up before the Chief takes her home…..and kisses her……

    oh…and what to do with McSteamy….well….let him have a new intern too. It would be good to get some fresh faces in there. It would also be fun to have an auto accident called in and have him shocked to find his college love-of-his-life near death’s door, and he professes love to her etc… the husband shows up, and she dies..and he realizes his life is a joke and he joins private practice because WHAT is he doing on Grey’s anyway besides washing his hands all the time?

  283. Dana said

    I tried watching the premiere of Private Practice, but didn’t like it. I watched last Wednesday because I was home sick, and still wasn’t impressed.

    Meredith is trying! She’s opening up to him. And if he dumps her for that stalkerish Rose, I’m going to jump through my tv and slap him!

  284. HH said


    Hey why don’t you send in a script to Grey’s, ya never know. I like the Bailey thing. Actually last week McDreamy was nice to Bailey, it was oh so touching.

    I think they need to throw in a paramedic or two into the mix, and a few cops, just to make it interesting.

    Private practice is a bit of a yawn.

    I’m loving the fact that Men in Trees is back. Last year ABC started so many new shows and then turfed em, just as I was getting into some of them.


  285. pppj said


    There you go. I’ll start writing for Grey’s and boom I will be off and running. I do like the idea of Bailey kissing the chief though…hey you grey’s people on strike reading this? Give Bailey a love life. You gave her a baby, and now she is all work and no love. She never had the love. Give the woman some love.

    Let’s give Meredith some anti-all-about-me-pills. What is up with that? I don’t think she’s trying.

    Hey, anyone watch the bachelor? That was FUNNY.

  286. HH said

    Yuppers they need to do more with Bailey. Dr. Haun the knew kid on the block is a hard ass and you can’t have two hardasses in one show it makes it boring.

  287. LOL LOL LOL said

    Depends on what kinda hard asses you’re talking about. Literal ones can be quite yummy. 😉

  288. Dana said

    Bailey is married, and they do not need to break up yet another marriage or have even more adultery!

  289. HH said

    I’m wondering if they are actually running out of ideas, it kind of seems like it.

  290. flycat said

    Hey HH! LOLLLL I just happened by and read all this commentary on Grey’s anatomy. Hilarious. I am already tired of Izzy and George. ICK

    BTW, I play with cats. Does that make me squishy too? 😛

    Oooh, look a ball of string *~*…running off… *~*


  291. From pppj above: “Let’s give Meredith some anti-all-about-me-pills. What is up with that? ”

    I’m not a GA watcher, but didn’t Meridith put the “Grey” in “Grey’s Anatomy”? So shouldn’t it be all about her, from her perspective? 🙂

  292. pppj said

    Yeah, it’s all about her…Meredith Grey, but she has relationship issues. With her dad. With her mom. With her sister. With her lover. You get the point. It’s just too much of me-me-me-me. I’d like to see her hold a sick baby at night and then still push mcdreamy away. She almost died (did she die?) and she still can’t figure out what she’s doing.

    She is a mid-life crisis and she is way too young.

    Well, if Bailey can’t make out with the chief, perhaps we could bring her husband on the show to hang out in the break room in order to spend time with her.

  293. Duh said

    I had to stop watching that show. Why? Thanks for asking…

    I can’t stand when they say, “Seriously…no, SERIOUSLY.” Every fucking show at least 10 times, “SERIOUSLY?”

    So damn STUPID!

    You guys should watch Friday Night Lights. Kyle Chandler is yummy.

  294. freefrompt said

    Seriouly, duh?

    Oohhh I watch Friday Night Lights. Love that show! It’s the underdog of great shows to watch!!!!

  295. freefrompt said

    Darn it – I couldnt’ even spell it right. I ruined my whole “funny”.

    Seriously, Duh?


  296. Sounds like a great drinking game – seriously!

  297. HH said

    Waving to Flycat and tossing her a ball of string and a catnip treat! I don’t think playing with a kitten makes you squishy. Its just I know quite a few surgeons and they are more hard core – more like Bailey, almost driven.

    Duh your right about the SERIOUSLY – ick. Now why couldn’t they say Fugly Gagtastic…..

    PPPJ your right it is all about Meredith and its getting a little tiring. I know she is the main character of the show, but SERIOUSLY,(sorry Duh) can anyone be that messed up? They need to shift the story line a little.

    Do any of you still watch ER? Its still a good show. Too bad Abbey went off the rails with her drinking, I didn’t like the fact that she did the nasty with her boss Morretti – Why oh Why, I guess its because they are probably getting rid of Luca and it will be a nice exit for him.

  298. LOL LOL LOL said

    Ok Duh, seriously 😛 that reminds of the old Mad TV skit where every other word in the conversation was ‘literally’. SERIOUSLY! 😉

  299. Willie Lump Lump said

    Yo freefrompt, what’s up with your avatar hun?

  300. freefrompt said

    Willie I tried to find a new one and it’s not working right. Where’s your avatar?

  301. Willie Lump Lump said

    I’m not logged into wordpress right now so it’s taking a lil vacation. 😛

    Besides……… Big Willie’s bored with the existing one and been looking for an avatar of a….well….Big Willie, but having no luck. ROTFLOL

    Will you keep your eye out for me? Pwetty Pwease?

    BTW, Happy Thanksgiving to all the hoochies of Duh!

  302. Mercedes said

    pppj-I scrolled through here kind of fast and I kept seeing my name standing out. I thought you were talking about me at first. Sorry-I thought it was all about me-lol. It’s just that you don’t see my name out there much-well actually it is more common now. But-I haven’t seen it here at Duh’s. Then I remembered it wasn’t all about me-lol-and read closer…Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy-correct? Well the only show I watch ALWAYS is Desperate Housewives. In the evenings-if I am home earlier than usual-we watch re-runs of Scrubs. That show is too funny! Ok-I am rambling on and on.
    Happy Late Turkey Day to ALL! I wish I had another week off-hehe!


  303. Sally said

    just saying hi.. and I love Fri Nite Lites.

  304. pppj said

    Hey Mer…sorry it wasn’t all about you girlfriend. Silly me! Hey, I babysat a Meredith when I was oh so young. She spit toothpaste out on me every time, and I was able to tell the story at her wedding. Is that you? Huh?? Wouldn’t that be the bomb.

    Hey, have you all seen the movie The Waitress. I highly recommend it, and it’s out on DVD. I keep singing, “Baby don’t you cry……” in my head.

    How many days til the high holy day?

    Hi to goth! Is the man cleanin at all? are you getting him some cleanser for xmas?

  305. formerlyPLZ said

    I have no idea what you people are talking about with the TV shows.

  306. Mercedes said

    Hey pppj-nope~not me…never had a babysitter and never been married-lol.

    hey PLZ-how are ya?


  307. freefrompt said

    Well crap I thought I was posting under mush pot in my last comment. oyyyy

    Does anyone else dislike Meredith’s hair on Grey’s Anantomy??? It drives me crazy.

  308. Sally said

    Merideth on GA drives me nuts.

  309. Can you hear me now???

  310. Curious, along with Tasha the Cat and Noel the Cat said

    Still out visiting, hence the guests cats. And Missy the Cat is still lolling at the spa at my expense!

    However, to the question at hand: I can hear you and am happy to be doing so! Would you be having some difficulty with another cellphone provider?

  311. pppj said

    Hey, why did someone make up a wine mlm? I have some lady hounding me. Why wine? ugh

  312. Shay the Star Fleet Commander said

    PPPJ –

    There is the Traveling Vineyard – a wine MLM.

  313. Curious, along with Tasha the Cat and Noel the Cat said

    The home parties might be interesting, at least.

  314. HH said

    Travelling wineyard parties – I guess you would really mean it is a smashing good time! Now this might be fun, you could combined it with a pole lot of fun party and really have an evening to remember.

  315. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    OMG HH, I’d forgotten about that…ROFLMAO!! That would make for an evening that the local ER docs would never forget…well, I guess if you’re drunk enough on the wine, falling off the pole or crashing into the wall wouldn’t hurt so much.

    still having the occasional nightmare after seeing the A Pole Lot Of Fun car driving down the highway in Baltimore

  316. formerlyPLZ said

    Remember the granny???

  317. Curious, along with Missy the Cat said

    Yes, I’m afraid that I do…now I’ll be having nightmares for sure tonight!!! LOL

  318. Dana said

    Okay, so the post below on the PT discussion board just disgusts me….. It’s the thread calculating returns to the company. First of all, her recruiter won’t return her calls, so she screws over her director and all the seniors as well? Second of all, way to be completely dishonest. Don’t complain about corruption in MK if you’re a thief. Third, there’s another director and recruiter out there benefitting from the fact that their consultant went through another unit to return.

    Oh, and elsewhere on the thread, someone returned $29,000 wholesale. That’s stupid. How can anyone order that much in a year if they’re not selling? Do these ladies have brains? Working ones?

    one more thing! just to be real nasty…I helped out another consultant who missed her deadline! and I returned all of her stuff under my return! I can’t wait to spank my evil recruiter (who will not return my calls) with that chargeback! lovely!

  319. mkrules said

    Some PTer came on mkrules trying to direct readers to PT. Like that is gonna work! Gotta love moderation by key words. 🙂

    Note to PTers: My readers know you are out there on the web, and they don’t truly care. I did not decide to put MK on hold due to PT. I have never based any decisions on PT. PT is a virtual support group (at best), not a place to gather information. Sites that provide information provide pros and cons…anything one sided is simply an opinion, no matter how loud you may scream it.

  320. Lakwanza said

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