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I’m in shock…by Dizzy

You people are CRAZY!! 


Ok you bitches, it has been a while since I posted or read anything on this here blog.  Not because I don’t like DUH.  That would never happen.  I lurve her. 

But I have been on a mission for 2008 to be a new, positive year for me.  I have vowed to stay away from drama, stay positive and make this a good year.

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You are all just a bunch of whining ninnies… by Dizzy

 June Cleaver

 Can you believe some tramp had the nerve to email me with this?  I am so utterly insulted, I could spit.

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If ya thought Tracy Coenen was a nut in blogland, it’s even worse in “real life”….by Dizzy


If you haven’t checked it out already, head on over to PTLies.  There are two newer threads.  One is a continuation of “Deep Throat”.  The newest thread is about how she is using the word “investigator” which is actually against the law and could result in a $5000 fine.  Oh yes bitches, Tracy is allegedly breaking the law.

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What Dizzy thinks

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Buttsniffing 606 by Dizzy

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Buttsniffing 101… by Dizzy

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Self promoting at it’s finest! by Dizzy

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