Out wit. Out play. Out last.


Who will be the next person voted off of the PT island?  Make your predictions here. 

Here’s the current list of Mavens and their responsibilities if you need some help picking your player:

Authors – SuzyQ, Raisinberry, The Scribbler, sadnpink, ShabbyInPink

Careers – DebiUnpinked and high hopes

eBay – mkdebtvictim24

Financial Issues – MommyMindi and Lazy Gardens

Hobbies – MommyMindi  

Inventory Trading – apple berry

Legal Issues and Documents – Baroness von SügarScrüb and TRACY

Media – mkdebtvictim24

Money Management – MommyMindi and Lazy Gardens

MySpace – SheerBlushing

Other MLMs (not MK) – Personal Use Recruiter and Mother 

Quitting Mary Kay – Rachel

Relationships – painting pink pjs  

Religion & Spirituality – sadnpink

Research – Baroness von SügarScrüb

Sales Directors – SuzyQ, Raisinberry and mocha_latte

Scripts –  The Scribbler

Selling MK Products – Pink Lawnmower

Site Owner – TRACY

Spanish – Not a Bee-liever  

Training Mary Kay Consultants – Mother

Your Stories – Rachel and  enlightened in PA

Welcome & Navigation – perfectstop, NewJourney


  1. PC said

    weeeee! I’m voting PUR of course.

    hmmm. or maybe Pink Lawnmower…..

  2. PUR won’t be next, because she’s the next Sickie. But she will be booted. Anyone want to start a pool?

  3. Duped said

    Hard to say on this one…I think it will be awhile before PUR is booted. She has to build up enough steam to stead TC’s thunder. She’s also too fucking full of herself – just like TC. Those two have been making quite the pair for some time now. I give her until Christmas.

    Pink Lawnmower is a possibility…

  4. Duh said

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Raisinberry. After that last post kissing Tracy’s ass, I just had this feeling that she was trying to convince herself that Tracy is OK.

  5. I don’t think Ginger will get booted, persay, but I think she will exit sooner rather than later.

  6. snapya-fingers said

    PUR sure has been slacking on her posts.???

  7. Yeah but with the school year starting and life in general we can’t speculate on who is posting and who isn’t. Probably the only way to know who is banned next is if they come here and say so, ya know?

  8. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    It’s a close race between PUR and Raisin. And that’s because they’re probably close to figuring out the REAL story. One of them will tell TRacy to fuck off and then it’ll be on….


  9. Barf, B.I. LLC said

    Are we talking about the Mavens or anyone from PT?

  10. I think the banning will stop. I think it causes too much trouble and people who get banned just come here. So doesn’t it just make sense that they’d quit banning people? It makes sense to me. I am just tired of people not voicing their opinions. What the hell is everybody so stinkin afriad of? Just say what it on your mind. Do it respectfully on PT…don’t call names or insult people just tell it like it is though.

  11. Barf, B.I. LLC said

    I respectfully disagree mrsmetaphor. As long as Tracy is running a blog/board there will always be a banning. She’s like the dinasaur of banning. She’s been doing it since way back when people still used dial-up.

  12. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    There is no way to respectfully disagree with Tracy. If you disagree with her, that IS in itself, disrespectful. Can you dig it?


  13. Hope springs eternal, Barf. (dang that did not sound right…)

  14. Are we guessing banning or just leaving on their own??

  15. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    mrs is nuts

    but we know this

    that is all


  16. Holla CDSS! said

    I’m putting money on you Mrs because you just bounced out some big ones in that thread and apparently you’ve been wading in crap creek with us heathens.

  17. Licious said

    I think either Mrs. or PLZ. They were the two main ones who not only were questioning Tracy hard core but are also posting here.

    Tick. Tick. Tick.

  18. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    tock tock tock

  19. formerlyPLZ said

    Well I’ve just been totally banned from PT Island. Must say, it feels good to be in civilization without a ruthless dictator up your ass!

  20. PC said


    welcome to the bitchfest, yo.

  21. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    Congrats on your freedom plz and welcome to where the skanky whores hang out!


  22. Licious said

    Oh snap! Pink Lawnmower may get the boot sooner than we think! She just called PUR out for jumping on ???pink.

  23. prdiva4 said

    WOW! It’s circus out there… LOL

  24. prdiva4 said

    Oops! I meant to say it’s a circus out there! LOL

  25. Licious said

    It’s pretty heated over there. Of course Tracy came to PUR’s rescue.

  26. YoU Ain't nO DaIsY said

    Because PUR is the Queen’s bitch for now, she’ll need occasional rescuing when she gets in over her head. This should be oodles of fun to watch. Do you think PUR reads this site?

  27. prdiva4 said

    OMG! details please!


  28. I’m still not banned yet. Thanks to all the people who gave me karma yesterday, that was nice of you.

  29. I'll have a Cosmo said

    She probably won’t ban you MrsM just to spite us here.

  30. LOL…that’d be funny. I’m waiting for an announcement on the PT which says SPECIFICALLY that anyone caught posting on Duh will be banned. That is not in the board rules that I could see.

  31. PC said


    now she won’t ban people to spite “US”

    *cracking up*

  32. throwinguppink said

    That is fabulous!! Tracy, please, please, please spite us and don’t ban Mrs. M! 🙂

    Of course, if you don’t ban her, then you have to stop being a ROYAL BITCH to her…

  33. PC said


  34. Yes but if she stops banning people it will mean that she must then deal with her paranoia another way and MAYBE that will lead to some change…

  35. catarata said

    I’m going to say the next person will be BeeBuzzMelissy; she seems like a cool chick who stands up for what she believes in.

  36. FollowOurFlip said

    I miss you Mrs!! (not on PT, on here, since I am not here so much.Fuck PT!)

    And who says maybe she will stop being a bitch?? What??? No way. In the immortal words of Dr. Phil “Hows that workin for ya?” and her ways are working for her, keeping her happy little fish bowl under “control”.

  37. I'll have a Cosmo said

    Over on the boards it is like nothing ever happened. A new lurker would not have a clue. That’s as deceptive as MK. BITCH!

  38. flycat said

    You gotta move
    You gotta move
    You gotta move, child
    You gotta move
    Oh, when the lord gets ready
    You gotta move

    You may be high
    You may be low
    You may be rich, child
    You may be poor
    But when the lord gets ready
    You gotta move

    You see that woman
    Who walks the street
    You see that police
    Upon his beat
    But then the lord gets ready
    You gotta move

    You gotta move

    (mississippi fred mcdowell)

  39. Love Friends said

    Honestly fly, do we really have to go there? *meow*

  40. flycat said

    just a blues beltin, crack smoking, cat lovin ho I am


  41. FreeFromPT said

    FOF were you on PT?

  42. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    WTH? LOL

  43. I have decided that since Tracy will probably not ban me so I cannot say I’ve been “banned” I will create a new subgroup for current members called “ROASTED.” I’ve been roasted (and not in a funny, loving way) on PT…

  44. ex-PTer said

    but your not a kaybot, mrs. whatsherface [HH?] doesn’t have a bot-b-q for members that speak up.

  45. ex-PTer said

    I think Nick will be the next one booted. Why? Cause. Tracy’s about to blow a gasket because the new PT site isn’t up.

  46. flycat said

    LOL you mean there really is a new site? I thought she was just funnin with us.


  47. Kit said

    Look, the new PT is up!!!! Ooh, Aah.

  48. I know I’m in on the late show, but I’m going with Periwinkle and Not a Bee-liever, after recent events.

  49. LMAO said

    P-dam, now that you have it narrowed down to two, want to bet on which goes first? I’ve got $5 cyber-bucks on my bet. I do have a crystal ball so that puts you at a disadvantage.

  50. Pinktruth Repellant said

    Lots of PT terrorist, and I bet they are spreading their PT virus on the American community, such freaks of nature

  51. Ohh, I nailed it.

    LMAO – in light of yesterday’s events, I’m going to say that it’s Ms. P that goes first… lol

  52. I think Not-a-bee but it will be her decision.

  53. Not a Bee-liever said

    *Patting PPPJ and princess edamame on the head*

    You all were right.

    And I can’t blame it on my period anymore, cause that has passed and I still have issues.

    mrsmetaphor, thanks for writing emails to me while I had my period! That was sweet of you to support me through my rough week. 🙂

  54. Hey! I want a prize! We were right!!!! I knew you could do it! Congratulations!


  55. Hagzilla/Bitchzilla with PMS said

    The Mavens keep on tumbling down (mellenkamp song) PUR and Mommy Mindi and now it appears the Maven list has poofed. Make you go hmmmmm.

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