About Me

I am the type of person who is completely obsessed with my hobbies.  The problem with being really dedicated to ones hobbies is that I can really only do one or two at a time.  I have many interests, but the one that’s really stuck with me is my interest in people.  How they act, what they look like, how they live….it intrigues me.  The most interesting people are the ones that are passionate, even if their passion leads them to make decisions that are odd or even down right wrong.  I am also a voracious reader.  Combine those two interests and what do you get?  A girl that has read way too much about serial killers and cult leaders.  That’s me!  Those two interests have lead me into a world that the average person wouldn’t expect, and indeed, doesn’t even know exists.  The world of Mary Kay.


No, not THAT Mary Kay!!


Yeah, there she is!  Mary Kay Ash, the creator of the most fabulous cosmetics company for old ladies in the free world!!  That’s what most people think, right?  Some people who are marginally good at trivia may know about the pink cadillacs.  For most everyone in the world, Mary Kay is barely a *blip* on the radar screen of life, but for others, it IS their life.  Most of those people are actually in Mary Kay.  They sell the make up and go to the meetings.  Then there are the others.  Some of them used to be in Mary Kay and some of them haven’t.  What they share is their absolute hatred of everything Mary Kay.  

I don’t know how long these two factions have been at each others throats.  It may have been a battle as old as the Crusades for all I know.  I just found out about it a few months ago.  Just like everything else, the battle has gone to the blogs.  Obviously this is a more recent development.  It has given a voice to tens of hundreds of women who care about Mary Kay.  Their voices cry out, and usually they are shrill and filled with bitterness.  The two sides are locked in a battle of good and evil.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell which is which.

So I come to the reason I started this particular blog.  Each side has numerous blogs in which to spew their venom.  The problem is that the blog owners are totally biased one way or the other.  If an opposing opinion is given it is deleted or edited.  Sometimes the person may be *ahem* banned from the blog.  OH NO!!  On my blog, both sides are welcome to join in.  Neither side will be edited.  No one will be banned.  In short, I’ve created a blog that will hopefully attract the crazies to a fight….


I’m just kidding, but thick skins are a requirement you little weepy bitches!  Come and say your piece with no worries, but be ready to be challenged.  


And because I have a sick sense of humor and an outlet in which to share it, I’ll be throwing some random crap in there too.





  1. Robin loves Batman said

    Robin Loves Batman and Duh. I think this is really cool. The other blogs have tried to do the same thing you are doing, but you have balls enough to say some really f*cked up shit. I love you for that. Go git em girl. I will be watching and waiting with the popcorn!

  2. Holy crap Batman said

    Duh– will you be opening a secret inner circle discussion board? If so, I hope I’m popular enough with you already to be let in. I mean, I’ve totally kissed your ass already, so we’re cool, right?

  3. I suck Duh's Ass said

    Can I be your bitch?

  4. Duh said

    There will be no inner circle, super special, secret discussion board.

    I am a rock.
    I am an iii-ii-iiisland.

  5. Dana said

    I’m confused. If I say something you don’t like, even while partially agreeing with you, you aren’t going to delete it? Are you at least going to claim this website is costing you tons of money so you have to do ads and paypal donations to support it? Are you going to sell t-shirts that say “Visit somecallmeduh.wordpress.com”

    If not, I’m going to be very confused by this blog.

  6. Duh said

    No, no, maybe, and no

  7. She Who Must Not Be Named said

    No expensive ass sparkly charm bracelets with ‘visit somecallmeduh.wordpress.com’ etched into them?

    Damn, there goes my new outfit.

  8. Duh – I absolutely adore this, and you used my favorite name-calling word, you douche!!

  9. Zoe said

    ZOMG Oh noes! you said weepy bitches. that’s profanity. *cries*

    😉 You’re just a little bit kick ass.

  10. FreeFromPT said

    Duh you make me wanna kick your patooti cuz you were right all those months ago. HEY! Don’t make me say it again – I’m saying it here and that’s the LAST time I’ll be admitting it. LOL 😛 😛 😛

  11. OhMe CanDoIt said

    A Grand Prix director who left Mary Kay at the top of her game.

    Pink Truth asked me to share my journey in this company and WHY a Grand Prix sales director would step away from directorship while still doing well.

    It has taken me some time to write this because I knew it would bring up some sad/ugly feelings about myself and I wanted to be sure I was ready to deal with it. So, for the good of the cause…

    Here’s a little of my background. I joined Mary Kay to make enough money to be able to stay home with my child. However, I did not pursue my Mary Kay business for a few years after signing my agreement.

    Once I did decide to pursue it, I was off and running. I won my car within 3 months of deciding to pursue this business and became a director one year later. I recruited ALL 30 of the women in my unit and then some (legally).

    Once I became a director, I was literally CUT LOOSE. No help whatsoever from my Senior (oh yeah, she faxed me some papers on how to track production, gee thanks).

    We were off to a solid start and consultants started recruiting and moving up the career path. I earned 3 cars in 5 years, but only because I took the cash, and it was during the time of the “new grand prix qualifications”. We earned the Grand Prix with over 60 unit members, over half of which were my own personals.

    There was always this underlying current of jealousy with my senior director. We continued to do better and better with production and recruiting, while her unit was stagnant. Of course, she never SAID she was jealous, but she sure didn’t make it easy on me either. There were no WAY TO GO’s sent my way, that’s for sure!

    About 3 years into my directorship, I started coming out of the fog. REALITY HIT ME SQUARE IN THE FACE! When the fog finally started to lift, I figured out that:

    * We were NOT the #1 best selling brand of skin care (not to
    customers anyway, just to consultants)
    * At Seminar one year they announced that the average woman will
    purchase over $900 a year in personal products (WHERE did they get
    this number and did it include products that MK doesn’t even sell,
    like deodorant, hair products, etc???). I felt this was a BIG PLOY
    to try to guilt us into using our integrity and trust with our
    clients to get them to purchase more over-priced sub-standard Mary
    Kay products (specifically the spa and fragrance lines)
    * My NSD was NOT the woman she claimed to be. We were LITERALLY
    CHEWED out at her director’s meeting about how Corporate was NOT
    going to give us a pay raise that we just needed to WORK HARDER.
    She was nasty about it (yeah and your NSD is on your side, uh huh).

    At the same time I was coming out of the fog, I found my health deteriorating, I had lost all energy, my body hurt constantly and I was a basket case at best. Being a Mary Kay director had taken its toll on me and I could no longer withstand the pressure.

    I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder originally and underwent treatment for that with lots of counseling, etc. However, after being DIRECTOR-FREE for over a year, it has been proven, I was MIS-DIAGNOSED and that my symptoms were caused by severe stress and trying to “do it all”.

    Keep in mind during all this time we NEVER missed production, we RARELY fell below $8k. Stepping away from directorship was COMPLETELY my choice and Corporate called SEVERAL times asking me not to do so. Of course, this only caused me more stress, but with the help of my friends, family, counselors, doctors and other supporters, I overcame the “magic magnet” that kept me in Mary Kay for so long.

    During the time of coming out of the fog, there was no Mary Kay Sucks (Pink Truth) or any other anti-MK blog that I knew of. So, I had to stand my ground firm with my senior sales director and national and it got u-g-l-y! When I found PinkTruth (MKSucks) it validated EVERYTHING that I already knew to be true and I felt so relieved that I had finally found a “home”.

    THANK YOU to all of you who have helped me with my journey. I truly don’t know what I would do without you.

  12. OhMe CanDoIt said

    An ex-director who left a successful teaching career for Mary Kay.

    I want to share my story because I believe that women need to be warned about what usually happens in Mary Kay. When I became a consultant, I was an outstanding teacher with a masters degree, and I’d already achieved national recognition as an educator.

    At my director’s success meetings I was the star. I became a sales director in eight months working part time and I foolishly quit my teaching job believing the lies that I’d been told.

    As soon as I became a director the support, recognition, and encouragement ended. With so little time in MK I was hardly a master consultant, but my director refused to help me because she said I had to do it on my own. I later found out that she didn’t know what she was doing so she couldn’t help me. I contacted another director and asked for help, and I was told that I needed to get out of my comfort zone, have more faith, stop thinking negatively, and work harder at my personal business.

    My self esteem plummeted. I thought that I was a failure because my unit wasn’t thriving and you know what they say, “The speed of the leader is the speed of the team.”

    *My husband wanted me to return to teaching, but I refused to quit. I had to make this thing work! The longer I stayed in, the more I met other directors who were in the same boat as me. They were missing production sometimes, struggling to get by, and feeling like absolute failures. Most of these directors actually make far less than $1000 per month. Certainly not the 6 figure income you’re promised.*

    *What you’re not told is that few directors make enough money to live on and most lose or resign their directorship with a short time. If you look at any NSD’s newsletter you’ll see that the majority of directors are making next to nothing.*

    After 18 months as a director I have finally seen the light and resigned. I found that the directors who bragged about their successes were lying to attract more people into MK. I have yet to meet a director who isn’t in debt and trying desperately to maintain directorship, and these women were successful in previous careers.

    The bottom line is that Mary Kay is fun when you aren’t depending on it for income. When you have to make a certain amount of money to survive it’s just too unpredictable. Even the directors with huge production have horrible months. My family had to file bankruptcy and my children got next to nothing for Christmas.

    That never happened prior to Mary Kay.

    I’m returning to teaching where I’ll make over $60k a year. I only wish I’d seen the truth before my family suffered so much.* I hope that my story will keep someone else from making the same mistakes or help someone who is feeling like a failure realize that she is not a failure at all. This business just doesn’t work like many people promise you it will.*

    • Diatribe said

      First things First…I’d like to know what school district pays 60k/year (with less that 100 years experience!) I, too, am a teacher with a Master’s…in a rough neighborhood (read: we get DANGER pay)…in Texas (read: we think No Child Left Behind was written by a pussy) and I still don’t make anywhere near 60K. And there’s not enough room on this blog to sound off about all the crazy-ass bullshit/lawbreaking/violation of civil rights that goes on there. Enough to send many a teacher packing or to the hospital with some sort of stress-induced illness. Sounds a lot like your MK experience. I guess my point on that is that, yeah, I’d have to think long and hard about leaving my teaching job for MK IF it was just about the $$$ (It’s not…I want to stay home with my baby, which is precisely what I’m doing, so there’s your opportunity cost.)…2nd point…any job can suck depending on how you look at it.

      Okay, so are you saying that you would have stayed in MK if you would have continued to receive support from your Senior? Because all the issues you speak of with respect to those that caused you to relinquish your unit seem to point to the fact that you have a problem with your Sr./NSD Area rather than with Mary Kay. Granted NSDs “work” for Mary Kay…but nonetheless, call Corp. and talk shit about those people. After enough complaints, MK will investigate and in some cases revoke their Agreement…it has happened.(If you really want to pursue change)

      One more question….where did all your commission go? My mom’s a Caddy Director, so I know ALL the costs of running a unit (the good, bad, ugly, etc.) but if you were making car production monthly as I understood from your post, you should have been making way more than just barely $1,000.00 in commission, unless you were putting it all in yourself. (My thoughts on people who do their own car production themselves will be reserved for another post.)

      Hope you’re enjoying your summer! (One of the best perks to teaching…)

  13. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! 🙂

  14. Strawberry Shortcake said

    Anyone else see the Hyundai commercials on TV and think of Duh?

  15. Mercedes said

    Every time! Love it!


  16. Mercedes said

    Duh~I just want to say that you are awesome! Your comments left elsewhere about all of the bs dating back to pt, here, private forum, and more are mostly my thoughts too! A few that really did some damage seem to be so inocent and forgetful now. I just didn’t have the balls-lol- to say it. But I do have the brains to remember things and control my choices as to what I will do and say. I just try not to put myself in situations that could be detrimental to myself~LOL!

    Me lurves ya!

    p.s. Anyone lurking here~I’m not here to start blogfighting! Thank You!

  17. Mercedes said

    You go girl! And what about all of the people that wanted someone to see what she has done to those people and she still never even understood it or saw it! She turrned it all around to “it’s all about her”. She never admitted to anything. Not that I care anymore-at all! I have learned a lot since then and I am in charge of my choices when it comes to the cyberworld~chosen to not be involved in a situation that could turn into what has happened recently and chosen to ignore other situations~especially talking to a “brick wall”. I have learned a lot from you and ScrewU! You guys are true to your word and policies! You guys are awesome! Keep it up! Me lurves y’all!

  18. MK4ME (B.S) said

    Mercedes, I want to second your comments, even though, I am clueless on part of it. Whether you are anti or pro MK – this stick provides a good laugh, and even though it may curl some people’s hair on occassion, very often there is some very wise insight.

    Thanks Duh and Screw U for providing this fun place.

  19. Mercedes said

    I am pro MK as for my business~but I do pay attention to my choices about how I run my business. Yes there are unethical things that go on~but the people that participate are responsible for their own choices. Example-frontloading~it isn’t frontloading-the person didn’t stick a gun to a person’s head and say “buy, or I will shoot you”. It isn’t the higher up’s fault that people can’t make wise decisions. It is that person’s fault. People need to take responsibility for their own actions and stop blaming others. Yes others were an influence, but WE are responsible for our own actions and choices. The frontloading issue: If a higher up trys this and someone falls for it-more points for the higher up and the other person is the one at fault. They fell for it! They made their bed~now sleep in it or get up and change your choices. I do not run a big business. Just Sales~ No Recruiting! I don’t go to meetings, listen to tapes, or have a huge inventory. I sell to fellow teachers and my friend runs my shop at her Nail Salon. I make around $500 a month profit and I use that to pay Vet bills and to save for my Master’s college education. Glad to chat with you! WOOF!

    • Trigger said

      Well, if it’s their own fault for purchasing large inventories at the extreme encouragement of their SDs, then it’s the SDs fault when they get extreme chargebacks, right? No put a gun to their heads and made them encourage their new consultants order huge.

      SD tell the newbies they only work with those who are serious about their biz. and they go on to say a new consl. who orders a Star order is serious in her eyes.

      So which is it?

  20. Mercedes said

    Oh ya~and if and when I finish my Master’s, I will use the funds to pay off student loans~that I will be paying for for the rest of my life-literally-LOL!

  21. Huh? said

    Mercedes, are you talking in code?

  22. Mercedes said

    I don’t think so~not sure what you’re talking about-lol! Sorry, me so confused. I do babble and ramble a lot-might be hard to understand. Sorry.


  23. Mercedes said

    And~do I know you Huh? or are you talking in code-ROFL!

  24. Huh? said

    It just sounds like you are dishing on someone, but we don’t know who. Maybe you can dish out a serving to the rest of us.

  25. Mercedes said

    First of all~I would like to know who you are unless you are new here and Huh? is your real name. I am open with who I am.

    Second of all~I stated I am not here to blogfight.

    Third of all~what exactly do you mean dish out a serving to the rest of us?

    I did have a great Sunday dinner today. You can check it out on my blog: http://mercedesrules.wordpress.com/

    I brought leftovers home. There’s plenty. You want a dish of what was served today? Just for you~don’t have enough dishes of servings for the rest of us. Who exactly is the rest of us?

    Gosh! My mind wanders and rambles….aaaaahhhhhh



  26. Huh? said

    I am not trying to blogfight, don’t worry. Don’t read too much into it. I am not that complex. I was just wondering who you were talking about. It sounded like I missed something interesting. And the “rest of us” meant me and the rest of the people of duh. Or me and the rest of the voices in my head.

    Save me at seat at next Sunday’s dinner. Looks scrumptious.

  27. Mercedes said

    Cool Beans~and I believe you know who I was referring to-I believe you are at both blogs incognito voicing your opinion. Not that I care~My names Bennett-and thank goodness I’m not in it-lol!

    If you wish to reveal yourself, feel free to email me at: mercedes.rules@hotmail.com

    I won’t reveal who you are. If someone says-don’t tell-I do it!

    Anywho~come on over to my place for Scrumptious Sunday anytime-on Sundays of course!

    Toodles Noodles

  28. Huh? said

    Nope, not me. I have not been anywhere else voicing any opinions. I really am clueless, hence the name.

  29. Huh? said

    Sorry Duh, didn’t mean to hijack your thread. This is all about you. All hail Duh. Back to you.

  30. Duh said

    Yes, let’s talk about me now. I’m tired of talking about other people all the time. Me Me MEEEEE!

  31. Mercedes said

    It’s always all about you-not! LOL! I tried to im you~but you were away!
    I so admire your truth, facts to back it up, and memories of the past-if ya know what I mean!

    *bowing down to you*


    p.s. sorry about taking over about you! just wanted to send you a compliment and wallah~it kept going and going and going and going…yada yada!

  32. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I don’t like talking about DUH unless it’s rude shit.

  33. Huh? said

    We could call her a bad dresser or something.

  34. ScrewU said

    Fo rizzle my Dizzle. Let’s talk some rude shit about Duh. She needs a good ass kicking every now and then or she starts gettin lippy.

    Thanks for the props. We try to keep it real… but mostly, and by mostly I mean mainly, we just want you bitches to think. You don’t gotta agree with us all the time. You don’t gotta be nice all the time. In fact, you don’t gotta be nice EVAH. Just friggen think… use your OWN mind and decide stuff. Stop being conned by cons. There are always going to be cons and we aren’t always going to be there to warn you. I promise, in real life and internet drama life, there will be someone full of shit and waiting to make your life hell if you let them. Don’t let them. Unless if it’s me… then it’s a good hell. The kind you like sort of. Hurts so good

  35. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy said

    I’m with ScrewU on this. I just got done reading some stupid ass drama over on another blog that I THINK involved Sickie? I wasn’t sure since no one confirmed but I think it was.

    But get this…people were APOLOGIZING to Tracy! WTF?????

  36. ScrewU said

    When do I get an about me page? WTF?? I’ve only been your blog mistress for almost a year now? GAWD!
    Betta recogonize!

  37. Duh said

    Go make one bitch. That’s why I made you an administrator.

  38. ScrewU said

    If you really loved me, you would do it

  39. Lofter said

    Geez… I can feel the love… it’s sort of warm, and trickling down my back… and that smell… sort of familiar…


  40. Roxanne said

    I am writing a book about living in Suburbia and one chapter is going to be dedicated to living next to a Mary Kay Sales Director for 13 years. My book is going to be hot!

  41. eyesopening said

    Hi, new to this blog. I’ve actually signed a contract with MK a year ago, but was just doing the “friends and family”. Lost my job in the fall under some ugly circumstances and have found anything else yet. Still looking. But I was looking at maybe working the business end of this thing and see what happens. I have gone to some meetings and events over the last year out of curiosity and because some of the ladies in this unit are really nice and fun. I was posting on Pink Truth and not quite sure what happened. I was saying the same thing I said here, that I was going to try working this thing as a business and see what happened, that if it went bust or I started seeing the things they were talking about, I would be happy to share the experience, but if I could make it successful, I would excuse myself from the site and be on my way. Someone challeneged me to show actual paperwork on my “success” and I said sure, I would be willing. I have no emotion about this one way or another, so whatever. Next time I tried to log on, my registgration suddenly wasn’t complete and was being reviewed. I’d received an email two days earlier welcoming me to the site and had been posting for two days. Don’t know if I offended anyone, didn’t really get into a back and forth with anyone, even wrote Tracy a note thanking her for the site and the opportunity to get some info on what to watch out for while working the business. Oh well

    Anyway, I hope to be able to share some of my experience and get a good picture of what I may be working with here.

    Thanks again

  42. Question said

    You should update more.. there is a lot of stuff going on at pt!!

    • Sassy said

      I agree. I, of course, can’t get into PT from my house because my URL has been “blocked”…. or red flagged…. or whatever Tracy is calling nowadays. But I do get updates from friends who still log on, and here the cattiness is even worse, the cult-ishness is beyond what MK had even become when I was in, and many people looking to “heal” are left feeling alone, unless accepted by the flock.

      I remember in MK early on, being taught, “Where else can you own your own business AND choose to work with on a daily basis?” Hmmm. I guess that also includes PT because the site seems to be the only business the regulars want to partake in and they can pick and choose who they see, just by kissing up to the ones who flock each other with cheap praise and ban and/or block those who do not. PT = MK w/o the inventory. SSDD

  43. Duh said

    I would, but what would be the point? Isn’t it enough that people looking for info on PT inevitable find this blog and can see that the crap they’ve experienced has been going on for years? Maybe I’ll do another post this week welcoming all the new PTers, but honestly Tracy hijinks bores me now.

  44. i frequent hair salons because i always want to keep my hair in top shape ~:;

  45. fudging late to the party said

    “You go girl! And what about all of the people that wanted someone to see what she has done to those people and she still never even understood it or saw it! She turrned it all around to “it’s all about her”. She never admitted to anything. Not that I care anymore-at all! I have learned a lot since then and I am in charge of my choices when it comes to the cyberworld~chosen to not be involved in a situation that could turn into what has happened recently and chosen to ignore other situations~especially talking to a “brick wall”. I have learned a lot from you and ScrewU! You guys are true to your word and policies!”

    This was most likely the bit that confused Huh? because it confused the bejebus out of me. Can somebody help a brother out, I totally came onto the “about me” page to find out what the hell PT or Tracey or MK or whoever did back when and I was only left with more mystery. I promise I won’t report you to the PT-Gestapo or the Pink Police, you could email me or something if public enlightenment is bad?

    • Duh said

      We’ve all kind of moved on, but I guess if you weren’t around in the good old days it can be confusing. You need to slap on a pair of adult diapers, set an ice chest full of Ensure next to your computer chair, and start reading from the beginning.

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